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  1. Can I get feedback on this opener?
  2. Live a Life of Value
  3. Halloween Gaming !!!
  4. Low Ideaphoria
  5. Seeking Vegas roommate
  6. [New Video]How knowing what you want is CRUCIAL to game!
  7. Big slow down in contact after 4 weeks of chatting and great first date
  8. How do YOU stay positive?
  9. Will she think im gay if i do this?
  10. No contact or pursue?
  11. Rejecting a girl
  12. Met up with an 8 , got on really well, now nothing!
  13. The game is in you not on you
  14. An opportune moment
  15. have you guys done this?
  16. Dancing in clubs
  17. Great first month, then it went downhill...
  18. 4 Love Lessons Learned from 100,000 Pickups
  19. She let me go because she is stuck on her ex...
  20. playing hard to get or not intereted???
  21. How do I get this girl
  22. Friend of a friend - Facebook message?
  23. Social Proof or Not?
  24. Day 2 follow up?
  25. Looking for a good Push Pull dvd product
  26. My Hair Stylist is Absolutely Gorgeous
  27. Is Dating Always a Numbers Game?
  28. 4 Texts of Instant Doom
  29. How and where do most guys learn how to get a girlfriend? how to talk to them, etc.?
  30. Some people say i'm GAY?? WTF??
  31. Any German guys here? Tenmagnet's quick guide to picking up in Germany.
  32. The Most Important Aspects To LS: PART 1
  33. My ex and her newborn baby... what should I do?
  34. Punished her, now what would you do?
  35. Please can you help me improve my appearance.
  36. HELP How to get "sexual" with women at bars/clubs.. the right way!?
  37. Hooked up with crush.. did I blow it with a few needy texts?
  38. Picking up a bartender - challange
  39. Your time to lead has come.
  40. Woman with odd behavior - need opinion and advice
  41. What could have I done better?
  42. Fly higher now.
  43. Anyone in Texas? Hang out with an instructor
  44. Getting her contacts in a fun way without actually asking for contacts
  45. Be Better Than Everyone Else
  46. Monster sh*t test?
  47. Would you consider me attractive enough?
  48. excuses when you ask for date but get number
  49. concerned by how oblivious i can be
  50. Don't be ashamed of who you are.
  51. [Video] Toxic Women – Three kinds of women that you NEED to avoid.
  52. Ok becoming better brings some problems along
  53. Phase reverting to AFC
  54. ex-girlfriend trying to remain in my social circle
  55. Being Missed
  56. Being playful and challenging versus being a child
  57. My response to LJBF, it was wrong, let's brainstorm a better one + a Poll
  58. I think I messed up the other night but there could also be hope
  59. I have no idea what she wants...
  60. Diving through the Open Window!
  61. is a day time coffee date not the best scenario to build attraction
  62. The #1 Obstacle for Dating Success
  63. Just a curious question...
  64. Which of these are major IOI's
  65. I'm in the Friendzone ...now what?
  66. [Video] The Real Secret of Confidence (That Nobody has told you yet)
  67. need guidance
  68. The question you should be asking yourself.
  69. The Best and Worst Date to Take Her On
  70. what do u think of flowery scent on men?
  71. Girl told me she had a dream she was a lesbian...friend zoned?
  72. Anybody from Cleveland Area?
  73. Am I unattractive?
  74. Messed up pretty girls (REPLIES MORE THAN WELCOME)
  75. How to improve as a PUA
  76. o god, help me...
  77. [Video] If you've thought about taking a bootcamp, WATCH THIS!
  78. Follow up this facebook message
  79. Social Proof is GREAT for meeting women…
  80. This is really a beautiful story
  81. Crazy married women?
  82. Dealing with oneitis
  83. Playboy article on Dating and Success
  84. Liverpool Game!!! - PUAS WANTED
  85. Internalizing Magic Bullets
  86. what to wear to a nightclub?
  87. I Need some Advice!
  88. Some good advice for the newbe's out there should listen to
  89. How do I make it work?
  90. first date tonight... pretty sure I got rejected...
  91. Who is the PUA guru who does the Body language vids?
  92. Need help buddies
  93. I've hit my social low
  94. Back to Basics: Approaching Women
  95. HB rejects me, but SHE is mad?
  96. Playboy article: How to get her to like you
  97. Sexual Tension - Any good ideas?
  98. Can be saved or should be forgotten?
  99. going to lanzorote spain
  100. Germany or Denmark for a Bangladeshi guy going on holiday
  101. My Situation
  102. The "L" word
  103. Should I next this religious girl
  104. At my best, I'm still not the guy I would want if I was the normal girl that I seek
  105. How to keep "I miss you" alive while we're apart
  106. New Video - The Science of Attraction
  107. who is more high end when it comes to leather belts?
  108. MILF engaged
  109. I proved a point that looks definitely matter in online dating
  110. QUERY: fluid-passing-via-mouths routine (kclose)
  111. Not Getting Girls Even w/ Good Game.. WTF?!
  112. Attracted Or Friend Zoned?
  113. Put the time, you can be the best.
  114. Well... What do you know....
  115. A brief history of my travels from AFC to PUA to Father
  116. Sarging Supplementation?
  117. What do you think about one night stand website?
  118. I told a taken girl to get back to me when she and her bf break up
  119. I need help with social skills
  120. how am I doing? (reality check)
  121. Yet another wolfpack thread about his looks/clubs
  122. 5 Places to Meet Women that really work
  123. So she's interested, but never texts first...? (TL:DR included)
  124. 'subpar' ONS on weekend, text dialogue, advice?
  125. Chicago LS Veteran Instructor Seeks Shared Working Space
  126. Resentment
  127. Tips on fighting my family upbringing/mindset?
  128. How to respond when she acts like she's doing you a favor
  129. Is this her way of asking me to see her?
  130. Turning things around
  131. ive figured out wit!!!!
  132. Messed up in a club with new girl - what next?
  133. The Little Voice Inside Your Head
  134. What Are Good Goal to Have when Approaching Women?
  135. Can you date more than one woman at once?
  136. How to figure out her relationship history?
  137. Does the amount a girl tease you correspond to her level of interest?
  138. I failed shit test - kind of embarrassed
  139. Did I handle this correctly? Or should I just abandon it
  140. How to ask her where I stand
  141. friend banned from.mall
  142. The highpoint of life is the energy filled sexual communication
  143. selfish gf
  144. Shy girls make me shy and I'm not shy!?!?!
  145. Gaming in Australia and why not to trust Australian companies!
  146. Mailbag and where I have been: -Soldier King
  147. graduated college a virgin, moved to new town
  148. naked, oral, slept over but no f-close
  149. why don't people just lower their standards
  150. Improved a shit load. New questions arising...
  151. The Sexual Manifesto: A Woman’s Perspective on a ‘Pickup Artist’ Bootcamp
  152. what does a girl say to a guy, to get him to ask her out, w/o her being needy?
  153. Got Hooked, Now wanna be Good
  154. Got Hooked, Now wanna be Good
  155. is playing me?
  156. 1500 sets, Social Retardation, and Mickey Mouse: My Three Years in Game
  157. PUA - The truth may surprise you
  158. Is being a certain Film Producer good for game?
  159. Alpha vs Empathy
  160. Conversations always seem to start with comfort...Need advice
  161. Can anyone kick me in the head for hooking up with my ex again?
  162. 23 year old virgin. Need some help.
  163. Backhanded comment from a girl, not sure if a joke or serious or what it means
  164. Older girl thinks 'I'm adorable' good or bad?
  165. The ugly friend cockblock
  167. Destroying my demons by 2015
  168. New challenge: week long, no jerking off, only focus.
  169. when a girl begging me to give her my Peacock in order to take a picture with it
  170. Colleague trying to test my interest level/make me jealous? Or just super friendzone
  171. Please help !
  172. I've become pretty succesful with women. Want to ask me anything?
  173. Magic bullets updates 2.2 ?
  174. Figuring out whether my housemate is interested.
  175. The 5 Steps to Dating Multiple Women
  176. The Best Piece of Advice Anyone Can Use To Make Improvements
  177. The Swedish 10.
  178. how do you go about being more of a jerk without being evil?
  179. Best type of game to use on College girls??
  180. Date Discussion topics and attraction amplification
  181. Moving out. How to hook up w/ hot asian roommate
  182. The next chapter- Moving and Improving
  183. Please breathe fresh air outside today.
  184. MEGA Problem
  185. quick seduction survey
  186. Deeper levels if compliance then sex
  187. escalation
  188. 5 Ways to Break the Ice with a New Woman! - Men's Fitness
  189. Looking for advice with opening and approaching in clubs
  190. I'm snakebitten
  191. *Sponkies Intermediate Manifesto*
  192. Three “under the radar” ways ugly guys get more women
  193. Facebook converstation
  194. Needy Red Flags - How to handle this?
  195. The Pick Up: 4 Texting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make | Playboy
  196. Article on Love vs. PUA
  197. need advice. Freeze out? Call her out?
  198. Improving inner game.. old friends
  199. Is there anyone believes that the mystery method is too cynical
  200. Do the vast majority of girls expect or want a guy to have a college degree in order
  201. Good non-commercial pickup blogs
  202. The best way around this challenge?
  203. Hot and Cold Streaks
  204. Male-female friendship. Is it worth it?
  205. Erasing my Facebook account
  206. inexplicable behavior
  207. Vids of Project Hollywood era
  208. The Science of Attraction Explained
  209. Explaining entitlement.
  210. Office Game
  211. Dancing
  212. New Chris Shepherd Video - A Simple Theory of Attraction (From Sydney)
  213. Girl coming around!
  214. 5 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup Like a Man - Dating Advice for Men - Men's Fitness
  215. What to Text a Woman - 5 Text Flirting Tips for Men - Men's Fitness
  216. Warren Buffet - Interesting inner game vs outer game
  217. Improving my inner game & my life in general: Where to start?
  218. Psycho GF! please help!!!
  219. Can someone explain why women do this?
  220. My path to becoming a mPUA is getting.... weird
  221. Top Ten Signs A Woman is Bad News / how to fix or move on
  222. Weather keeps me at home! Ways to help pickup in the meantime?
  223. Irrational Worries about SO
  224. How to Have Sex on the First Date | The Pick Up | Playboy
  225. How long should you be spending in each phase?
  226. please help me out of this funk quickly
  227. All the attraction in the world, all the comfort. But stuck.
  228. The Dos and Don’ts of Dating a Friend
  229. Which is the best country to visit in the US
  230. How do you find ABUNDANCE in a SMALL TOWN setting?!
  231. How To Deal With Approach Anxiety
  232. Breaking no Contact like an Alpha
  233. Bad Reputation
  234. Game in really loud locations (Clubs, DJ shows, etc)
  235. Living with parents makes feel it's ruining my chances
  236. What to do when she plays hard to get
  237. My Simple Theory of Attraction (From Sydney)
  238. i think i failed a "test" at the very end of a first date. How do i follow up?
  239. Sex session gone wrong
  240. My Ultimate Dating Life (& My Attempts to Try & Figure Out How to Make it Happen)
  241. Will there eventually be a third volume of the routines manual.
  242. Hitting negativity; help me get back in the positive zone!
  243. LOST
  244. girl gave cue to hook up after first date. i misinterpreted her and blew it.what now
  245. Does this surprise you guys-turned the tables on my flake
  246. Staying confident is TOUGH!
  247. Asian Girl Guide: Got yellow fever?
  248. 7 Ways to Improve Your Body Language - How to Meet More Women - Men's Fitness
  249. Preworkout formula game
  250. What model of seduction does brad p use.