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  1. I believe I think like a woman
  2. So...really hot chicks that hang out with a bunch of rhinos
  3. Question
  4. Savoy sent me a quick message (this post is in both the Lounge and TAF)...
  5. 6 months later she mentions a 'bf' in passing....
  6. Her birthday is tuesday...hmmm
  7. Question about ugly/plain chicks - can anybody explain this?
  8. Addicted to peacocking?
  9. Girl keeps flaking....WTF???
  10. getting caught by boyfriend stories
  11. Kino from her?
  12. My biggest sticking point - disinterest vs. interest
  13. First number close on Facebook
  14. LMR Or Just A Brat?
  15. Is "I play the piano" a DHV?
  16. benefits of taking multiple bootcamps?
  17. Alpha MUST be social?
  18. day 2 and thats all i get-help
  19. how do u pickup i nightclub
  20. What do you do if you are not sure if you are attracted to her?
  21. Negativity in Pickup
  22. dealing with teases...
  23. Flipping the script
  24. Why opinion openers suck and what to do about it.
  25. old LJBF, how to proceed?
  26. What is she up to? (texts)
  27. Mind Sets
  28. Need Advice
  29. Wow... she has a boyfriend
  30. Good friends sister lost attraction unique situation.
  31. Poll: Texting vs Calling
  32. To reel her back or not to reel her back
  33. PUA / Video game scores?
  34. Talking about 'game - dhv or dlv?
  35. I have AT...Approach terror
  36. Was going relatively well, but now stuck? What can I do?
  37. First post, hey guys, help with this text game?
  38. PUA Study Group - Do they exist?
  39. WTF is this girl doing?
  40. Kiss Close.
  41. She's got Guilty feelings!
  42. Day 2 help ??
  43. A realisation
  44. Girl is going cold? Or just life..?
  45. Getting over a mental block problem
  46. I'm a paradox does it really matters?
  47. Body Language Question
  48. What To Say To Take A Girl Home And Seal The Deal?
  49. How to re-open a girl.
  50. Help! Going Direct
  51. Help with my own mental game and how to deal with it in my relationship.
  52. Palm-reading...easy kino
  53. Getting hooker with Girlfriend
  54. Walking a girl home DLV
  55. My philosophy
  56. Best Cities for Pickup in America
  57. Refusing to pay - Alpha? Too risky?
  58. Girl i like just got of the a relationship.
  59. about a girl in my college class....
  60. is this a shit test?
  61. Starting to believe looks may play a bigger role when sparking interest.
  62. Being known for having a fucked up sense of humor a DLV?
  63. if you dont have your own place to isolate
  64. Archer Sloan's "Demonic Confidence" (2003) compared to Lucas West's (2008)
  65. Her friends don't trust me
  66. Aggressive Escalation is not Escalating Aggressively
  67. She has a boyfriend, but still invites me over
  68. Girl about to leave me, feeling guilty because I'm her best friend's ex (or is she?)
  69. Girl I'm seeing wants a threesome
  70. The Psychology of Rejection.
  71. flirts with me then 5 min later very very cold?!
  72. Moved too fast- damage control
  73. Girl for sure wants to meet up (kinda silly question)
  74. Book recommendation on inner game
  75. How do I leverage the panty drop power of my pimp condo in my bar/club game??
  76. How to use your sick apartment to your advantage
  77. meeting up with HB8
  78. Phone Obsession
  79. Need some pua advice.. Is a freeze out applicable?
  80. Too short to get girls?
  81. Kissing questions.
  82. Am i at the point where i can ask her out?!
  83. How many approaches do you guys do in a week?
  84. I "screwed up", way to "reset" the situation?
  85. Sometimes...I just ask myself what does it really take to do something so simple?
  86. How do you two-time/break off effectively?
  87. Do these IOIs warrant a facebook message?
  88. A weird sticking point
  89. "Nice" Guys
  90. Your friend don't talk to you anymore because his GF told him not to... Pussywhipped?
  91. following up the lay?
  92. going through magic bullets piece by piece
  93. Funny situation, new to the forums
  94. Just moved to a new city - how would YOU start picking up women???
  95. girl i f-closed sent me a really odd text, not sure how to respond
  96. Resistance from girl with BF
  97. What do you do if a girl doesnt respond to last Facebook Message
  98. Getting a girl to work as a pivot.
  99. Control of Emotional States
  100. Chick was being cold, now I was creeping her out?
  101. How to deal with a complement dump? (advanced)
  102. Exboyfriend issues and problems meeting for a date
  103. We were in bed...but I did nothing!
  104. Meeting girls in the same class/workshop/activity group you are in
  105. Comment he made
  106. How to approach this girl in College
  107. Combat alpha male roomate?
  108. What to do with THIS girl!?
  109. How I go SOLO! And how you can too
  110. Role Models
  111. First night out in a new town.
  112. You guys are all gonna face-palm when I tell you this
  113. My inner game advice
  114. Decided to start finally...
  115. Difficulty to express sexual/romantic interest
  116. Dating for 2.5 months, made a somewhat big mistake, now freezing her out, thoughts?
  117. Reframing "you don't drink?"
  118. Girl I met online, keeps logging in online
  119. Hot girls vs cute girls: LTR material
  120. Not every woman is meant to be picked up, in a relationship or married
  121. How Pre-Selection ACTUALLY Works?
  122. Psychological profile
  123. How do u start out?
  124. How to respond to this
  125. how do i f-close this girl that im dating?
  126. This girl, a friend ???......
  127. Can never kiss close in a club!!!!
  128. Friendzone; Why?
  129. I legit have a dead phase, I can even remember how many times I was asked...
  130. Fun Things you do with women
  131. Is she worth my while or should i just cut contact?
  132. Dance floor question
  133. Haunted Attractions
  134. Need major help with transitioning my ex gf's best friend
  135. Making Pick Up Fun
  136. 47 biggest mistakes men make in dating that their momma never told them about
  137. Player vibe & Self destruction! ARGH!
  138. Urgent advice needed for tomorrow
  139. Gal I like is showing me round London this weekend! Help!
  140. Humor
  141. "You pump my state"
  142. How to game girls at a fun fair/theme park?
  143. How to improve my inner game?
  144. Would this Be a weirs/aft thing to do?!
  145. Hello Men and Women of TAF: Intro and a Few Questions (Might Be Long)
  146. Club Tatics (Instant Wings,Instant makeouts & Logistics.etc) *Field tested
  147. cool name for a club
  148. friends with benefits movie
  149. Emotions in the model
  150. first meeting after N close
  151. opinion
  152. Why Men Are the Way They Are
  153. Curious - Where did I go wrong?
  154. Poor apartment
  155. Stages of Attraction
  156. Will this put me in the friend category?
  157. Sun Tzu and Dating -- An Alternative Approach to Attraction
  158. Girl gives me TONS of IOIs but doesn't respond to txt
  159. Living with my oneitis. Ended up kissing twice. Advice needed
  160. How to nightpickup if music is VERY LOUD?
  161. Ask me for advice
  162. She asks for friends number right in front of me!?
  163. Get LJBF'd, respond casually, and now she acts a bit like I killed her kitten.
  164. Offie game ... a little confused, need help
  165. Anyone in neworleans or baton rogue for daygame?
  166. People think I'm gay
  167. A witty comeback needed about weight loss
  168. Pitfalls of combining day game with club game
  169. Compliment or not compliment?
  170. Nervous. WTF?!
  171. She said she has a bf, but single on fb?
  172. Panic at the disco! I get scared when chics actually show interest in me??
  173. Number closed a girl with a boyfriend?! wtf?
  174. HB used her religion as ASD?
  175. daygame transitions
  176. How to let down easy
  177. Dealing with a girl who "insults" you a lot
  178. I really hope this is an innocent typo...
  179. Jokes vs. NERD JOKES Or how not to be funny
  180. How to get ex to stop talking to you about guy problems
  181. Do not smile or be excited when you approach!!!!
  182. My job is pretty dhv, how can I take advantage of it?
  183. i need help really bad, i can't open to new girls in front of family?
  184. whats the next move?
  185. Ever ask the girl what went wrong?
  186. Changing your personality
  187. Relationshipmaterial HB9 - How to keep attraction and comfort when not together.
  188. Why did this happen?
  189. Just don't see what went wrong
  190. all she wants is sex
  191. SeductionEnthusiast's Question Thread
  192. Wingrules?
  193. Material that got you where you are.
  194. There is no failure only room to grow.
  195. How Do I Get Her In a Sexual State?
  196. So hurt now how can I move on?
  197. Very Odd Situation - Give me your oppinion
  198. My brother's wedding...
  199. Hooked up with DJ's Girlfriend, Now what?
  200. How long should one Wait to make plans with a girl after freezing her out
  201. The girl I lost my v card to is mentally ill!
  202. Same Night Lays - Night Clubs - Advice needed
  203. can someone be long fuse over text and short fuse in person?
  204. How to KILL the niceguy in me?
  205. negging a university girl
  206. ok so wtf is going on with this girl?
  207. A girl that likes you ,she meets you then act cold??? Plz help?
  208. hb 6s & 7s
  209. extrapolation from one single experience sarging alone....
  210. When to fight and when to next?
  211. How to not spend money and still meet/lay women
  212. I am condescending
  213. Really need help with this one
  214. Using Height to your Advantage
  215. Q: Logistics and Subtext: when her obstacle suggests you take target to the bar.
  216. Losing patience with the process
  217. Things you wished you would have done before a bootcamp.
  218. social misconceptions & an overall disinterest in people
  219. Is this LMR?
  220. Mediocre Girls
  221. Push / Pull
  222. Possibly awkward kiss at the end
  223. Gimme some props
  224. Anybody have this problem? Getting creeped out by girls who are obviously into you.
  225. Best guys to follow on twitter/blogs?
  226. What happened here?!
  227. It's been a year, yet here she is...and I want her!
  228. number closing quick
  229. My ex and her friends (male) keep contacting / like'ing my stuff on facebook?
  230. Few Basic Questions
  231. Anyone take Celexa or anti-anxiety medication???
  232. Pressure in the moment
  233. I need help to handle and avoid flakes from girls on pof
  234. Smart move to keep attraction?
  235. Accomplished Yet Still Have Low Self Esteem/Awkwardness
  236. tips on how to handle super social high value girls
  237. quitting legal medicinal herb?
  238. Future's Video Blog #1: Gettin' Rusty
  239. Any advice on "car" game...IE: You're driving down the street and see a hot girl..
  240. Mixed signals?
  241. Former crush reinitiates with kino- what's she after?
  242. Picking up a girl I haven't really met...help?
  243. Is it ok to start in comfort?
  244. Chick asked me out that has a boyfriend?
  245. what is a good comeback to "sorry, I got plans that day, how about next weekend"
  246. After a month of lapse, interest is initated again...
  247. Ok serious question...With all that kiss closing, how do you avoid oral herpes?
  248. Rebound guy?
  249. Difference between Jealousy Plotlines and Preselection? Is it ever too much?
  250. how to build desire