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  1. Tight Crew PUAs (London & UK)
  2. Looking for wingmen in London
  3. Beginner Wingmen to practice with LONDON/SURREY/SOUTH EAST
  4. Knightsbridge (London) Sarge this Saturday, 1pm...
  5. Mutual love of films? Great place to call in during a day2/3. London.
  6. young london pua's collective
  7. London's West End/Soho/Covent Garden
  8. Do u know the best place to sarge in East London (Stratford to Canary Wharf)
  9. Want to sarge in the Stratford area (London)?
  10. An American PUA in London
  11. LONDON!! XMAS HOLS! Lookin for Wings (who are fun as well).
  12. London Wingmen
  13. UK - Kingston
  14. East London wings needed
  15. tonight at 9pm
  16. "Intermediate" wings - Central London
  17. Hey Guys, looking for wingmen for this Friday...
  18. London Bars
  19. Stoke-on-trent/London
  20. Love Systems and Project Rockstar Bonanza London Talk ft. guests - Wed Sept 17th
  21. Willing Student - London
  22. To the MILF Partygoers in London
  23. Pick up and Seduction in the UK - What You Need to Know
  24. sarging
  25. Wingmen (yes more than 1!) in London: Richmond-Kingston-Hounslow-Twickenham
  26. Central London Wing/s
  27. In london for a week bored in the evenings
  28. German Pick-Up for 5 days in London....
  29. TONIGHT! matter at The O2 (Millennium Dome)
  30. Swedish PUA's need some venue tips for London, UK This week!
  31. AFC or PUA central london sarging. Wednesday 16th 2009.
  32. Rock / Goth wings in London
  33. Wingman Required for Sat Night
  34. Good nightclubs for AFC in London
  35. Cougar Clubs/Hangouts...in London
  36. day game
  37. any london night clubs with mature women?
  38. Approach Marathon (london)
  39. Calling skilled wingmen and PUA's in london
  40. Any Watford or North London PUAs
  41. Israeli guy traveling in london looking for a local wingman
  42. Want to kill AA (in London)
  43. Professional 30ish wings in London
  44. London Sarging For Newbies - Group Meet Up
  45. Do you want to be an official moderator of this local sub-forum?
  46. London Team Building/Looking for Room
  47. READ THIS FIRST - How to use this (special) forum
  48. Sat 8/11/2011 Daygame
  49. London: A Manifesto for 2011
  50. Looking to Meet Up
  51. London Venues
  52. Bootcamping and accomodation
  53. this satruday....
  54. What are good clubs in London?
  55. anyone fancy going out in west end/chelsea?
  56. Expensive to move to UK?
  57. Looking for wings in CROYDON, SUTTON, or PURLEY
  58. Friday Night
  59. friday/sat ..1st/2nd april
  60. Want to kill AA.
  61. London Pua
  62. Young PUA's London. (18-21) (Croydon , Kingston , Central , West , Sutton ect)
  63. - Great Team looking for 2 active wings -
  64. London/Herts
  65. Week commencing 9th May
  66. London Venues
  67. New to game but have had so much success just by being on a table in any club
  68. Day Game Wings - London
  69. Love Systems Internship in London
  70. Lets rock this city
  71. Day game in London
  72. The return of the Jackal! Calling all London pua's
  73. Daygame - Mondays, Fridays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (in that order of preference)
  74. Calling All 18 - 21 Londoners!
  75. Nike town 9th & 16th july!
  76. Sarging
  77. Looking for 2 new wings
  78. London Wingman Group Come Join
  79. Are you awesome? Experienced wing required!
  80. London exchange
  81. Daygame wings in London
  82. Bar game in central/camden.
  83. Where to go with a girl?
  84. Day time wings central london
  85. PUAs' house in London
  86. Wingman for a couple nights a week in central london
  87. i be in london at christmas time
  88. London Sargin tomorrow night (Saturday 3rd September)
  89. Sarge Tuesday 5th September Evening
  90. Looking for wings in wimbledon area
  91. Handsome guy needs a handsome wingman?
  92. Looking for a quality FRIEND. :0)
  93. London PUAs - Stand Up!
  94. 01/10/2011 Daygame Central London
  95. London wingman needed
  96. 18 y.o needed wingman for day/night game
  97. Friday friday! ... Actually, Saturday.
  98. Late notice for any Central London day(late afternoon)gamers Sat 08-10-2011
  99. Loking for PUA's in Portsmouth
  100. Wings for Day Game around central London
  101. London Finest (Apply Within)
  102. Looking for Wingman in London
  103. Night game anyone?
  104. Daygame Picadilly Circus - 2pm 15-10-2011
  105. Anyone out tonight?
  106. 2pm - 22.10.11 - Weekly Central London Daygame Session
  107. 29 OCT 2011 - Westfield, White City - Mall and Day game - Fucking had enough!
  108. 29/10/11 Night Game
  109. A meet-up inside your comfort zone! A non-meet-up, scheduled for never
  110. Daygame London
  111. sarging this weekend 4th 5th November
  112. i am new, need people for CLUB GAME!
  113. 05.11.11 - DAYGAME LONDON. Who is not a keyboard jockey???
  114. Where to live?
  115. Strategic Gaming
  116. sarging now! (or this evening)
  117. EPIC LONDON DAYGAMING - 12/11/2001 - 2.00pm
  118. London Love Systems Internship Opportunity
  119. Weekly Saturday NonKeyboardJockey FULLGAMING Saturday 19 Nov 11
  120. Bars/Clubs in Knightsbridge and Surrounding Areas
  121. Sat 26 Nov 2011: Picadilly Circus, 3pm, meet outside Tiger, Tiger
  122. Game in London/ east London/ Romford/ basildon
  123. Looking for wingmen to make approaches in London soon
  124. wing Needed to go sarging in oxford street, London
  125. Strategic Gaming
  126. NYE in London
  127. looking for a wingman - London
  128. NYE in Croydon
  129. CAMDEN TOWN/ Central SARGE!! (Daygame/ Night game)
  130. London wingman required for day and night game
  131. Looking for other newbies to for pua group in London
  132. Canadian guy looking to sarge in London
  133. Saturday 14 January Daygame - Oxford Circus 2pm
  134. Looking for wing with a high level game / natural style
  135. Looking for a wing this Friday night (20th Jan)
  136. Greek/Italian guy looking to sarge in London
  137. any tips for london nightlife??
  138. London wing regular fri/sat nights
  139. London/Romford Saturday/Monday/thursday
  140. Short Notice: 28-01-12. 3.30pm daygame meetup. Oxford street. Outside Topshop.
  141. Day game on weekdays in London
  142. Looking for wingman
  143. Accountability buddy/Wingman in London
  144. Active Wings
  145. Looking for wing man in London
  146. Calling all London/Kingston/Wimbledon/Surrey PUA'S
  147. Looking for wings, Central london
  148. Anyone around central london in next couple of days?
  149. Wingmen needed, London this weekend (23rd to 26th March)
  150. New bloke in Reading, looking for other guys
  151. Newbie wingman need in central london
  152. Wingwoman in Brighton looking to get more in field experience
  153. Sarging in Central London every Saturday
  154. Looking for guys to talk to girls with in the daytime
  155. Looking for a wing in London
  156. Californian guy seeking to form a PUA circle of friends.
  157. Looking for a wingman in Kingston,Cranford area
  158. Looking for wingmen to sarge in central/west london
  159. Guys Serious About Learning In London
  160. Looking for new gamers or a mentor!
  161. A newwww beginning.!!
  162. extra wings
  163. London wings required
  164. South London Sarging
  165. Looking for a 30ish mate to buddy up with
  166. Looking for Wings in Central London (Street/Club/Shop/Dance School) Game
  167. Need a tag team partner
  168. Californian guys wants to build a strong community in London
  169. Lets improve together - Day/night game buddies - Central/East London
  170. Swingers Site Strategy + Conquest
  171. Anyone from harrow??
  172. Friday the 8th of June meet
  173. Wingman wanted: London - Croydon area
  174. Looking for wingmen in their thirties
  175. Newbie Looking for Wingman around 19-24 years old
  176. Club Promoter In South West London Needing Training + Guidance
  177. Wingman Day game!!1
  178. Looking for a wingman.
  179. Evening sarge Wed 11th July
  180. Older experienced pua requires wings for day game London
  181. Looking for young aPUA's to hit the clubs (18-24)
  184. Sarge in central London
  185. Looking for sarge in london
  186. Wingman wanted for daygame
  187. Watford, North West London
  188. I need a Friend for some Day/Night Game
  189. Looking for wingman to sarge with in Central and South London Day/night
  190. Wingman needed in london Sarge (I'm 21)
  191. Social Circle Wings Wanted
  192. london wingmen wanted
  193. Camden (Thurs), Fri-Sat (Central London) GTFIH!
  194. Where to find the second girl for a threesome.
  195. London Sarging Day Gaming team
  196. Seeking wingmen
  197. German traveler is looking for a wing for London Nightlife and Daygame
  198. Keychain as your personal dating coach/mentor??
  199. Learn from an instructor -LOW COST Love Systems 1-day Seminar - Vox UK Tour
  200. Need experienced wings to show me the ropes
  201. PM me if you need a solid London wing!
  202. Daygame
  203. X-Massss Gaming fun.!!
  204. FREE VIDEO - Effortless Natural Attraction Preview
  205. Sarging 27th December
  206. London Wing + Roomate
  207. Wingmen WANTED!
  208. Will be going out tonight in Central London -
  209. Best Wing You Have Never Had - GUARANTEED ;)
  210. Looking for wing for DAYGAME in London
  211. Wingmen FB group
  212. Who's going out in London tonight?
  213. London inbound!
  214. Looking for midweek sarging partners in London
  215. Looking for 30+ wingmen
  216. London bars list
  217. Looking for a place for a date
  218. Looking for wingmen
  219. Wingman wanted
  220. Student Social Circle
  221. London / Essex Wing Needed
  222. STUDENTS in London
  223. Looking for lair/wingmen in london
  224. Daily Sarge
  225. Wings wanted, London Friday 8th to Tuesday 12th March
  226. Wingman at Shoreditch (or anywhere in central london)
  227. daily wing (central london)
  228. Stratford meeting plus sarge
  229. German PUA needs a place to sleep for one night :)
  230. Wing for first week of april
  231. Wingman NEEDED
  232. London Sarge!
  233. Fairly new looking to wingman
  234. Room/flat mates wanted as potential wing or mentor
  235. Daily Game
  236. London Tonight
  237. Central London Wing Wanted
  238. Back to the game!
  239. Short notice sarging : This week (maybe even tonight?)
  240. Sarging anywhere near West London to Reading
  241. More people welcome to join
  243. advanced wing
  244. Couch in London in exchange for game advice!
  245. Daygame next weekend (13th, 14th July)
  246. shoreditch game
  247. Want to Kill AA.
  248. smart wing
  249. New wing needed for shoreditch/central weekend nights