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  1. Sacramento
  2. apprentice looking for pua, pug or pum, in sacramento, ca.
  3. Chico
  4. anyone near modesto,ca?
  5. Tomorrow night in the city? (SF)
  6. Sacramento Stripper sarge fest
  7. Sac State & U.C. Davis
  8. Younger Bay Area PUAS
  9. Looking for motivated wings in San Francisco/Bay area
  10. San Jose State University
  11. San Jose/ Tony Robbins
  12. Someone from Tahoe??
  13. Need a Wing in Modesto, CA.
  14. San Franciscans unite!
  15. San Fran Love Fest Parade: Saturday 9/23
  16. Any 30+ PUA, or Aspiring PUA's in Sacramento, California?
  17. Bay Area California
  18. sarge in/around manteca ca. (209 area)
  19. Napa Valley? !!
  20. Rip it up in San Francisco
  21. Anyone from San Francisco want to sarge? Need a wingman...
  22. Newb in Palo Alto, CA
  23. Sarging San Francisco Next Week!
  24. Uc Davis Playa Lookin Fo Dorm Mate Dawg
  25. looking for San Fran bay area hotpots
  26. Stockton, Delta Community College, California
  27. Looking for a wing in North Bay Area
  28. Palo Alto/SF sarge this weekend?
  29. San Francisco Tonight? May 27/07
  30. need a wiing in san jose
  31. San Jose PUA coach
  32. Call for San Francisco Wings ONLY in east bay
  33. Looking for Wing in Berkeley
  34. Recruiting WINGS in EAST BAY
  35. Lookin for a good PUA in SF
  36. San Francisco
  37. Bars and Clubs in San Jose, CA
  38. Calling on Sacramento PUA's
  39. Looking for some people for thursday/friday night in the East Bay Area
  40. East Bay PUA looking for wingmen
  41. In San Fran for a week, anyone want to sarge?
  42. Any NorCal PUA's want to be interviewed for a film?
  43. SanFran PUA in Training!
  44. UC Berkeley Wingman Needed
  45. Looking For A Wing To Sarge In The Bay Area
  46. Palo Alto Area - High School
  47. Sacramento PUA's...Sarging this sat. night? (9/8)
  48. Help! Bayarea Barber shop needed!
  49. Any PUA in the BAY AREA - your chance to shape me
  50. i need a wingman in san jose
  51. Wing In Da Bay
  52. UCdavis PUA sound off.
  53. ****Looking for WING to sarge Bay area*****
  54. Octoberfest - San Francisco Sat 10/13
  55. Wingmen, Sacramento CA.
  56. In need of wingman in San Jose,Ca
  57. Looking for a Wing in the East Bay or San Francisco
  58. Wingmen needed in San Jose, ca
  59. Need a Mentor in Sac
  61. Upcoming Norcal Mini-Meet @ Club Vivid San Jose
  62. San Jose area Wingmen
  63. Looking for a wing in the Bay Area (SF, san mateo, san jose, etc)
  64. 17-23 y.o Sargers in Bay Area (SF, Berkeley, Oakland)
  65. Sacramento Wingmen!!
  66. Fuck Chico Sargers
  67. Sonoma State Wingman
  68. San Jose Coach Needed / Wing Needed
  69. sacramento wing
  70. sacramento wing
  71. (209) area Modesto,california looking for Wings
  72. Palo Alto, CA [Any PUAs highschool)
  73. Shasta County, Redding, Ca
  74. Any Wings in Modesto???
  75. norcal PUA network
  76. Looking for WING to sarge Bay area
  77. Monterey, CA
  78. Any Bay Area trendsetters?
  79. Davis, CA
  80. UC Berkeley
  81. San Jose and Santa Cruz: Let's Get To Work!
  82. Looking for help and partnership in San Jose/Fremont area
  83. Chico, CA
  84. Attn: I Need a Commited Wingman in S.F.
  85. Looking for fellow PUA eastBay
  86. Under 21 - San Francisco, CA
  87. Any PUA in or around the Sacramento Area
  88. Looking for Wingman in San Francisco
  89. Beginner from Germany looking for intro in Concord, CA
  90. Burning Man 2008
  91. Sonoma State-->Back to school
  92. East Bay
  93. sfbay
  94. Calling all BAY AREA PUA's and RAFC's! This Friday, Campbell meet
  95. PUA's in San Francisco
  96. Berkeley
  97. PUA's at Delta college(stockton)
  98. Newbie in SF looking to go out, learn
  99. Need some wings in stockton and lodi
  100. Looking for the serious PUA's, best of the SFbay or world even.
  101. San Francisco- Exotic Erotic Ball
  102. 20yr old wing - San Jose
  103. SF PUAs
  104. San Jose Wingmen
  105. Contra Costa County California
  106. Clubs/Bars in San Francisco/Oakland
  107. Modesto Turlock Merced!!!
  108. Thursday 3-5-09 SF meet up
  109. PUAs in San Francisco
  110. San francisco downtown, nob hill
  111. Wings in Sacramento
  112. SAN Jose wings???
  113. sacramento
  114. need a wing in san francisco
  115. Wing(s) needed in Portland area.
  116. Intermediate/Advanced wing wanted around Palo Alto or San Jose
  117. uc davis wing?
  118. uc davis wing anyone?
  119. looking for noobs in the bay area!
  120. Wings in Stockton Ca
  121. San Jose-new to game
  122. Modesto
  123. San Jose
  124. Stanford/Palo Alto
  125. Looking for a wing in Modesto CA
  126. Bayarea, CA
  127. Sacramento, Ca wingmen
  128. san ramon, san jose, CA. Anyone?
  129. Sacramento Day Game
  130. SF Bay Area - Need a wingman
  131. Best places for day-game in SF??
  132. looking for mentor or ballsy wingman near Santa Cruz
  133. Ad Tech - San Francisco
  134. Need energetic/motivated wing in SF!
  135. Nor Cal Money Game - How Good is Your Game?
  136. NorCal(Monterey County, San Jose, SC)
  137. Looking for a mentor, BAY AREA
  138. Lake Elsinore/Canyon Lake wings? I'm 30, just moved here..
  139. Need WingMan In San Francisco
  140. East Bay, I need a mentor and I know how to party.
  141. North Bay wing
  142. Looking for wings in Sacramento
  143. Day/Night game in SF
  144. Looking for Fairfield, CA Wings and Mentors
  145. Day Game San Jose
  146. Looking for wings - San Francisco
  147. looking for wing in san francisco
  148. Do you want to be an official moderator of this local sub-forum?
  149. SF Bay Area Sarging
  150. South Bay / San Francisco
  151. READ THIS FIRST - How to use this (special) forum
  152. Looking for Bay Area Wings
  153. Looking for wings
  154. Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom
  155. need mentor in SF
  156. Wingmen in SF
  157. palo alto/ los altos
  158. Any body in alameda/bay area?
  159. Looking for SF Day Wings - Now Until Feb. 20th
  160. Looking for wingmen in SF
  161. SF PUAs - meet up every Thursday
  162. Napa area
  163. having a pua meetup next weekend!
  164. Anyone going to ETD Love on Saturday?
  165. Night and Devious Take Over the Bay Area! OMFG FR/LR
  166. Looking for a mentor or a buddy that is starting out.
  167. Will be in SF tonite, looking for good spots to hit!
  168. Sarging in Sacramento/Folsom Area.....Looking for Wings !
  169. Need wing IN North Beach, SF
  170. South Bay Thursdays
  171. South Bay- San Jose
  172. Redwood City/ bay area wings!
  173. Where are some quiet, upscale places to meet a nice girl?
  174. Santa Rosa Wing
  175. Bay Area Wings
  176. San jose / bay area wingmen
  177. San Francisco PUA's - OVER 30
  178. San Jose, CA | Looking for Wingman/Mentor, symbiosis lol
  179. San Francisco looking for help
  180. San Francisco Wing
  181. Sacramento Wing man
  182. Looking for wing in Santa Cruz
  183. walnut creek/danville/san ramon wings
  184. Wingman in SF
  185. 30+ Wings in the Bay Area
  186. places to sarge in SF
  187. Sacramento - Bootcamp/1 on 1
  188. Housing near Palo Alto?
  189. Looking to Day Game in San Francisco
  190. I can wing in sacramento area!!
  191. Need a wing in san francisco
  192. City of San Francisco
  193. Wings in SF
  194. Shit Tests
  195. Need help in SAC
  196. REVOLUTIONARY San Francisco - Day and Night Game - SUPERCAMP - Dec 9 - 11
  197. Santa Rosa - Northbay
  198. Nick Hoss SOCIAL CIRCLE MASTERY and ADVANCED COMFORT Mini Seminar - SF - Dec 8
  199. Slaying Through SF
  200. Vacation in SF this week up for day game Tue and Wed
  201. Sjsu
  202. Looking for a wing in Ukiah Area
  203. East Bay lets meet up!
  204. Day game in San Francisco/Bay Area
  205. San Francisco - San Jose - Meetup Group
  206. NYE - What's goin down?
  207. About time i find this site :)
  208. San Francisco Wings
  209. Humboldt / Eureka / Arcata / HSU Wings
  210. Wingman Berkeley California 23 years old
  211. Looking to catch some fights in the Bay Area - you can come, too
  212. Wingman Redwood city
  213. Wings 30-40 Yrs Old
  214. san jose, ca day game
  215. South Bay/San Jose area Wingmen!
  216. San Francisco Wings for day game
  217. San Francisco Downtown
  218. Hardly any new posts in the Bay Area for a while. Let's start a weekly meetup?
  219. Sacramento
  220. Summer Day game wing @ SF downtown area
  221. Palo Alto, CA
  223. Looking for wings in SF Friday night - English guy touring US!
  224. Santa Cruz Day Game / Los Gatos Nightgame
  225. SAN FRANCISCO DAYGAME 2-3guys only
  226. Chico, CA wings needed
  227. Learn Love Systems in SF for only $59!!!
  228. Looking for SF wings
  229. Rohnert park Sonoma area
  230. Tahoe
  231. SF PUA guide - video, maps, venues, date spots and more
  232. San Jose/Palo Alto/Mountainview Wingmen
  233. sacramento
  234. Bay Area Gaming *Glorious Nights*
  235. Looking for a Berkeley Day Game wing
  236. In Bay Area for Thanksgiving - Anyone around
  237. Sacramento
  238. Looking for a wing in Chico, Ca
  239. SF New Year's Options and Advice Needed please - visiting
  240. NorthBay - Sonoma County, Santa Rosa
  241. Looking for San Jose Wings
  242. San Francisco - Experts Break Down Infield Footage - Just $19 (April 27th)
  243. Any active PUAs around Palo Alto?
  244. Vox & House Exclusive $29 Day Game & Inner Game Seminar - INFIELD VIDEO
  245. Sacramento,CA
  246. Wingman in San Francisco
  247. San Jose Wings
  248. Looking for wings in the South Bay
  249. Any active gamers in South Bay, Peninsula?
  250. Nor Cal, lets get it rolling