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  1. NYC Wingmen
  2. Hudson River Valley Wings
  3. Long Island
  4. NYC Sarge Tonight 3/25
  5. Best spots to sarge in the daytime... NYC
  6. PUA Newbie Study Group
  7. NYC version of Project Hollywood?
  8. Need Wing that's DEDICATED. Let's do this guide. Balls to the walls.
  9. Wingman in Rochester still needed!!!
  10. Want to learn! I learn quick, READ
  11. Westchester.
  12. Webster Hall
  13. NYC (night)
  14. The York (Highland Park)
  15. Milk and Honey NYC
  16. Finding the true blue 10s
  17. Romantic places in NYC
  18. Looking For Hudson Valley Wingsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  19. Westchester county ny Wings
  20. Hudson Valley Wings
  21. New York Hotels
  22. Midtown NYC
  23. People living in Manhatten(NYC)
  24. clubs en NY?
  25. NYC/NJ Area
  26. NYC Wing
  27. Jersey Shore/Long Island Beaches
  28. for all NYC PUAs, afcs
  29. NYC newbie mission, real deal no slackers
  30. Question about NYC
  31. Looking for Wingman in manhattan new york, prefer Asian
  32. NYC hostels
  33. NYC/NJ Wings
  34. ATTENTION NEW GUYS!! (and anybody else): I'll take you sarging!! Let's rock Zoo York!
  35. Nassau County
  36. looking for a roommate in NYC
  37. Looking for Good Venues in NY, CT, or Long Island Area
  38. and NYC college wings?
  39. Upstate NY
  40. Newly single in NYC. what has worked and what hasn't.
  41. NYE in NYC?!
  42. Looking for Wingman in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn
  43. Looking for a wingman in NYC
  44. NYC tonight! 12/20/08
  45. NYC 30+ crowd, which bars??
  46. Interests in NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, and DC
  47. Anyone want to get out tonight in NYC?
  48. Looking for a wing tonight in Manhattan
  49. nyc 5 to 12 january
  50. Wings needed in Westchester
  51. Rochester NY
  52. NYC Daygame wingmen
  53. NYC during spring break (Mar. 9 to 15), 2009
  54. Denmark comes to NYC (April)
  55. Looking for a wing tonight in Manhattan
  56. Visiting from London, looking or wings. NYC
  57. New Jersey/New York Wing
  58. Newburgh NY or close area wing
  59. Where to meet FIT girls in downtown NYC?
  60. Looking for wing/friend in NYC
  61. Who here SERIOUSLY wants to get good? Practice and Study
  62. New York Bet
  63. Manhattan, April 19-21
  64. April 25 - NYC/Long Island
  65. Sarging NYC, Manhattan
  66. Looking for a third roomate - NYC
  67. Looking for wing in NYC for Friday May 22
  68. Looking for PUA Roommate in NYC
  69. Rockland County NY
  70. This July holidays on the USA
  71. NYC Clubs 6/24 - 6/28
  72. Wing in Brooklyn
  73. Hamptons!!!
  74. happy hour in nyc ne1?
  75. NYC Wingmen Unite!
  76. suny purchase wingman
  77. moving to america from italy
  78. Need Help, Any PUA's in NY?
  79. Need Wing NYC....
  80. 22 in Long Island. Don't know anyone, anyone want to sarge?
  81. Any mentor/coach in NY?
  82. Long Island Wing for 25 - 35 range
  83. Looking for wingman in NYC
  84. Needed 2 Wingmen to Make it 4 and Conquer Long Island
  85. Looking for wingman to go out any day in Manhattan?
  86. NYC Newbie wingman wanted, Starting from scratch, seeks same.
  87. Nj
  88. English guy moved to New York
  89. help planning date in harlem nyc
  90. Anyone Up for some sargactvity in Manhattan tonight
  91. Looking for Newbies/Veterans @ New York City
  92. Nyc, anyone serious?
  93. Does anyone want to run DAY GAME in NYC on the weekends?
  94. Anyone interested in sharing an Apt in NYC?
  95. Need a NYC daygame wing.
  96. New Years Eve 2010 NYC
  97. Approach Marathon NYC area
  98. NYC Natural looking for a SOLID Wing.... Come and read!!
  99. NYC Bday Venue
  100. Looking for a Day Game partner in NYC
  101. NYC - storytelling class
  102. NYC: Select wings
  103. Looking for Wingmen NYC area
  104. NYC Dating Locations
  105. Suggest good locations at Jersey City & NY World Trade Center for day game
  106. NYC Day Game Wings!
  107. Roomate in New york city
  108. NYC AFCs on a mission, Join us!
  109. NYC BOOK CLUB: Who is down???
  110. NYC - wingman, pua, social circle.
  111. Crashing a wedding tomorrow! Need a wing
  112. looking for wingmen
  113. Seeking NYC Day Game Wingmen (June 2010)
  114. NYC age 21 Asian male, seriously looking for wingmen + mentors
  115. Looking for a wing-NYC/NJ area
  116. NYC Under 21 Crew Meet Up 1
  117. Looking to meet up with peeps for this weekend (July 23/24)
  118. looking for wing in nyc
  119. NYC wing and mentor
  120. Looking for decent guys to join my social circle (over 200 girls) in NYC!. No kidding
  121. New York City Wingman Wanted
  122. Roomate Needed in Astoria Queens, NY $800 October 1, 2010
  123. Looking for wingmen for NYC Daygame
  124. Motivated NYC daygame wingman
  125. looking for intermediate wings
  126. Intermediate Wingman for daygame in NYC
  127. looking for intermediate day-time wingmen
  128. Need wingman for tonight - Nov 19th - NYC
  129. Long Island Wingmen
  130. where to take girl out in New York?
  131. Seeking a Day Game Wingman in NYC (Union Square Area)
  132. Need wingman in NYC
  133. Nyc wing wanted
  134. Do you want to be an official moderator of this local sub-forum?
  135. NYC Wingman until 03/01/2011
  136. Looking for a wing, Age 25 -35
  137. READ THIS FIRST - How to use this (special) forum
  138. just moved to New York - wings needed
  139. Looking for experienced Wing (I took a BC)
  140. looking for club/bar game wing in nyc
  141. Sailor on leave, need a wing (or 2!)
  142. Getting back into it (new york city)
  143. Small Crew
  144. Queens Hot Spots?
  145. College Wingman day game
  146. Wingman needed in NYC
  147. Looking for some wings in nyc
  148. generic pick up bar?
  149. Looking for NYC wings daygame/nightgame
  150. Manhattan Wing Available - NO B.S.!
  151. Need a day game wingman
  152. [JOIN US] Wild Group of NYC players
  153. Looking for Advanced Wing
  154. If you are an Advanced Wingman Click Here.
  155. Coming to New York and need advice.
  156. NYC Wing: Beginner to intermidiate level
  157. NYC Day Game Wings
  158. my new requirements for a wing
  159. Batman seeks a DAYTIME Robin for some wicked day game :D
  160. Nyc Beginner/Intermediate Wings ASAP
  161. Wing with an LS Instructor
  162. NYC/Manhattam best nightclubs? join me from 25th April to 2 May
  163. NYC/RUtgers Day Game
  164. Looking for wings - Manhattan/Staten Island Day Game
  165. Help! Bars that don't card?
  166. Just moved to NYC from Italy, looking for fellow puas
  167. Day Game and College Game Mini-Seminar - NYC - Jun. 22, 2011
  168. Nassau County, Long Island Night game
  169. Eastern LI PUA Lair
  170. Roommate - Manhattan - 1 August
  171. Looking to start an Nyc Crew!
  172. New Wings/Friends in NYC/Long Island
  173. Anyone willing to cross the Hudson? lol
  174. Need some Long Island wings!
  175. Looking for wings who actually..
  176. Day/Night Game in Midtown West
  177. Looking for NYC entrepreneur wings with some dough to spend
  178. Looking For Advanced Wingmen in NYC
  179. Seeking a Wingman for After-Work Day Game on the UES
  180. Looking for wings that are in serious need of help, (Newbies/can't "get it" guys)
  181. Best New York City venues
  182. Long Island, NY PUA Lair
  183. wingman tonight... possibly more..TIME TO TAKE ACTION
  184. Looking for wing
  185. Looking for intermediate to advanced day game wing ...
  186. Looking for people to join our crew
  187. Upscale Events
  188. NYC Wing
  189. Looking for intermediate/advanced day time wing
  190. 23yo - Looking for greater NYC area roommates - musicians would be sweet
  191. Looking for NYC Nightgame wings who want to go to upscale venues/events
  192. Wings Wanted for Jewish Singles Party - Saturday, October 15
  193. Long Island Wingmen who can pull off SNL
  194. Looking for Wingman for LES Night Street game This Weekend
  195. Night Game Wingmen Wanted
  196. LI Wingman
  197. Wingman for NYC Jewish Singles Event - Wednesday, Nov 23rd
  198. Any pua's wanna meet for nightgame tomorrow 16 nov?
  199. 30s wingman with disposable income wanted
  200. Self training nyc
  201. Moving to NYC IN Feb, looking to get a few contacts early
  202. Where to go in midtown?
  203. Looking for wing
  204. Newbie Pickup Crew! Let's go!
  205. Newbie trying to get into the game
  206. NEW: Looking for wings/pick up crew
  207. 21 year old Navy Vet movin to NY
  208. Looking for a Few Good Men...
  209. Looking to couch surf and sarge in NYC!!!
  210. NYC Wingman 02/10 - 02/17/2012
  211. Looking for a confident and solid experienced wing
  212. Best NYC Venues?
  213. Good accomadations in NYC??
  214. Wingmen
  215. looking for an experienced wing for weekend night game
  216. Looking for wingmen who want to get better
  217. Looking for NYC Daygame Wings: Mar 12-16
  218. Private Bedroom in a 2 Bedroom Apartment Share.
  219. looking for a wing under age of 21
  220. Looking for a wingman in or around Albany NY
  221. Looking for wingmen for mostly night game, maybe day game
  222. Need help with your day game?
  223. Long Island
  224. Day Game - Looking for Wing
  225. NYC tonight
  226. If you want to learn if you new to this I CAN HELP U
  227. Looking for a wingman in NYC
  228. 29 Male seeking WINGMAN!
  229. Wingmen doldrums - please help
  230. Seeking wing for Manhattan daygame
  231. 40 somthing sarge action on LI , BK or Queens - wingman needed
  232. wing needed in stamford, ct or NY tonight
  233. Day game Saturday union square area
  234. Looking For Wingman/Friend NYC Asap!!!
  235. Looking to create a good master mind group in NYC.
  236. NYC Asian Wingman in mid-20s
  237. Looking for night game wing
  238. Nightgame Wing
  239. Experienced NYC wingman wanted!
  240. Good NYC First Date Venues
  241. looking for a wing with a apartment in manhattan
  242. I need a WING for certain areas
  243. Borough Guys PUA group!
  244. NYC experienced wing
  245. A real crew not some bs crew whos out to get laid and quits pua no laids happen
  246. Looking for a wing - Manhattan/LES
  247. Looking for a Wing-Intermediate level.
  248. NYC Weeknight Game - This Week
  249. The Brotherhood ( The best group in NYC )
  250. Let's sarge together!