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  1. Critique a text exchange.
  2. Some fun text game:
  3. Was this a bootycall?
  4. The "I just met your twin text"...
  5. How to interpret this...
  6. Voicemail
  7. Sticking Point: Getting the Number
  8. What went wrong here
  9. phone anxiety problem...
  10. not texting back?
  11. Is it normal that the chicks don't get the "Mastrubation in the shower" joke on phone
  12. Solid text game until now.. I'm starting to see resistance.... What's happening?
  13. "Do You Remember Me?"
  14. FR: Longest conversation I've had ever with a possible Day 2
  15. Question about how to respond.
  16. Review my text game please
  17. What do say to dull responses
  18. follow through post number close
  19. Came on too strong?
  20. HELP! need a good comeback!
  21. wierd situation
  22. Help...Building comfort...using text messages.
  23. "have to think about hanging out" = No?
  24. Funny reply to "Who is this?"
  25. Texting someone at work??????
  26. Hurry...response for 'No Thanks'
  27. Not sure what to do. Keep texting or call?
  28. Replied "Hey Buddy" and "dear", wtf?
  29. hang out/later
  30. Not texting.
  31. What do you think is the best next step?
  32. When is to late to call a mother in her early twenties?
  33. Should I call her or Text her?
  34. When should I text back? Need Help Here
  35. After Flaking advise needed!
  36. Interruptions on the phone??????
  37. Needing f-ing help fast with naughty HB9
  38. Text game was goin well, then no reply :O
  39. NUMBER CLOSE... very earlie text game DONT WANNA FUCK UP... THOUGHTS??
  40. what does this mean?
  41. Rain Check
  42. First Number Close! What Now?
  43. could use some suggestions
  44. Number Flakes: Can you get them to meet you even if they initially flake?
  45. Suggestions on escalating at work through company instant messager
  46. Girl flaked and apologized... What Next?
  47. Text convo I just had... Thank you attraction forum
  48. Curious: if she doesn't text first...
  49. Moving from text to date
  50. Hey ATF, Who here is in control? (And another problem)
  51. not sure if she's interested, vague texts
  52. "Ill make it up to you"
  53. new HB brief text
  54. Some advice please
  55. text sarge please check out and advice
  56. what to do?
  57. Ever Had Her Phone in Your Hands, and Incomes A Text, From Him?
  58. Is this good for a first text?
  59. Girl gives fake IOD on text. How to deal with it?
  60. text convo, not sure what to think...??
  61. Did I mess up?
  62. Friend setup HB
  63. attraction,comfort,number and no text back wtf!?
  64. Phone call flake. I just don't get it.
  65. Constructive help appreciated.
  66. Texts to HB7. Did I move too fast?
  67. girls taking extremly long to reply to text
  68. need help confuseeed
  69. She cum while I talk about sex on phone.
  70. What to do next? Overtly sexual or funny text
  71. text game review : )
  72. Texts all the time...until...
  74. stuck on next step - text game
  75. She wanted sex, did not know what to say?
  76. CHEEKY phone game
  77. dont flatter yourself??!!!
  78. Phone Game Scenario need opinion
  79. I think she likes me....?
  80. Annoying Forwarded Messages
  81. Escalating from Attr. to Qual. via texting?
  82. I'm the "perfect" guy... What does this mean?
  83. What about this as reinitiation
  84. When a girl doesn't text back?
  85. call or text?
  86. First Post! Just met a girl...*Halloween Club Event*
  87. first text
  88. Thee most craziest text game ever.
  89. Text is this AFC or PUA?
  90. Good Opener?
  91. got another girls #. what next?
  92. flake
  93. TXT game - reinitiate
  94. 'I miss you'
  95. My Phone Game Opinion
  96. texting game chat
  97. not sure where to go from here
  98. Think Before You Text
  99. HAHA! "Stay the hell away from my girlfriend!"
  100. Need little help...
  101. Sorority girl on the prowl
  102. I'm pretty sure you were a turtle in another life/ Ashley Aquarius
  103. Stupid texts, aka, text-trash
  104. Phone Game
  105. Be Erika Parsons when it comes to Phone Game
  106. New guy text/online Game
  107. Yeah... i know u hate it...but I don't understand why.
  108. Night out
  109. Some opinions wouldn't hurt
  110. Phone game My tips
  111. Chicks that waits a long time with answering SMS?
  112. "I met your twin"
  113. Both Playin hard to get!
  114. leaving messages
  115. HB asked to see my new apartment
  116. Need some advice
  117. Text Game Help!
  118. Some Quick advice/answers.
  119. Grade this text game:
  120. new at phone game
  121. Phone call 2 tips?
  122. Best time to call on Friday?
  123. Text opener that works well for me
  124. When to call back
  125. 1st text?
  126. 3 Things!
  127. Successfully disarmed "you sound like you should be on that show the pick up artists"
  128. when to drop it??
  129. Idea for the First text - What you guys think
  130. get out of complaining/problem sharing?
  131. she knows im interested.. number close.. need to build attraction via text.. help!
  132. Interesting text/phone game dilemma
  133. Text Indecision. Little Help.
  134. Think I'm doing the right thing but just to check...
  135. Lyric texts.
  136. Thanksgiving Mass Text Messages??!!?
  137. Flake HB 10
  138. Text Game FR
  139. How I kill my phone call anxiety
  140. Make out, # close, now what?
  141. So what do I do now ?
  142. Kissed closed well, but floudering on txt messages. Need advice.
  143. Initiating Phone Sex
  144. What would you say next?
  145. THIS IS GOOD. First (reasonable) reply gets to respond
  146. Too much confidence but played it off.
  147. simple plain texts you get
  148. Time before first text
  149. Check this out fellas...
  150. Is this too afc!
  151. how do i respond to this?
  152. Being ignored? This may help...
  153. What to do if a flake reappears? And I'm a woman?
  154. How do I use phonegame to remain the same comfort level with HB8?
  155. Call it quits....Or hold off for a week?
  156. Phone game help needed
  157. Handle response to "what are you wearing?" text
  158. Girl keeps telling me "I'm too cute"
  159. Need some ideas.
  160. Started some text game, now what?
  161. How do I continue this ---?
  162. Holiday themed text message
  163. Phone call not gone as intended
  164. All flirting and no go in text?
  165. Need Critique of my phone/text game
  166. Day F-close. She texts you after you two f*!cked. What next?
  167. Need assistance...
  168. Tryna to Re-open this chick
  169. How should you flake if you must
  170. Text Train wreck - no way to save right ??
  171. what to do next?
  172. "Hey try to lick your elbow"
  173. analyze this txt game w/ HB9
  174. How to proceed?
  175. "Haha you're being mean"
  176. prince charming response...
  177. Text Analysis, Please
  178. Stuck in phone game
  179. worth pursuing this?
  180. Confusing chick
  181. 3some
  182. She started texting and calling me...
  183. How do I show that I am agressive/dominating in text game?
  184. The ValentineOmega Mass TXT technique.
  185. How I initiate phone sex
  186. Need Help
  187. Crazy Ex Email Filter
  188. Critique this txt game with hb
  189. Re-Opening
  190. Text game learnt from the forum for the first time on a HBTwin7.5
  191. Tempo? Help!
  192. Christmas text
  193. Text Critique--HB8.5
  194. Analysis please! Strange situation..
  195. good christmas mass text?
  196. damn...do I have a legitimate reason to be frustrated?
  197. I'm losing her......... is there still time to flip a 180?
  198. Quick Question..
  199. Slave for a day
  200. Help with HB10!
  201. How to reply to this text? Newbie needs help
  202. PLEASE critique my text convo with HB, and where should i go from here?
  203. replying to mushy texts
  204. no reply, what next?
  205. "soft" number - need some help on next move please
  206. Poster model, Tryin to not fuck this up
  207. Politics in Text Messages?
  208. Ending convo to soon?
  209. Ring her once more or not?
  210. Rapid Attraction & "Excuse-Seeds" via text-game
  211. Starlight vs. Dexter Frisco - PUA Sparing..w/text&phone game
  212. Planting Excuse-Seeds w/in Text (Cont)
  213. The Apple iPhone is a great wingman
  214. Resparking interactions
  215. New Years mass text
  216. Where the hell did I go wrong with this text?
  217. Why does she even bother texting me?
  218. Facebook to msn to phone, what next!
  219. HB 9 29 year old..how do I advance from here?
  220. HB 7.5-8 Freak Advice Needed Mayday
  221. Noob Texter, advice?
  222. From "Lets just be friends" to "Let's keep on being good friends."
  223. Time between setting a date.. until the date.
  224. HAHAAHA! What a rejection! I just have to post this...
  225. My first post: field report and text game help
  226. Will the girl flake? Critique my text game.
  227. What do u think?
  228. walmart phone close
  229. Wanted: C&F Text Ultimatum for Flakes (160 limit)
  230. what is up with this chick!!!
  231. She might be flakey...even after the sex is out of the way?!?
  232. frequency with which to text?
  233. New Text Opener. Field Tested. Money
  234. Delete numbers after flake?
  235. What to do when she starts giving one-word replies?
  236. Need a response to this text
  237. Advice please
  238. Critique this exchange please
  239. Bit late or not: What d'ya reckon?
  240. Reframe quick!
  241. i feel like i wasnt smooth enough
  242. Wtf does this mean? (HB's text game response.)
  243. How'd i do?
  244. Texting: i get IOIs then she's a bitch> SHit test?
  245. My local chip shop girl said hello in the street.
  246. She keeps ending the call
  247. Practicing Phone Sex
  248. Advice Needed
  249. Text Game?
  250. Still a chance?