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  1. A memorial to those who have one-itis
  2. The game is up (The sky is falling Chicken Little)
  3. A memorial to those who want to get out of the "friends" zone.
  4. Instant F-Close location! Club-33 (Disney Land) gotta read..
  5. The Unofficial "give me your best routines" on a platter Thread
  6. New "looks matter" threads end up here.
  7. Need help from experts... ONEITIS
  8. Work related issue = i cant be bothered to do a search
  9. one-it-is.
  10. Anyone got routines on a silver platter????
  11. need a default opener?? = why didn't I search?
  12. Stock Reads on a silver platter??
  13. conversation topics on a silver platter, please
  14. Seduction & Inner Game = idk how to search
  15. Attractive conversation topics = give me topics on a platter.
  16. Tactics to get second days (and game on a silver platter)
  17. got a text message from her...what now...!!! = ONEITIS
  18. Day Game - Direct vs indirect = DAFS
  19. opening girls during class = i can't do a search
  20. What's the Best Way to Go From Online to Lay?= give me game on a silver platter
  21. whats your favorite thing to say when she says seeing someone? on a silver platter??
  22. Miraculous pickups = give me stories on a platter
  23. I need the cube. (and Google, apparently)
  24. I Need Good DHV Stories - silver platter on its way
  25. Having Problems Connecting w/ a Chick - silver platter game please
  26. Examples of Funny Stories? (or more silver platter threads)
  27. Kino routines on a silver platter
  28. Rapport, (give me some on a silver platter)
  29. A sad day, where Iam still asking for new a opener
  30. amogging a frat boy = i don't know how to search
  31. Your 3 favorite disqualifiers - silver platter post
  32. casher girl = game on a silver platter
  33. David Deangelo = i don't know how to search
  34. day game at a pool on a silver platter
  35. University in the fall - Residence (game on silver platter)
  36. Good Halloween Costumes = too lazy to do a search
  37. Need pick up hints outside of niteclubs = try searching
  38. BT/Humour routines? on a silver platter?
  39. Alpha Male = im too lazy to do a search
  40. Need good profile text example! on a silver platter!
  41. Cologne = im too lazy to do a search
  42. Where to meet girls? (Search First)
  43. How Do I Filter Bad Members/Advice on this Forum?
  44. Why Isn't Flirting Used by PUAs?
  45. How Do I Create STRONG Rapport?
  46. Is there A List Of Jokes?
  47. Is This Girl a Lesbian?
  48. What Do I Converse About?.. Running Out of Things to Say
  49. How Can I Get Girls to [help me search for the Search function]
  50. What Are Your Favorite Openers? ANSWER: Do A Search.
  51. What is this sub-forum and why is my thread here?
  52. Help me brainstorm some new short opener for loud club environments
  53. Smoker openers (cos I can't find the search feature)
  54. What are some good examples of qualification?
  55. Facebook - Opening and Transitioning
  56. Nowhere to isolate and escalate (Still can't find the search feature)
  57. What are some good night game openers and qualifiers?
  58. Anyone got any GREAT examples of openers that get responses on FB? Do a search.
  59. Girls at train stations on the platform etc = do a search
  60. How to Pick Up your Oneitis ? Advice Pls
  61. Anyone ever get dumped because they were small?
  62. Openers
  63. The best shit tests you've ever gotten?
  64. What to invite girls to beside cofee/movies?
  65. First week of college---openers?
  66. WARNING: This is the most misogynistic post you'll ever see...
  67. message to add for facebook invites = Give me online openers
  68. Good routines! where? = DAFS
  69. The game has changed
  70. Fuck the lines, bitches! (Thanks, tough guy, no one ever thought of that.)
  71. I really don't get it... (and you probably never will)
  72. I Wanted girl translated in shanghai
  73. I Want To Steal This Guys Girl For The Right Reasons. Please Help
  74. Does anyone have any better ideas then watching a movie? SERIOUSLY?
  75. Another oneitus thread...advice please! No. Oneitis. Topic. Please.
  76. what does that mean?
  77. I kinda want a girlfriend = game on silver platter please
  78. Whoever Says The Movies Is the Worst 1st Date Has NO GAME (Thanks!)
  79. Are There Guides On Flirting?
  80. Prostitutes/working girls (thanks for the reminder)
  81. How Many Types of DHVs Are There? (Do a search)
  82. Are there Any Routine Stacks for Day Game? (Give me routines on a platter)
  83. Is There a Forum for Routine Stacks? (A: Use your eyes or the search function)
  84. Examples of funny DHV stories. (no game on a silverplatter) Do a search
  85. Best opener for clubs and bars (Do a search)
  86. Why Does Mystery Method Fail with WASPS?
  87. help with DHV story for a 4cm scar mark? (aka help me craft a good lie to get chicks)
  88. How Do I Vibe & Connect w/ Girls? I'm Dying...GAME ON A PLATTER. READ MAGIC BULLETS
  89. How to Break her heart (help-rejecting complainers go here)
  90. How Do You Reframe This Question of Hers? (Please get help...)
  91. Finding An Excuse to Sleep w/ Asians
  92. Wat Went Wrong w/ The Virgin Mary?
  93. Online Dating Tips?
  94. Ice breakers (Give me openers on a platter)
  95. what do I need to know about tanning?
  96. What's worse fapping or porn
  97. How comes fat people are so cool?
  98. Day Game openers on a platter
  99. How to seduce my mum's friend?
  100. How to reopen after fail
  101. Is it alpha to smell of garlic?
  102. Got an upcoming date! (Give me date advice on a platter)
  103. Observational Openers on a platter
  104. Why is it DLV to be inconsiderate and ride your bicycle on the pavement?
  105. Need your help please. Rejected and humiliated, but I still need her.
  106. College game on a platter, pl0x
  107. Wealth and Status are attraction switches explained in Magic Bullets
  108. Seducing hipster girls and hiphop girls
  109. Been told I look like Jim Carrey or Ben Stiller.
  110. DAMAGE CONTROL for telling her I like her.
  111. Advice needed