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  1. EX creeper admissions on Reddit.
  2. Reaction to her
  3. I don't want to talk to girls anymore...
  4. Coffee for second date?
  5. Do girls want us as friends to have a backup plan...?
  6. Getting her to dress sexier more often
  7. Code Red: She wants to fly me out, but caught lying!
  8. Ran bad game and got indifferent response - how to recover
  9. Help setting up ok cupid page
  10. How to re-start text game??
  11. Generic responses to use when the girl gets the upperhand?
  12. Transferred to a school with a lot of attractive girls but have hit a dry spell!
  13. What would make a female avoid you?
  14. Is cold approaching discouraged for college game?
  15. What did I do wrong this time?
  16. How to deal with height?
  17. Milk with Ice...
  18. Help with eye contact....
  19. The Teacher
  20. How common are AFCs, virgins, and guys that just suck with women?
  21. I CHANGED MY MIND! im not doing leg lengthening surgery. THANK YOU LS
  22. About Tom Cruise in JACK REACHER. What do you think of his ALPHA appereance?
  23. Do attractive blondes require a different class of game? (not just a hair color)
  24. Girl "flakes" then recommits?
  25. Done some things right with oneitis, but what was wrong that I was LJBF ed?
  26. Girl gives you a maybe when you ask to hang
  27. Fucked up big time SOS URGENT help needed
  28. How to deal with girls that call so much?
  29. Problem I don't know how to overcome
  30. In search for every german dating site out there!
  31. Screening for confident women
  32. Not Sure What's Going On
  33. How do I deal with this girl?
  34. Weird platonic ex roommate situation
  35. Approaching attractiven and good looking women, have you noticed the difference?
  36. got the phone number of a HB 9/9.5
  37. Role Play for Atheletes/Tall Guys
  38. Help advice with this flakey girl
  39. im trying to help my friend and need an advice
  40. Life after college, just how rough is it comparatively to college life (ONS and such)
  41. testing new game/idea when first meeting a girl..What do you think?
  42. Good Alternative For Direct Openers In Loud Bars/Clubs
  43. advice
  44. Should I keep asking this girl to hang out dhv / dlv
  45. Mild Onetis
  46. Want to retrieve messed up situation with girl or too late?
  47. Girl tries to qualify you
  48. Starting an LTR
  49. Girl says she wants relationship. I rejected her. Any chance of a comeback?
  50. 2 minute date routine?
  51. Lovesystems: How can I overcome my insecurity over a thing I cannot change? (help!)
  52. Learning Game with ADD/ADHD
  53. I keep falling in love..
  54. How to attract my teacher? A hard goal. Any thoughts?
  55. 5 years later -- Bittersweet realizations
  56. Need some help with my inner game...
  57. Talked to two girls and got both numbers. How do I choose?
  58. Does being a 5 limit your potential?
  59. International Dating SuperConference for Men - 10th Anniversary - October 2013 - FAQS
  60. How do I land this one?
  61. Neutralise Accent
  62. Gaming an HB 8.5 30 y/o divorced university professor single mom
  63. 15 Months on, advanced tips.
  64. The 3 date rule (or at least saying it)
  65. How long do you spend every night talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend? need advice
  66. Girl hinting at marriage
  67. Inspirational Note
  68. Are girls getting dumber?
  69. Girl Iím seeing is going to call tonight to end things, how do I go out with respect
  70. Proof that Men are the Prize After All?
  71. Why am I so dysfunctional with people and how can I fix it?
  72. I am afraid to be in a relationship
  73. HB feels obligated to kiss you
  74. Reframe this S-test please....
  75. I dont know where to post this but: How to fix body language at the gym
  76. Isn't talking slow boring?
  77. Well rounded game
  78. How to not be intimidated by cooler people?
  79. girl gave me number
  80. Should i dump her and still be friends?
  81. HB10 Help!
  82. Careful what you wish for..
  83. Incredibly low self confidence/self esteem....Help desperately needed
  84. Girl hesitates to talk when I give her strong eye contact
  85. Overcoming your own game killers
  86. Old friend coming over Sunday night. Advice/Ideas?
  87. New yet old friend
  88. Ugly chicks..to fuck or not to fuck
  89. Difference sexual attraction and "Attraction"
  90. Advice on what to do.
  91. Approaching a Day2 wih a girl with a boyfriend
  92. Girls like me but nothing ever happens what can I do?
  93. yyyyyyt
  94. Transitioning from close friends to a serious relationship - need some general advice
  95. How to recruit people to a team.
  96. Psycho chick I fucked
  97. Disappointed yet again by another day2
  98. Do I still have a chance with this girl? (convo pics)
  99. Pictures - Blurring out friends' faces
  100. 5 Year relationship - need help post break up
  101. Girl at the gym, some help here...
  102. Green Eyed Monster
  103. quick opinion
  104. Positive guy vs Tought guy - The power of positive thinking!
  105. Strange situation, straighten me out.
  106. my reaction to jealousy
  107. Gf's Slutty past
  108. First date went great , but next day I got this txt msg ......
  109. Anyone feel not in control of their lives?
  110. Epic Confusion - Seeking Advice?
  111. Funny thing
  112. How to get roommates friend ?
  113. How to answer " What makes me so special ? "
  114. Using all what I got in my favor.
  115. The Routines Collection?
  116. She is Confusing!
  117. Plain eye contact vs powerful seductive eye contact.
  118. Having sex with lots of women ....
  119. Analysis of my five month (kind of) cold-streak
  120. A challenge to all men
  121. I seem to argue with everyone, how do I be more agreeable?
  122. What to do when the woman opens you?
  123. what is the secret oh wise cyber surfers?
  124. Can loners get hot girls?
  125. im so desperate and i really need help
  126. Twenty year old sheltered virgin, at new university, need help!
  127. Why Women?
  128. Attraction level
  129. How to become a scumbag?
  130. Overly keen, then rejected approach
  131. Feeling like you don't belong in big groups
  132. How to proceed here? (text dialogue)
  133. In all your years in the game, what kind of girls have been the hardest for you?
  134. Whats the best Lovesystems product for outer game?
  135. I Need A Female Opinion: How To Get The Goods Without Commitment?
  136. Girl accuse you being gay, reframe
  137. ARE GLASSES killing my results?
  138. Life after college in the USA (share your stories graduates)
  139. Sober vs drunk - please advice
  140. Magic Bullets What the Fuck?
  141. I'm new
  142. New to this
  143. Project Rockstar 2013 - Daily Journals
  144. Project Rockstar 2013 Journals
  145. PUA vs MPUA
  146. POF profile description critique.
  147. 1PUA vs 2HB
  148. Outside Clubs
  149. Finally took her off Facebook.
  150. Evolution and the Friend Zone
  151. How Do I Reframe My Confidence When Served A Blow
  152. Help me anybody
  153. Russel Brand Vid
  154. Opening girls on a coctail party
  155. In life, I get only what I don't want, and vice versa
  156. It takes real courage and balls to get a lot of hot women
  157. This girl be brakin my balls
  158. Befriending someone elusive.
  159. Women asking random questions?
  160. "Why Did You Approach Me?"
  161. Kino-ing & Comfort Issues, Despite Good Game
  162. Need Links to Day 2's Examples
  163. Should you buy her a drink?
  164. Her interest level going down? Not texting back?
  165. Bit of a specific situation (Korean girl)
  166. Bumping into your ex-girlfriend that cheated on you...advice?
  167. Nervous about Pickup. Advice?
  168. how to make her forget him
  169. I was told to come and tell my story
  170. Recent Game Material
  171. Can someone shed light on this for me?
  172. 1st date/meeting, told me she is likely leaving the country
  173. infinite ways to game, but only a few fundamentals really matter
  174. How many times have you been out this week and results
  175. Moving to Long Beach, California
  176. Anticipating 'another' fail...self esteem body blow.
  177. further the topic of savoy's "shd u buy her a drink" yesterday...
  178. Where did i screwed up? :(
  179. The reason why you suck
  180. Do you always have to play the game, or can you win by not playing?
  182. Anyone Used the 'Law of Attraction'?
  183. Anyone notice more blockers when with a cute girl?
  184. Overcoming Fear of Rejection?
  185. Can this shows help your game.
  186. I keep getting cockblocked, why?
  187. Ineffective (Bullshit) PUA Techniques
  188. Pickup videos
  189. Pickup a girl in the street while in your car?
  190. Trying to get girls while having a life-threatening disease.
  191. New Girl
  192. Very attractive checkout girl
  193. Need Some QUICK Help!
  194. Dealing with HB10
  195. Radio silence
  196. attraction by all
  197. What if she claims that she doesn't like dominance?
  198. What to do to spark feelings in this girl again
  199. Having a Hard Time F-Closing... Help!
  200. A good book after Magic Bullets for inner game ?
  201. location dynamics
  202. When talking to hotties, is it just me, or...?
  203. Am I in the wrong or overreacting>?
  204. Would you snub a woman you like/are attracted to?
  205. psychology degree
  206. help with kinda ex gf
  207. Can I get help on physical escalation?
  208. What is sub-communicatoin
  209. Question about taking pictures and FB
  210. The game: is it still possible?
  211. Can someone experienced explain this to me?
  212. Suggestion on talking about sex with children ?
  213. Planning your life style and setting your priorities.
  214. Happy 4th of July
  215. Ibiza? Barcelona? Rome? Cyprus? Budapest?
  216. Met 1 night, got number but moving next month - would you pursue?
  217. Friends sets you up with his friend, you go out but then she ignores you
  218. Just asked a guy out. Complete Fail. advise
  219. Do you think its true that FAT CHICKS attract losers and lower class men?
  220. What non-game things (bodybuilding, lifestyle, meditation, etc) helped you the most
  221. Is She Trying to Keep Me Out of Friend Zone?!
  222. Has she changed her mind
  223. Where should I start? Not happy with current life.
  224. Looking for a Wingman in the Las Vegas area
  225. Bad State
  226. How to become a better conversationalist?
  227. Question on abundance
  228. Never realized how often girls got hit on until I went to a bar with one
  229. Best approach for getting the next date...
  230. Over cocky and pissed a girl off...
  231. my neighbor..
  232. Need advice, is this unsalvagable?
  233. I started read Magic Bullets. So far the progress is good, but I have few problems.
  234. Wining and dining, or just plain whining?
  235. When to teach game to your sons?
  236. How to initiate conversation while waiting in line at a shop?
  237. PERFECT TEN ... Bit of a tough one!
  238. Hoping to get help from an instructor on closing a Super Model
  239. Dating really passive girl, need help!!
  240. I can easily approach and talk to girls but I can't go further than that
  241. 5 weeks on
  242. Can retrophilia impact relationships or social interaction?
  243. How to not talk too much?
  244. I seem to attract women in relationships
  245. How to build deeper connection with a woman? (And book/guide recommendation please)
  246. Has my experience been way outside the norm?
  247. Trouble once I get the number
  248. Is having a relationship with a HB10 horrible, or is it just an AFC Paradigm?
  249. On cultivating abundance and healthy "entitlement"
  250. Roadtrip Game