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  29. in Miami 5/31-6/6... club/bar advice/help?
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  47. I love college
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  57. Hey new here.
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  80. MIAMI AREA. Hey Peeps .Just Getting into This.Need some help...will pay for drinks :)
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  92. Orange Bowl
  93. Boca raton lauderdale miami pua contact thread 01/08/2012
  94. Wingman rules
  95. University of Miami
  96. Looking for a wingman in Miami.
  97. Any pua's in the tampa/clearwater/st. Pete/pinellas park area?
  98. Ready to Get Started
  99. In Daytona but wanting a wing
  100. Looking for Wings in Miami/Broward Area
  101. Any pua's in the tampa/clearwater/st. Pete/pinellas park area?
  102. Takin a vacation in Miami for a week
  103. Fort Lauderdale Florida to West Palm Beach Wings
  104. Weston/Broward Wing Needed for Los Olas/South Beach/Brickell/Downtown
  105. On Holiday in Miami for 7 days
  106. way below AFC
  107. Looking for wings to sarge in near Aventura, Miami
  108. LS Instructor Needs A Wing In Miami Jan 24th
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  112. Belgium visitor! :) any advice? maybe meetup?
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  136. in sarasota
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  141. Miami South beach 22-25th March / Daytona beach 26th March - 28th March
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