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  1. getting the date...
  2. Building things up after a cold patch.
  3. When she's framing you as too much?
  4. Fairly new to the Tinder thing...
  5. What to do when a girl doesn't reply
  6. FOB Asian texting
  7. So...you want to play a game?
  8. should keep going after this girl or move on
  9. How to progress
  10. Been out of the game for awhile. Just want some advice on what to text this girl.
  11. Tinder: my experience, advice and questions
  12. Unsure if this Text is Flaky - Need Expert Opinion
  13. No response: but were my texts solid?
  14. Damage Control with HB9
  15. dating site profie
  16. How do I handle this to come off non needy and playful
  17. how should i play this, VERY good-looking woman showing interest
  18. how do I respond to this opener from 99 Best Text by Rob Judge
  19. Making Light of the Flake
  20. Help with the first call please!
  21. Hooked up, called her no response, how to proceed?
  22. Number closed in club, bit of texting...what next?
  23. Keeping momentum in text game when date is delayed
  24. Phone died, keep convo going and how to reply?
  25. Probably messed up. How to salvage, minimum social circle. NEED input please
  26. Asking if she got my txt, is that beta?
  27. Awfully worried. maybe too much?
  28. please help im not sure where i screwed up or if i did.
  29. Push Pull fuckups
  30. Unsure what to do
  31. 'How rude'
  32. phone/text to arrange the date
  33. need advice
  34. need advice
  35. Text/phone game after you've slept with her
  36. URGENT: have a time bridge planned. answer to a girl saying sorry she flakes?
  37. Help! Did I kill the attraction? What can I do?
  38. A little confused
  39. Keeping attraction with long space after first date
  40. Messed up via texts - learning from the mistakes
  41. How to deal with a two faced short-long fuse?
  42. Girl is testing / playing mind games
  43. Dead Text Game (Help Needed)
  44. Was the neg too heavy or was I spot on.
  45. Texting advice, HALP
  46. Did i escalate too quickly?
  47. What tha **** happened there...
  48. How to take the power back with an example
  49. lost my txting mojo?
  50. Attractive Fitness Model Still Having Problems!
  51. How to proceed?! ask for a date or keep it rolling!!
  52. need a hint on what to say/do next here
  53. Pursue flaky girl or leave it?
  54. What to do next??
  55. Me inviting her out went like this..any advises what to do next!!
  56. Weird Response?
  57. from whatsapp to pulls
  58. Where do i stand?
  59. No Response?
  60. Traffic Light Text system.
  61. This is painful! 4 weeks and then i fucked it up over this texting
  62. Female who needs male advise with making a move..
  63. 3 Numbers, 0 Pussy
  64. Answering a stupid question
  65. Attraction Through Facebook HELP!
  66. How to proceed with girls saying they just want friends.
  67. A couple of Phone and text game stuff
  68. Avoiding me after text?
  69. In the bus , se loudly quotes her number
  70. Please Help... Most unbelievable rejection of my entire life
  71. How do I get a flake to go on a date after meeting on Tinder?
  72. One way to prevent flaking
  73. Need help with angry girl (via text)
  74. Fuck buddy gone cold, what to text her?
  75. Why have you been distant?
  76. I'm bad at text game :/
  77. My Tinder Trials
  78. she isn't a long fuse..but she's so boring...any ideas of how to move it further
  79. Need some input!
  80. Just need some advice
  81. Do you think my stupid text ruined us?
  82. Responding To An Apology Over Text
  83. what happened with this text interaction
  84. Pursue or freeze after chilly txt?
  85. Confused about Time Bridging
  86. What do I do next
  87. Is it weird to add a girl from uni you spoke to briefly on Facebook?
  88. Transition subjects
  89. Interesting texting dilemma
  90. girl from school just got in touch with me
  91. When to cut bait
  92. Trying to get to know a girl from work
  93. Snapchat Texting Game help
  94. I've been using this today and is AWESOME!
  95. Had a girl DTF but the logistics weren't there...
  96. Advice for this situation... (high school)
  97. I am stuck. Please Braddock, somebody help.
  98. Why are they doing this?
  99. meeting tonight... tips to seal the lay
  100. I feel like im being tested...but....
  101. What should I text?
  103. How Would You Interpret This?
  104. Great follow up text after no response on first exchange
  105. Female string theory
  106. Attraction Spikes and Pings
  107. Dodging Boring Questions
  108. Unfamiliar Texting Situation
  109. Lots of kino, initial good conversation, then BLOCKED? What's going on?
  110. SOS. Emergency assistance needed.
  111. Tinder convo went...wrong?!
  112. Dirty Texting
  113. second message tactic
  114. Transition Text Game from Online to In Person
  115. Met girl - Got Needy - Set a Date - What now?
  116. Texting/date blunder
  117. My shocking realisation! Are you wasting your time getting phone numbers?
  118. Reaching Out
  119. Actually Interested In A Girl - When to text
  120. Long Distance Text Game
  121. what to do with this flaking girl
  122. Pua-signal on the sky: Advice on this girl
  123. Cold Approach Bail
  124. Analyze Text that Lead to No Response
  125. hard time starting a text convo - From what I read I been doing it all wrong, HELP
  126. Shit Test in Progress
  127. Looking for some fun texts to send women...
  128. Critique/Help/Mock me! how to arrange the meet up
  129. No response then ..
  130. Tells Me She Has Boyfriend Over Text
  131. FULL text report, need some help please
  132. Girl seems to be shit testing or maybe losing interest
  133. Did she give me the wrong number on purpose?
  134. Need help with being Hot/Cold with LD bombshell. Now shes in Mexico,How to play it?
  135. From number closing to getting the date.
  136. Got Number off Tinder, get to Text Sexualization, and still NO DATE!! What's up??
  137. Strange, Unexpected Email from a Girl
  138. Is this normal
  139. Need help alot of critiquing my text game (text included)
  140. Am I again an AFC...Some input would be appreciated!
  141. not responding to clingy girl after 3rd date
  142. There is this girl. Next move?
  143. Girl going back and forth from hot to cold
  144. I would like to start a thread that illicits response but doesn't need one
  145. Need help with a flake
  146. Hi fellas, help me think of something..
  147. New to actually wanting a relationship LOL..
  148. Went out tonight, "hand game" success and
  149. Can anyone help salvage this?
  150. I need help asap
  151. Need Some Advice
  152. Favorite responses to the "how was your weekend?" question
  153. How to bridge a 2-month gap with someone interested
  154. Setting up a date without calling?
  155. What happened? Need some advice please
  156. Erratic texting behaviour
  157. Who are the top gurus and what are the top products for text game?
  158. Recover from failed text opener
  159. some feedback on my messaging and read on her intentions
  160. Is this a Whatsapp shit test?
  161. Day 2 excuses, should I next her?
  162. Not sure what's going on here...
  163. Not sure what to do here?
  164. Trying to close the deal
  165. no response, possible cause?
  166. Help with Texting Game for repeat business
  167. Need advice
  168. how many times a day to call a short fuse
  169. Day 2 txting: The Struggle :-)
  170. Ignored on date day
  171. Did I play TOO hard? Thought I did great...
  172. Ruining my convo with an HB10
  173. Why has she gone quiet after our great night?
  174. HB 10 help!
  175. Do women in general hate texting with old friends?
  176. She is giving me mixed signals! Is she playing me??
  177. Can't figure her out. Is she interested? No? Playing hard to get?
  178. How much time should I leave out before I try again?!!
  179. Girl ripped me to sheds over text. How do I respond?
  180. Converting to a date?
  181. How to Get Him To Call, Going Cold When He Gets "Weirded Out"-What to Do?
  182. been loosing so many girls in texts.
  183. Should you Text or Call her?
  184. Met drunk taken girl... got her number
  185. Is she interested or just playing me?
  186. Hooking up and talking, then no response to text
  187. phone numbers from work
  188. How to deal with delayed responses?
  189. How to delay with delayed text responses
  190. Non-logistic texting
  191. Improving my text game. Suggestions welcome!
  192. What am I doing wrong? Stuck in a funk
  193. F-Closed on meet - Tricky getting unique Day 2 - Seasoned / Pro help please
  194. Anti-Text Game
  195. Feeling clueless about this one.. Insights opinions and advice please
  196. Girl stops messaging out of nowhere - when to re-initiate?
  197. HB10 is playing games
  198. Finish this sentence?
  199. SNL - # close HB9. Congruency epiphany? or her orbitor was beta?
  200. How to build attraction via text
  201. Advice abuot social circle girl
  202. Initiate conversations for the first time after years
  203. How do I close when dealing with logical responses and silence?
  204. Started off good then no response
  205. practicing text game - looking for constructive criticism
  206. Do young girls freak out when they see incoming call?
  207. Met a girl last week but can't get her on the phone
  208. not sure what to do next
  209. shit-test of some sort?
  210. What's wrong with these text msgs??
  211. Girl likes me, think she found her second half - low/long replies to texts.
  212. When they call but you only hear background talking?
  213. What happened ? How to answer text or should I ?
  214. I dumped her and she started texting
  215. Need help with the FIRST TEXT!
  216. She Wants to Bring a Friend on our Dinner
  217. Tips on building emotional connection with a girl?
  218. Text experts, I got a medium fuse how can I progress to get her on a date tomorrow?
  219. Need help ASAP to remedy this situation
  220. HB8 out of the state, met ex. Text or No contact?
  221. She initiates almost everyday then suddenly stops
  222. Am I overthinking this?
  223. Best/Funniest PickUp lines on dating apps?
  224. Re-opening through Text after Over a Year
  225. Give it to me straight doc, how badly did I mess this up
  226. What Text to send, HELP!
  227. When / What to Text ?
  228. What would you have said?
  229. What Happened Here?
  230. Got needy with girl I used to talk to, recover how?
  231. New member needing help with next moves
  232. The days between dates (with same girl)
  233. Tinder World
  234. Over 4 hours no response this time?
  235. Can She Lose Interest in Less Than an Hour?
  236. What to do?
  237. What last ditch effort to do? - Met on Snapchat
  238. Text Game sucks. Someone please help (text example inserted)
  239. Picking up Harley Quinn
  240. What would you do?
  241. Advice on 3 Weeks Gap?
  242. If you get a sudden late night text from a girl....
  243. Text Game For The Gods
  244. Tinder Game Question
  245. Going with friends might see my flake
  246. Opinion needed on student/teacher situation
  247. Frustration!
  248. No response to text after first date - help?
  249. That gut feeling
  250. Everyday conversation has it to be boring