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  1. Asking girl out via text
  2. reply to this
  3. When girls take a long time to respond
  4. Text Flirting got rejected for date--any tips please?
  5. how do you guys take this
  6. Need some advice from the gods of text dating!
  7. Phone and Text Game Interview
  8. Are you taking me for dinner tonite?
  9. Respond to this....
  10. Could i take this?
  11. Nipple text! Help needed.
  12. what's a good c&f response to "whats up?"
  13. when to sms
  14. Response to text
  15. i met this girl
  16. Sexting.
  17. How often do you txt/call between dates?
  18. Phone and Text Game Interview: TSB Mag
  19. When I get her number - worked for me
  20. To reply with something or not?
  21. need help with a response
  22. questions
  23. Help w/ response
  24. Flake and recover
  25. Help with this conversation
  26. Advice: Should i text again?
  27. Need Drastic Phone Game
  28. Quick reply help
  29. Need Help Replying to HB10 and Ex-GF..
  30. How to call her out on delay between communication...
  31. K close and weird text?
  32. One of my best phone text lines
  33. Need help for response
  34. Woman from class, how to text/ game her?
  35. got her # where to go from here
  36. Making a statement about meeting up, then she stop txtn
  37. Reinitiating: How do you get back in touch?
  38. 3 options - HB9,5
  39. Epic sexy text chat
  40. Text Messages/Phone Call Advice Needed....PLEASE READ
  41. Help needed to text or not to text
  42. What to do with old numbers???
  43. Putting my new text skills to the test
  44. Girls that are pissed at you
  45. HB Texts "Who is this" What to text back?
  46. Text game senarios...need help.
  47. Need damage control
  48. Think I Screwed Up
  49. Don't know where to go from here
  50. Need feedback on "phone game"
  51. Hb number close and sex txt games need help asap!!
  52. how to regain lost interest from a HB
  53. when a girl sends naked pics
  54. Humor text help
  55. Need something, anything to text!!
  56. Another day, another try
  57. Online Game Escalated to Text
  58. Don't know how to reply
  59. Is she playing me?? HELP
  60. sinking ship, need text help with hb 9
  61. keep the number? dump the number?
  62. what do you guys make of this
  63. Translation Please
  64. texting recover on flake
  65. Please tell me what you guys think of this?
  66. Texting with HB in another country
  67. Flaky with reply later..
  68. Varying Times between contact
  69. Text Pointers
  70. How Does Texting Work w/Online Game?
  71. Relationship Status Qualification
  72. shit test test
  73. Phone Call or Text?
  74. Looking for a good opener after online game
  75. My Text Game Shit test failed - now what? (txts inside)
  76. Phone Help please
  77. Desperately need advice!
  78. New to this "text game"
  79. # close now need day 2
  80. How to respond to this text?
  81. Building Attraction/Comfort Via Text - COLD GIRL
  82. Text her for valentines day date, yes or no?
  83. Hiccup looking for first date
  84. How long to wait after meeting to text?
  85. A Txt Conversation With A Girl I Need Help On
  86. Went on a date and made out with her, then she flakes on me?
  87. Getting her to talk
  88. Girl asks if I have valentines plans - time sensitive!
  89. How to Be Sympathetic, but not LJBF
  90. Should I call a girl if she doesn't respond to the first text?
  91. help..
  92. A text convo to critique
  93. Apocalyspe opener number close
  94. 6 truths text on a semi-cold hb8?
  95. next move after POF/text close?
  96. Have Her Number, Want To See Where It Goes
  97. Text game Trainwreck!!
  98. List: The best response i ever got...
  99. Need help to revitalize an HB 8
  100. Picked up girl with BF, now what?
  101. Critique my phone game
  102. Went on a date with a girl, now she won't respond to texts.
  103. Ridicoulous calls (an entertaining phone game, to say the least)
  104. Flake Date Routine
  105. What to do / how should I have respond (Recovery likely needed)
  106. Flaky girl shit-tests me
  107. failing at text game...
  108. Haven't texted HB10 in a week. Best way to re-connect?
  109. Text advice urgent!
  110. 2 month TEXT FREEZE OUT
  111. Text game after hookup with engaged girl...hmm
  112. after 2nd Fclose How much contact?
  113. Need some quick advice
  114. quick question..hopefully quick answer!!!
  115. any advice on my text game?
  116. NewPhase's Text Game FR's
  117. uses xtremly long time to answer sms
  118. Freeze out a sucess or no?
  119. Text routine i sometimes use is this...
  120. I talked on phone too long! ONEITIS SYNDROME (and a field report)
  121. She asks why do you want my number?
  122. Am I trying to to hard?
  123. I think braddocks texting guide was a success..
  124. she don't answer phone calls but text she does.. sometimes
  125. This awesome text has me stumped.
  126. phone/text game works to well sometimes
  127. Need advice over conversation
  128. Texting damage control
  129. Plz Help me to comfort her
  130. She asked me when I am going to call her...
  131. How to figure out who is the girl through txting?
  132. An Awesome technique to bait her for a date
  133. Quick textgame Question
  134. Sent to a flake "you won't believe what happend to me today" what know?
  135. need help responding to this..
  136. Text game: How to keep a girl attracted/interested in comfort?
  137. when a girl says maybe in text
  138. What r u wearing experiment
  139. rate my text game
  140. What would you think of this text?
  141. texting sexualiztion: a lesson (long). help!
  142. Ideas on where to go from here (text message)
  143. Just need some insight before I let this one slip past me.
  144. Thoughts on this text?
  145. good way to get a callback, from flake
  146. Text gaming to a date once more. Help!
  147. Ive search elsewhere for help and other sites SUCK!
  148. need some insight on this text
  149. Reply?
  150. ia this a good idea?
  151. HB 10 MODEL texting said Im disrespectful
  152. Flake potential
  153. Newbie needs some help. PLZZ
  154. keeping attraction going after international trip
  155. When role plays go wrong
  156. Textual intercourse - I'm too damn polite
  157. Example of Roleplay
  158. Need some advice for a specific situation
  159. Awkward text convo, now what? - Help plz
  160. Reininitiate contact after 16 days ?
  161. Creating suspense and interest! Need advice...how should i proceed??
  162. 2 text mistakes, but learning..
  163. Need Some text advice ASAP!
  164. Texting a girl after 3 months
  165. I NEED HELP! what should i say next?!?!
  166. Waiting a few days to respond
  167. Got a waitress' number....what do I do next
  168. What to do if they only respond with one word texts.
  169. Texting: Do not try to make sense
  170. botched first text....options?
  171. Text a HB9 the next day but she was feeling down. Help!
  172. I need help with this situation (text) How should I go about this????
  173. 4 Tips To Building A Better Text (aka Sex-ting) Game- RNM
  174. How to respond to " ??????????? :)"
  175. Abundance not at the moment practicing a lil need advice
  176. Texting = Present & Future
  177. i think the only time texting is acceptable is when youre minutes are not free
  178. a little help?
  179. please need help asap!
  180. Phone game help guys!
  181. she almost called the police on me, what should i do?!
  182. Hmm. Does this classify as a fuck up?
  183. She texts me 2 days after date!
  184. Help fast!
  185. Evaluation of this conversation
  186. Reinitiating through text
  187. I blew her off... i think i effed this up
  188. nbeed some real insights please help!
  189. clowned by a customer
  190. first text - what do you think
  191. Too soon to text or just right
  192. Ok guys Im new to all this and I could really do with your help Bigtime
  193. txt and phone game help
  194. Weird text blow out options to DHV or flip the script
  195. Response to a FB
  196. I need some spanish texting help
  197. When Ending A Text Convo..
  198. "what are you up to?" responses
  199. first joke, tried to use a joke. . .
  200. Added random HB on facebook.
  201. Critical Help Needed on this reply
  202. Need help ASAP.. Should be easy but I'm a beginner
  203. She has to be turned..... then no responce wtf?
  204. 'i'm def interested'....this is totally mine to blow
  205. First text after direct approach
  206. Lost it... NEED critiquing.
  207. Gaming FB
  208. Trying to meet up wit HB 7.5
  209. She Thinks She's a Star Now!
  210. Rule of thumb for when to text back?
  211. Can't get her on the phone AFTER date!
  212. Lots of Phone Game Bullshit lately..
  213. quick question
  214. Did I overdue it somehow?
  215. Text Game: How many times in a week..
  216. Just some fun sexual, text game, push/pull. let me know what you think
  217. She asked ME out, but...
  218. #Close First Text no response, give up?
  219. Rate the Text Game
  220. 'Are you gay?', boyfriend, what to text?
  221. Trying to make a date.
  222. POF -> Text Game -> F-Close
  223. How many unanswered texts before calling it quits?
  224. Text with girl I haven't met
  225. #texted to see if she had her number and bf callsback!
  226. Using your phone on a date
  227. Text with Girlfriend
  228. When to start a phone call
  229. Quick help with a response
  230. Is she messing with me?
  231. Long-delay text
  232. "err, what?" *nervous laugh*
  233. HB7.5 # close on the dance floor - help me text game her
  234. Golden text message
  235. Help Needed-Do i text again ???
  236. Getting her to Stop calling me "friend"
  237. # Closed HB 9 at bar, no text response, help me out...
  238. Text Message Line Check
  239. "DO ME" - sounds good to me...
  240. She texts me "when are we gonna hang out again?" and then doesn't respond
  241. 100% text gaming, no need for dates
  242. Blind Date Phone Game
  243. TEXT HELP NEEDED for Weird Situation
  244. "how do you want me to make it up to you?"
  245. Mushy shit
  246. Texting HB Everday or Less?
  247. Did I do the right thing or not?
  248. First text-call back humor? or Alpha? immediate advise Please!
  249. Text for date?
  250. Reframe HB8 through text