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  1. Santa Barbara
  2. Los Angeles Ca. Wingmen Unite!
  3. Santa Barbara
  4. New rAFC in LA
  5. Chino/Chino Hills
  6. anyone from Socal?
  7. Friday 2/24 in LA
  8. LoS Angeles - Sarging
  9. I looking foe someone!
  10. Anyone looking to sarge tonight in the L.A. area?
  11. Deutsche in Los Angeles
  12. Oxnard and Ventura
  13. Encino/Sherman Oaks Looking to Sarge
  14. Looking for Newbie Mission wingman tonight.
  15. Looking for a Los Angeles Mentor!
  16. Holla if you live in So. Cal!!!!!
  17. Social Calendar in Santa Monica/Los Angeles, CA
  18. Pasadena
  19. LOS ANGELES / VALLEY / ORANGE COUNTY AREA 18 yr old looking for people to sarge with
  20. English aPUA in LA 3rd June: let's sarge!
  21. Looking for emergency crash pad in LA Area
  22. San Fernando Valley anyone?
  23. Anyone in the Ventura Oxnard Area?
  24. Carson/Torrance Area Sarging
  25. New Guy in the Pasadena area.
  26. LA area under 21 locations
  27. Sarging in the Southbay?
  28. Los Angeles Venues
  30. Aussie boys coming to West Coast
  31. Santa Monica
  32. Los Angeles West LA Santa Monica
  33. Torrance Ca.!!!
  34. Westside Santa Monica Mentor wanted
  35. Jazz Bar in LA?
  36. South Bay Area Colleges Roll Call
  37. silverlake/echopark/losfeliz
  38. I need a mentor / wing west L.A.
  39. Silver Lake/ Los Feliz...where does anyone go?
  40. What's Up For Labor Day Weekend!!!?
  41. Looking For Wing! Preferably San Bernardino Area But Willing To Do LA Area
  42. so what's happening with all the <21 in the southbay?
  43. South Bay / Long Beach Wings
  44. San Fernando Valley PUA's!!
  45. Under 21 Wings, LA/SF Valley/Ventura
  46. Santa Barbara
  47. LA For the weekend!
  48. Sat. Night DT L.A. Field Report
  49. Thousand Oaks, CA
  50. Another Sat. night in L.A.
  51. From Scotland to LA for a week- Wana sarge?
  52. Anyone under 21 in L.A.?
  53. can any pua in LA are teach me creating attraction
  54. Ucla Sargers
  55. 12/01/06 Orange County - Hollywood Sarging
  56. Looking for 30+ Sargers - LA Area
  57. Happy Hour In L.A.
  58. Who's Down to Sarge on Sunset Tomorrow?
  59. Acquiring a fake ID in/near LA
  60. Dec 24/2006 Looking for Wings in LA Area
  61. Pasadena, CA PUA's sarge tonight?
  62. Looking for a Mentor in Los Angeles
  63. Long Beach
  64. Los Angeles (Serious PUA's only)
  65. Funky Buddha Guestlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. Sarging in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Agoura area?
  67. Hollywood 80's Club(s)
  68. Under 18 L.A. Venues
  69. LA Area - Tonight and Tommarrow
  70. Santa Barbara (spontaneous road trip)
  71. Parking near Clubs
  72. Calling all new PUA's
  73. Albuquerue wing
  74. Hermosa Beach, West Side LA
  75. Santa Monica - Going out tonight, wanna join?
  76. Anyone in Santa Monica, CA or around? Im new. Ready to go SARGE!
  77. Hollywood!!!
  78. Sarging All-age clubs Santa Monica
  79. Kiwis in LA and then???
  80. CALLING ALL Albuquerue PUA
  81. Santa Barbara
  82. Mentors in Los Angeles
  83. Under 21 in Santa Monica
  84. LA- Looking to wing with someone
  85. 18-21 clubbing locations in LA?
  86. Sargin' In The SGV
  87. San Fernando Valley Wingmen Unite
  88. SVF PUA Back in the BIzz
  89. Anyone going to be in Hollywood in July?
  90. Loyola Marymount University
  91. Looking for a PUA coach in LA area
  92. Where to sarge in Hollywood?
  93. Looking for wingman in Santa Barbara - IV
  94. Hollywood Sarging!!!
  95. Where are the Target- Rich Locations in Los Angeles??
  96. Northridge PUAs (or nearby) SARGE!!!
  97. Westwood / Santa Monica area looking for partner
  98. Looking for roomate(s) on the west side
  99. looking for people to sarge with in LA
  100. UCLA/westwood/santa monica
  101. USC puas
  102. I sarge 3 times a week in Hollywood, Ca... 2 years
  103. looking for wing in palomar college
  104. UCLA/Westwood PUA's
  105. Edison Bar Downtown L.A.
  106. Sarging around Pasadena
  107. West LA newb looking for a Mentor
  108. Any lawyer-I-banker-type wings in Downtown LA?
  109. saddle ranch hollywood?
  110. Anyone want to sarge together?(UCLA)
  111. Project Westchester: DHV House
  112. New in Santa Cruz
  113. Bar Sinister-Hollywood
  114. Hermosa Beach, Ca Weekday Sarge - Sun - Thurs
  115. Anyone down in Hollywood this Friday?
  116. Los Angeles , Hollywood and North HOllywood
  117. AIM Screen Name List
  118. Teenagers (21 + under) in West Los Angeles?
  119. L.A Blaze of glory !!!!
  120. Rosemead, CA
  121. Winter break LA PUAs
  122. Wings Unite! Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita
  123. Good sarge spots in Santa Monica
  124. Sarging Japanese Girls in Southern California
  125. Wingmen in Santa Clarita area, CA.
  126. in Los Angeles i'm tired of wallflowerw
  127. Im moving to LA. What area(s) do you recommend?
  128. Looking 4 wingmen in Hollywood, CA....
  129. Looking for wingman... downtown LA/Hollywood
  130. Long Beach area rAFCs?
  131. Wingman In Hollywood, Los Angeles
  132. In Los Angeles for D.DeAngelo seminar
  133. Let's Do This in So-Cal
  134. Santa Cruz, California
  135. Looking for decent wingmen in Santa Barbara/Santa Monica (buds on road-trip!)
  136. Project Hollywood is going to reopen
  137. Any wing in Hollywood?
  138. Anyone in the so-cal valley? Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Burbank, LA?
  140. Looking for Wing who lives in Hollywood...
  141. Santa Barbara and IV
  142. Mid-Level Sargin Squad
  143. Natural Looking For Wings
  144. Anyone going out to LG now adays?
  145. Night Life in West L.A.
  146. Looking for wings - experienced PUA - HOLLYWOOD
  147. London guy looking for LA holiday wing !
  148. Looking for a wing or two
  149. Pasadena,CA Puas
  150. Learn by teaching in Los Angeles
  151. San Fernando Valley Wingmen
  152. LA daygame Wing 5th-14th july
  153. Moving to LA -- seeking wings/friends
  154. Looking for wings in West Los Angeles
  155. Los angeles wings!!!
  156. V2O in Long Beach on Thursdays
  157. Hollywood Club Hookups
  158. Looking for wing 18-20 Los Angeles
  159. Good ideas for D2 in Santa Monica?
  160. Looking for LA wings
  161. Pasadena/Hollywood Weekend Sarging
  162. LA/OC Asian nightclub scene
  163. Beginner Seeking Mentor, Los Angeles CA
  164. Up and coming social genius seeks wings/mentors in LA, SFV, Hollywood
  165. Sarge Hollywood Today
  166. Need a wing in Santa Barbara
  167. who has bottle service hookups in hollywood?
  168. TOP British PUA coming to LA needs a place to stay
  169. Sy HITS LA!
  170. Brit Sy Hits LA.
  171. Hollywood Sargin'
  172. any wingman in Malibu or Santamonica?
  174. Hey some help in Hollywood...
  175. Looking for a new wingman in so. cal area
  176. Need Wing in Hollywood/Studio City Area
  177. In the 661
  178. Anyone in the 805- Ventura County area?
  179. Los Angeles Wingmen
  180. Pasadena wingmen
  181. La unite unite!!
  182. Los Angeles!
  183. Cal Poly Pomona
  184. Los Angeles Daygame spots
  185. Where to sarge on in Hollywood?
  186. Visiting the LA area...What to do
  187. Need a wing Santa Barbara
  188. calling all PUAs in pomona region
  189. Looking for a wingwoman in/around Cal Poly Pomona...
  190. Hollywood/West Hollywood Apt Pool/Social Scene
  191. LA, West Hollywood
  192. San Fernando Valley Day game
  193. going to be in los angeles
  194. moving to america from italy
  195. Need daygame wing Santa Monica
  196. Wing Santa Barbara
  197. UC Santa Barbara wing
  198. Sanfernando valley day game
  199. New in the community, need wings near La Verne California
  200. Master mind group in san fernando valley
  201. Hired gun game in L.A
  202. Burbank Mall tomorrow 9/3/09
  203. Santa Barbara / Goleta / Isla Vista
  204. Looking for some Wings & Mentors in LA
  205. Burbank mall Tuesday sep/8/09
  206. Northridge mall tomorrow sep/30
  207. need wingmen in Los Angeles.
  208. I am looking for a wing in L.A.
  209. Wings wanted: Hollywood/ BH / Century City
  210. New to LA - List of nightclubs request
  211. Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley
  212. Advice on College in Santa Barbara
  213. victorville
  214. LA Hangouts for sugar mamas - rich lonely milfs?
  215. Santa Barbara wing
  216. Los Angeles: Looking for Experienced PUA Mentor
  217. Looking for Wing/Wings LA Pasadena Novice to Real Game
  218. Long shot, Santa Barbara County?
  219. Love Systems Intern Looking For Wings in South Bay/Santa Monica Area
  220. Santa Maria!
  221. Wing/partner needed in Westy Hollywood
  222. Santa Monica, Weho, K-town, Little Tokyo.
  223. San Fernando Valley
  224. In Simi Valley for the summer. Just starting out. Any Wings?
  225. IE, Ontario, Pomona, Pasadena Socal - lets connect
  226. Wingmen needed for Sarging in LA/Valley Area
  227. "Wingman" in the San Gabriel Valley...LA County
  228. Los Angeles?
  229. San Gabriel Valley, El Monte
  230. San Gabriel Valley, El Monte "Wing Man"
  231. Los Angeles Wings
  232. Working the Emmys in Beverly Hills-- Need a wing for Aug 26-28th
  233. Wingmen wanted in VENTURA, CA
  234. Hollywood HotSpots?
  235. ***"Pasadena, where you at?" California Luv!***
  236. Looking for wing in LA/Hollywood
  237. Montero is looking for wings in LA
  238. Need a wingman.
  239. The Ultimate Christopher looking for PUA partners in/around Hollywood and Downtown LA
  240. Sarging Partner In The City Of Angels
  241. Starting to see results with hot women. Need weekday/daygame wings.
  242. San gabriel valley wings
  243. (Los Angeles) Who Goes to Clubs?
  244. Do you want to be an official moderator of this local sub-forum?
  245. READ THIS FIRST - How to use this (special) forum
  246. LA wing... Just moved here from new zealand...lets score some glamours!
  247. San Gabriel Valley Wings Unite
  248. Beach cities wing
  249. west l.a. wing
  250. So-cal 18-20yr. college wings