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  1. LOW investment to HIGH investment via text, need advice
  2. Field report
  3. How to maintain her temperature by Online, Phone & text?
  4. Can I get some help with this text convo?
  5. Attraction or Friction?
  6. Being the initiator.
  7. My Most Difficult Texter Yet
  8. Lmao?
  9. Sexual tension, did I do it right? Need help.
  10. Clueless of what to do
  11. Been out with her 3 times but now she's not responding to my date text
  12. Going from texting to calling.
  13. Getting back into it after a relationship. Critique please.
  14. I sent a bad text reply. How would you deal with this?
  15. Help! This is weird and idk what to do!
  16. someone please help me out?? i nvr seen this before!
  17. Should you freeze out over an ignored fb message?
  18. Reopening text after f-close and 3 weeks of silence
  19. Advice needed
  20. facebook
  21. A question in Phone Game
  22. kind of a field report (still a bit buzzed idk rate it?)
  23. Would you guys like to critique this text convo I just had?
  24. Finally got a reply from a long fuse. How do I respond?
  25. Girl giving signals, or am I wrong?
  26. My text game sucks. Please help me improve this text.
  27. Brand new, practicing, and looking for tips/critique!
  28. Flakey Response
  29. is this bad text messaging
  30. Help on my text game with flake
  31. Tell Me What You Guys Think About This(Viewer discretion advised)
  32. How to keep attraction?
  33. Texts were going well and then boom...screwed up
  34. Just field tested the "We should get a divorce, I'm just too naughty for you"
  35. Where the Hell Am I? (In the Game With this woman)
  36. Recovering from the "too busy to date" excuse? Help.
  37. Can't see where I went wrong
  38. Dug myself into a hole
  39. Text for Flakes
  40. How to lower PLAYER status
  41. LONG READ but not sure where to go from here
  42. Quick advice needed on a seriously strange question
  43. When is the best time of the day to text a girl?(opening)
  44. Going well so far...whats next?
  45. Hot in person cold when it comes to texting
  46. Ughh this girl is so hard to take out...
  47. Best Friend Texts
  48. Texting for a month, 4 flakes but still interested
  49. Height Neg(ed)
  50. phone game
  51. She says all men are liars.
  52. What's the rule of thumb for increasing frequency of texts?
  53. Texting problems
  54. Need some advice
  55. [B] SO I hit her with a neg and she asked me[/B]
  56. Building comfort, attraction through text
  57. She Gave Me her Number, but She hasn't texted back
  58. Text Game POF First day, plz analyze
  59. Shit test: 'Why do you get to call all the shots?'
  60. Too much, too fast. Back to square one?
  61. (pics) Makes sexual reference and then stops replying
  62. Your too dangerous
  63. What's my next move?
  64. Need criticism on my Twitter-Game
  65. HB9 from the bar!
  66. Is that the place you take all the girls?
  67. Need help for when the call goes to voicemail
  68. Continue txting if she's with her friends?
  69. Securing 3rd date
  70. Urgent text game help needed
  71. Funny? Women please respond too. TY
  72. I really don't get this response...
  73. Never got a milf's number before...Help!
  74. What is this girl going on about?!
  75. Texting new girl. She has a bit of attitude, reply advice needed?
  76. Need a Reopener?
  77. Attraction but unwilling to give personal information!! Help!
  78. How to keep things interesting during "off time"...
  79. Unsure how to proceed
  80. Text Game Summary Of Ultimate Text And Phone Game(Slugglers Blog)
  81. All of sudden, she's angry...WTF people?
  82. Text Game
  83. I will call this txt to date difficulties.
  84. LJBF; ex issues.
  85. Help IOI's or friendliness?[does she like me?]
  86. She'd text me but wouldn't answer her phone.
  87. Compatible HB7 flaked on our texting session....how do I play it ? *Full Convo*
  88. How to talk to a straight forward girl?
  89. Text Messages
  90. To wait 3 days or a week?
  91. Texting the next day after no response?
  92. Makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE! Why did she stop txting me?
  93. TEXTS to see if a girl is seeing/talking to another man???
  94. quick help! last AFC shit i swear......
  95. What do i do now?
  96. Went needy/desperate, can I recover with girl who was infatuated with me?
  97. Mobile phone addiction screws up game
  98. Should I get numbers just for the sake of practicing?
  99. What should I text to get her attention again?
  100. Text game review?
  101. Obvious shit test...next move?
  102. Two questions
  103. How do you answer to "I was just thinking about you"
  104. What happened?? She texts me at 2am, now this?
  105. Going from texting to f-close
  106. Out of Town Text Game Questions
  107. Need some advice, don't want to seem needy
  108. First Contact
  109. So she flaked out of me, where to go next....
  110. Calling a Girl Out?
  111. Opinion on this short text mssg exchange?
  112. Strange turn in text/call game
  113. Suck at text game..so I will post the messages here for a while...
  114. If she doesn't respond with an 'x' (kiss)
  115. Recovery from drunk texting
  116. What should I do now?ANY ADVICE!
  117. why does she do this?
  118. On chatting girls (or girlfriend) on Whatsapp
  119. Stiff girl, how would u guys respond?
  120. Reply back to "You wish " " I'd rather not be in your dreams "
  121. Is this too extreme?
  122. Did I do something wrong?
  123. Getting back in text game.
  124. Quick question :)
  125. Can you review my convo?
  126. HB9 Causing Confusion
  127. Painful Rejections
  128. met chick 2 weeks ago...text or fbook game>
  129. After first date - what do you do?
  130. Yesterday's and Today's Convo. Didnt Reply Today. Was I too Bossy?
  131. Late night/drunk calls
  132. how to play this...
  133. Shit test after closing?!?
  134. How to go from Text Buddies to F-Buddies with HB9
  135. Cold on phone
  136. How often do I call her without her calling me back ?
  137. What do you think?
  138. Text/phone game
  139. Text message help please
  140. Got The Number, Not getting many responses. Next Move?
  141. setting up 2nd date, did this go well?
  142. Exgf best friend also work
  143. how does this sound?
  144. Am I putting too much emphasis on phone?
  145. What to text your girlfriend?
  146. Following up with an old friend after a meetup.
  147. asked a girl out via Text, and this is her response...
  148. *Reoccurring Problem*
  149. Likely fucked up, texting last resort but not sure it could even work. Need advice
  150. New number, first try outs.
  151. HB10 text game
  152. Has no phone, but I refuse to set up date through messaging.
  153. Model gave me her number at club
  154. Roommate gives me a name and number of a girl that I've never met
  155. Ooops, how do I recover from this?
  156. HELP!!Preventing long distance hottie from Flaking - Supposed to meet this weekend!
  157. Can I recover? Advice please
  158. Weird long fuse reaction
  159. Text game tips?
  160. Help! Trying to get back in the game...
  161. She hasn't replied
  162. I am terrible at text game, any help would be appreciated
  163. Met an old female college friend last night, need text help...
  164. Text Game Help
  165. Girl with lots of attraction + comfort takes ages to respond. What's she playing at?
  166. Too much "text game"?
  167. Do I need to rebuild?
  168. She called my text ballsy? How do I handle this/escalate further?
  169. Did I get shutdown?
  170. Help needed ASAP!!
  171. Texting leads to LJBF. Can anyone tell me where my game slipped?
  172. Anti flaker preventer 2012 series
  173. What you admire of the opposite sex?
  174. How to roleplay and sexualise: example here
  175. List of Text Banter
  176. Text game..is she flaking/friend zoning me?
  177. Suggestions on what to say next?
  178. Need a bit of assistance...
  179. She calls after several months no contact
  180. Need opinions on this text interaction
  181. no contact 4-5 days at a time
  182. Has she lost interest?
  183. Did I over do it? Or can it be salvaged?
  184. Credit where credit is due.
  185. whats the deal?
  186. Texting To Build Rapport.
  187. Text game/help girl coming to see me in a week
  188. Why'd girl stop replying?
  189. Need good examples of texting push/pull lines
  190. Ignoring text
  191. Need help with Damage Control
  192. What if she doesn't remember your name?
  193. Text exchange.. time to meet?
  194. TEXT HELP/Critique convo- The most beautiful/intelligent woman Ive ever met!!
  195. Blew It
  196. How to respond to: "Tell me something nice"?
  197. yet another text no response thread!
  198. # closed girl at gym after talking for 30 minutes... Fizzling off
  199. Lines that get reponses
  200. Older woman
  201. Looking for some general text game rules and pointers.
  202. How to answer to this?
  203. Banter the person above you
  204. This is how it's done!
  205. Getting to know a HB8.5. I've never (knowingly) use 'game' before.
  206. ADVICE PLEASE! How to make her invite me via txt!
  207. Need opinion on my calibration.
  208. Txt shit test?? How to handle
  209. Accidently text'd the girl instead of my friend
  210. texting/building up to meet
  211. Anyone know where I went wrong with this one? Feel like I blew it
  212. Re-initiate contact after 3 months
  213. How to proceed?? When to respond??
  214. Fun Field Test With Some Text Game Combos (Older Woman)
  215. Girl playing games! What to do next?
  216. Will She Text Me?
  217. Possible Flake Advice
  218. Hey, critique my text's please. I'm trying to get better. This girl is a solid 9
  219. A question
  220. Social circle - couldn't get her number - get it from a mutual friend?
  221. How long to wait before trying to get in contact again
  222. Few general trends I'm noticing..
  223. Text that won't lose me value?
  224. texted by accident this morning?
  225. #Closed, sudden surprise
  226. Date Tomorrow: Will she show or no? Text analysis, please.
  227. overthinking things...
  228. college phone game
  229. Outsiders perspective
  230. Text only when trying to meet up?
  231. Flake bows out
  232. Short Texts with lots of Emoticons?
  233. Should I Text?
  234. Ping for long fuse, is Braddocks more awesome line effective for everyone?
  235. ..how would you respond?
  236. Next move?
  237. Apologetic text after no callback..next move?
  238. Where did I go wrong?
  239. Unexpected no response
  240. Help with transfering from Text to Phonecalls
  241. Setting the challenge
  242. Met this girl, should I text or call?
  243. Scheduled a meet up, should I continue to text?
  244. How to Work a Girl who can't Text?
  245. I thought I played this one well?
  246. What if she's just not a big texter?
  247. Keep her interested while I'm away
  248. Advice needed
  249. Youngest of three sisters
  250. Late responder... +