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  1. Need advice on Model I hit up on Instagram! ASAP
  2. How to respond to her hints?
  3. Tons of anxeity when I go out.
  4. RSD Julian game
  5. How to react to DLVs/Shittests by her
  6. Rules of the game
  7. Age Difference is Turning Off My GF -- HELP
  8. Need advice !!!
  10. Being Direct with No Pressure
  11. Feeling like Eddie Murphy from boomerang.
  12. The "Nice Guy" Facade
  13. Newbie here to Pickup, and need advice please? Possible buyer's remorse, slow-fade?
  14. Any Connecticut PUA's? Let's get a lair going.
  15. Introducing myself
  16. New here, how bad did I miss the signs?
  17. Why I don't really care about rejection and downsides of daygame(also new here)
  18. Justin Wayne Dating -- Doesn't Disclose Full Price -- Worried
  19. Can I seduce her or just passing time? What do you think?
  20. Breakups and Revenge
  21. At work pickup
  22. How to deal with Eazy girls or women who come on to you
  23. Weird situation... Upcoming date with girl who just got an arm cast?
  24. Im always tired!
  25. is this a good flirty line
  26. Heavy makeouts with a girl all night, then she backed off
  27. No kissing, only sex?
  28. Poll about sexual partners
  29. Girl Super Interested - Now Backed Away?
  30. Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry.
  31. Project Rockstar 2017 Journals
  32. Quick Question About After A Screening Opening
  33. What's with this girl?
  34. Need advice: Says I've proven I don't love her
  35. can I still make her mine?
  36. Hey guys! Im newbie! And i would like to ask your opinion about this case
  37. Some good book about Leadership?
  38. Small town. Best places to meet women?
  39. Body language ?
  40. Opening line needed when on lunch hour
  41. I get her interested in me but then i fucked up (Instagram)
  42. Ignored by an Iranian girl after auto-rejection - feedback
  43. Ignored by an Iranian girl after auto-rejection - feedback
  45. RSD bootcamp for $1300 (usually $2000)
  46. New BBC Three series on sex and relationships needs YOU
  47. Going on dates but getting nowhere (online dating)
  48. Sacramento PUAs
  49. What should I do?
  50. A lesson in authenticity from a woman
  51. Theory: Blogs and old material
  52. Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry.
  53. How to proceed to meet this girl
  54. Reading the Mystery's book
  55. How do you pickup women when you feel like shit?
  56. Here's the deal
  57. good site if you go to taiwan and can read Chinese
  58. Getter Her To Give Up Her Ex
  59. Okay To Talk About Having A Big Dick?
  60. A Salute to Hugh Hefner
  61. Over 15 Hours of video footage including infield and behind the scenes (video inside)
  62. Old EX GF interested again UNTIL she found out i'm seeing other girls
  63. Opener and Disqualifier
  64. question of how to deal with best friends
  65. Looking at what to do next and also to improve for the future
  66. How to Reply to Girl who Wants Costly Dinner?
  67. Check out a sneak peak of what happened in Vegas!
  68. Tourist girl in Eilat- can't shift the interaction
  69. Mind Going Blank
  70. Improv lessons
  71. Anyone in Frankfurt?
  72. Alpha Female
  73. A typical approach and how to improve
  74. Needing advice...
  75. Pickup at the Gym
  76. Inner Game
  77. What is the next step?
  78. Need advice about girl.
  79. Why is no one on CHAT ROOM?
  80. How to pickup older coworker?
  81. Problems creating attraction with my personality type
  82. One time fling
  83. Is it okay to date a divorced woman with a child? I met her online. Advice please?
  84. Project Rockstar
  85. TORONTO, CANADA - Good places to bounce a set to after a club
  86. Non-Generic Approaches without Physical Compliments
  87. Pretty concierge
  88. Women unconscioulsy covering-up their cleavage when I speak to them!?
  89. I get approached but lack confidence because of my situation
  90. Girl with Family
  91. She never called back! I dont want to be clingy.
  92. How to proceed - girl (LTR) wants space
  93. Convincing a girl to give number or go out after rejection
  94. Please change username
  95. How do your typical night game approaches look?
  96. #MeToo
  97. Am i a moron ?
  98. Divorce - advice on how to frame this?
  99. Wait for her?
  100. Ex fwb within same social circle keeps cancelling
  101. Date Went wrong - Did Not See Signs
  102. How to subtly embed the "leader of men" DHV into conversations
  103. How to Pick Up A Pornstar
  104. I'm kind of dating this beautiful woman
  105. Newbie needs your help
  106. Advice
  107. Cat string fail?
  108. We're off to Maldives! But I need advice...
  109. This Guy Really Hit the Nail on the Head about 'Authentic PUA'
  110. How did I mess this up and fail with seemingly interested girls?
  111. Relationship Advice.
  112. What happened? And what should I do now?
  113. How to deal with girls that are obsessed with Snapchat and IG
  114. Dealing with Emotions
  115. Dating Arab (Moroccan) women
  116. Bachelor Party Tips
  117. HELP NEEDED: Hosting a House Party
  118. Why do some women go out of their way to destroy a mans feelings/ self esteem?
  119. Seems quiet here.
  120. How to overcome "I'm not ready for a relationship"?
  121. Why so people find shame in online dating?
  122. Is There A Big Misconception About Neediness In The PUA Community?
  123. A question on Female Psychology
  125. I Just Can't Get the Right Mindset
  126. Getting my hot married boss into bed
  127. Some observations when dancing
  129. Can't be real, can't be fake.
  130. My dancing kino game breakdown
  131. PUA house in London
  132. 26 year old male traveling to South America
  134. looking for a wing in arkansas
  135. Does she want to fuck or not
  136. Ignored Day After F-Close First Date
  137. My gay bestfriend wants to date a Filipina!
  138. Getting a girl who's not "The girl next door type"
  139. Confidence
  140. Ever got a business card?
  141. Advice Needed - Have I messed up?
  142. can you please help ? i want a serious relationship with her but im confused
  143. How interpret her eye contact?
  144. Should I go back to school?
  145. Sunday night got an interesting shit test
  146. Did some wild S#it this morning - Need Help Fast!
  147. Project Rockstar 2018 - Pre-Training Fitness Program Weekly Journals
  148. Picking Up Women by using back handed compliments
  149. How do I tell her she needs to mature?
  150. Raising sexual confidence
  151. foreign bride 101: welcome gift for sis-in-law
  152. I feel the first date went well, where to go from here
  153. Where did I screw up?
  154. Are internet brides legit?
  155. Having Problems Hooking a Girl Sexually?
  157. Tough situation after 2 great dates
  158. Need serious wingmen in NJ to dm asap
  159. Bouncers
  160. Iím gay and my mom thinks I stalk women from usa
  161. Bought purple corn from a group of Peru ladies
  162. Learning about foreign bride 101
  163. Religious Christian joining international dating blog
  164. The Mystery Method/ "The Game"
  165. I can't stop touching this woman my colleague.
  166. What to write for an international dating blog site?
  167. Thai gives incredible massage. Anyone know a similar place?
  168. My Dad wants me to date women from USA.
  169. Traveling to Kiev to meet my Pen pal friend. Advice?
  170. A foreign workmate seems so dumb
  171. Looking for mentor/wingmen in Zagreb
  172. I'm making a dating blog. Any advice?
  173. Day and night game in Perth, Australia
  174. I have ZERO confidence now....
  175. How to report sisterís ďLatin match wizardĒ boyfriend
  176. Is falling in love with a married woman a sin?
  177. How good are Colombian women in dancing?
  178. A foreign teacher has been mistreating my son.
  179. Don't know what to do with this one
  180. How to not be mean?
  181. Approaching as an attractive male?
  182. Who are your celebrity Crushes? and Why?
  183. Calling all central NJ, Princeton,Jersey Shore, DayGame Anywhere!
  184. Ex GF that has a a boyfriend (thinks I donít know )wants to hangout
  185. How to convince gf not to name our dog Gertrude
  186. My sister is being bullied. I donít know how to comfort her.
  187. Is there any interest on her part?
  188. Anyone else listen to Mr. Locario?
  189. I was asked to speak for some love tour testimonials. Help!
  190. Why are people so hyped with FIFA 2018?
  191. Daygame (Infield Footage) *GREAT CLOSE*
  192. A representative from a foreign call center called me
  193. Are women from USA always high-tempered and blunt?
  194. Just moved to Peru. Need advice for dating Lima women.
  195. Approach takes how many attempts?
  196. [Huge Opportunity - Videographer] Sit in on Project Rockstar 2018 & the 10 Day BC
  197. How to leave female set to hit on other girls without offending them?
  198. FREE ACCESS - Project Rockstar Insider & a gift
  199. Are Lima women always this upfront?
  200. Fooled around with girl a few times, then she tells me she lives with her boyfriend
  201. Meeting a girl on the train
  202. Iím so jealous and I donít know how to deal with it
  203. THE MYSTERY METHOD By Mystery
  204. Can I sue a hotel for horrible customer service?
  205. Doing the Impossible......
  206. Trying to learn how to play the guitar.
  207. Project Rockstar 2018 Daily Journals
  208. I think my best friend just confessed his feelings.
  209. This Article Launches a Powerful Criticism of Most Dating Advice & PUA
  210. I recently purchased a house for my parents. Need advice.
  211. Brother is living with us temporarily
  212. Is an interview worth travelling for?
  213. My friendís grandma passed away. How to comfort her?
  214. Looking for like-minded people in Sydney
  215. We're going on a date.. I think. Need som help here.
  216. Please help! I'm broke and stuck in a foreign country.
  218. My cousin invited me on a trip. Should I go?
  219. Trouble with intimacy or officially sealing the deal.
  220. Chick Recently Divorced
  221. Same Day Lay in San Francisco (Infield Video)
  222. From f-close to f-zone
  223. Newborn baby girl for adoption
  224. Kiev ladies are so beautiful! I want to travel to Ukraine!
  225. Our work situation is getting out of hand.
  226. Does anyone else regret getting married?
  227. I have nothing to offer
  228. If PUAs Think Game Is Risk Free, How Do They Explain This?
  229. How much would a trip to Ukraine usually cost all year round?
  230. how should one answer this question?
  231. Do Lima women go for plastic surgery?
  232. Contactoysexo Reviews - Meet Thousands Of Active Girls For Dating
  233. How to tell her im into her
  234. Find Love With Empowered Affirmations
  235. I need expert advice on every possible way to meet a girl
  236. Ex GF sends me old texts/birthday cards
  237. New Member
  238. Need y'all advice and opinions
  239. Any ideas for the best hotel to stay in Cartagena?
  240. How do I tell my parents to stop deciding for me?
  241. How to get back with an ex
  242. Did she break it off with me?
  243. 63 year old playboy
  244. I landed a woman I was gaming for a few months,
  245. What to do when girls show me attention for Lamborghini?
  246. I saw dad's profile in a dating site. Should I tell mom?
  247. Can you truly EXIT the Game?
  248. Relevant content
  249. Corum Admiralís Cup Challenger 40 Chrono Diamonds watch 984.970.47/F379 AA12
  250. What Do You Guys Make of My Journal