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  1. Get numbers but can't get dates
  2. First Call - FIELD TESTED
  3. what went wrong???
  4. HB 8 # close.Txt game need help
  5. Texting versus Calling
  6. HB7 waitress... not calling back?
  7. Bartender gave me her number
  8. bad idea?
  9. Men just don't understand how women use the phone
  10. Got a number off from name card given by HB9
  11. What do you when she Blurs?
  12. The text before the call... confused.
  13. number written down by hb7 customer, what next?
  14. The first call - make plans or not yet?
  15. my text report
  16. Advice?
  17. Text Asking for relationship?
  18. Fake numbers or flakes... your thoughts?
  19. advice
  20. interesting on the phone
  21. 2 situations.. need advice
  22. BjSwift's Phone Game Material Cheat Sheet
  23. Best Way To Handle This
  24. I deleted her # but why did she do this? curious
  25. Trick : If she got your number but didn't give you hers !!!
  26. please diagnose this
  27. Text Help Please Guys!
  28. Help/Analyze this text mistake..
  29. Phone game, attraction or comfort?
  30. Age neg needed...
  31. what is this?
  32. Texting a girl you haven't met...
  33. How long to keep phone calls going
  34. Phone Game: Unload your wisdom here THX!
  35. 'think we need to talk more'
  36. critique my horrible phone game
  37. Phone Game Too Effective??
  38. Voicemail Reply Increaser
  39. HB8 text situation, interested what next?
  40. How should I take this?...
  41. Help! She gave her #, I sent a Text, No Reply Yet
  42. Confused as to my next step...
  43. Good God Help Me -- Txt message bail-outs
  44. helps needed badly - is attraction over the phone doable?
  45. IM >>> Phone Game
  46. How do I keep the momentum?
  47. Probelm Number closing
  48. Text Game in Comfort
  49. State Depending Learning and its Translation to Phone Game
  50. First Text Game
  51. Forgot to include name for first time
  52. phone conversation sucked... what the hell?!? frustrated
  53. When should I call this girl?
  54. more frustration
  55. any advice on closing this one
  56. Technique: When Giving A Girl Your #
  57. confused..wtf?
  58. Got this girls number(twice in a night).
  59. Texting may have recovered a Flake
  60. Am I being too needy by calling her?
  61. Not a noobie Question: I need a little advice on Comfort Building phone game
  62. when she says "keep in touch"
  63. Need a good text response quick
  64. phone game with HBtexas
  65. I Number Close But They Never Answer When I Call
  66. iPhone # close
  67. Flake never called me back
  68. Quick Texting Scenario
  69. Text Game Tips
  70. Bit her head off, failed the shit test and then got LJBF’d – help!!!
  71. "I can't hang out, the game is on" - stupid move?
  72. Messaging girls b4 call
  73. How would you read this?
  74. I need your advice !
  75. "Wrong number" - Phone game
  76. Phone Game/Text Game Help on HB8
  77. When she calls and asks, "what are you doing?"
  78. No txtback
  79. What happens now?
  80. How do deal with girls that won't commit to plans on the phone?
  81. My first go at the phone game
  82. Text Message critique- Delayed punchline
  83. text / call scenario
  84. need help
  85. Need advice: Can I salvage this?
  86. What it means if...
  87. women not calling you back.... need advice
  88. Need help with second call
  89. wait how long after date
  90. Tease her to please her..
  91. facebook conversation gone wrong...
  92. flake outs
  93. Comfort transformations..
  94. AFC Number Close
  95. Looking for some advice on getting a girl to go on a date with me over the phone
  96. good voicemail advice
  97. Text convo
  98. Text/Phone Game Advice?
  99. Am I not established as the prize?
  100. How'd I do on this text convo?
  101. Help with text game?
  102. anything helps...
  103. Shit test in Text
  104. Wow, this worked like a charm
  105. Phone Game Gone Wrong!! HB7!!
  106. "I dont think my boyfriend would appreciate that"
  107. Shy girl
  108. Your thoughts on asking for call back
  109. Combined phone/text/online question
  110. Txtquestion
  111. Really bad phone call.
  112. Endless text messaging, is it a bad thing?
  113. I think I may be the dork!!
  114. To meet or not? (Need advice asap)
  115. I procrastinate cuz I'm afraid I'll blow it
  116. How to reply to holiday bulk text messages
  117. Is staying on the phone a long time really that bad?
  118. Text idea? - genuine texts - new it all
  119. How long before you shouldn't call
  120. Text Message Games?
  121. New year trouble
  122. BlockBuster Routine
  123. Where did I go wrong here?
  124. Text Game By Braddock
  125. How close a no response or flake
  126. No Reply
  127. Successful night
  128. How long should I wait to call in this situation?
  129. Girl and I have fun texting, C&F, sexual tension, however, I am always the first to..
  130. humor gets lost in text, or is this form just bad for txt?
  131. Long text conversation I just had (critics welcomed)
  132. Stop girls flaking: The ultimate telephone/text guide for PUAs!
  133. How to deal with a shit test!
  134. FR- Example of my text game
  135. turned a negative situation into a positive one!!!
  136. How do you think this is going? (longish)
  137. Female psychology & text game
  138. i need some advice...
  139. How do I guarantee to get a phone call back in this situation?
  140. Recovering AFC, need help with txtgame and when to ask out.
  141. Do you call, even when you have a date set up?
  142. need help with an hb10 after getting #
  143. txt game help.
  144. Tough Situation.
  145. Help please?
  146. a new field tested opener
  147. guys I really need your help
  148. A funny little thing!
  149. Phone Game help. Leaving them wanting more.
  150. Last thing at night, first thing in the morning
  151. Text I sent to a flake
  152. got a number..now what?
  153. Text messaging: Few quick questions for you dudes who are dating/relationships
  154. Saving This From The Crapper
  155. Need a community reach out!
  156. This is kind of funny texting
  157. Awkward Txt response
  158. help.am i blown out?
  159. Complected Text
  160. Ho's in different area codes
  161. ???confused???
  162. My next move?
  163. Feedback on my texts/ideas
  164. Text game...great success...
  165. Best reply anyone?
  166. How to dump opener?
  167. very funny reply.. tell me what you think
  168. Getting girls to text you nude pics
  169. Help with a celebrity :)
  170. suggestions on first call/text from party
  171. Got her number, now what?
  172. Need Help immediate text Game before I screw up
  173. Conflicting thoughts on calling?
  174. Valentines Text to Cold Leads
  175. girl wants me but wont text back
  176. Need help with specific text
  177. when and what to tex?
  178. I want some opinions on my text game, was I shit tested?
  179. Did I go to far?
  180. texts from this afternoon
  181. how to respond to an apology
  182. Question on texts..
  183. hb-9 drunk hookup how do I recover
  184. DAMN GOOD Text game... or so I thought!! Beware- good shit!
  185. Texting flakes still rotation
  186. Sort off Weird situation, when should I call?
  187. Gaming a 'friend' HB from uni, how did i go?
  188. Solid phone/text game so far, how do I seal it?
  189. Valentines text
  190. How should I have responded to this IOI text?
  191. The Last Text
  192. I would love some feedback
  193. Flaking on a girl!
  194. Why hasn't she replied?
  195. Text Help girl determind to know loop close
  196. WHAT to do?
  197. Bf takes her sim card - what next?
  198. if you've set up a D2 on the fly, do you usually call them inbetween?
  199. HB= Lame responses
  200. Girl REPEATEDLY tells me she will call but never does
  201. shit test or legitimate problem??
  202. When they dont text first...
  203. It's always me who has to call them - par for the course or IOD?
  204. Need Quick Response for "So why have you been so quiet?"
  205. Telling her to call
  206. Gone on day2 now no reply
  207. got her digits wait she got mine.
  208. Phone advice
  209. When to call her? What to say?
  210. texting
  211. always text's you?
  212. Text Game
  213. Calling a HB a month after i flaked caling twice after saying i would call, some help
  214. messed up in text game
  215. About to phone 2 girls
  216. i suck at the txt game.....guide me
  217. she calls me with time restraints =/
  218. I keep falling into the same trap!
  219. From Myspace To...Texting
  220. Just wondering if i should text her at all?
  221. 3/1/08 FR: Email Game
  222. Girls be buggin
  223. Texting - AFC style
  224. Second phonecall to arange date quick question...
  225. What if we jump into bed and you suck......at pillow fighting?
  226. She stopped replying...no apparent reason...wtf
  227. Text
  228. asking a girl out over text and telling her ull get in touch about it later.
  229. How soon...
  230. Do I call? Need advice. Thanks.
  231. No callback after two days. Next move?
  232. Phone Game: To Leave Or Not To Leave A Message
  233. Critque my text game! 2 convos.
  234. Fucked up. Better ways to handle this Phone/Text game
  235. text convo
  236. Phone Numbers Management
  237. Reverse Text Game -- Female Perspective
  238. texting a stripper- Need help with a response
  239. what do you do if this happens...
  240. Left an open ended invitation
  241. Waitin to Text Question
  242. How to get her on the phone: LONG!
  243. need text help
  244. Texting a HB, failed, what went wrong?
  245. She says "talk dirty to me"
  246. Calling someone who wants to comfort you
  247. 10/10 HB Texting
  248. Hymn's Text game with Hb8!
  249. HB8 #closes me, now what....
  250. She replied to my texts, but...