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  1. quick text reply
  2. "Remind me what a hot, sexy guy is like"
  3. Opinions on some text game.
  4. Weird :S
  5. need your opinions!!
  6. Do you leave message?
  7. Text Game Advice
  8. Text coversation with a girl.
  9. Girl that doesnt text me asks why I dont text her
  10. Need some help with phone game.
  11. texting a flake
  12. "I'm Changing My #"
  13. Text game with HB9
  14. evaluate my idea
  15. Text game critique
  16. ringed 3 times then hung up
  17. no call response...should i text?
  18. Her texting after i leave voicemail...
  19. Help- Ive Realy Fuckd It Up
  20. Phone damage control...
  21. Did I go wrong in my text game?
  22. What to do with a girl who hates her phone?
  23. Help me decipher this
  24. I hate this distance..
  25. phone sex
  26. If yourein Comfort already, when do you ask a girl out?
  27. Holiday/Seasonal Text Message list
  28. Old f buddy, i mess this text up?
  29. Calling her back the next day
  30. What is wrong? with this
  31. good response to this HB 9 that finally responded back?
  32. When she says, "text me when you get home"
  33. new to text game, like it though ;)
  34. For all you number closers...
  35. not the typical HB at bar, what now?
  36. When to call?
  37. Interesting situation with leaving messages (feedback requested)
  38. Phone game only thread
  39. Phone game
  40. Next Step?
  41. Question about making plans...
  42. Showing active disinterest by text?
  43. Phone Close - Social Awareness
  44. Good way to respond to this Flake
  45. How often should you call???
  46. Hinting at a meeting
  47. Phone Game Help
  48. Solidifying a meeting and introducing jealousy
  49. A pothole on my pristine highway...
  50. what just happened...
  51. question
  52. text help
  53. 'will call at some point'
  54. Can I re-initiate a text convo with a shocking message?
  55. lost texts?
  56. The Flake of All Flakes
  57. A last ditch effort text to call out the flakes
  58. Could she be playing hard to get? Or could she care less...
  59. Need someone to decipher this.
  60. Mass Texting
  61. Just messin my mind (need help)
  62. Message Conversation with 21 yr old
  63. Text Game
  64. Talking on the phone.
  65. practicing my text game
  66. Re-opening by text
  67. The how-to text guide to getting the girl!
  68. Voicemail Game??????
  69. Her Birthday?
  70. i need help
  71. mydigitalwing text openers scam?
  72. Wish i read the txt messaging email sooner....
  73. 'we should hang out'
  74. text sarge...need advice
  75. Text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy
  76. Braddock on Voicemail
  77. advice needed
  78. # closed without attraction, what next ?
  79. WTF? Texting Gone wrong?
  80. I want to be with you.
  81. Headed toward LJBF, going to text this week, need to know what to say...
  82. When should I schedule for the meet-up (text messaging)
  83. Whats your style?
  84. Is this a shittest (text message)
  85. The Tale Of The Two Sisters
  86. how would you guys handle this?
  87. quick question... is this a good idea for a text?
  88. Voicemail Sex & The City
  89. Looking for quick text advice...
  90. How is this text convo?
  91. to text or not to text?
  92. Using your BALLS to build attraction (Pics)
  93. All of a sudden, silence
  94. Getting really frustrated
  95. Phone Game
  96. need some immediate help
  97. Awwwwww??????????
  98. weird messages from a girl who sees me as a "friend"
  99. Text Game
  100. Texting - make them CRAVE you
  101. Text game with no reply?? Please help.
  102. Feedback guys :D
  103. It sounds too good to be real, isn't?
  104. My last chance..what to do?
  105. am i playing this right?
  106. We are creatures of audio !
  107. bad service
  108. Can't Tell How She Feels
  109. Call when?
  110. Confusion about flakes with Phone Game
  111. Text Game: The Breaking Point
  112. HB texts me last night... does she know i'm a pua?
  113. Where'd I go wrong? (Text game with a Suicide Girl Model)
  114. To call on a friday or not to call
  115. Problem: Voicemails <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  116. What to say to a flake that texts you this..
  117. Im quite nervous about the call.
  118. What to say in the call?
  119. MySpace to Text: Not Looking Good!
  120. am i just being paranoid?
  121. how too be funny on the phone?
  122. Whats next? Phone game is getting strange..
  123. Blew myself out then apologized for it... just plain dumb.
  124. Text game templates
  125. 3 Numbers----Now wut?
  126. Ttyl??????
  127. text back
  128. text help :(
  129. HB 9 text convo...critique/ review it plz
  130. 1st Text to a Math Teacher, what to say?
  131. Is this a bad thing?
  132. texted after number close, no response...
  133. Response to deferral that cites "time"
  134. Simple text for a simple response
  135. I have made a massive error !
  136. Phone - Setting up a date after exam results
  137. Lol, LJBBF'd.... right now. What's my reply?
  138. get hb8.0 number, text her, she doesnt respond.. whats next?
  139. Goodnight?
  140. new to "text" game... some feedback?
  141. Need to get this figured out.
  142. Brother status ?
  143. mini field report nd txt game. PUA's would love to hear some feedback
  144. EpiCurious Phone Game Template
  145. Post your quick questions here.
  146. The Morning After The Drunken Night (ASAP!)
  147. Hot day of txt'd turns into cold day the next??
  148. Can't tell if this girl just wants validation...?
  149. txtd me she wants to stay with me, good C&F reply?
  150. How to reply when she sends a pic of herself
  151. Bird from work......
  152. texting- what's my problem?
  153. stuck. not sure where to go with this next
  154. First text
  155. Really odd text response day after kiss close
  156. Not sure if this is bad
  157. How To Handle This
  158. Leaving Messages on Girls Phone
  159. Text message for after she doesn't return your call.
  160. Looking for a Response
  161. wow, I screwed up...need help
  162. Did this backfire?
  163. Need a response ASAP
  164. I am so fucking crap on the phone!
  165. Is it rude not ot text back?
  166. Testing These Warm Waters
  167. Help????
  168. First text, after 30 sec intraction
  169. Calling when not arranging a date..or should I arrange one?
  170. How often do you text a girl?
  171. Girl makes effort to contact me, but she is "busy"
  172. necklace/leash creative help
  173. advice needed! after phone number!
  174. Having trouble getting her out 1 on 1 date...
  175. Facebook pimping?
  176. Critique my TXT game.
  177. Follow up calls and texts.. could use some advice
  178. Phone/text following a D2 MC
  179. No reply to the very first text message
  180. Whats up when she stops initiating?
  181. FR : Text Game
  182. another text game
  183. Picture Closing
  184. HB:"I'll call you in a sec" but never calls
  185. Open/Txt game
  186. Awesome text message convo with a flakey girl...
  187. sickgame breaking down his version of text game
  188. "i miss you" quick help please!!!
  189. Would you even bother texting back?
  190. do you bite ?
  191. could TXT game help me in this situation???
  192. Please rate my phone interaction that I just had.
  193. How to reply?
  194. Some texting help Please
  195. Help me with this....
  196. HB9.5/10 with BF, how to text?
  197. wondering how im doing
  198. Stumped on TXT
  199. Long Distance Phone Game
  200. Looking for Feedback on a Text
  201. Possible flake, but really want this girl
  202. Cant get the date -2 numbers
  203. Girl plays SUPER hard to get
  204. Funny Comfort Phase Text
  205. How to respond?
  206. always looking for a better response
  207. Phone script
  208. Going shopping ...
  209. Did I screw this up???
  210. Getting girls pics
  211. Calling for same day date... good idea or bad?
  212. Text Game/Day 2 Sticking Point Help
  213. haha FAIL
  214. Talking on the phone everyday....losing excitement!!
  215. Good Response for "How are you?"
  216. Games to play while texting
  217. help needed ASAP please
  218. help for a response text response
  219. Down Hill Texts
  220. Does she really want me not to call her anymore?
  221. Need a Text response for BF mentioned.
  222. Sounding high energy on the phone
  223. Need Help with Text Response
  224. last call
  225. Looking for some opinions...
  226. Good stuff to talk on the phone about?
  227. A right way to ask when to call
  228. contact again?
  229. Ending the text conversation
  230. How to deal with girls who can't role-play
  231. Texting her
  232. text response for "i was drunk"
  233. Gaming 3 best friends
  234. Push/pull text totally backfired
  235. Non reply text question
  236. Texting Feedback
  237. Late night call ?
  238. what do you think of this text?
  239. First Contact
  240. I'm having phone call anxiety to my numbers
  241. Quick Double Text Routine
  242. How long should I let it ring before I hang up on her?
  243. Was I too pushy in these two text messages interraction (need feedback please)
  244. High Value HB
  245. HB9: Pure Text Game w Commentary
  246. Recovering from a night of drunk texting..
  247. Girl keeps trying to break my frame... stuck lol
  248. Easy Way To Leave Voicemails And Get Call Backs
  249. no response to text - should i call or wait?
  250. How did you get this phone nr?