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  1. How to reply to " i really wana see you."
  2. How to Reply to " I Love You"?
  3. text gaming or text laming?
  4. How to turn this around?
  5. Texting a girl in the US
  6. I'm pretty lost with this one...
  7. Need a little help with a text response
  8. Damage control
  9. need phone game help
  10. girls asking about other girls
  11. stuck in mid txt joke and not sure what to do
  12. One line text messages
  13. Need help with text game
  14. Hawtin on Text Game.
  15. Whats a good spacing between texts for solid cocky funny game
  16. Possibly dug a hole for HB10, any ideas?
  17. tried a new technique on a 10! cornfusedd
  18. What should I do next to get a date?
  19. Haven't talked to her in a while, need advice.
  20. what are texts that are too aggressive?
  21. She has webbed feet?
  22. Advanced text game
  24. wtf is wrong with her
  25. Text back to my ex
  26. need good negs for a..
  27. girl with boyfriend, text phone game
  28. Request for Analysis of Current Phone Game
  29. Text Backed me Into A Corner..Or Not.
  30. Endless texts???
  31. No idea where to meet this hot girl
  32. back n Forth
  33. Busy all the time?
  34. wtf am I to do here?
  35. HB9 phone game
  36. She actually busy? or uninterested?
  37. need help with text messaging
  38. Is it me or is it my texting game
  39. How to i respond to this?
  40. Im a clown for not replying sooner, can i still save this?
  41. Rate My Game & Help Improve
  42. She answers my sms, but not my phone calls - help
  43. Managed to turn things around but...
  44. Best way to turn around a sweet girl who flaked?
  45. No reply to text
  46. I am afc need help with phone game
  47. Please critique text game
  48. getting fed up... I don't know what the F**** I could possibly be dong wrong
  49. HB8 just sent me text after 1 month freezeout WHAT TO DO
  50. Help with next step
  51. Never thought I would do this.. Here it is!
  52. What's you take on this text convo. Flake? How to respond?
  53. Texting my Ex- when when when???
  54. Does this sound any good?
  55. give me a good reply playa's
  56. Rate This Routine: "Not The Other One..."
  57. So shes sending all these smiley faces and seems interested right?
  58. Should I save this or just walk ...
  59. Love Systems iPhone APP
  60. Can you employ push/pull in texting?
  61. Call me later, bye
  62. Conversation/messaging just stopped. Need advice
  63. Tips for txt transitioning????
  64. Playing hard to get while INITIATING texting
  65. hb9, met at bar
  66. really busy, or am i really not seeing something
  67. Don't know how to respond
  68. How to recover from pulling "DAY 2" Trigger too fast??
  69. Increase Phone Intensity? or Play it cool? HELP!
  70. hb9 - 10 years older
  71. Responding to a Flake Text
  72. Text to send after a date...
  73. "Naughty" Text
  74. Texting regular then suddenly stops, what should I do?
  75. Physical response to text flake.
  76. Transitioning to day 2
  77. URGENT!! Date Confirmation HELP! Call back or Text or wait?
  78. setting a date over phone coz i didnt timebridge my target. ( mistake) any thoughts??
  79. How to respond... Not too sure?
  80. What will come from this
  81. "I don't get what it is you like about me lol"
  82. How to respond to text shit tests?
  83. HB8 that flaked 1 month ago
  84. Is this girl getting back at me for taking long to text? Short convo inside.
  85. anyone know any good # close routines I can use?
  86. How do I make the most of this ?
  87. 1 flake, other lives far away
  88. Back from the dead
  89. Whats do you think it means?
  90. Need advice on texting
  91. tennis star flaking
  92. First post - Text/phone mishaps
  93. how do i get the upper hand after being dumped
  94. New girl LJBFs me after a month
  95. What would you recommend?
  96. Everything is awesome, then theres the dreaded phone ;)
  97. Weird texting situation for me...
  98. I overplayed C&F. Did it affect ? Should i reverse?
  99. What to do when she doesn't respond?
  100. Indicators of sexual interest?
  101. First text to a girl I haven't met
  102. Handling txt response time, and convo openers?
  103. reponse to hey x
  104. texting amateur
  105. miss read a text and responded
  106. Bad habit: getting numbers easy, but not names
  107. Jealousy plotline through text?
  108. Always stuck in this situation!
  109. party girls vs smart girls texting guys
  110. flakey and short reply
  111. urgent help
  112. Need a quick response for HB9
  113. What to do next...
  114. Suitable response to this?
  115. Is there a cocky/funny response to this?
  116. Text Message Overload!
  117. Advice needed- URGENT
  118. My favorite thanksgiving text..
  119. unknown number
  120. Talking on the phone. I lose my frame!
  121. first real try at some texting game... advice?
  122. HUGE Curveball...My recent pickup just said she broke up with her GF?!?!?!?!
  123. Are you flirting with me?
  124. No reply after alot of back and forth
  125. What time of day to call?
  126. need situational advice
  127. Did I overplay this?! lmao, I tried a takeaway via Text?wow
  128. How many times do you call a flake?
  129. phone game after minimal conversation?
  130. Flake buster
  131. Need help now!!!!!
  132. Canned txt stuff not working 4 me?
  133. Too Blunt over text?
  134. When Replying After a Long Time...
  135. She's Sick - Should I Ask "How are you feeling?"
  136. how long to wait?...
  137. How To End The Conversation In This Situation?
  138. FREE Phone & Text Game CONFERENCE CALL Q&A
  139. one two many replies
  140. she texted me "Why are you acting so differnt?"
  141. A Texting Game
  142. shes a brat!?
  143. need help with txt msg...
  144. Flake finally texts back... what next???-NEED HELP FAST
  145. re-initiating with this girl. she'd a BF when we kissed
  146. First day on here...christmas texts
  147. "Who is this?" Blackhole!!
  148. What option(s) do I have left?
  149. I always text her
  150. played out the C/F
  151. Important: Don't Forget!!!!!
  152. HB9 text game good opener
  153. I need a reply asap!
  154. i fucked up
  155. Potential LJBF; proper response to keep HV?
  156. If she doesnt initiate txt?
  157. "If you could put one thing in my stocking"
  158. Is this a flake or I became needy ?
  159. Did I do something wrong?
  160. "hey who's this?" how do I reply?
  161. Thank you text for a great weekend...
  162. Qualifying over text?
  163. How often to call after bad date?
  164. <<Damage Control>> Could've Gotten Sex...
  165. The Rules to Text Gaming (long read)
  166. Who should text first? Them or you...(facebook group)
  167. Hows this look for setting up a date?
  168. Big list of FlakeBuster texts (field tested only)
  169. Should i text before 1st date?
  170. Text game with friend
  171. Girl is unstable?
  172. got a girls # from a friend I've never met.
  173. Game going perfect, then everything stops?
  174. Another text Question..(Noob needs help)
  175. Waiting Game?
  176. Solid number close with promo girl... but now can't get her on the phone. Now what?
  177. Girl stopped texting all of a sudden
  178. How to game your GF when on the phone..
  179. Did I just de-nut myself?
  180. How do you handle 2+ day or more text response?
  181. is she losing interest?
  182. i think most dudes here fail cause of their random waits
  183. Need hel immeadiatly if possible... response to "blahhhhhh"
  184. I think I got her... anything more I can do?
  185. Java Chocolate Cafe... just booked a meet-up with this
  186. Girl has not bothered calling me and I am the one calling her
  187. Phone Game Recovery - Being Ignored
  188. Christmas texts?
  189. Sudden change in interest?
  190. Re-initiating contact after 3 months....
  191. Advice on Text Reply..
  192. Larksmann's Text Game
  193. Feedback Textin xmas!
  194. Broken Date Via Text
  195. Best way to end a phone conversation?
  196. Phone game with HB 8 German Girl - advice requested
  197. Started Good...Ended Bad. Need Community Help ASAP!!!!
  198. Text Game: Making The Number Solid by Braddock
  199. Iphone Apps for PUA?
  200. Asking her to ice-skate over text
  201. got number but no response on my first sms ---> what to do ?
  202. Who am I text game qualifier
  203. critique this text exchange please
  204. A text conversation I'd like an opinion on.
  205. Anyone have an idea for text that's not cheesy?
  206. Never Reject the First Invite for Social Circle Game
  207. When is The Best Day to Call or Text a Girl for the First Time?
  208. "lol who's this" response from flake
  209. Text Convo..Check it
  210. 25 year old hb8.
  211. Free Live Phone and Text Game Conference Call and personal Q&A
  212. Same message/same girl
  213. Ever address the disconnection?
  214. recover well?
  215. Push/Pull Example
  216. 8 Days with only text till first date.
  217. My texts story and co
  218. Texting after being LJBF'd?
  219. When should you contact her to set up a date?
  220. So i used the text " i met your twin " and what do i do now
  221. Didnt understand her reply
  222. Is this too AFC?
  223. Got results w/ "resolution ninja" text - How do I meet?
  224. getting girls name...
  225. Double flake?
  226. simple question
  227. How to improve at text game? Any resources?
  228. Question in relation to weekend
  229. What hoop to give girl in text?
  230. Phone Game Conference 1/14/10 Discussion Thread
  231. Screw Up or Shit Test
  232. non engaging text reply, what would you reply with??
  233. She made a date
  234. txting before 1st date to build anticipation
  235. What are some good texts after a first date?
  236. Rusty Text game! Guys please give me your opinions on this!!!
  237. Rate My Text Game [texts enclosed]
  238. Prince Charming duh!
  239. need some advice?
  240. Advice needed
  241. What's a good Anti-flake (i.e., FINAL) Voicemail?
  242. what to do she is good
  243. Need advice, quick.
  244. Need help with text game and other stuff
  245. Girl hands me card, then walks away...
  246. What do I do in this situation?
  247. need help with common push/pull text
  248. How much is too much?
  249. Help move things forward, what to reply!
  250. Texting advice please