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  1. How many times can you call a girl?
  2. Cell Phone Voice Mail Message
  3. help: conversation over the phone: eg negs? eg value raising comment?
  4. To SMS or not to SMS - Time to Decide!
  5. When to Call?
  6. Call Back
  7. sticking point: follow up phone call
  8. Need advice on calling after getting a number
  9. Phone Game
  10. Phone Message Greeting!
  11. When to call....
  12. Phone Game/Technique...
  13. Tyler Durden on Phone Game
  14. calling them back
  15. Calling HB
  16. Phone Game and the Timebridge
  17. Need help to call a target afer a number close
  18. phone game ("call me")
  19. I was on the phone with this broad and she says this
  20. Useful phone tactic...
  21. Phone Game
  22. Phone game issues are not issues at all.
  23. Phone Game Part 2- do u actually need to call?
  24. #closed a girl online. when should I call her?
  25. Not calling HBs
  26. How many unreturned calls before NEXT'ing her?
  27. Calling chicks
  28. Baby Girls Phone Pattern that will help your game (not field tested)
  29. how 2 build comfort over e-mails or phone calls?
  30. Asking Out A Girl Over The Phone...
  31. Baby's Phone Pattern - Field Tested
  32. SMS after #close and kiss-close
  33. When to call after the first date?
  34. Calling chick on the phone is demonstrating value
  35. Cocky-Funny Phone Game
  36. How long after #close to call?
  37. how to phone game
  38. Best time to play the phone game?
  39. Need help. #closed, but phone goes straight to voicemail.
  40. Closed number, but got voicemail when i called
  41. Phone Game
  42. Whats the rules with calling?
  43. Text messaging
  44. Phone game from girls prospective
  45. Getting woman to call back (Need help with it).
  46. Follow up phone call
  47. Nitpicky phone game
  48. Orgasmatron's Guide to Phone DHV's
  49. Phone game help
  50. Phone game: RSD's all about love phone routine
  51. Phone game: Who is this?
  52. Need phone game help
  53. A quick question on phone text hoops
  54. Initiating conversation in phone calls
  55. Phone game: Boyfriend picks up LOL!
  56. phone game(help needed)
  58. phone call to day 2
  59. first phone call
  60. Tenmagnet's Phone Game Challenge
  61. Phone messages and frame - help
  62. Talking to her on the phone
  63. Phone Game
  64. how to deal with a phone issue...
  65. nervous on Phone? Don't miss this!
  66. RRRRING--RRRRRING - (the phone call)
  67. Illumination's Phone Game Method
  68. help with 2nd call.
  69. call back!
  70. Got Phone Game?
  71. Giving ur phone number as supposed to taking hers
  72. Phone Game
  73. How many calls does it take on ur part before the girl calls you?
  74. Phone Games???
  75. telephone game: "thats a really bad moment"
  76. How many days do you wait before calling a chick?
  77. Phone game
  78. question on calling
  79. Phonegame: How do u guys handle that one?
  80. Running Game On The Phone
  81. A girl with phone anxiety?
  82. should I call this engaged girl?
  83. How soon after sex do u call
  84. To call or not to call, that is the question
  85. Time constraint on phone
  86. help needed in phone game
  87. Why don't you call me?
  88. Calling HBs after number close
  89. Phone game- how do I regain control?
  90. Phone follow up after drunken make-out
  91. Call just to talk??
  92. Phone game escalation?
  93. Call women on b.s. or say nothing? when to do which?
  94. Questions about Phone Game
  95. Sudden cut off after fantastic phone game: Normal?
  96. Text Message Collection
  97. First phone call
  98. Need Phone Game Help
  99. Calling her without seeming clingy
  100. Do I call again?
  101. Phone Game Structures
  102. Phone Game and Hedging Your Bets
  103. Phone anticipation
  104. Ring's quick tip on getting girls to call you back/remember you
  105. Free Phone Game Interview Clips
  106. Advise needed on girl not responding to text message
  107. Phone game with a high number of women
  108. So I sent out a mass text (a few questions)
  109. What do u do when a girl calls u, u call her back but she doesnt call back?
  110. Should I call?
  111. phone game help
  112. to call or not to call...
  113. Phone Game CD vs. Sinn's post
  114. phone comfort
  115. response to "i'm not having sex with you"
  116. Do you have strong text/phone game?
  117. Phone Game: How should my voice tone be?
  118. The out of no where phone message
  119. Kisses on text messages
  120. Critique my phone game before I call her
  121. Making Phone Contact with Flakes after a while
  122. call her back or no??
  123. Phone Call / Text?
  124. Using Tension in Text Game
  125. Question about this text message...
  126. working on an overall phone strategy
  127. How long is too long to call a girl back?
  128. To Call or Not to Call
  129. Phone with g/f HB8
  130. Subtly making the Texting Game more sexual
  131. Phone Game: Is there such a thing as too much DHV'ing?
  132. Phone Game - Girl Flakes on me and then Dumps me
  133. Playing the Phone Game
  134. Phone game issues
  135. cocky girls on the phone
  136. Phone call advise on this HB 8.5
  137. Cancellation Text from HB9 Flake
  138. Calling an Hb9 from Blocked Id - Please help
  139. Talking on the phone...
  140. Routine combining text and real game
  141. Not a Big Fan
  142. I really need help from someone with experience fast
  143. So I got the phone number
  144. how long?
  145. This girl wants me to see her apartment...
  146. Reprogramming The Us Girls: Ring Them Back When #-closing!!!
  147. Whys she calling me so much?
  148. When to call
  149. Struggling with this girl over texts
  150. Need some advice on phone game.
  151. Uncomfortable on first phone contact, thoughts on getting better?
  152. How to Get Her to Call ME
  153. How are you?
  154. About to call her after not talking for while...
  155. Advice needed on making contact over the phone!
  156. How to close this girl?
  157. Phone Game Points System
  158. Text Game
  159. How much in advance to call to make sure that meetup still happening ?
  160. Stuck in Phone Game with HB.
  161. more confused than before from a text
  162. Text, text, and more text
  163. ahh situations arrise when you assume things!
  164. Phone Freeze outs vs. emotional momentum
  165. When should you call after sex?
  166. Giving a girl your number as opposed to getting hers
  167. When They Stop Picking-Up or Returning Calls
  168. Text Game Idea
  169. text game gone wrong
  170. how to respond to this text?
  171. Texting after # CLose Routine
  172. Quick question
  173. Canned SMS-openers
  174. When do I delete the number?
  175. Texting
  176. When to call?
  177. Help?
  178. Guess I f'ed up. What to do?
  179. I dont know her name...
  180. Can I get your opinion on sth? =]
  181. My favourite TXT message
  182. Recover a potential flake by waiting to call?
  183. Got the phone number... then what?
  184. Help me Help me Please
  185. Texting a girl about a dream...
  186. Working on phone and text game
  187. Is this normal text game?
  188. should i text her?
  189. Lie "I don't know who this is"...
  190. Text gaming a HB8
  191. What is with girls not calling back?
  192. Difficult HB need some help
  193. Important. Need you opinion on this script
  194. Text messaging
  195. This might not be smart, but...
  196. I'm a walking temptation
  197. Some help with Text game needed.
  198. I'm getting phone blanked by HB's...why??!!
  199. Number-Do they mean anything or just another test?
  200. Contacting an HB9
  201. A very tricky one - have friends number not hers
  202. When girl said I will call you when I have time?
  203. How to Ensure She Returns Your Phone Call
  204. My phone/text game needs help
  205. Text Game - Advice
  206. Holy Strange Situation
  207. Leave a voicemail or not?
  208. Great close here - probably shouldn't leak this on the net, but...
  209. Help! Met a girl in another city. I am going back and want to meet up... Phone Tips
  210. After getting the phone number!
  211. Nutz' Smurftacular Text Game
  212. meow! nasty text opps
  213. i just flaked on a girl.
  214. Phone Game Question- The Tease
  215. Text message game:
  216. Any salvation for this "leave me alone" txt meltdown
  217. Need suggestions on phone girl.
  218. day 2 with an hb 7.5 need text game advice pronto
  219. Called she said she was eating then I asked if she wanted to call me back....
  220. Does she miss me?
  221. When a girl doesnt text you back....
  222. Help Help Help HB 8.5 blonde
  223. Phone Convo Help - Topics
  224. Having trouble number closing!!!
  225. phone closed, ok to facebook?
  226. Calling girls that may not remember you
  227. Just got back in touch with a close friend.. need help
  228. FR: My first
  229. After Getting the number
  230. did bad phone game, any way to recover?
  231. What do I do when the Shy HB is Texing Me
  232. help with an HB8. all help appreciated
  233. Girls that respond sparingly to phone calls/texts
  234. Opinion texts/ Phone game
  235. Interesting thing this morning....
  236. Which of these two text messages work as the best first text after meeting
  237. Hmmm tell me how you think this went
  238. I'm kind of new to phone/text gaming
  239. Big list of Text Messages
  240. About to loose an HB 9
  241. Text Question & Answer (posts that didnt make the stickey - cumulative)
  242. Help with hb8 text
  243. What do you say/do to end phone convo
  244. Anxiety on the first phone call
  245. Put my number in her phone but then says "I'm changing my number so I'll call you"
  246. Birthday Text?..
  247. How do I deal with a text response to my phone call
  248. Got a number off a HB's aim profile.
  249. Got #, girl tells me to call her in a few days question
  250. Phone Game Help