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  1. Sarging in Washington DC (who wants to)
  2. Baltimore, Maryland PUA's!
  3. hey I need a wing near Severn, MD
  4. Wigman need in DC/Baltimore
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  6. Montgomery County, Maryland
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  8. College Park, MD
  9. Northern Virginia & Washington, DC
  10. DC College Wings
  11. Baltimore Sarging
  12. Anyone want to sarge in DC tonight (July 27)?
  13. Anyone interested in street sarging with an 18yrold newb, in the DC/MD/NoVa area?
  14. AFC needing PUA in D.C. AREA
  15. College Park, MD
  16. College PUA looking for CAPABLE Washington DC Wing(s)
  17. Wings In Maryland?
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  19. Baltimore MD
  20. BALTIMORE Sarging
  21. Any DC Rocker Settings?
  22. Ultrabar 11/02/07, Washington DC
  23. Question about DC/Baltimore area
  24. Johns Hopkins Univ
  25. Germantown Maryland
  26. Baltimore/Annapolis area sarging
  27. Looking for a woman to go out with to DHV? Possible WINGWOMAN in DC
  28. Baltimore New Years!!
  29. U.M.B.C. Wings
  30. Downtown Baltimore (Federal Hill)
  31. Northern Virginia PUA
  32. Silver Spring, Md
  33. Wing needed in DC TONIGHT only
  34. Baltimore/ DC wing
  35. Women interested in MM or the Game in DC
  36. Maryland PUAs
  37. North Baltimore or Downtown
  38. Blah.
  39. Washington, DC Sarging (Who Wants To?)
  40. Good place to live in Maryland?
  41. Visiting DC/MD Tomorrow
  42. Maryland Area (Mont. County)
  43. Visiting Baltimore this weekend
  44. Heh washington dc
  45. Maryland Sarging
  46. Need a wing in and aroundd Baltimore/ Towson
  47. Washington D.C. PUA group
  48. Washington DC area PUA looking for a wingman.
  49. Maryland / Bethesda
  50. Looking for wingmen to sarge with in the baltimore/annapolis area
  51. Visit to DC
  52. Lookin' for Wings in DC
  53. Weeknight Venues in DC
  54. DC Sarging Halloween Weekend
  55. Looking for good place to live and sarge in DC
  56. beginner looking for wingmen around DC city /Arlington Area
  57. Beginner looking for experienced PUAs in the DC area
  58. Baltimore, MD Newcomer, willing to WING!
  59. NEWBIE in DC/MD metro Area
  60. Moving to Washington, DC
  61. Any 30something PUAs in DC/VA?
  62. Maryland Mayhem
  63. Washington d.c. Wingman needed
  64. Looking for Washington D.C. Wingman
  65. Looking for Washington DC Wingman
  66. Anybody in DC working natural game?
  67. Washington DC Wing request!
  68. PUAs in the MoCo/DC area
  69. Looking For Wingmen in Baltimore
  70. Wingman in Sterling, VA / Washington DC
  71. New PUA Apprentice in Baltimore need a wing to show me the way!
  72. Looking for Wings in DC
  73. Anyone in Montgomery County, MD?
  74. Washington DC
  75. Washington DC and Northern Virginia
  76. Baltimore PUA Looking for wingman
  77. Do you want to be an official moderator of this local sub-forum?
  78. Wingman Needed in DC!!
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  80. doing a sargeathon, need help finding venues in DC (unfamiliar with area)
  81. Looking for Wingmen in Baltimore/DC
  82. Baltimore Area NEWBIE Trying to get out every night
  83. Need wing near Hanover, MD (between DC and Baltimore)
  84. Wash DC Day Game Wing
  85. LF a Wingman in Baltimore and also Har Co.
  86. Looking for wingmen in Washington, D.C. and the NOVA area
  87. Wingmen in Baltimore
  88. Salisbury university
  89. DC Bound
  90. Looking for wingman and mentor!!!
  91. New to Northern Virginia
  92. DC - looking for training partners / wingmen / motivation-boosting friends in DC
  93. D.C. Wings for Asian Girls
  94. Looking for Wing in Frederick
  95. Baltimore WingMan
  96. Wingman balitmore under 21
  97. baltimore wingman
  98. DC Wingman
  99. Wingman in Baltimore
  100. DC Wingmen June 13-18th
  101. Ocean City Wings - Senior Week June 6th through 13th
  102. Hey whats up everybody - venus' wings"
  103. I am Going out 4 days out of 7 I need a wing!!!!!
  104. DC area wings
  105. day game in DC
  106. Just a student of the game!
  107. Headed to Bootcamp on the Weekend of June 24-26 here in D.C.
  108. rAFC looking for wing in NOVA (Clarendon) Area
  109. Sarging this weekend?
  110. Beginner in Baltimore LF wing/mentor
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  112. Great places to sarge in DC/Baltimore Area
  113. Summertime = Awesome Sarging time
  114. A bunch of us are going out this Friday Night to D.C.
  115. Looking for some PUAs or wingmen who can sign and live in DC area
  116. Thursday the 21st, of July. Baltimore
  117. Looking for wingmen in DC
  118. Tonight, Friday, July 15
  119. Yo!
  120. It's Karaoke time....
  121. Yippie Ki Yo MOFOs!
  122. A bunch of us are going out tonight (Friday) and Saturday
  123. looking for people in DC and northern nearby areas
  124. Grimbo's Birthday In Baltimore :0
  125. Thursdays and weekends
  126. House share near Rockville?
  127. Anybody know any new goo clubs for under 21's/college nights in Bmore area?
  128. looking for a wingman
  129. Daygame&Nightgame in NoVA and DC?
  130. DC - Thursday Night Sarge (Recurring)
  131. Sarging this Wknd in DC
  132. Weekday and Weekend wingmen for day game - Please have some experience
  133. baltimore wingman
  134. Hello DC players! Daygame wings needed
  135. college night Baltimore 18+
  136. Tis the season to DAYGAME!
  137. Looking for DC roommate
  138. DC area wings needed
  139. Looking for wingman in Potomac/Rockville area
  140. Whats up dc md va people!
  141. Baltimore wing
  142. 1/14/11
  143. I'll be an awesome wing! new to Reston, VA
  144. Every Thursday in Baltimore/Baltimore County - Every Friday/Saturday
  145. Looking for a wing in NOVA/DC area
  146. mentors???
  147. Sarging weekend 5/4/12
  148. Looking for Wings--Bootcamp in July
  149. looking for experienced wings
  150. Nightgame in DC Jun 9th
  151. Wings in DC/NOVA
  152. Seeeking DC Roommate Oct 1st 2012
  153. DC Wings
  154. Sluggler - Calling All DMV Best PUA'S
  155. Back in the game - looking for a wing in dc/nova
  157. Sarging in Northern Virginia
  158. Daygame and Nightgame in DC
  159. Magic Bullets
  160. Seeking Wings for DC/Arlington
  161. Social network building
  162. LS Instructor Needs Wing Jan 11th
  163. Wingmen for Baltimore/Towson area?
  164. Looking for lifting partners in Washington Sports Club
  165. PUA Moves to Annapolis MD - Looking for Wings
  166. Looking for mentor/wing (Baltimore area)!
  167. January 26th - DC Bash
  168. College park wing
  169. DC wing
  170. DC, Maryland and NOVA wings
  171. *Updated* Washington DC Bootcamp Led By Fader!
  172. Arlington/DC Wing
  173. DC/Arlington Wings
  174. Looking for a DC Wing - U Street
  175. DC/Arlington Wing
  176. Baltimore Wings
  177. Looking for wings in DC (U St/AdamsM)
  178. Looking for wings in DC/Arlington
  179. Night Game Wings in DC
  180. Baltimore, MD - If your serious about gerring good with women...
  181. wingmen wanted - DC/NoVa area
  182. DC
  183. DC
  184. Looking for a wing DC
  185. Gaming in NOVA
  186. Wingmen in DC
  187. Wing needed DC
  188. Wings in DC, VA, etc
  189. Looking for a wing DC
  190. DMV Wings
  191. Looking for a wing in DC
  192. Direct Daygame Wing Wanted
  193. Sarge! Harco/towson area
  194. DC Wings (August 2015)
  195. looking for a wingman to solidify game around DC/arlington area
  196. Anyone know about a shared house in DC?
  197. Looking for wings in DC area
  198. Looking for Wingman in DC Metro Area
  199. Lets mack hoz tonight at local 16. what
  200. Daygame on campus
  201. Yet another wing call
  202. Looking for wingmen in D.C.
  203. Looking for a wingman for Baltimore
  204. Looking for a WM in Frederick MD
  205. Memorail day Wingman