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  1. How has cold-approach changed your life? - Beyond pick up
  2. Shit test and attraction, causing shit test?
  3. What I've Learned since i started pick up MISTAKES/HOW IT STARTED/SOLUTIONS
  4. PUA must reads (besides Magic Bullets)
  5. Back in the game after a few years (there's always something new to learn)
  6. HB 10 help
  7. If you could go back in time and give yourself one bit of advice on pickup...
  8. Do dancefloor makeouts in social circle mean anything?
  9. My game just went up in lvl (PUA lvl up lol)
  10. Too much attraction can backfire my game????
  11. January Progress Report: Bar/Club Game
  12. opps creeped this one out! Salvage?
  13. Transitioning Help
  14. What do you want to see most? (Please vote)
  15. Situational Opening - How To Get Into The Mood?
  16. One of my girls is setting me up with her friend
  17. Would you apologise...
  18. Need help with a HB I've already slept with
  19. Handling The Aftermath of a One Night Stand, Girl Wants More
  20. Phone game question/thoughts
  21. Have I messed this up yet?? Need advice
  22. HB flaked out, what did I do wrong?
  23. How would you respond to this?
  24. Need help on freeze outs
  25. So many teases
  26. got stuck in a convo help!!
  27. Jealousy
  28. Canned openings are dumb...and detrimental to PU
  29. How do I find a social group?
  30. For my wingman...
  31. First post - no real question/problem, just a story...(tl;dr)
  32. approaching girls on campus
  33. It seems like she lost interest of me? am I overthinking this..?
  34. The if we were to start dating question
  35. my date on valentine's day, need help pls
  36. sticking point : player vibe
  37. Help with HB7
  38. What influence do rejection have on our psyche?
  39. Holes in Jeans routine?
  40. Weird situation from a bar pickup need some advice
  41. Pickup from one perspective
  42. Guy friends vs Girl friends
  43. I'm a girl and I'm being played (I think). Help please?
  44. Strippers & Hired Guns G2 (Generation 2)
  45. question about viagra?
  46. Valentines Day Letter
  47. Need help with this routine...
  48. The "friend zone" myth
  49. How do I tell her I don't want a serious relationship?
  50. Style's "Spells" opener???
  51. "You're, uhh, kinda weird and creeping me out"
  52. Cajun's Body Language
  53. Job title responses
  54. What are you doing? responses
  55. pull over, Iím gonna fuck you
  56. Is getting hit on by a gay guy a DHV?
  57. Officially hit my LOWEST Point.
  58. Emergency! Need to Know What to Do With This Girl
  59. Super Direct Night Game and Shit Tests
  60. Continue or go back
  61. Can I "break up via txt"?
  62. Awesome logistics, pathetic execution. Guidance very much needed.
  63. Did I do the right thing in not allowing my time to get wasted?
  64. Do any pick up artist have some kind of points system for dhv things?
  65. need opinion on this!!!
  66. number closed HB10 with bf, not sure of next move
  67. What to do with a strange FB-relationship?
  68. General Conversation
  69. Post day 1 analysis: adds me on facebook but doesn't repond to text?
  70. Virgin Girlfriend Won't Have Sex
  71. Next steps
  72. Advice on the best way to go about the situation with FB/FWB
  73. Is there any point in having a D2 with a language barrier?
  74. Too Early?
  75. uh oh! valentine day is soon and i havnt got a partner
  76. Acting Homework: Pickup Scene
  77. How do I get her to work for it?
  78. Where do you guys think this is going?
  79. Push and Pull
  80. Botched threesome
  81. A lot of advice on this forum is trash
  82. Make a commitment to yourself
  83. What to do after opener?
  84. RE: Fader's most recent article via email
  85. Trouble in the field!
  86. French Girl, just moved to NY- got #- next move?
  87. Naked photos on your phone - DHV or DLV
  88. Is PUA material too "aggressive" ?
  89. subterfuge and telling her you like her, doesn't she know?
  90. A myraid of questions
  91. How to engage a girl on the dancefloor (and move her)?
  92. Am I in the friend zone?
  93. Friend's dating ex
  94. i need a response to this thankyou
  95. What does going "Caveman" mean?
  96. Played my game perfectly, but my phone didn't save her number...should I email her?
  97. qualifying without awkwardness -
  98. Do we any power in relationships at all?
  99. Girl says not open for LTR but often talks about it out of the blue
  100. Question about rings on fingers?
  101. Day Game Kiss Close, possible?
  102. It Doesn't Matter by Jeremy Soul
  103. How to get rid of the NICE GUY SYNDROME?
  104. Qualification
  105. Qualification
  106. What if you're very good looking - women back off?
  107. She just wants validation, doesn't she?
  108. Women are so great!
  109. No solution
  110. Approaching girls at chill bars
  111. DHVs
  112. are undergraduate girls closed minded?
  113. Active Disinterest in a target that is already showing Active Disinterest
  114. I sit on the couch. She sits on the chair across from the couch.
  115. Girls want to know why my pants are so tight
  116. "you have the cutest face ever" great, or terrible lol (waitress story)
  117. Should I acknowledge Valentines Day?
  118. Single Hershey's Kiss for V-Day Gift
  119. How can you be funny without crossing the line of being a clown?
  120. What's the most DHV pet you can have?
  121. Sleeping with your wing on Valentines Day?
  122. How do you deal with rejection when you're in field? Whats the best solution?
  123. Girls making the running.
  124. Going out on Valentine's Day?
  125. Return to PUA not going so well. Need Help.
  126. Love Systems meets those fine, fine members of the journalistic profession again
  127. Women are freakin' weird.
  128. Played extremely hard to get - now what?
  129. she love me or she just wanna be friends
  130. Just show her your penis...
  131. kino tests???
  132. Too funny
  133. Advice on what to do after a girl disrespects you!
  134. Problems with the soft me vs the high energy me
  135. Chad Hartmann Show, WCCO Minneapolis
  136. Live Chat tonight
  137. Awkward reopening
  138. Last night's chat transcript - enjoy
  139. Respond to this shit test:
  140. about physical escalation
  141. Anyone ever use a scholarship to pay for pick up lessons?
  142. Ernest Borgnine
  143. Got laid easily but..!!
  144. Drinking Games @ The Bar?
  145. Meeting foreign girls
  146. Follow up/facebook game
  147. Is she the one?
  148. some thoughts on the average, attractive single girl's life and the guys she meets
  149. Fucked up - Lesson: Never let a girl tell you what she wants
  150. Dilemma: Friend wants to have sex
  151. Just how direct are you?
  152. New, need some clarifications from instructors and exp. guys
  153. Seeing a girl who has issues with sex
  154. overreached, will be seeing her soon, now what?
  155. Problems after opening: sometimes I rock but often I blow
  156. Odd blowout; "We're a group of lovers".
  157. Do fat wingmen make you look bad?
  158. How to get sexual with a lady who doesn't speak very good English?
  159. Looking for "in your face" motivation and confidence CD/MP3
  160. She is a 10, flirted with me all night...... Need an urgent come back for BBM!!!
  161. her friend is giving me mixed signals..
  162. pick up a cashier?
  163. After attraction..where i find it hard, how to make a connection, build comfort?
  164. Suggested reading - True stories of the first time...
  165. Religious girl left me, I feel like a selfish asshole.
  166. Orlando/Disney sarging advice
  167. meeting with onities after 6 months
  168. How do i reply do an HB10 Models text?
  169. 1st Sticking Point
  170. How to handle the fact that I still live with my parents?
  171. Cold approaching at college when you don't take classes there
  172. Mutual attraction between roommates, but nothing else?
  173. Girl breaking up with her bf
  174. How do you deal with a girl that i like and that's playing hard to get?
  175. Massaged a girl for an hour. Should i have kiss closed?
  176. whats the best info for handling 'shit tests'?
  177. HB invited me over to her place.. what should I say?
  178. guilty conscience as a sticking point?
  179. Problems keeping eye contact with this girl...
  180. Direct w/ groups in high energy places
  181. Random late night ramblings (or why I love game)
  182. Your first Pick Up
  183. Going out with girl I used to date- looking for advice on how to get her into bed.
  184. birthday gift ideas
  185. Need a way to initiate..
  186. Holy shit test! Girl: do you like me?
  187. Where are you from?
  188. she is trying to make me jealous and calling me boring.. Should I leave her?
  189. whats the best ways to handle shit tests?
  190. Real life VS Online Game - My Problem
  191. Building up friendship/trust.(A little incite on what worked for me)
  192. After Cheating?
  193. Definition of Cool - Thoughts and Reflections Someone Asked Me to Share
  194. Delicate Balance
  195. Need tips on dealing with scarcity
  196. Not sure if this is an IOI or what the F
  197. How To Have Great Conversations With Women
  198. Married by Love Systems
  199. Lots of inner game concepts unnecesary?
  200. What do you do when a girl at work flirts with you a lot?
  201. Losing your virginity.
  202. the guy from the tao of steve
  203. Being Friends with a Woman.
  204. Question on the concept of Identity
  205. Does anyone here use "visualization" - as Cajun/Vercetti recommend?
  206. Have you ever encountered a girl refusing to pay?
  207. Why Women turn She Hulk
  208. Does anyone here have any morning rituals to put them in state?
  209. Severe Inner Game Problems
  210. Advice on F-buddy
  211. advice on an older woman
  212. Alpha Male vs Beta Male. (Article)
  213. Breaking a Stalemate?
  214. How much social proof/preselection is too much?
  215. Interesting LMR with ex-gf - not sure if escalation ladder will cut it.
  216. 4-5 hrs away chick. worth it or not?
  217. how to keep her intressted?
  218. Need help with a serious dating sticking point...
  219. Back to Square One...need help
  220. How would you respond to these shit tests?
  221. Ive dated to many milfs and now I am having trouble finding younger women attractive
  222. Contact info from the bank teller ? (Need ideas)
  223. How to pick up with your wingman (VIDEO)
  224. When to Mention The Girlfriend
  225. What do you do when your game is rusty?
  226. Should I add this girl on facebook?
  227. Invited her to lunch but didn't offer to pay
  228. Dealing with ADHD while gaming
  229. Museums/Art galleries open evenings in LA
  230. Flaking without an excuse?
  231. Thoughts on picking up this model...
  232. Is this a good kiss close technique?
  233. Direct vs Indirect
  234. Here's a blog post of me venting.
  235. How do you deal with an unbearably awkward situation with a girl?
  236. Biggest Sticking Point !!! Please help
  237. Greetings from Venus
  238. Is She just fooling around with me ?? Please help me figure out
  239. For all you good looking guys
  240. slide kino move?
  241. Being a challenge while still showing interest?
  242. Hb9 is jealous or a bitch?
  243. How to proceed
  244. The most Important in Life [Philosophy]
  245. study shows women like uncertainty about a man's interest
  246. New Video: Common mistakes guys make in the first five minutes
  247. Factual truth with a side order of bad karma - how to be a homewrecker
  248. The girl tells me her ex is stalking her?
  249. Do you f close chicks you dont dig as much or click with?
  250. how to game a girl at a 7/11 store?