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  1. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  2. Fort McMurray, Alberta
  3. Edmonton Sarge for May 5th & 6th
  4. Red Deer Alberta
  5. Edmonton Sarge - May 28th
  6. Edmonton June 3-4
  7. Introduction From Alberta
  8. Alberta Heritage Day Weekend!
  9. Edmonton Venue Guide
  10. In need of living space in Calgary AB!?!
  11. calguary roommate looking
  12. Edmonton Alberta
  13. Lethbridge alberta?
  14. Now In Calgary
  15. aPUA looking to wing and learn in Calgary
  16. Edmonton, Alberta: Wings
  17. Greetings - From eDmonton Alberta Canada
  18. Edmonton Alberta - Canada
  19. Edmonton alberta wings
  20. edmonton alberta wings
  21. Looking for Wing 18-mid twenties in Edmonton Area.
  22. edmonton alberta
  23. edmonton to calgary
  24. Calgary
  25. Red Deer
  26. Edmonton, AB meet-up. Potential Wingmens.
  27. Stampede is coming...wingmen needed!!
  28. Calgary-Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  29. Wing For Edmonton or/and Saskatoon
  30. Looking for room for rent in Calgary!
  31. Wing in Edmonton
  32. Calgary !
  33. NatureLove hits Calgary
  34. Looking for wing in Grande Prairie, Alberta
  35. Red Deer, Alberta Wingman
  36. Calgary wingman
  37. Looking for a wingman in south Edmonton
  38. Wanted: Wingmen in Alberta, Canada
  39. Calgary alberta canada
  40. Fort McMurray
  41. Lethbridge AB the UNTAPPED MARKET
  42. Medicine Hat, AB - Easy town
  43. Edmonton AB wings- magic skills?
  44. Red Deer, AB, LF gamers
  45. Project Calgary.
  46. Grande Prairie AB wing
  47. University of Calgary
  48. Need Calgary Wing(s)
  49. UoA/Edmonton wingmen?
  50. Sarging in Edmonton
  51. Edmonton sarging
  52. Lethbridge, Alberta Wing
  53. Do you want to be an official moderator of this local sub-forum?
  54. READ THIS FIRST - How to use this (special) forum
  55. Calgary
  56. Will be in Cowtown for a weekend sooner than later - Show me the town?
  57. Calgary Meetup
  58. Back In The Game, Looking For Wings
  59. Project Sylvan Lake
  60. might be looking for some wingman in edmonton
  61. Calgary Pre-Stampede Meet-Up
  62. Calgary Scene
  63. Will go to mall this Saturday 13th of August to practice Daygame in Calgary!
  64. Aspiring PuA seeking like-minded Edmontonians
  65. Calgary - you wing for me, I wing for you :)
  66. Wing in Edmonton
  67. Day game. novices in Edmonton
  68. lethbridge alberta
  69. Newbie in Calgary needs wing 26
  70. Edmonton Wingman
  71. Looking to wing in Edmonton
  72. Looking for A Wing in Calgary Area
  73. Looking for Wings and Guru's in Calgary
  74. Calling all AFC's, PUA's, Novices and Pro's in Calgary
  75. looking for a wing to sarge in edmonton/uoa
  76. Looking For Day Game Partner In Calgary
  77. Need a wingman in Calgary!
  78. Calgary Guide to Going Out
  79. Looking for wingmen in Fort Mac/ Edmonton
  80. Calgary 24 - need wing
  81. Cajun as your personal mentor? (if you can get to Vancouver at least 1x/month)
  82. Looking for wing in Edmonton
  83. Looking for a wingman in Edmonton
  84. Edmonton!
  85. Daygame in beautiful Calgary
  86. Wingmen
  87. Looking for Wingman in Calgary for Daygame
  88. Sarging in Edmonton
  89. Looking for wings in Calgary
  90. Serious Calgary Wingman Needed
  91. Daygame Wingmen in Edmonton
  92. Night game
  93. Edmonton looking for friends to master game with.
  94. Edmonton PUA -scene
  95. Calgary - looking for a wingman
  96. Looking for Wing/Mentor
  97. Need a wingman in Lethbridge
  98. Wing in Calgary
  99. gaming in edmonton
  100. Wingman in Fort Mcmurray
  101. South Edmonton wing needed
  102. Looking for a wing in Calgary!
  104. Calgary wingmen needed
  105. Looking for Wings in Calgary
  106. Looking for Calgary Wing
  107. Looking for a wing in Calgary who is committed to going out
  108. Looking for Calgary Wing
  109. Looking for wingmen
  110. Need Wingmen in Edmonton!
  111. Looking for Wing
  112. Look for people to hit the clubs with- Edmonton
  113. wingman in edmonton
  114. Looking for a wingman to sarge with in calgary
  115. Amateur looking for wing of any skill level for both day and night game in Calgary
  116. Edmonton - Let's go out and have some fun - looking for a wing!
  117. I am looking to get back into the game. Who wants to go meet some hotties in Calgary
  118. Heading to Broken city on 10th for open Mic tonight if anyone wants to join
  119. Wing in Edmonton
  120. Wingman needed!!
  121. Daygame wings and infield videos
  122. Good weather, good vibes who wants to daygame with me in Calgary
  123. PUA Meet up -Calgary -Weekend
  124. Anyone still going out?
  125. Meet up next weekend on 17th Ave Jamesons
  126. Wingman for daygame in Calgary
  127. meetup day or night game
  128. no one going out tonight? PM me...
  129. Calgary Wing
  130. Looking for wings in Edmonton
  131. Calgary PUA
  132. Wingman for day game / bar game
  133. Wingmen in Edmonton
  134. Calgary Alberta looking for Wings
  135. wing man
  136. Night game in Calgary
  137. Looking For Calgary Wings