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  1. Ending Sexual Relations!
  2. GF is a natural at the game. Ever noticed this?
  3. Help with 1yr relationship w/ GF
  4. Girlfriend's trying to use other guy to make me jealous..
  5. Old relationships/sticking points thread
  6. I want to keep that one
  7. A project for ALL of you PUA's out there - aspiring and otherwise...
  8. The price of nice
  9. one-itis, how do i overcome it? (beware to hear my insanity.)
  10. how to convince my sweetheart to...
  11. how to keep a MLTR
  12. Masters dumps his Girlfriend
  13. valentine's day
  14. Expectations
  15. Day in the life of an LTR
  16. A little help?
  17. Long lost friend coming over...What should I do?
  18. What are you doing for your Gf on Valentines? Post Here Your Best Ideas!
  19. Emotional lows and highs
  20. My Biggest Challenge
  21. Whyyyyy'd she leave?
  22. NWF: Update/Resuts (post yours)"What your doing for you gr on vday"
  23. confused?
  24. Gaming an ex?
  25. Ditching girls,truth or excuse?
  26. So How you guys keep the girl of your dreams?
  27. Dating a few girl at one time (prospecting for MLTR)
  28. An Attraction because I like who she is
  29. How To End A RelationShip
  30. Help...
  31. I'm being insecure
  32. One-Itis vs Love
  33. relationships
  34. Girlfriend game
  35. Inner Game - Dealing with Anger
  36. LTR too serious ...how do I leave?
  37. MLTR Advice
  38. BIG problem with my LTR
  39. girlfriend is crying in the bathroom
  40. I think she's bored
  41. How to disspell the belief that its all about sex.
  42. True Emotional Self Sufficientcy
  43. LTR game
  44. Girlfriend and Boyfriend secrets
  45. Successful Maintenance - OK I seduced her, now what?
  46. Who here has true MLTR's?
  47. We both know and play 'The Game'.
  48. Advice? Ex-GF email out of blue
  49. Realy Big Problems Please Help Me
  50. Need advice on burning the ship
  51. Loving the game, love in the game & the game of being in love.
  52. Question about LTR
  53. I got bailed on
  54. sex with a virgin
  55. Sample Break-Up Letter
  56. From the Get-Go...
  57. Honesty, Monogamy, and on into the future
  58. LTR problems, could use advice
  59. Relationship Tips(3some..etc)
  60. Old girfriend, back in town!!!
  61. Failure to make a move
  62. What do you do when she is into you too much?
  63. This girl Im "seeing"
  64. Babysitting idea..
  65. dealing with if we break up i still want to be friends
  66. how should finish this a real playa? :)
  67. What does this mean? (issue with the ex)
  68. geez what to do when the girl you sarge calls you a player?
  69. Friendzone Escapees
  70. Exgirlfriend available!
  71. Getting the girlfriend back from the other guy
  72. Getting back with an ex over and over
  73. Being Congruent with who you ARE, during an LTR.
  74. Your back with your ex but she has feelings for another guy
  75. Sticking point: progressing to a relationship
  76. Exes
  77. Ex-Girlfriends bday....
  78. Bad Date?
  79. She smothered herself
  80. Going nowhere physically...
  81. need help: my girl is afraid to get attached
  82. ok, kinda LMR... after 2 weeks of sex
  83. The Day After
  84. Should I leave my mLTR's for more field exp.
  85. I'm loosing the edge
  86. Make her make me dinner
  87. Staying out of the friend zone
  88. An MLTR Framing Discussion
  89. This girl I'm dating... liked her at first, but second date was weird
  90. Relationship Sticking Point
  91. Fuck buddies
  92. Best way to dump them?
  93. One question...
  94. Mind Games - EX ?
  95. End of relationship
  96. I fear I'm losing the frame? need expert advice only-mPUA's
  97. Moving on your long-term friend
  98. relationhsip
  99. Proposed Plan! Advise/Thoughts please
  100. Bout giving a night of romantic pleasure
  101. A differnt kind of LMR
  102. Trying to get the threesome
  103. Working girls into mLTR's
  104. Ex as friends with benefits.
  105. Date Ideas
  106. Question..."Lets not have sex for a month."
  107. Can you still improve your game while in an LTR?
  108. I seem to get One-Itus for every girl!
  109. so there is this one girl...
  110. Leverage
  111. My First LTR, but im board with it already!
  112. How to make a turnaround from LJBF
  113. MLTR without deceit
  114. Cheaters Anonymous...Emergency advice needed!
  115. strange girl
  116. Attraction is a choice
  117. dilemma need advice
  118. You ask... We answer.
  119. How to let a girl go?
  120. Relationships, Synergy, and Dependence.
  121. Mystery Method Worked For Me!!
  122. She Flakes You
  123. Failed the shittest
  124. When LTRs fall inlove with you.
  125. What am i doing wrong? I get sex.. but..
  126. FB not calling anymore. Any tips?
  127. Advice needed...quick!!
  128. I'm hooked on her, it scares me
  129. EX Gf trying to make me jealous???
  130. "Are you sleeping with anyone else?"
  131. Priority Issues
  132. She's finally gone... why do I still feel I should have done more?
  133. One-itis in a relationship is it possable?
  134. She's pushing it
  135. at an impass
  136. Want my ex back (read the entire story)
  137. How to be Cool - mPUA Advice needed
  138. Help me analyse this SMS
  139. She blew me off...
  140. Does she want a relationship or a f**k-buddy?
  141. ok, what's the line for Fbuddies?
  142. Dual personality???
  143. How to handle a PUA
  144. Fucking a Virgin problems / help!
  145. What's the psychology behind buying stuff in the female mind?
  146. How to handle relationships with eastern european girls?
  147. The good old "Let's just be friends.."
  148. Need help....
  149. How to repond to an EMail Break-up?
  150. Maintaining attraction in a long-term monogamous relationship
  151. How do you tel a girl that she is not the only one
  152. How do you tell a girl that she is not the only one
  153. Long Distance LTR?
  154. Meeting The Parents
  155. First post-Need some advice on this chick
  156. Go Figure This....
  157. Can't Transit Past the Kiss
  158. when to meet ur family...?
  159. How do I let her go?
  160. My friend keeps touching me!
  161. How to break 'being friends' and remove obstacles?
  162. Pawn your gf?
  163. Help on working this girl into an ltr
  164. The "I need time" thing.
  165. Turning her into a LTR
  166. Sisters...
  167. I Need a Male Perspective on This...
  168. Juggling
  169. Assistance Needed
  170. Laying foundation down to building a strong relationship
  171. Sisters - Chapter #2
  172. GF's and Her Friends
  173. need help for mLTR management
  174. LTR Gift Idea
  175. What am i doing wrong !!!
  176. My friend needs help
  177. If you were me, would you break up? (fuckin hurts right now)
  178. The Phone Calls!?
  179. A crazy situation!!! help required
  180. How to deal with the little stuff
  181. Help w/cold-heart girl! Please...
  182. gentlemen, lend me your ears in a time of need
  183. MM way of moving into a LTR with a non-party girl?
  184. Girl Management
  185. How do I communicate my intentions?
  186. I got the LJBF after F* close
  187. Exchange of Relationships Tests
  188. enable to close the target
  189. Friends
  190. Another LMR Thread
  191. My situation is special, but dun laugh.....lol.
  192. Things to do with GF
  193. FB when she knows that your a PUA
  194. Help.
  195. a couple more Fbuddy q's
  196. long time flirt, short on the number
  197. No good deed goes unpunished...
  198. proposed?
  199. A fantastic discovery...
  200. Weird relationship
  201. Craziest gift idea?
  202. Why the cold shoulder
  203. Do I over react or not?
  204. Is it a good thing when....
  205. Shes on to me
  206. Broked up with my girlfriend.
  207. Expiration Dates? (emptying the bucket)
  208. First post: LTR dancing w/ other guys
  209. fb gets bf
  210. My FB is bisexual! How do I get a 3some?
  211. Can't forget my ex.
  212. Picking up a new FB
  213. Guys ,how you handle bumping with your ex?
  214. dealing with ex-fb/hookup
  215. co worker blowin shit up
  216. Hot Topic!! Need Help Fast!
  217. is this fixable?
  218. Need Help with Tough Decision
  219. How to make it deeper?
  220. My LTR of 14 months is finally over so what have i learnt?
  221. The best break up letter ever
  222. 3yr relationship help
  223. BIG problem! need help now please
  224. what do when the chemistry isnt there?
  225. Possesivness test?
  226. ltr material
  227. does the ross jeffries approach still apply?
  228. Beta To Alpha???
  229. First relationship - can you help me understand it?
  230. Controlling your own jealousy in open relationships?
  231. how long do i wait before asking a girl out
  232. No power of sex in my relationship
  233. 1st date
  234. On the hook?
  235. Phone Calls
  236. fb with ex
  237. Fear of Commitment
  238. Kino escalation during dates
  239. How to manage an out of town FB/GF
  240. Resuming a sexual relationship
  241. The psychology behind relationships
  242. "dating" a girl who has a BF
  243. ex-gf transition to FB
  244. Gaming the ex-ONITIS; challenging or SUICIDE? advice REALLLLLLLLLLLY appreciated here
  245. How to stay interesting?
  246. Making her fall OUT of love with you.
  247. Four letter word that starts with L
  248. keeping PUA interested...
  249. I thought we were in a relationship... what?!
  250. Splitting up with Dignity.