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  1. Response to girls arrogance
  2. Number Closed 4 Times this week, follow up was average though... need advice
  3. Help with a Texting problem
  4. What's a good response?
  5. Personal Question Game.
  6. Thanks for coming out last night
  7. no idea where to go from here
  8. Trying to get LJBF to backfire on her
  9. Snupas bro whadddup!
  10. Help with drunk text
  11. Want to ask her out but she has no phone?
  12. The word "bro", or "buddy"
  13. help with reply
  14. Weird situ!
  15. Got her crawling back....now what?
  16. Pings - Funny SMS/text conversation gone wrong as posted on Facebook by random girl
  17. Advice on a Hot Chick From Work
  18. cold mixed signals - help!
  19. Turning a number and a hickey into a lay
  20. i need help with this girl
  21. Text exchange after sex date
  22. Salvage Mission
  23. Can't handle the banter?
  24. Texting? Something wrong? Or am i over analyzing
  25. How to respond to "my mom is very fond of u"?
  26. Long term text game
  27. Texting problem.
  28. what is the best way to follow up with this girl?
  29. I am so confused
  30. help asap....think i goofed on response
  31. What did I do wrong? Well, is there anything wrong?
  32. Ways to suggest to meet up.
  33. How to make her chase me
  34. Quick help. Harder then jello to the wall
  35. Help with this response
  36. Think she went cold..
  37. Want to keep FB around - Sex is great but texting feels coooold.
  38. how do you respond to "oh wowzers" from a girl?
  39. what are some intriguing text messages to start talking to a girl again?
  40. How to recover from a text
  41. when reconnecting with a girl is it better to stay anonymous for the first text?
  42. How to follow up a ? or one word text response?
  43. Ran into her, but I was in a rush. Creepy to text?
  44. I'm looking for a new text buddy
  45. Facebook, flirting and texting.. What next?
  46. Nearly had sex, yet STILL games of phone and text
  47. Need advice on how to proceed.
  48. Semi-celebrity IOIs?
  49. How should I respond?
  50. Sexual texing - how to keep tension high??
  51. Text advice for valentines for a girl I've just been talking to?
  52. What would be a good first text for this hb7.5 asian
  53. Kiss close a girl then get ignored...now what?
  54. any suggustions on what to do in this situation..
  55. Sexualising
  56. Some ping texts I've got...
  57. Was a twat and did an ultimatum...
  58. Too harsh?
  59. How to get out of this friend zone trap?
  60. The Right Thing to Do
  61. Need help with a tough cookie
  62. Girl initiates text but doesn't reply.
  63. HB8/9 is in a bad state - asks what I think.
  64. LMAO Texts .... -_- How to destroy them ?
  65. Do you guys ever make the girl feel bad?
  66. AFC texter
  67. Need reply plZ and thanks :)
  68. Interesting situation
  69. Buyers remorse - how do you deal with it?
  70. First real attempt at text game...How did I do?
  71. It went well when we met...but then
  72. Successful first date...how to get to #2
  73. What do I do when she does not pick up the phone?
  74. Falling Apart After Number- New Orleans Hottie
  75. text game
  76. From texts to phone calls?
  77. Gonna text a famous HB 9... but how?
  78. Shit test
  79. Sensing mood and Investment level in Txt.
  80. called out on a text
  81. girl flirts then won't return my call?
  82. sticky situation- long term text game. I have a disability
  83. How to Transition the conversation?!?
  84. Older woman I went out with says she feels weird about the age difference...help lol
  85. Need some text/first date help.
  86. She ignore my text, I walk away then she initiate contact
  87. Kiss closed that girl, what now?
  88. Text game consultation with Savoy
  89. How to deal with girls who send multiple texts in a short period of time?
  90. I just met your twin....response?
  91. Smileys & Emoticons
  92. Text game help
  93. Escalation!
  94. Is she playing hard to get with me?
  95. how to reply to this?
  96. plzzzzzz answer is she playing hard to get throught text messages?????
  97. Ahhh
  98. kiss close - day 2 message ex pops up in convo ?
  99. Need tips for text game when you do not speak the same language
  100. text ideas using trip to texas
  101. Flawless 2 weeks, and then I killed it?
  102. When Is It Too Much Teasing ?
  103. [Question]How to punish a girl for not texting back
  104. text transcript with girl not sure if shes keen?
  105. first try at text game need input
  106. I wanna know what I'm doing wrong, so I can correct it.
  107. Sexy Photos
  108. Text help!
  109. WTF is she thinking??? She is attracted but avoids sexual talk :S
  110. Going to call, should I?
  111. Screwed up with a single text.. how to salvage this?
  112. Sending "accidental" text messages to your target?
  113. Salvaging this situation
  114. "Had a dream about you..." from HB9, how to reply?
  115. long term text game
  116. Help needed, good begginig but I dont know what to do next
  117. Confused as to what her level of interest is.. help needed
  118. Tip to get girl to send sexy/nude pics
  119. what to do when a girl gives you her number and says "text me sometime"?
  120. Re-connecting with HB that I friend-zoned a while back...possible?
  121. Girl i like has flu-afc to check in?
  122. girl never responded to date offer now she is texting me...should i respond?
  123. Good Morning texts?
  124. Two dates but now what....?
  125. Is this a good way to beat a shit test?
  126. How should I respond?
  127. Text Convo - Any pointers?
  128. Definite attraction no initiation
  129. going in blind......
  130. Frame reversed, wtf next?? HELPPP!!
  131. Texting with Girlfriend- timing issue
  132. Shittest incoming....
  133. What to do about short, uninteresting replies?
  134. Decreasing Investment From Girl I Slept With, Unsure About How Much to Invest
  135. Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last - a girl post this on fb
  136. Did she just get offended? I don't know what to do next.
  137. Stripper gone cold!! How should I re-initiate contact?
  138. Lady who texts, but never replies to invites out
  139. Do you think this txt convo went alright?
  140. Need some advice!
  141. Dealing with a girl who is notoriously bad with her phone
  142. 2 second convo, facebook follow, phone number in possession....
  143. Fucked up on Text game.
  144. What do you think of this opener?
  145. How much do you push a girl into going out with you?
  146. Finally making improvement. Got a number!
  147. After a date
  148. An SMS Rule
  149. HB apologizes for being flaky...now what?
  150. Another question about HB8 not answering and turning things around
  151. What to do next?
  152. From online to phone, hot then cold real fast...or not?
  153. Accused of being a player..a bit long(thanks for your patience)
  154. What are the best tex messages to re-open girls with?
  155. Text no response....text again 7 hours later.....THEN what?....
  156. Need Help Decoding This Text
  157. Texting Girlfriend mimicking
  158. New to Text game... going to give it a shot.
  159. Got interested girl's number, she won't respond?
  160. Creative way to ask a girl to movies
  161. Calling out a flake, does it work?
  162. Girls really into me--considering options
  163. Little confused.
  164. Need some text or phone advice
  165. hottie, lithuanian house party NYC - lost her ? what now.. ?
  166. Long distance game advice needed!! Let me know how reply and stratagy going forward!!
  167. Attention seeker or does she actually want me
  168. Being too much of an Asshole!?
  169. started well, ejected at peak to avoid going down hill.
  170. Super forward with HB9. And it worked??
  171. Have I stuffed it up with HB 9.5
  172. Going sexual + millions of shit tests
  173. Her: Wow. Haha you are such a loser. Lmao. JK :)
  174. im kinda confused on what to do next
  175. Very Confused Please Help
  176. do people ever practice normal texting here?
  177. PROFESSIONAL WANTED!! Is she punishing me??
  178. Not sure how to go about this..
  179. Opening Targets on Facebook
  180. She flakes and then tries to flip the script on me!!!
  181. To Text or Not to Text? That is the question
  182. Text exchange...how did I do?
  183. DEAR PROFESAIONALS, what topic can actually make conversations on texts FUNNY????
  184. Dead serious...has anyone pulled a Brett Favre and sent a dick pic to a target???
  185. I had a question and a modified version of a text message
  186. No response...good text to send??
  187. Waiting for the text
  188. POF Critique and Questions
  189. She's gonna flake on day 2, should I flake first?
  190. I was thinking about this for an opener
  191. So when you first start dating someone (2-3dates) how often to text in between dates?
  192. How often should I text my ex gf
  193. Shit Test?
  194. How to respond?
  195. Good game
  196. How's my text game?
  197. Fucked up texting Game after a kiss close.. Reopened weeks later. Is she into me?
  198. PROFESSIONALS: How to do the sexy texts?
  199. A recurring problem, quick fade of her feeling
  200. Texting before day 2
  201. Am I looking too needy here?
  202. Am I looking too needy here?
  203. she didn't text back
  204. Need some advice!
  205. Professionals:: Am i failed ?
  206. Had a girl, who is now long distance really in to me.. What happend?
  207. Text critique how to recover from this as no reply?
  208. Number and kiss close early game, what to do?
  209. What to do?
  210. Text Game help!!! Numbers game
  211. What to text her if she is mad at me?
  212. No reply?
  213. What the heck is this?
  214. My Assistant at work!
  215. Transitioning From Text to Phone
  216. Was this a test?
  217. Did I come on too strong?
  218. i need some tips
  219. text critique? pm me
  220. What to do next? Honest Opinions needed!
  221. Played out thread on responding to "am I getting played?"
  222. Decent midgame phone opener (Private Poker Party Day 2 Game)
  223. Short Fuse Gone Cold-- Feedback Requested
  224. Everytime I try to turn it sexual she disappears. Need some opinions
  225. You guys have all dealt with this type of girl, now how do you text her?
  226. "Text me when you get home" after date
  227. game within words, hanging, and scramble with friends
  228. Sixth Date flake??
  229. Girl brings up sex the next day
  230. Girl texts me after first date but making it difficult to hang out again
  231. No reply, playing hard to get?
  232. Text/FB Convo--- stuck!!
  233. Your Advantage over Women, on the Phone and Online
  234. Text after not talking to her for a few days
  235. "Goodnight, I love you - TEXT ME (hangup)" on Phone. Confusing situation.
  236. Need quick reply
  237. Anti-flaking tactics?
  238. So It's been a while. Need help on text game and how to get her out.
  239. how would you respond?
  240. She has now has a Boyfriend
  241. Bouncer Chronicles
  242. Signs she likes me over text?
  243. Text Game Openers And Advice
  244. I have always been confident I had superb text game untill now! help!!
  245. Shit test? Or just being annoying
  246. Should I open?
  247. Re-opening help
  248. Flakes via POF ridiculous
  249. Need Best Response To FB Message
  250. Digging out of Friend zone, how would u respond?