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  1. After hitting it off with her, should I pull back my interest, or just ask her out
  2. Rookie error...plough on or back off?
  3. No reply to my second text, need advice
  4. Girl agrees to meet twice, but no luck - what now?
  5. Snupas do it again
  6. Not sure where this is going
  7. Girls who ditched you after first meet
  8. Help Me Get Back in the Text Game
  9. Flaking on text
  10. Bad Texting AFC
  11. hb8 stopped texting
  12. How should I handle HB8 I use to Sleep with
  13. I want to contact her
  14. Asking a girl out by texting
  15. Is it 'on' guys? (Quick text question)
  16. not sure what to do with this girl
  17. Texting before first date
  18. What should I do with her?
  19. Kindling the flame
  20. Just a Smiley?
  21. Post your best SEXT conversation
  22. Help me with the text convo please..
  23. Started to bypass my flirty texts
  24. SNL, then nothing
  25. What is her deal?!
  26. help meee
  27. help with this reply
  28. Set up date with girl from online through text or phone?
  29. Calls you out on looking stuff up online
  30. HB9 messaged me
  31. Old number new shot...
  32. EMERGENCY Flake text response for pre arranged date tonight, HELP!
  33. Quick Advice on HB9 Phone Game?
  34. Drawing Blanks. interesting situation!
  35. Hung out with her a few times...now she ignored my last text, how/should i reinitiate
  36. She always ends the conversation
  37. Texting this girl too much maybe..
  38. Texting during courtship: Girl never initiates but replies enthusiastically
  39. Multiple IOIs but Lengthy Time to Reply in Text
  40. Busy gal just messages me "hows your day"
  41. yes, another flake thread
  42. should i text this girl??
  43. I break my game down. How do I recover from these texts?
  44. Girl who I wrote off, texts me. She gets bored easy.
  45. Urgent for the weekend - Need help getting a girl out (while she's out with friends)
  46. Girls seems interested but flakes
  47. "My phone died!" and generally flaking last second
  48. Being called "crazy/mental" - IOI or IOD?
  49. changed her mind - brings up seeing someone
  50. How To Re Initiate Text W/ Personal Trainer Who Has Same Exact B-Day
  51. Chicks that constantly check their phones like it's an addiction.
  52. Really good date, did not respond to text. Invite for 2nd date?
  53. How to handle this situation ...
  54. A Girl gave me her Number at Work and I met her at her Job a Week Later?
  55. Difference between working a medium/long fuse and just being a 'text buddy'?
  56. So this Girl stopped texting me all of a sudden.
  57. How to build attraction and parlay into another meetup over email
  58. Asks me if I forgot about her..do I text again?
  59. Which of these msgs is best for the scenario listed?
  60. ask her to join via txt
  61. Lie to her and say I moved?
  62. Asked her what time to call! woops?
  63. She: Do you remember me?
  64. She likes me but her friends always warn her about me
  65. [Mods, please delete this thread. Thanks]
  66. When should i text her?
  67. 2 dates with HB9 - I was on a trip - seems to have gone quiet...
  68. Whats going on in her mind...?
  69. Hypothetical Text (need feedback before I shoot it out!)
  70. Girl stopped replying all of a sudden
  71. To Text or not to Text? She took something overboard.
  72. Hot Girl NOW OR social circle of Hot Girls LATER?
  73. Clueless and need help? What does she mean? And where do I go with it?
  74. Rehooking girl who went from hot to cold
  75. said she would text back but didn't
  76. Should I text her?
  77. Date confirmed - when should I contact her again?
  78. HB9 Doesnt really respond to date request
  79. She takes days to respond
  80. URGENT! Stuck on a response!
  81. Facebook girl
  82. Schoolboy error text her straight away, how to recover ?
  83. Sent me naked picture - of someone else
  84. Busy or uninterested?
  85. Made a small mistake in a txt I sent
  86. Someone to Text with?
  87. the phone/text part always fucks me up!
  88. calibrating over text
  89. Any clever comebacks to this conversation?
  90. She texts like a man - D2 coming up
  91. Fumbled call back humor, recovery advice.
  92. HB9
  93. Playing hard to get or not interested?
  94. Any hope to recover here?
  95. Been messaging a difficult girl. How do I approach this? I wanna meet her.
  96. Have I messed up whats app game?!
  97. Why is this not needy?
  98. Should I just give this one a miss
  99. Not Sure What To Do With #
  100. How should I answer this and how to handle seeing her tomorrow?
  101. Retreat or Push for the date? Need Help!!
  102. Did I screw up?
  103. So I met a model, but she has a bf. now what???
  104. Tenmagnet Explains: What to text a Girl
  105. Keeping her interested and sorting the first date
  106. Long time reader first time poster, quick question!
  107. need a good text for a girl i smothered
  108. Text game. NEED HELP....BAD!
  109. How Many Times Should I text Her? (Tenmagnet)
  110. Just polite or permission to proceed?
  111. Green light?
  112. LJBF after multiple f closes
  113. Where do I stand?
  114. GF going away, how to text her
  115. Text dudes, I need a little Help over here.
  116. Need some advice?
  117. Date falls through. Need guidance ASAP?!
  118. Guidance required! HB has 'restrictions'
  119. Great vibe, great connection, great making out, still didn't get her number :-(
  120. Building comfort via text
  121. My observation about : Call or text
  122. How would you play this!?
  123. Great night, broke up, met new girl. Now key moment to move on.
  124. After one night stand-We text and it KILLS the attraction. Need advice!
  125. I Can't Believe This Conversation Didn't Go Anywhere, Help Me Out
  126. Two SNLs and now I think she's losing interest
  127. Cocky comment - which way to play it
  128. What to do after she flakes?
  129. 4 Texts of Instant Doom
  130. 1st date kiss-closed, but flaked on second date, now what??
  131. Did I blow it with a few needy texts? Can I fix it?
  132. How to deal with girl that is "bad at texting"?
  133. Feedback on where I stand?
  134. Need some help sustaining text
  135. Bad or Dead End Text
  136. Creeping so hard
  137. coke or pepsi text message
  138. Pick The Best Text For Me In This Tricky Situation
  139. Was I too try hard and cocky? Where do I stand?
  140. Need some help with this one...
  141. Girl flakes then engages a flirty text?
  142. Is this girl just fucked or?...
  143. Gone cold before upcoming date
  144. I feel like I'm always gaming
  145. Am I too aloof with TXT?
  146. got a girls number the other night but not sure what to do next
  147. Re engaging a flake/gone cold
  148. Never cut ties, even if it makes you feel better.
  149. I Know I Messed Up. Can I Fix It?
  150. Lost cause? Help ASAP
  151. Txt game when girl is expecting to be asked out?
  152. Text Game Analysis
  153. slut shamed? need review
  154. Sloppy Number
  155. Here's a Puzzle for You.
  156. Text game is a waste of time, energy, worrying
  157. Lady Introduced Her Daughter To Me, Never Met But Gave Me Her Number, How to Proceed?
  158. Photo to Facebook!
  159. "Finals week = busy week"
  160. Need a response to this!
  161. Weird responses from HB9 on FB
  162. Any idea what I should do?
  163. asking her out
  164. Please analyse text for cause of flake
  165. She wanted to see a subtitled movie
  166. URGENT: Should I cancel on her tomorrow?
  167. So i tried the "Girls are gross.." opener
  168. What's my next move?
  169. Textgame: What to write after one month?
  170. Flaked 3 consecutive times: Calling a girl out
  171. Recovery Help!!
  172. Need help with foreign girl. Not sure how to react to texts.
  173. What to respond!
  174. Talk to a girl on facebook?
  175. Text analysis/recovery help? LONG
  176. The Pick Up: 4 Texting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make | Playboy
  177. how to respond to " hey! took you a little while to contact me, didn't it;)"
  178. Feedback from the gurus on my text game!
  179. Saying "ok" or "k"
  180. Being a more fun texter?
  181. What to Text a Woman - 5 Text Flirting Tips for Men - Men's Fitness
  182. A couple text game tips I've picked up
  183. is it DLV to sign a text message after the girl already had your number?
  184. First text to send???
  185. Very weird point in the convo for her not to respond..
  186. How to react when a girl says a guy in a movie is hot
  187. I think I effed this up bt she's still responding what next?
  188. No Answer at all,
  189. Frame reversal after recovery
  190. sent "i had a good time the other day…." after first date. no response do i try again
  191. messed up, let a girl know I was pissed off for not texting back, how to fix
  192. Did I completely mess up or is she a bit crazy?
  193. Five Text Game Secrets for 2014
  194. Requiring assistance to further my text Game with HB10.
  195. Using facebook confession page as DHV+ Preselection
  196. Opinions Welcome
  197. Weird Text from Artist - How to Reply?
  198. Textually available
  199. exchange with HB9 need to know your opinion
  200. She responded THREE weeks later. How do I ramp up from here?
  201. how to get photos from girls volume 2
  202. Your Favourite Response to: "Haha Who is This?!"
  203. So confused!! CANCELED date might have backfired via text. Is it over?
  204. Sarging in India
  205. How to reply to 'I'm busy for 3 weeks' text' ?
  206. best reply
  207. Looking to get better: Txtd her day after party. Haven't spoken ever since.
  208. Text game Question
  209. Flaky older girl
  210. I don't want to be friends anymore
  211. Unsure of response to girls text message
  212. phone power struggle
  213. My First Daytime #-Close!! But need help..
  214. Not feeling very manly behind the "texting wheel"
  215. "you should meet my friend"
  216. The 5 Sacred Rules of Sexting with Women | Playboy
  217. Number closed 30+ times, not a single date.
  218. your toughts please
  219. a girl from an online dating site asked me to text her…what do you say in first text?
  220. Cookie Operation Roleplay
  221. Girl I haven't spoken to in a year called me friday night but I missed the call..
  222. Same shit seems to happen. Stops responding after I ask to hang.
  223. Hb only interested in talking
  224. HB way too hot and cold
  225. Tinder is bad for you!
  226. Leaving voicemail question
  227. After number closing HB in club i ring her & she doesn't remember me
  228. What to say next: opinions wanted
  229. snap chat ?!
  230. Do you guys correct your typos ?
  231. Not sure how to respond
  232. Great comfort convo, then I hit on her....
  233. Got a number from a girl I never met
  234. Ways to frame the number close so that its intended as a Dating thing?
  235. Not sure about girl from 4 months ago who just checked into a psych ward
  236. Some sticking points on text to D2
  237. When you don't have a smartphone - # trade
  238. I ask her out-She says I don't know
  239. This one's a doozey, really can't read her...
  240. How to end text conversation
  241. How do I salvage this?
  242. I met my "kryptonite" really hoping I can salvage this..
  243. Awkward question
  244. How to maintain value here
  245. What now?
  246. What to do next ?
  247. Do I text, how often... or do I wait?
  248. Good go to texts after cold approaches
  249. What to text after a first date?
  250. Not sure what happened with this girl I picked up at the bar. Advice would be great!