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  1. not sure what to make of this text
  2. A messup?
  3. A little advice would be appreciated
  4. Augh.... Messed up, need damage control advice...
  5. Text's in between meet up
  6. Do you think I've been friendzoned? Critique my conversation
  7. Post-first date text
  8. Bad behavior or not. Should I text her or should I wait for hers?
  9. A bit confused...
  10. IOI, needy, or just me being rude?
  11. Messaged ex from a few years back. How to initiate friends with benefits?
  12. She used to be my friend, could she want more now?
  13. screwed up no reply can I fix this?
  14. Annoying intervals between texts
  15. She went deep on me :/ How to bring her back to lighter convo?
  16. Email after cold approach
  17. Convo went cold. when to reintiate a meet-up
  18. Phone/text pretty good - always flakes - wtf?
  19. How to respond?
  20. How to respond?
  21. Take a look at this convo
  22. Can someone give me some advice here?
  23. What do you guys think?
  24. How to follow up a business-card close
  25. Another possible text disaster
  26. Flake and losing interest?
  27. jumped the gun with GF on meet, what to do?
  28. Trying to turn friend into FwB
  29. Trying to re-build attraction/prevent a flake
  30. Meeting someone you "click with" not getting reply text
  31. How frequently should I be texting this girl?
  32. Interested? Or not really?
  33. Is this a lost cause?
  34. Need help on this flake
  35. What would you have done?
  36. Number closed Bartender, now what?
  37. Two dates in - best method to contact over christmas
  38. Just met your twin! - Response?
  39. What next? hb9
  40. F-Close and then LJBF.. Didn't see this coming
  41. cold approached got #. texting went great. called left messag. no reply. now wat?
  42. Is she testing me?
  43. "Hey Ive been thinking.... want to rob a bank with me?"
  44. Would you send this text?
  45. Should I bother texting him to confirm plans?
  46. why do guys text a lot but don't set up dates?
  47. Did I go wrong here?
  48. Forcing a converstaion?
  49. next reply, hb9
  50. Got a HB9 Bartender's Number
  51. Need help with this situation!
  52. will txt me all day but. wont talk n phone
  53. NEED to get back into the game... plz critique
  54. Not really interested in this girl, but do you think she likes me?
  55. Kclose with a number, No text back! any ideas
  56. Need some help here whats going on ?
  57. She texted me while out with friends
  58. Morning After First Hookup-ED Text
  59. Group of 3 friends.
  60. Hard to get, or not interested.
  61. Text from girl that I've banged, response?
  62. Need Advice!! Should I message or let it slide?
  63. Need Some Text Game
  64. Flake? Time to move on or worth a follow-up
  65. Help, want to start something casual with this girl?
  66. Re-intiating contact - need some advice
  67. No response to text last night - Should I call tonight?
  68. Hot & Cold then sends an out of the blue "Hey what are you doing?" text
  69. Phone & Text Game when she is out of town - things are dying out
  71. Met in class, Texting, then no reply, what do?
  72. should I try to set up a new date?
  73. Facebook messages back and forth
  74. Pushed to hard?
  75. Next steps for girl saying she is not looking to start a relationship
  76. Apologized after being called rude
  77. Mass text reminding my bday is VDay
  78. Good text conversations, send a dud text and she goes quiet - when to text again?
  79. Be more flirty? I can do it in person... but not in texts?
  80. What are Good Texts to be More Flirtatious?
  81. Best response to "I miss you" txt?
  82. Any text masters here? Help!
  83. text game analysis ......danm im soo needy :(
  84. HB10 i think i have her..need quick opinion!
  85. Is she interested still or did I muff it up.
  86. how can i say goodbye
  87. Text failure? Not sure where it went wrong.
  88. Good text to send to girl that flamed out?
  89. is she even interested??
  90. what to do??
  91. what to say
  92. What went wrong? Please read the texts
  93. Need help with phone game
  94. What if I call her for a meeting in order to personally apologize?
  95. I think i got myself into the FriendZone? Need Help!
  96. heres the fb convo! help!
  97. How to Run Comfort Over Text?
  98. Transitioning From Text to Phone?
  99. Running Attraction Over Text
  100. HB10, very low investment, tips?
  101. How to respond to a Kiss pic?
  102. this text come off needy/creepy/try hard?
  103. Some girls just don't text or seem interested.. But are!
  104. Need some help crafting a text.
  105. Attraction via txt fail?
  106. Texting/Saying Happy Valentines day to a chick you arent dating
  107. After 1st date txting
  108. How to reply to this shit test
  109. Had 1 night stand, trying to meet up again.. what to say from here?
  110. Need help ASAP shit test
  111. Reconnecting With A Model
  112. Recover from mess up
  113. Shit test
  114. Flake numbers, long fuse etc...
  115. Texting from today into tomorrow?
  116. Funny Shit Tests this Week
  117. Getting sexual over text/phone
  118. Do you EVER text twice in a row? Need help ASAP!
  119. Text crit
  120. Girl randomly stops texting a lot
  121. Funny messup, recovery possible?
  122. LJBF > Text recovery > next steps
  123. How to pass this SHIT TEST?
  124. Girl always stops texting at COMPLETELY RANDOM times?
  125. Creative text suggestions to send a girl you haven't seen in a year +
  126. Sending photos through text
  127. Sexy Text Lines?
  128. "Haha" reply
  129. I don't think we should.. the old "you're a player" remark
  130. Opener text... about Astrology
  131. Tempo really slow
  132. What to respond? Girls tells I'm arrogant.
  133. Which one is your...
  134. Question?
  135. She's doesnt seem interested. Am I doing something wrong?
  136. Am I crashing and burning or am I still ok? All I know is I'm scratching my head.
  137. Critique short text game interaction
  138. "Don't want to be unfaithful." Game over?
  139. Opener text... help
  140. One can only text, the other can only call
  141. Help with text response....
  142. Super slow reply rate
  143. i bet my weekend can beat up your weekend text
  144. At a crossroad..
  145. Get a flakey text, where to go from here??
  146. Go for meetup
  147. starting text convo
  148. She had legit excuses Twice, don't know if I should ask a third time
  149. Follow up text message with waitress
  150. I need some suggestions to start with this girl
  151. HB keeps drunk texting me but no sober texts - how can I play this?
  152. how often to text this girl advice
  153. Is she letting me down nicely?
  154. Help with shit test
  155. what should I do about this girl..
  157. SEXT The Ex? Heated breakup -
  158. Is it okay?
  159. How can I fine tune my text game to get more dates?
  160. shit test
  161. text help
  162. Last chance message!
  163. Need some advise on going "radio silent"
  164. rate and criticize my Text game
  165. How often do you text a woman in the beginning?
  166. Met a girl K-Closed went to text next day - no response - How to initiate convo?
  167. Unsure of what to do next
  168. This is my final text to a girl I like, is it any good?
  169. Shit test before date "I don't drink"
  170. door knocker number
  171. got the old "was too busy" reply
  172. Text Game - Mistake?
  173. What we have here is a (text)stalemate......
  174. Im a noobie and need some phone game help!
  175. UPDATE 9 days later
  176. txt game: example
  177. What should I message?
  178. Dilemma: bartender I number closed
  179. Something I find hard to understand... text/phone/online game
  180. Something I Tried Recently.
  181. It's been a while, some help?
  182. Sorry for the late reply!
  183. What are some good transitions into sexual conversations/text messages
  184. The Next Day
  185. starting convo with girl who didn't personally give you her # ?
  186. Ideas about usage of SMS
  187. 1 mutual friend
  188. What to do about this girl?
  189. texts became delayed out of no where
  190. Text Message Critique/Action Plan
  191. Text after One Night stand
  192. "Dublin, lock up your sons"
  193. Need Help! to pursue or not to pursue, that is the question!
  194. Need help with day after texts
  195. Attempting to Practice
  196. Need Help, dontt know how to respond
  197. Asked out, said yes, but didn't respond to options
  198. Need help after three day rule
  199. Response to text
  200. This will become very interesting
  201. Curious
  202. Phone game over long distance. How do YOU do it?
  203. # closed, called, she hungup
  204. Hooooo... I'm rusty!
  205. Recovering from a "Busy, but soon!" date shoot down
  206. She gives IOI's in person but won't show interest in text
  207. Big Texting Mistake??? Please Help!!
  208. going well then doesnt respond...outta nowhere!
  209. Chick is all over the place!
  210. Thoughts about Medium/Short Fuse please
  211. What's the sexiest text i can send to a guy?
  212. Older girl, with threats and IOI
  213. Need advice on my scenario
  214. Text mistakes. Want to recover.
  215. Good ideas for text response?
  216. chat with top 10 from Ms SA
  217. Stupid joke, need help with damage control
  218. What would a good response to this text be?
  219. telling a girl you like her
  220. why would this girl give me her number and not reply?
  221. Met a girl, great at first. Now sketchy
  222. Staying on the Radar via text
  223. Attraction and timin' and texting
  224. 1000s of miles apart, haven't met yet
  225. I might have the chicken pox.
  226. Good mass text openers for pinging long fuses
  227. Where to go from here?!
  228. I'm not that funny...
  229. Good Replacements for: "I hope ur ok"
  230. What went wrong?
  231. how to text/talk confusing girl
  232. How much should you text?
  233. WTF is WRONG with this chick?
  234. Blocked 2 Times On Facebook by Beautiful Women
  235. HELP! #Close, text but no response?
  236. Good first message for this situation
  237. After First Date... Follow Up Text... No Response
  238. Tinder need a witty reply
  239. She Gave My Number to College Girls
  240. Keep it jokey or start asking normal questions etc
  241. Pick up your phone and dial out, homies.
  242. tricky/unusual situation: barely see the girl, we are close friends, wanna be more...
  243. PERFECT TEN unavailable for dinner THAT night
  244. Who Is This? Text
  245. Girl forgot my name
  246. Ignoring texts: Do I lose value?
  247. Woman flaked, how should it be approached now?
  248. Talked to a group of 3 girls. Time to text back. Need help
  249. need help with intentions
  250. she stops responding. but initiates.