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  1. The Key to Becoming the Ultimate Alpha Male
  2. My game breakthrough: prostitutes
  3. List of games that you can start in social settings
  4. A lesson for all of you...
  5. 3 Steps To Learning Game Effectively
  6. I am 41 and I am attracted by a 21 years old girl
  7. How to provide a full range of emotions?
  8. Getting her on private
  9. Too Much Comfort, Need More Attraction
  10. Friend with benefit is not interested in sex anymore
  11. Can you help me reframe? Worried about hurting girls feelings?
  12. My Confession (Thoughts on Overcoming Religious Indoctrination in Sexual Matters)
  13. Need a quick advice
  14. Unintentionally became the creep in her life.
  15. Auto-gaming
  16. Met this girl for the third time and still nothing happened yet!
  17. Mom wants to set me up with her bestfriends daughter
  18. I love you. Now im fucked.lol
  19. Girl refusing my lead or me just over-analyzing?
  20. Sexualisation and Sexual Desire
  21. Women at work
  22. When to bring up that you have kids?
  23. Who is being selfish here?
  24. Gaming/Flirting while in a relationship? Looking for view points
  25. 4th of July Beach
  26. Social Circle Opportunity
  27. Man - Wine
  28. Movies, shows, videos demonstrating new behavior to acquire
  29. I need a good book about Humor!!!
  30. girl i blew it with getting warmer but still slightly cold
  31. She's gone cold, I've turned into an idiot, can I salvage this?...
  32. Gaming girls who know you're gaming them
  33. Where do I go?
  34. New Tenmagnet & Cajun Podcast: In Monaco
  35. The awkward moment...
  36. Jealousy Fail LOL
  37. Anxiety about seeing someone again
  38. Ultimate Deal Breakers
  39. Need Some Help/Advice on How to Escalate PLEASE
  40. Is this married gal into me?
  41. Vocabulary
  42. Body language and detect fake IOIs
  43. questions vs statements part 1
  44. What percentage of men have good game?
  45. Met a girl, IOI but has a boyfriend
  46. Heading to vegas an a crazy idea came about yesterday
  47. Safe to Game Ex Coworker?
  48. Stuck / frustrated by lack of progress
  49. I'm insulting girls way too much to prove i'm not gaming them, when I'm gaming them.
  50. Is it possible for a guy like me?
  51. One of the best looking girls I have ever seen in my life approached me
  52. How to deal with girl who is angry over trivial shit?
  53. How do I approach THESE women at loud bars?
  54. Change a "friends with benefits" for a traditional relationship?
  55. How important is religion to girls for marriage/LTR
  56. Girl went cold suddenly - Need advice
  57. can someone rate me from 1-10?
  58. Wants to be with me just doesnt want to be my gf
  59. Rate me on a scale of 1-10
  60. How do you know if a girl is checking you out?
  61. Current Txt Convo happening now HELP!!
  62. 50 Shades of Grey and your opinion on it.
  63. Need help, create attraction
  64. FakeAgent
  65. DHV vs. Qualification
  66. Last chance with girl, how do I stay out of the friend zone?
  67. Eye contact
  68. Should I adjust the pickup techniques for a younger crowd?
  69. I take issue with the "Always Assume Women Are Interested In You" piece of advice..
  70. Where do I go to meet girls given my limited schedule?
  71. "Poly-itis" - The opposite of "Oneitis?"
  72. Beginner Issues-Getting Started
  73. Is she playing hard to get? Shy? Or cold?
  74. Salsa Dancing
  75. Never procrastinate your game.
  76. Surffreak's TAF Romance Monologue
  77. Ok, who tried gaming my group tonight?
  78. Feeling like I'm missing prime opportunities...
  79. Closing Girl w/ BF...what next?
  80. Is it ever acceptable to show anger towards a repeat flaker!?
  81. Why not caring what she thinks is bad
  82. One Year in Game & What I Have Learned Along the Way
  83. Which book would be better?
  84. Some thoughts and questions about qualification/comfort/her investing
  85. Sample DHV story. Thoughts, comments welcome!
  86. What should I do now?
  87. Asking natural friends for help
  88. Picking up women in LAS VEGAS
  89. Opening In This Situation
  90. Moving from 7's to 9's+
  91. How often do you get caught using PUA techniques by girls?
  92. I dont stay in sets
  93. Having sex with a virgin
  94. Body language advice/books/dvds?
  95. We have been going back and forth. But there's a pickle!
  96. girl leaves after makeout
  97. Girl purposely making me hit her up to hang out. Want her to become attracted again.
  98. Finaly went out with a hottie, howd I do?
  99. Girl says she wants to 'know everything about me' and 'listen to all of my problems'
  100. Messed around with model.. question
  101. Girl flaked on me (met online, been texting frequently for 2 weeks)
  102. wut do i do now? confused need help
  103. Should have known better!
  104. Do you have more success with Day game than Club game?
  105. This one girl on my mind
  106. Virgin females breakups
  107. Puzzled... possibly depression...
  108. How to eliminate her other options?
  109. How to approach this
  110. Girl has a bf: constant texting, leaning in/sexual tension when drunk. help!
  111. shes seeing sumone, tryna win her over
  112. Girl wanted to fuck.... was a complete pussy
  113. club game went wrong
  114. Male IOI's?
  115. Good looks a disadvantage?
  116. Setting boundaries and ego
  117. Should I rebuild the attraction? How?
  118. Getting her into bed FAST
  119. I have hit a sticking point
  120. Help!!! Games Backsliding hard core, Approach anxiety is crippling
  121. Girl hanging out with ex-bf
  122. Girl flirts with a friend and I at the same time, shows me IOI's, wants attention?
  123. How do you truly measure success with women?
  124. Compliments - Discuss
  125. Is This "Don't Shit Where You Eat"?
  126. What girls do vs. what they say behind your back
  127. I've just got flaked on
  128. My neighbor, HB8
  129. Negative or Positive Thought Patterns? - The Choice Is Yours.
  130. Push/pull guidance?
  131. What should I do about my look and appearance?
  132. What's up with girls who don't accept compliments?
  133. When you tease....?
  134. Small vocab when talking to people
  135. Do you think guys who smoke w33d have it the Easy Way to lay girls?
  136. Do women hit on you?
  137. With women comes power
  138. Can you sing?
  139. How to respond (trying not to overthink)
  140. How to proceed from there ?
  141. "Sexualize the Conversation"
  142. A brief case summary: warning tl:dr ( please read and advise)
  143. How to handle this
  144. Gaming in the clubs
  146. Girls with "friends"/ "Boyfriends"
  147. High School Problems
  148. Random questions to ask girls
  149. MENtor NEEded
  150. Is a One-on-One and/or Bootcamp The Answer?
  151. Advice needed: Getting back in the game and starting from scratch
  152. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Hotness is in Your Head
  153. Can a boring situation/place be flipped upside down?
  154. Openers
  155. worst blue balls of my life!
  156. Savoy's Bootcamp Preparation Advice
  157. Does my coworker want me to ask her out? Am i misreading the signs??
  158. need quick help with hb9
  159. super weird situation and hot/cold im trying to close
  160. Advice needed for extreme LMR
  161. Ex-megabitch apologises, how do I react?
  162. Distancing myself to increase attraction
  163. Is She Playing Games or Not Really Interest?
  164. The Best Tool To Attract Women Quickly?
  165. How to gauge your progress
  166. WTF did I do wrong here?
  167. How should I have reframed this?
  168. What does this guy want?
  169. Online: should I like her photos?
  170. Girl flaked on day 5 and lied, move on??
  171. Girl tells me she's really excited to see me...then flakes???
  172. No More Mr Fucking Nice Guy
  173. S-Test help!! Quick please
  174. How to create (online) dialogue with semi-celebrity HB10?
  175. Kill the desire to snoop or spy
  176. Screwed up IM convo with HB8 - how do i recover??
  177. Recover lost value in a social circle
  178. The Biggest Problems I See
  179. How Do You Guys Help Your Bros Improve?
  180. Should I go for it..or Move on!
  181. Need advice on a specific situation
  182. Best way to get your mind renewed?
  183. Where do i stand
  184. Recordings of Flirting?
  185. [LONG] I Dun Goofed. [NEED EXPERT ADVICE]
  186. Some days every 2nd girl giving me looks, other days every 20th girl - why?
  187. When I like a girl walls go up
  188. Am I too young for Day Game?
  189. what do you do when you like someone
  190. Jumped the Gun, maybe
  191. She flaked 2 times, how to proceed ?
  192. Insulting, Disrespectful, and Obnoxious - TRIPLE SHIT TEST DATE FROM HELL!!!
  193. How do you deal with rude shit disturbers in public?
  194. Girl who has cheated before
  195. Gaming the top of foodchain in a closed enviroment?
  196. Brainstorm: Getting into state.
  197. How Should I Respond?
  198. History with women in front of a new woman
  199. To make a move or not make a move?
  200. I'm ugly from the side !!
  201. How Old Are You? (Near Perfect Response)
  202. So you're back at your place: her guard is up
  203. Make Her OK with Being Non-Exclusive
  204. Menstrual Cycle, Game, and Love Systems
  205. Third date. Haven't kissed yet need some advice
  206. Need help with jealousy and envy
  207. Need some advice on a tricky situation
  208. Going to the Bar/Club. Need some help.
  209. another newbie's field report
  210. When it seems like you've tried everything
  211. Juggling multiple women
  212. Fucking heat !!
  213. Study choice
  214. Girl friend lost interest, and taking me as for granted. Need advices!
  215. Gf telling me about her 'friend' but really talking about herself
  216. Know Your Basics!
  217. A sticking point of mine: When they show interest in me, i enter panic mode.
  218. Best way to handle LJBF
  219. What did I do wrong or right? Salvageable?
  220. What to do when a girl approaches me?
  221. what does this mean, should I move on?
  222. Girl started losing interest the moment I showed a bit of interest in her
  223. Need help going solo. (bars/clubs)
  224. encouragement
  225. Why does she DLV herself?
  226. Getting in the right state of mind
  227. A very costly misunderstanding. Has this happened to anyone else?
  228. Using Dominance To Attract Women
  229. How To Use Role Plays To Generate Attraction
  230. Dealing with LMR/Very Low Probability of a F-Close
  231. Overweight Attraction, Attraction Issues For Big Men
  232. Escalation on the way to your Home?
  233. Planting reasons for taking a girl home
  234. Feel like I am losing the window of opportunity. Please help with next step!
  235. Telling HB you are attracted to her....DLV?
  236. Day #2 F-close. Major buyer's remorse
  237. Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
  238. Canít believe it, it was there for the taking!
  239. Had sex with a girl 2 years ago while she was in a crappy relationship.
  240. Which one of you was wearing a fuzzy mystery hat last night in NYC?
  241. Girl kisses another guy right infront of me
  242. How to respond?
  243. Texting Sequence For Fuck Buddies?
  244. my "drug test" routine
  245. How to rescue this situation
  246. Keeping attraction up over long periods apart
  247. Lost and confused
  248. Lawyer
  249. Slept with a woman I didn't find attractive. How to get it out of my head?
  250. Long-Term Effect of Approach Anxiety