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  1. The One That Got Away
  2. Canadian City Stereotypes - Teasing
  3. I'm sick right now... How should I play this.
  4. HIRE A WINGWOMAN - there is one girl trying to bank off of....
  5. Ex Colleague who I didn't get to know that well - Reconnect?
  6. want ex as fb. how to do it
  7. Alpha Male vs Manipulative arch enemy Borderline women
  8. Sexual openers
  9. Ex gf keeps running back, then bails.. Then comes back. WTF?!
  10. 3 dates with girl from class
  11. Help Needed: How to be suave??
  12. Caught between friends.
  13. Pickup in the Library?
  14. Say Goodbye To Neediness
  15. Preselected by Mother Theory
  16. Derailed a prospect...
  17. The "I don't want to see you again" text
  18. How to recover from this cockblock?
  19. F Close Graph
  20. Beauty corrupts?
  21. please answer why i am such a wuss
  22. Language Barrier
  23. plenty of fish chat
  24. Finally Gamed HB9 But Feel Like Crap
  25. Banging a co-worker that has a boyfriend
  26. Made out with wrong girl in front of other girl
  27. made out with coworker, now what?
  28. eye contact and body language
  29. Mixed signals..
  30. Going to Europe this December with two of my friends but worried about my ethnicity
  31. How do I escalate with the girl... f close or more
  32. Girl in Foul Mood. Extreme Shit Tests. Ignore?
  33. just broke up
  34. Building A Lifestyle - Part I
  35. Building A Lifestyle - Part II
  36. Building Positive Momentum Through Taking Action
  37. AFC breaking out again. PICK A SCHOOL
  38. Wild Interaction with HB, DAT FEEL!
  39. AMOGs again by my friends!
  40. Zero to hero to zero...my game has gone downhill
  41. Dating Coaches in The Smoking Jacket
  42. Girls talking about other guys in front of you
  43. "I don't think it's a good idea"/"I've got a lot going on" then IOIs/flirtiness
  44. Does anyone know If thereof a female version of a pua?
  45. Does she see me as a friend now ?
  46. Sticking point: getting beyond k-close
  47. When can you open with compliment?
  48. Girl that have been ignoring me invites me to a party
  49. Girl is literally impossible to read
  50. So I broke my own rules, what happened here?
  51. Girl seemed into me but didn't answer when I asked her out...what do you think?
  52. Really want to ask this girl out at work but I have no Game at all
  53. met girl, sexd girl, girl adds me [fb] then cancles invite wut?
  54. How to Proceed?
  55. cute asian girl. help with tests?
  56. Girl I've known for a long time who used to like me suddenly claims I'm a terrible
  57. how to play my hand-date 6 aftermath
  58. F-closed HB10, but things are cooling down. What next?
  59. Need opinion
  60. Why you shouldn't be afraid to change your look
  61. Why Nice Guys Finish LAST with Women
  62. Invite a girl out for drinks, she says she has plans, how to respond?
  63. I cheated on her and she wants some time apart
  64. She cancels date saying another friend asked her out!! How to Respond?
  65. Girl hooking up with friend?
  66. Getting girls to meet up a second time, WTF AM I DOING WRONG?!?!?
  67. I screwed up in the bedroom, she lost interest, can I salvage?
  68. Three friends, HB7,8,9
  69. Getting emotions about 1 girl and how to deal with social situations.
  70. awesome first date, but no kiss.
  71. Quick Note - Expectations and Confidence
  72. Ugly Stepsister snydrome??
  73. How can I help others?
  74. Help! Girls keep seeing me as boyfriend material
  75. Understand Everything Women Find Attractive
  76. Can my humor really be hurting me?
  77. Why keeping talking works even if your failing?
  78. Meh approach to a neighbor cutie
  79. 25 years old virgin looking for help.
  80. Strange text message
  81. Questionable end to the night. Need some advice
  82. Breaking up with a girl... but not necessarily my girlfriend.
  83. Girl gone cold after multiple f-close... didnt know that could happen!!
  84. Was I too forward?
  86. HB9 Says She Dont Wanna Talk To ME Anymore And Has A New Thing
  87. How Do You Convey that You Got Options?
  88. Hollywood Seminar with Gil Rio & Darwin - Learn Natural Conversation!!!
  89. Online Dating - 3 successful dates, extremely confused
  90. Successful early text game, can't proceed. What to do?
  91. She is interessted but dont want to give out number!!!!
  92. Canned Routines for Setting Up Kiss
  93. Project Rockstar 2013
  94. how do i deter off this emotional attachment
  95. Learn from an instructor -LOW COST Love Systems 1-day Seminar - Vox UK Tour
  96. Retroactive jealousy and getting back together
  97. Fun First Dates
  98. Any way to contact my Girl without looking like a Creepy stalker
  99. F Buddy Insists on Being a Part of Birthday Plans, Any Idea?
  100. SupaMonkey's Workout Thread
  101. help needed with flake after very strong interest
  102. Dealing With A Roommate
  103. Number close and attraction question.
  104. Playing hard to get or just not interested?
  105. Over-Analyzing, or failed attempt? Girl's confusing text responses
  106. Huge Crazy Problem - Need Advice Desperately
  107. Should I stop the freeze-out?
  108. Need Some Serious Support
  109. New perspective on Ethos, Logos, Pathos
  110. I'm dating a lot but i still can't mend my heart after break up. I'm losing the fun.
  111. My GF wont have sex with me yet
  112. witty reply to this comment?
  113. Foundations towards a better lay -ToA & Pleasure Pain Principals
  114. Burbank- SARGIN
  115. The youngest of three sisters
  116. She keeps paying for shit. And never initiates... Too in my head?
  117. My Timetable to get in the mood.
  118. Landed a second date after my loosing streak
  119. I just re-initiated freeze-out, what if it fails?
  120. First DHV Story Attempt
  121. Getting Back Into It
  122. Experience in storing business card
  123. I escaped Oneitis... Thanks to YOU GUYS!
  124. Anti-slut defense: "I can't remember a thing from last night"
  125. Transitioning After Going Direct
  126. Love Systems rolls out long-term personal mentorship/coaching!
  127. Twitter
  128. Should I seek medical/Psychological help before trying this stuff?
  129. PUA in seminar setting
  130. Change of dynamics (girl gaming you)
  131. cute work girl emailing
  132. Foreign student
  133. The best gaming day of your life
  134. should i move on?
  135. Befriend her friends? --need quick advice
  136. Great Opportunity!!! 1-1 Internship with Intrigue
  137. Didn't hook up but still feel great about last night
  138. Too complicated to summarize in one sentence...
  139. Friendship vs. Slim Chance
  140. Testing Girls
  141. PUA with no voice
  142. Very odd situation...help
  143. Re-Evaluating Club Game
  144. Head exploding - experts help a brother out.
  145. How to deal with a HB10
  146. truck driver game?
  147. mixed signals not sure if interested
  148. Describing "what you do"
  149. Favorite PUA Gurus & Their Philosophies
  150. A Manifesto For The Modern Man
  151. Having your own game used against you sucks. Is this how we make women feel?
  152. Ever since i slept with 50 with girls i have dry streaked like crazy
  153. She isnīt over her Ex but still likes me
  154. I asked her out, she said 'Baby steps'
  155. Good first date, didn't reply to my text
  156. Other guy cockblock/hijack in game with a girl
  157. Question on infield recording
  158. Advanced Escalation Tactics - Got to Graduate
  159. Did you get married?‏
  160. Sexy Massage - effective technique and some questions to improve
  161. Advice on where to go from here
  162. The most courageous social man! Look at this
  163. Long-Term Distance Friend, Our Chemistry, Her Increasing Kino, & a 1-month Boyfriend
  164. Highly mixed signals, is she actually interested, ignoring, or just stringing?
  165. What would be a good 2nd date movie and why?
  166. MY Success story :My amazin transformation!
  167. When you just don't want to...how to stay positive?
  168. Experience with French women or Western Euro?
  169. Bachelors party in LV
  170. Work SNL
  171. second opinion
  172. Signs you can get her for a one night stand?
  173. The Meaning Of Life
  174. Question on kino and body language
  175. Didn't get the number... reaching out by e-mail now
  176. Girl super keen, 2 dates ioi's... & then she says shes not ready for relationship...
  177. What to say to a girl when you first meet?
  178. Turn Rejection into Attraction
  179. Your Personal Style of Game
  180. May have screwed up with a text today. Not sure where to go....
  181. Angle to take on a Supremely Confident HB10++?
  182. How to play it from there ?
  183. my fb chat with this engaged chick srry for long pst
  184. The effects Facebook has on my game
  185. The tale of dating two friends: escaping from the Friend Zone.
  186. The Importance of Height of Male
  187. Articulating the overflow of methods, routines and gimmicks...experts appreciated
  188. Best places/activities to meet women with few time available
  189. New Girl, same story - She's still interested in her ex
  190. I cheated, She forgave me and then I broke her trust
  191. Honey Traps
  192. Stripper Gave Me Her Phone Number - What Should I Do?
  193. Persuasion books for lawyer
  194. Girl gets boyfriend/seeing someone....what do you do with her number?
  195. Does she seem interested or not: Are these IOIs to you?
  196. "Why do you close your eyes during sex?"
  197. Unsure; advice appreciated!
  198. Loss of motivation, affecting most aspects of my life why ?
  199. Please help me bang this girl in 2 weeks (I'm a total newb)
  200. Hooked up or hooked up?
  201. Best friend title aka bff
  202. How to sidestep this social dilemma?
  203. Gimmicky, yet awesome opener
  204. Calls 10 times...next day yells and breaks up with me
  205. Back Hair !!
  206. Mistletoe routine
  207. "I've Got A Boyfriend"....Starts Rubbing My Leg Under The Table
  208. Some kind of anxious, fast moves when girl is close to me
  209. Decoding why interactions fizzle?
  210. Night Game - advice on these happenings?
  211. Turning Rebound into LTR
  212. Humor is worth the time and effort
  213. Work burn out and stuck in a rut, advice welcomed
  214. How to dress
  215. Lovesystems: Can you help me overcome my insecurity relating to race and girls
  216. How to make it just about sex
  217. Feeling Alien, Complete Loner
  218. Can't get second meeting, really strange thing
  219. People walk all over me when I act nice
  220. Magic Bullets isn't really geared toward guys like me
  221. Can you guys give any advice? Not sure if BR or friendzoning
  222. Meeting with Ex-fiancee
  223. So I'm in a Cold War of sorts...
  224. Getting invited to clubs from girls? Expert advice needed?
  225. Not enough texting, do I seem cold
  226. What to do with my hands
  227. She says she's a lesbian
  228. Please help me bounce back at this girl after rejection (I'm now a different person)
  229. LJBF success stories
  230. POF spinning plates without looking like a douche
  231. Long distance without seeming needy
  232. What boundaries/how to enforce
  233. You DON'T need a dating coach?
  234. I keep getting described as quiet, but I'm not! How to change people's perception
  235. Thailand Wing men?
  236. She thinks shes not good enough for me?
  237. Setting expectations
  238. Gifts?
  239. When to play seduction music?
  240. Fb update but no reply?
  241. How to respond to this situation like this
  242. Should I tell a girl im dating other girls?
  243. Having an Abundance mindset will solve most of you guys' problems
  244. Issues I'm Working On
  245. FREE VIDEO - Effortless Natural Attraction Preview
  246. How to turn a girl's jealousy back into attraction?
  247. So you consider yourself a PUA
  248. I feel defeated, sad and non-worthy.
  249. What is her motivation behind what she is doing
  250. Was she trying to make me jealous