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  1. City of Detroit Area
  2. City of Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Lansing Area
  3. Wing needed:MIchigan-Novi,brighton,Milford,Livonia Area
  4. Ann Arbor/Ypsi Michigan this weekend
  5. Looking for SW Michigan Crew
  6. Ann Arbor, Ypsi Tonight
  7. Ypsi-Arbor sarging the ann arbor art fair
  8. birmingham/bloomfield MI
  9. Flint, Michigan and Saginaw Area (Ann Arbor) as well
  10. Wanted: Southeast Michigan Wingmen
  11. Wing for Kettering University Flint MI
  12. Looking for Ann Arbor Mi
  13. looking for a mentor and or a experienced wingman in traverse city area Mi
  14. Wings in Ann Arbor/Ypsi area
  15. Ann Arbor Community
  16. Ann Arbor MI
  17. Detroit Area (696 & 275, Novi, Farmington, etc)
  18. City of Grand Rapids, MI
  19. traverse city, Michigan July 4th to 10th
  20. Traverse City MI or surrounding area
  21. In search of wing in Mt. Pleasant AND Saginaw MICHIGAN
  22. Anyone at Michigan State?
  23. Wing or Mentor in Ann Arbor/Ypsi or Detroit Area
  24. Are you ppl in Detroit alive?
  25. WMU kalamazoo
  26. Bowling Green State University
  27. Baker College Owosso, Saginaw City
  28. New to the Game and Need Help in Metro Detroit
  29. Ann Arbor - Ypsi
  30. Looking for a PUA fer Sarging in MI
  31. East Side of Michigan
  32. Grand Rapids Michigan
  33. New Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids area PUAs
  34. Westland Michigan Searching for wing!
  35. Michigan
  36. East lansing/michigan state university
  37. Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti area MI
  38. Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti
  39. Ann Arbor
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  42. Traverse City
  43. EMU Ypsi
  44. University of Michigan/Ann Arbor
  45. wingmen in and around Detroit area
  46. CMU Mount Pleasant Wings Needed
  47. Looking for wingmen in late 20s-30s -- Ann Arbor
  48. wiingman needed
  49. Looking for some members to hang out with in Lansing.
  50. looking for people in and around University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  51. Kalamazoo, MI anyone?
  52. Let's Sarge Flint/Grand Blanc!
  53. Looking for wings Grand Rapids area
  54. Kickass wings
  55. Ann Arbor Wingman
  56. Anyone in Mount Pleasant?
  57. downtown detroit wings with 'legit' experience?
  58. ANN ARBOR!!!
  60. Looking For Wingman in East Lansing/Michigan State University
  61. Looking for a wing. Southeast Michigan
  62. Metro Detroit Wings
  63. Looking for a wing in Ann Arbor
  64. Detroit Lair/Wing
  65. New PUA Looking for East Lansing/MSU Wingman
  66. Metro Detroit Macomb Oakland County Wing Wanted