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  1. Weak lead; how to continue texting?
  2. no answer, just move on?
  3. Turning Down Plans
  4. When a girl that sends you a text saying, "I'm bored entertain me"
  5. Have a girl playing the I am your RA line
  6. Reiniating a txt to a married woman?
  7. Text to hang out
  8. A little help please
  9. Text Message game question
  10. Did I handle this shit test correctly? Advice needed
  11. Chat game, need help!
  12. What to respond to this text?
  13. Text after a day2??
  14. Possible to turn around?
  15. Stuck on random response
  16. I hate these texts: "How are you?"
  17. She calls back alot
  18. First Text opener
  19. Advice on next reply?
  20. First call. What do you think?
  21. Getting her to send you nudie pics!!
  22. Quick advice needed f/ hb8 - weak day 2
  23. The first text / phone number
  24. Texting Pics
  25. mixed signals?
  26. Comment on interaction
  27. Need Help
  28. any tips from the experts would be great :-)
  29. do I respond?
  30. Critique this texting
  31. Gaming Ex girlfriend's best friend
  32. This might be saveable. Please help!!
  33. text convo. Need Feedback!!!
  34. Get em Wet with Text Prior to the 1st Date and...
  35. Day2 in three days - Text issues!
  36. Moving off facebook to text
  37. A txt/phone game situation
  38. what text to send?
  39. Need Help... number close, lost phone
  40. texting shortcut
  41. Brthday text
  42. Need opinions
  43. Pre-Valentine Day Problem
  44. Text Messaging and Cowardice
  45. So Tell me something interesting....
  46. Valentine text goes south...
  47. Should I punish?
  48. What To Text Back To "I Love You?"
  49. Had sticking points with comfort
  50. Valentines day cheeky msgs..
  51. If she texts syaing shes out of town
  52. keeping attration w/time bridge..
  53. text convo - anyone fancy giving a few suggestions on next reply?
  54. I wanna send a text...
  55. what to say
  56. What Phone Game?
  57. Response to "why were you mad?" text
  58. she sneaks validation - text game
  59. how much texting comes off as "clingy"?
  60. bad to text her all day?
  61. fun escalation and stop.
  62. Txt question
  63. i screwed up, how can i save myself?
  64. I fucked up... She stopped texting.. need help..
  65. new girl... how's my "intro" looking? Check it out. :)
  66. Candy SMS
  67. help with a facebook to text transition
  68. Very odd scenario
  69. Good texts after a phone blur/freeze out?
  70. Texting suddenly stopped. Did I fuck up?
  71. No reply to my message :-(. How to improve?
  72. New to Text Game - Where To Go From Here?
  73. Stop Chasing Bad Leads: Delete Those Flakes!
  74. Number close from online game
  75. So what is she up to? Part 2 of I fucked up...
  76. Had good txt convo with HB8.5 and then her investment dropped off. Need critique pls
  77. Next Step Confusion
  78. Transitioning from texting
  79. Anger or Sarcasm?
  80. Call or Text
  81. Numbers lost through the cracks
  82. Need advice on a text. can't seem to re-frame her...
  83. Girls sending you sexy pictures..how?
  84. My recent Text Game with Hired Gun
  85. texting/interaction critique plzzz
  86. Where did I go wrong?
  87. She msged me back after a lil fight
  88. Hesatating to call her or not
  89. aPUA needs help.~
  90. Cleaning out the Black Berry
  91. A little help
  92. Should I? Text/Phone Game
  93. Payroll's Text Game
  94. Friend's Phone Game [Quick Help Please]
  95. do me text? how to respond??
  96. Some help would be appreciated
  97. Ananswered text messages, phonecalls and IODs
  98. not sure where this went wrong...
  99. Random Call
  100. I dont kno if i should continue texting her?
  101. help please
  102. incredible 1st date, bad phone game, no 2nd date?
  103. Girls who don't call or answer?
  104. Question
  105. Text Game and BF Destroyers
  106. Patterns are emerging with this Phone forum
  107. The Greatest Text Crash n Burn Ever...
  108. problem with phone game
  109. Do you guys "Lol"?
  110. QUICK! Need Help
  111. Text Game Breakdown: from start to finish (LONG)
  112. how long to abstain before calling
  113. Just beginning the text game
  114. What to say back?
  115. Tested text opener, money
  116. what to say over the phone.
  117. Damage Control: Phone went on the fritz, shes overwhelmed by txts
  118. my first text game. analysis?
  119. Where did I go wrong?
  120. unreceptive on texts, receptive in person
  121. Does not reply to txt
  122. Help
  123. Hang out with hb tonight but text help
  124. how often should i text/call?
  125. How I usually mess up the txt game
  126. need help with texting/phone game
  127. Text Analysis
  128. List of ways to DHV in text messages!
  129. Her text :" she started dating another one.." how do I respond?
  130. help fast plz! i called, she couldnt answer, now what ?
  131. Should I text her first?
  132. Problem
  133. help me!
  134. library number close,,urgent!
  135. Why has she changed since I left town?
  136. Critique my text game.
  137. AFC closed.. help with phone/text
  138. No address.
  139. "I thought you've gave up" opener
  140. So she texted me after a week.. and I messed it up
  141. Is It Worth Another Go?
  142. Reply to this
  143. Quick help needed with cocktail waitress
  144. sort of stalled, help?
  145. Phonecall Frequency
  146. How'd i play this
  147. question on text
  148. Possibly Legit, but how do I play it?
  149. Interpret For Me
  150. What to do when she doesn't call you back?
  151. Dated, LJBF'd, now getting txt's a lot?
  152. Txt Critique
  153. April Fool's text messages
  154. making her anticipate your call
  155. Was this a bad thing to say???
  156. just got a weird text from HB8
  157. Next Action A ?
  158. Using joke as an opening Text
  159. How do you guys respond when your girl is sick?
  160. Need help. She flaked
  161. Rate my text message ;-)
  162. LR: Anatomy of a Text Exchange
  163. Hair dresser tease for hb10 needed
  164. She one lines me
  165. FR/wtf: here it out
  166. Stuck - Visiting HB7 texts me "i love my bf very much"
  167. what to say?
  168. Should I or Shouldnt I?
  169. Confused: Girl is No Phone, All Text
  170. totally stumped
  171. Need a magical txt to save this one.... Who's got the skill :)
  172. Good first date with bad results later
  173. Response to Getting Rejected Via Text
  174. Need a killer txt message to resurrect a HB89 girl to txt or call me back
  175. I texted "I met your twin"
  176. The Woman Who Looks Like Steve Buscemi
  177. I think this is a sticking point ...
  178. Looking for advice, guidance, and help.
  179. Need to rekindle
  180. Girl answers and calls on the phone, but not on txt
  181. To Text or Not to Text?
  182. NEED ADVICE after 15 second number close
  183. Went too far with text neg?
  184. text or call???
  185. ok, opinions please
  186. text topics.
  187. Text her when you're out in the club?
  188. "Text Me"
  189. how can you tell when the time to call is right?
  190. i just found this
  191. Text Game Switchers
  192. txt convo between me and hb8 what should i say next
  193. Anyway around this? I totally miscalibrated
  194. need your help
  195. Reply to 'Why should I call you?' question.
  196. Help needed for outta town situation
  197. critique this convo
  198. Got a txt message after she ignored me for a week...
  199. new message for flakes
  200. Weird Response?
  201. Getting the hang of txt game......some helpful tips
  202. Dirty texts (after the F-close)
  203. First text conversation - analysis needed
  204. Need Help
  205. She flaked, how do I reel her back in
  206. Is it time to call it quits?
  207. Making the most of a bad number close with a 10 - the text game
  208. I met your twin opener on HB...boring replies...whos fault?
  209. Text opener for someone you never met
  210. how about this?
  211. Here is the detail, need some help bros
  212. sexing...where do I start?
  213. funny tease texts - to a bartender
  214. textsfromlastnite.com
  215. successful text opener after 2min N-close
  216. Need help with todays follow up text convo
  217. Jesus, my txt game is terrible....HELP !!!! (2 stories)
  218. Your opinion: Text game
  219. hb showing little interest.
  220. How to continue on here
  221. Rate this txt conversation
  222. No answer....when to call back
  223. helping forming the right text msg
  224. "Entertain me! I'm bored"
  225. "x" -- Kisses in texts
  226. Policy on calling
  227. Girl gone AWOL
  228. "i miss my exboyfriend"
  229. What to do in this situation
  230. How to Make Her your FB
  231. Find Out The Best Way To Call Her By Text?
  232. Can I use a simple straightforward text here?
  233. "What's the naughtiest thing you've done" - Reply
  235. Need Help With Phone Game !!!!!
  236. Is texting a weak play? why not use a phone call...
  237. "How about you come round mine for mindless sex"
  238. This was golden
  239. "I normally never give out my number..."
  240. Need help with a response
  241. Field Tested Flake Buster.
  242. Is my pimp hand strong or weak?
  243. A question that I don't have the answer to.
  244. Phone Escalation -- Beyond Comfort
  245. Unsure what to do in this situation
  246. Got this hot chick who doesn't like to talk
  247. "Can you imagine me as a mother"
  248. Not answering texts/ not being answered
  249. Textin my ex... Rip it apart :)
  250. If she asks to you to call her the next day should you?