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  1. [B]start off strong, definatley attraction how to progress when she goes cold?[/B]
  2. Shes texting LESS as investment is increasing?
  3. phone call or txt
  4. Flake Response to Harsh?
  5. Texting with punctuation?
  6. When she texts "What are you doing?"
  7. How to build phone confort in ordert to get laid several times!!!
  8. Need some input on HB10.
  9. Text game not enough?
  10. Text for flakes/hard to get
  11. Text to phone
  12. okay so i called her
  13. Quick advise please!
  14. F-closed, something came up. Now what?
  15. It was going great & then BAM!...Failure?!?
  16. Text from ONS I haven't heard from in months
  17. Experts, help me out, what did I do wrong?
  18. when a girl asks how many people u fucked since her
  19. Should I call her every day ?
  20. Help me with this girl.
  21. Called her at work and got her number now what?
  22. Rollin like a bigshot
  23. What to do in this situation
  24. newbie needs help from the big dogs
  25. Text game with HB9
  26. Keep up interest for meet in two weeks
  27. Help me get this girl on a D2!!!!
  28. In need of a witty reply
  29. Good text Convo
  30. Great Text received this AM
  31. BF problem, need advice
  32. Strange Text
  33. Which way to go with this text?
  34. How to respond to "I might have plans..."
  35. Re-opening after LJBF
  36. When to text again?
  37. When to call / text. Day game!
  38. Can too much teasing backfire?
  39. Sorting out date. Reply?
  40. Text Report: Breaking out of LJBF
  41. Help me bust this girls balls
  42. sending three words text ???
  43. Role Playing while texting......please enjoy
  44. Problem With Potential Girlfriend (Approached me)
  45. females view on the ultimate guide to text and phone game
  46. Good response to "Last night was a mistake"
  47. Opening text you can send out for the next couple weeks or so...
  48. advice to re attract?
  49. Texting frequency
  50. Where do I stand?
  51. To text or not to text, now that is the question????
  52. Shit test? Need advice
  53. ways to reply to "you suck"
  54. putting x's on the end of texts. is there a guideline?
  55. drunk texts... how to recover?
  56. College Game In-Class Girl
  57. Ridiculous text convo after accidently picking a girl up for a 2nd time
  58. how hard n fast of a rule is the 'take as long as her to reply back'?
  59. bf texts me
  60. Girlfriend stopped texting me
  61. Lion's Text Journal
  62. How to Respond to a Dead End Text
  63. Rate this text convo with a cougar lady...
  64. Text her or no
  65. Girl takes 4 days to respond
  66. when a girl sends a ? as a message
  67. sent me a picture
  68. [Phone game] How to know where she lives?
  69. new country very confused!!!
  70. HB 8 sends confusing text, need advice!
  71. Thinking about sending this text:...
  72. How to respond to "Well you should get to know me"?
  73. Unsure what to do.
  74. are you creative?
  75. New to text game. Input appreciated!
  76. Suggestions please
  77. Where did I go wrong?
  78. need a response to this text
  79. Could do with some help w HB9 I met at weekend
  80. drunk texts from ex?
  81. How many texts and calls a week?
  82. Is there a way to say I miss you
  83. Text Message Negs/openers
  84. Thoughts on text frequency...
  85. need a response to this text
  86. Need to escalate this!!!
  87. Suggestions for an "ask her out" text?
  88. I'm sooo close to locked in with this 9...but what do I do/say now?
  89. Phoning DLV vs Texting DHV
  90. Texting Adventures...
  91. Stood up: How would you have asked her out?
  92. Help me with phone issue. Inside info needed.
  93. Response to "you have great game"
  94. Text game failing badly lately
  95. How to meet-up in a relationship?
  96. NEWB Texting or Calling Urgent Help Today!!!
  97. Need input on text game with HB 9
  98. input on text game
  99. so how am i doing?
  100. "Leave me alone and stop texting me"
  101. Need a quick txt response...
  102. When a girl replies "good luck with that"
  103. Not responding to her first text theory
  104. Minimal rejection invite
  105. did i mess it up with one wrong text?
  106. What can I do?
  107. How to respond to text and what does it mean?
  108. I accidentally dialed her number, and she heard an entire conversation about her!!!
  109. Blind date help
  110. Please critique my text game.
  111. How did I do?
  112. Bait, Hook, Release
  113. what to say back to this?? quick reply please.
  114. Getting called out in a text.
  115. bbm
  116. Did I end it badly???.. what to reply back!
  117. shy girl and texting and meeting.
  118. how to reinitiate a text/call after 6 months!
  119. Did this text convey neediness?
  120. The Call
  121. An Intro To My Approach Style & Text Game, And Why They Work: A Complete Breakdown
  122. Alittle Confused
  123. "You still don't want to be friends?" - Urgent
  124. how to ask/get a shy girl to meet up?
  125. Typical response time for call
  126. Looking for cute ideas
  127. Some Help
  128. Need help with this HBknockout!
  129. How To Respond When They Say Goodnight First?
  130. DHV and DLV times to text
  131. Textbook text...she intiated sexual innuendo then flakes!
  132. Confusion on HB10
  133. How to recover after a bad phone call?
  134. Different girl different style. (short)
  135. Ex sent me wierd text
  136. help me out here guys (whole text convo)!
  137. went cold idk what happned
  138. How to respond: "Hey cutie, how's your boyfriend?"
  139. does it DLV to ask her to txt you?
  140. No response
  141. phone game report/critique
  142. text game critique thread
  143. Beginner text game
  144. Attraction through Texts?
  145. which is the better text?
  146. She just moved back
  147. Not sure if this is a legitimate flake or not... thoughts?
  148. Would like some feedback on this strange conversation...
  149. Delaying my response, any insight?
  150. Do you ever not reply?
  151. Potential Flake (Need some advice)
  152. what does it mean when a girl takes an entire day to respond
  153. good morning/good night texts
  154. How did i mess up!?
  155. Used this on a flake, but I'm STUCK!
  156. Feedback Wanted
  157. text shit test - help?
  158. Helppp!?!?
  159. "Ur funny"
  160. how to handle "Are you trying to date me?"
  161. Wants me to "settle with her" Sexualization?
  162. "We so belong together"
  163. QUICK! need help.
  164. Delete all old, unused numbers from phone?
  165. "you gotta stop getting shit faced"
  166. Would really like a quick response! It's starting to get sexualized.
  167. Dealing with rejection
  168. I will call you back
  169. Random 2:30AM Text
  170. I think I might have been to "gamey"
  171. I send boring texts - help
  172. Is this salvageable?
  173. No reply after joking with her - miscalibration?
  174. Feeling like I'm Losing Her - Maybe I'm paranoid?
  175. What does the "x" stand for?
  176. Same night texting issues
  177. how long to wait
  178. After kiss-closing a HB 10 nothing...
  179. TR: HB8.5 25yo High Value Hired Gun
  180. HB9 goes Totally COLD out of the Blue... What did I miss?!
  181. Keeping momentum without being needy
  182. TR/PR: For Dads only!
  183. Stumped lol
  184. Someone Gave me Her Number- Now What?
  185. Question about 1st text
  186. respond to this text
  187. Few pointers texting a girl in social circle
  188. how do u recover after text is ignored
  189. where did I go wrong with this one
  190. number close...help!!! 3rd day
  191. The "I think I've figured out our relationship" text
  192. If she waits, do you?
  193. lmao she said "Fuck off"
  194. "Who is this" come bac. Field tested
  195. Oops...text mistake?
  196. just when it gets interesting
  197. HB10 does something really interesting and unexpected... How to handle this?
  198. Text game: Did I just f---k this up?
  199. Urgent - Sent seriously lame text to HB9. Damage limitation/recovery advice please!
  200. sudden texts stop
  201. Customer at my work, got her number. What now?
  202. PUA analysis!!!????
  203. Advice for texting a shy girl
  204. need advice like everybody...
  205. Phone text game is weak.
  206. so there is this girl....
  207. Met with a hb9 ( old friend ) need a good text
  208. Reply to a knock back.
  209. Need advice
  210. Biddies troublee. :(
  211. Do you recommend the The Ulimate Guide to Phone and Text Game
  212. where to go from here...
  213. How should I play this?
  214. "R u free tmr?I need a replacement for playland:/"..respond??
  215. Basic question about phone game! Help quick!
  216. Txt response?
  217. Text game journal
  218. Ur thoughts on this text exchange pls
  219. how to bounce back
  220. Text Game Evaluation: Look Inside
  221. HB9 text conversation in full
  222. Text game not working with this HB. What to do instead?
  223. Am I overanalyzing this?
  224. new experience= wtf?
  225. Keeping in touch
  226. Recover this situation
  227. Did I screw this up by calling too early?
  228. Is that appropriate next morning message?
  229. Here's how to reply to "I Miss You!" texts
  230. where am I with this girl?
  231. "whos this"
  232. HB10, phone game tips!
  233. How did I handle this?
  234. iPhone pick-up/routines/fun apps
  235. Girls going cold. -___-
  236. Did I Eff this up?
  237. running out of things to talk about
  238. First date -> phone game -> Second date??
  239. what's wrong with my text msg?
  240. How should/did I handle this
  241. So far, so good, what now?
  242. Fuegoh's Phone Game Log
  243. Advice on apropriate reponse to this intense text? (In the next few hours please?)
  244. So Frustrated!!!!!
  245. medium fuse conversation- what to send next?
  246. australian C & F nicknames
  247. Now thats not nice!
  248. What is she thinkin'?
  249. Bbm should it be avoided at first?
  250. ...Think my phone just ruined my game