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  1. I am back at step 1
  2. Inner game: reflex reactions
  3. Wants to fuck me - or hates me
  4. My failure of body language and frame during an altercation
  5. Anyone have a good conversation starter for business networking
  6. Setting boundaries without appearing dramatic
  7. women with boyfriends
  8. Is 'betaization' of man a conscious act by 'hidden hands' or just a natural outcome?
  9. Appraching girls while your driving
  10. Need some help with this one
  11. Balls and Creativity
  12. Falling into Courtshipzone and girl upset about me dating other people
  13. Limiting belief! How can I get past it?
  14. Just finished reading Magic Bulletss.
  15. Help me build the most sexual tension ever
  16. Girl Getting Fake Tits. Would like to avoid pissing her off
  17. How to respond to an ex who wants to be friends
  18. Should I keep in contact with this girl?
  19. Going out alone...
  20. Can anyone give me a link to a well performed direct approach in club?
  21. wildberry's curious questions/hot or not? thread
  22. How to get/keep a girl, if you have no social value?
  23. Day game wing in LA
  24. Laptoping
  25. How to tell if she's not interested VS interested but wants you to chase her?
  26. Not hsving friends in college is ruining potentials!
  27. New Year Stockholm or Prag?
  28. 10 differences between AFCs and 'naturals'
  29. Too attractive for a given environment... is it possible?
  30. Day Game: "It was nice meeting you" too quickly
  31. Tooling people
  32. How should you best get rid of a creepy weirdo who tries to follow you?
  33. Too young to game?
  34. Super akward situation
  35. Tips on slowing down speach?
  36. Girlfriend is hanging out with her ex.... how do I respond
  37. Message of Gratitude
  38. Why would a 37 y/o woman go with a 22 y/o man
  39. kinda stuck
  40. Value + lot of potentials but no closes or regulars.
  41. Alright I need your help, bigtime
  42. We'll be at the same party, what to do and what not to do?
  43. Guys, we seem to be forgetting this simple thing: Mutual seduction
  44. Not getting the full learning experience...
  45. Gotta find a way to talk to this girl
  46. Sticking Point: Kiss Close. How to overcome this...?
  47. Showing "too much" preselection
  48. Bad Nights
  49. Scandinavian Women
  50. My sticking points
  51. What women want - evolutionary theory
  52. Girls that 'don't want a relationship'
  53. Getting the girl I put in the friend zone
  54. When a girl says shes in a rubbish mood? (on Messenger)
  55. Just Look at these ridiculous lay reports!!!!
  56. I lose ALL my confidence after one bad experience
  57. Going Super-direct
  58. Where does natural cockiness come from?
  59. How to sleep with them both
  60. Making her jump through YOUR hoops?
  61. "Would it kill you to be nice to me?"
  62. Damage control: Accidently sent a text to a girl that was meant for someone else
  63. Push/Pull: when?
  64. Flying solo in Las Vegas
  65. TIP: From "nice guy", to "the philosopher"
  66. "Passion"
  67. How to deal with a married chick?
  68. Off Limits?
  69. which is the Best songs to get up, after a heart broken
  70. When you know who a girl is, and she knows who you are - But no connection?
  71. College: How to take her to your/her room?
  72. How do you deal with no place of your own?
  73. game for women?
  74. Are there any places where average men have more value than women?
  75. I have a duck
  76. Extremely good looking guys that get NO pussy
  77. "If I can"
  78. I have never kissed a girl and i'm 20
  79. Is she playing games?
  80. Inner Game Text
  81. In the closet amog tries feeling me and all the other guys in the club up
  82. She knows that you're a PUA. Does it help your game?
  83. Controll
  84. Inner game "help": Drama triangles/Winner triangles!
  85. I went cold on this girl, now she wants revenge?
  86. Should I ignore her or not REAL IMPORTANT
  87. How to break bad habits, talking to fast, not making eye contact, etc.
  88. Buy her a DRINK!
  89. Duke's F- List
  90. Did I just get really damn lucky?? Why on earth did this happen?
  91. When to switch phases? (Attraction -> Comfort -> Seduction)
  92. How to be Romantic?
  93. DHV vs. Bragging ... is it me?
  94. Female Psychology and Evolution
  95. Greying Hair
  96. Looking for Advice/Criticism for my Grounding Story
  97. I havent seen any instructors with HOT chicks.
  98. what happend to advance game?
  99. How do you manage the extra girls?????
  100. 2 girls both not replying to texts
  101. Thoughts on gaming girls differently
  102. Girlfriend's best friend!
  103. Help Me Out Here: Was I immoral to leave her stranded?
  104. Looks ... is it me?
  105. I mean what is real and what isn't?
  106. breda pua`s??? holland
  107. How to wing a set with only one attractive girl?
  108. Standards, options, and sex
  109. Ex on the horizon
  110. How To Find Cool Wings
  111. Dilemma--Need some opinions
  112. I speak too fast, blink too much, and laugh nervously, wth to do?
  113. beautifull girls
  114. Talls girls are hot and Jealous AMOGs... are kinda scary if I wasn't plastered.
  115. Is this game over?
  116. Girl Butt-Dials Boyfriend While Back At My Place
  117. Had many options. Didn't close. FFFFFFFF
  118. Girl ignored my qualification question?
  119. Dates with hired guns! Clothes all from their store!
  120. Girls always disqualifying themselves to me
  121. Social game help! Never been in this situation before!
  122. Please help, serious oneitis, need to get this girl!!!!
  123. Need advice to avoid LJBF
  124. Going for someone who's already taken
  125. bad night
  126. Girl complains about no sex for long time
  127. help needed!!!
  128. Lies, how to deal with
  129. Keep trying or move on?
  130. "he got under my skin"
  131. Best way to find wings in my area?
  132. best ways to handle 'what are we' , 'where is this going' ,etc - could use some info
  133. "Asking out" a girl at work...
  134. how should i treat this girl i hooked up with already?
  135. Girl with a douche boyfriend
  136. Why do girls act like they dont see you?
  137. Being called goofy...too nice?
  138. Gaming Girl Who Is Working
  139. Why can I get girls to do what I want? (non-sexual)
  140. Worker in boutique with clothing
  141. One would think that girls in class would be more open to their classmates...
  142. Ever got called out on being a PUA???
  143. Some other fun small/medium hoops for the new gf roleplay?
  144. How to get a girl to shut up?
  145. How to deal with the 'false extrapolation'? AMOG problem.
  146. Never falling in the "friend zone..."
  147. The day 2 hangups.
  148. Clingy girl that I want to fuck
  149. Poll: What's Most Important for Success with Women?
  150. How does other peoples' ignorance affect your game?
  151. Getting lot of makeouts..but unable to get them for day 2
  152. Social circle Alpha situation...how to act?
  153. Some stickies for me
  154. How to sleep with girls from other cultures (chinese in this case)
  155. being a player and the other downfalls
  156. The Halloween costume thread
  157. Opinions About Superficial Girls
  158. Touching girls during conversation (Advice needed)
  159. What do you think about this really confusing "almost LJBF?"
  160. Fuck me I think I have to flake on her
  161. The metro sexual look?
  162. Help on logistics and relationship managment
  163. [B]¿Is possible that you find after a while that you're a natural?. [/B]
  164. Got called "flakey" today. Need a reframe.
  165. How to transition into a routine
  166. Stickinngggg Pointttts!
  167. We're Just Not There Yet: Have you checked it out yet?
  168. need an advice from you brothers...
  169. Dealing with past relationships before being a PUA
  170. How to shift back the power..
  171. What I've been trying to decrease percentage of 'bad' numbers - sensible?
  172. Compliance
  173. Can you get a girl after she has rejected you?
  174. what does it mean when..
  175. How do I get over the fear of success?
  176. so this girl I'm seeing...
  177. Success or Failure?
  178. Diffusing an awkward situation.
  179. Talking to hot cougar... questions *pics included*
  180. GF keeps teasing about guy she slept with
  181. Ethics of having a "sugar momma"
  182. physical stress and remedy
  183. What is value giving?
  184. Semi-Vilolent AMOG situation
  185. How to handle state breaks?
  186. Ex girlfriend likes me, I don't like her
  187. Am I asking for too much with this type of boundary?
  188. Should I f-close my HB8 roommate?
  189. The Suburbs...
  190. ATTEMPTED a direct opener :'(
  191. Urgent!!! Shit test advice needed!!!
  192. Competitive Advantages
  193. Not sure what to do... Any advice?
  194. Ex GF close friend
  195. From Great, To Terrible
  196. Authenticity > Confidence...?
  197. What to do when she insults you?
  198. Give Me Your Thoughts on "The Situation"
  199. Stripper gave me number.. now what?
  200. Do you have friends holding you back?
  201. how to go about contacting this girl ?
  202. The diff between Neg and Tease.
  203. Allen Iverson - Practice!
  204. Fundamental Problem: How to have fun in a night club?
  205. Need help from someone very successful in the social attraction pua scene
  206. Asking an ex-model to mentor me on dating models. Thoughts?
  207. Best time to take a bootcamp?
  208. Critique my method, anything I could have done better? (Long but detailed.)
  209. Qualification - There's a Catch-22 when it comes to SCREENING...
  210. How to date a new girl who wants to be the chaser and the aggressor. Shes different
  211. taking off a bra
  212. Guys who don't close the deal
  213. POF reply help!
  214. Froze out for 3 weeks now this means what?
  215. Alpha Male question - Approval seeking.
  216. How to Get Foreign Girls... When You're a Foreigner
  217. My new post-flake move
  218. guys whit long hair????
  219. What is your opinion on what i should do? feedback much appreciated
  220. Misread IOI's and a LJBFWB
  221. married women - if she's chasing you... what are your ethical thoughts?
  222. Can anyone give some more pointers on DHV, NEGS and HOOPS
  223. Logistics to minimize flaking
  224. Gaming: Always Return to the Basics
  225. im i fking up after teasing?
  226. Is there a fine line between missing a girl cause shes so fun & just having feelings
  227. The stalker line?
  228. Emergency Advice. Please Read.
  229. STICKING POINT- Routines and pickup structure
  230. Visiting a girl--totally confused
  231. How do you guys get around this problem?
  232. HB10 and a bitch shield shit test
  233. What can be done about all of the clutter?
  234. Girl Disqualified Me but still wants to meet up
  235. getting the meetup
  236. Buying drinks and Boundries
  237. What can the problem be here?
  238. How to deal with shy girls
  239. What's goin on here?
  240. Taking girl's pictures and boundaries
  241. The makings of a good/bad wingman?
  242. Going slow
  243. FB gaming - Decoding her messages…
  244. Dropped an INSANE cold read
  245. Lied about my job, now when do I tell her the truth
  246. How to deal with VULTURES?
  247. maximizing field time
  248. Feeling unconfident about grey hair, AT AGE 19!!
  249. Ideas for an either/or sexual hoop/question...
  250. Disqualifiers and sexual tension