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  1. Keeps calling me this one word.
  2. getting a date with a friend
  3. Dirty texting
  4. Are you the Crazy One, the Hot One, or the Shy Suggestive One?
  5. need a neg or c&f line for not being fun
  6. Little text game, Trying to make her a FB, but worried she wants LTR
  7. Dealing with a cronic flake
  8. Hopefully, a tool for someone to use
  9. What next??
  10. a little help here
  11. Screwed up... no response
  12. Post Date One.... Pre Date Two Text Game...
  13. A schizofrenic flake freak!
  14. HB texts 'you busy?'
  15. The next responce
  16. Gaming Possible "Good Girl"
  17. Ran into girl I used to hook up with...
  18. "text me when you get home" what to do?
  19. When to text/call?
  20. How do I build interest and attraction through text?
  21. Field tested 9 out of 10 approve great opener!!! cute and funny txt
  22. Your Answering Machine Message
  23. Gaming a girl i don't know but she likes me.
  24. field tested opener
  25. My last chance, please help.
  26. dealing with major flake, possibly crazy, but very good looking
  27. Constant statements of friendship
  28. LJBF + FB Texting Annoyance
  29. txt for 2nd date setup without being needy
  30. Butt Call/Pocket Call
  31. Critique my text game
  32. Possible Fail? Need some Advice
  33. Help Me Out
  34. Gamed chick on PoF, friend zoned at the end!
  35. txt critique
  36. txt critique - # close wasn't very strong
  37. She's just NOT that into you? (me, in this case?)
  38. Should I txt / reintiate this flake (been a while) or forget about her
  39. New to phone game: how to approach this situation?
  40. Help me out with this Daygame #close on HB10
  41. Help with txting plz
  42. How do u deal with a girl who doesnt reply?
  43. Quick text message comeback?
  44. Gave HB9 my no. but I secretly "stole" her's. I texted her later, think she's pissed?
  45. Anyone here ACTUALLY had a girl text YOU when she took YOUR number???
  46. opinins please guys (msn)
  47. afc mistake...need help correcting for future
  48. Did I do something wrong
  49. HB8 in another town
  50. Firega's Guide to text messaging
  51. Texting after very brief interactions.
  52. Losing momentum.
  53. Did I do something wrong?
  54. To text or not to text back?!
  55. What would you PUA's do here.
  56. How should I re hook
  57. Some C&F hilarity from sexual rapport...
  58. can i save this?
  59. Analyze and tip please.
  60. newbie post losing it
  61. Just got a wierd call
  62. Critique me
  63. Text game with zero comfort
  64. she hasn't called back??
  65. The journey - credit styles
  66. need help time bridging hb 8 (already attraction)
  67. Im getting mixed messages cant break through it!
  68. Nervous girls call with friends on the line.
  69. Booty Call Failed! :eek:
  70. Gave me # then mentioned boyfriend after
  71. I need help Txt message
  72. Playing hard to get or flaky? help req
  73. Ultimate Push/Pull text conversation!!! tested and approved
  74. Example of Banter on Text..
  75. how long to wait.....
  76. I don't think shes a flake but....
  77. Cocky/funny response to "what are you doing?"
  78. "haha trust me I'm not even thinking dirty like you"
  79. A lovely text conversation .. mistake at the last moment
  80. rate this text message
  81. rate this text messge?
  82. rate this text message
  83. Do people still use VOICEMAIL???
  84. Night txt message from HB9
  85. Are you going to S my D tonight?
  86. Mass text had good reception, except ...
  87. friends day
  88. Too cocky? How to save it?
  89. Plz critique text + what to do now?
  90. I f'ed up Need help asked her out over txt
  91. lies about what shes doing??
  92. I feel dumb for asking a question here, but should I social proof this way?
  93. Was this a shit test??? HB I #closed in direct Daygame.
  94. Calling back
  95. What do I say?
  96. Think I did pretty good.
  97. Texting after make out...what frame?
  98. Texting Critique
  99. the HumorUS "Something Dirty" Text Routine..
  100. What to say and what does this mean?
  101. Lazy man's approach to texting (with example)
  102. Text Convo: HB8, critique
  103. Okay....good ideas for text game
  104. Text: 8==D
  105. Frome hero to zero...
  106. She won't pick up the damn phone..
  107. I'm really stuck how to reply...
  108. setting up a day2 from party #close
  109. need some help
  110. Very laid back texts spread out.
  111. they text you when they want to hang out but no reply when you text them to hang out
  112. Frustrated with text..
  113. should i text her?
  114. GREAT D2, but then a weird vibe w/ text after. Did I mess up?
  115. Yo! I might be ugly but at least I aint got no money!
  116. how to respond to this?
  117. Why not talk like a normal human being when you call?
  118. Birthday text
  119. Critique Me :)
  120. A text to build up tension...
  121. Texting Test! How Much Interest Does She Have!
  122. The Last straw: Help me go Balls out Via text with HB?
  123. day game number close..text game
  124. Setting up a date, she txts: kk i'll see what i can do ??
  125. Frustrated with texts
  126. She doesn't like texting
  127. Bring a friend for my friend? Response?
  128. How's my frame???
  129. flakey girl - 'will you still be my friend?'
  130. Text Critique plz
  131. Response to text
  132. Calling a shy girl for 1st time. Shall I text her the time of the call?
  133. First Text Game, where to go from here?
  134. where do i go from here
  135. Call or txt?
  136. Question about the waiting to call game.
  137. Awesome Text Game
  138. response to "just met your twin"
  139. how to get her to send sexier photos
  140. mixed signals
  141. Called her Twice...didnt answer... Next her?
  142. Outrageous Phone Voicemail Messages
  143. how to prevent phone flakes for numbers obtained during day game
  144. Love text game!
  145. Help. Got text reply 3 days later
  146. HB 9.5 ~ Talking per email.. need help (as fast as posible)
  147. 3 New Text Gambits
  148. Need a refresher on my text game
  149. Facebook blabber
  150. a good reponse to this text please :).
  151. Help, ASAP... phone game
  152. Way too cocky and possible way to salvage it
  153. An incredibly stupid drunken mistake
  154. Hb 10 mb close & text - what next...
  155. Any idea how to deal with this very confusing text?
  156. Is it possible to use canned text messages too much
  157. my text game sucks i have a feeling
  158. Fake Phone Numbers
  159. yesterdays day game pick up
  160. send this text to a girl
  161. Are these example text really necessary??? Pregnancies, retards, and orgies.
  162. Need Some Text Help - Go Booty Call or Date?
  163. Increasing Intensity
  164. Txtin
  165. Need help. Girl says fill in the last digit.
  166. The Texts from the Nexted
  167. Need ur guys help with this one
  168. Critique my text game
  169. "I stole your heart" query
  170. Txt - Suggestions? ... How do I lead this onto a phone convo later?
  171. How would you handle this text
  172. Blast from the past
  173. ok just got a shit test
  174. Awesome SMS convo and then....
  175. Got number from girl on internet, text or call?
  176. Text help w/ a 10... what's do I do next w/ this conservation
  177. HB9 short text convo - opinions needed
  178. Critique me
  179. "Sexting" one-liners...
  180. Advice needed on text..
  181. Not had critique in many moons, it's about time
  182. Need Community Support HB9.5
  183. Curious on how to frame sexual texting!
  184. threads on transition from texting to phone?
  185. How often do you find girls call you back? Thoughts Please :)
  186. she wants me to call her
  187. I don't wanna get raped!
  188. Texting A muslim girl (ramadan)
  189. Girl sleeps in my bed w/me (no sex): texting issues
  190. girl tries to bring her friends with her to meet up w/me
  191. Quick help please!
  192. Social Circle Help - What txt msg to send for my house party?
  193. Made out last night, now weird text\shit test?
  194. A Mass Text for New Semester
  195. Having trouble setting dates
  196. 'recommend me a movie' mass text
  197. Text: What To Do When She Stops Responding?
  198. Just started using this text, what do u think?
  199. Does this mean
  200. Is she interested?
  201. HELP!? What this means; suddenly stop texting.
  202. text help, need it fast
  203. texting help, what do i DO??
  204. what does this mean??? :S
  205. Text convo starters??
  206. If she doesn't get your joke
  207. Stale Texts?
  208. Don't know how to respond?
  209. 'just got out of shower' reply from gals
  210. The easiest next of my entire life
  211. number closed but no reply to texts
  212. Just send this
  213. Phone game - don't get yeasted
  214. Question about rescheduling
  215. likely to flake - beat her to the punch?
  216. How long should it take to get a number?
  217. When a woman says her qualities, what next!
  218. Comfort, Text, Ask to Hang....then nothing
  219. ? about momentum
  220. confirming day2's on that day
  221. Girl who blew me off sent me a text invite to her party... how do I respond?
  222. Phone opener advice
  223. The Need for Drink
  224. "good morning beautiful"
  225. Great vibe but still flake?
  226. back off? or step in
  227. Does this text message sound desperate?
  228. Txt timing!
  229. what to do next.. adivce
  230. Best Way to Ask to Lunch on campus
  231. tricky situation...
  232. Do I wait or msg..
  233. HB8 on HB6's cell. Banter exchange
  234. Phone Text or Facebook?
  235. I have terrible text chat!
  236. cant figure out what to talk about!!!
  237. Unexpected txt from a non-target...
  238. First text game, can't get her to pick a date
  239. You guys are missing the point!
  240. The ice.. What does it mean..
  241. Ex co-worker - What do I write to her???
  242. Calling Time
  243. What to say on the phone to ex girlfriend?
  244. Text HELP - How to respond
  245. Confused...
  246. HB10 Flaked & still IOI'ing... What to do??
  247. could anyone help me with the next text?
  248. Text Game
  249. Need for good comeback
  250. HB10 txt conversation, where am I on the EPM?