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  1. txt her to see what shes doing tonight?
  2. Philemon's phone/text game journal
  3. Txt a potential fwb
  4. Where do I go with this line of texting
  5. Phone after text
  6. Require a little help here
  7. What to text this girl I never met
  8. Beginner here - Am I on the right track?
  9. The fk is this?
  10. Short fuse with this girl but I can't meet up for 2-3 days...what do?
  11. Respond to this! I'd appreciate it guys.
  12. how to DHV when she says things like "youre dirty"
  13. Flake response. Where to go from here?
  14. I have the vagina. I make the rules.
  15. Phone game and why to call
  16. Need help with transitioning in phone/text game
  17. Have I failed completly?
  18. Girl flaked yesterday, when do I call her again/ what to suggest?
  19. Shit test?
  20. A challenge
  21. K-closed and now need a little tuning on my txt game. A bit rusty.
  22. hey back from a long hiatus. i got some text related issues
  23. How to call her?
  24. Long Fuse Bartender, need help with a reply
  25. Not answering my texts
  26. Latin nightclub bartender phone text game help
  27. Tell me how I did with this line of Texting
  28. How would you read the innuendo in this? Is it mild or too forward?
  29. going nuts..
  30. Sticking Points!!
  31. Got girls number at bar, do not remember name or face lol
  32. Can i use same opener with the same girl?
  33. Advice needed. How am I doing with this girl?
  34. Text to get her ready?
  35. Barely know her, how to start bantering?
  36. good night game, phone game sucks - how to get creative?
  37. Hb10
  38. too strong, too soon
  39. newbie stuck. advice?
  40. Is she chasing/baiting/playing games? Should I continue to ignore her until tomorrow?
  41. Mind Blank...assistance required
  42. Should I try one more time?? Whats says my brethrens?
  43. When is it too late to re-initiate?
  44. A few failed text convos. Whats going on?
  45. Hb10
  46. Drunk dialing
  47. First Date - Instant hit - now stopped texting.
  48. Can someone explain what this means?
  49. Confused- Advice Needed
  50. Ratio of who initiates
  51. FAST text help needed !!
  52. Need text help with my manager!
  53. just got her number now what?
  54. Asking a girl to call her
  55. What are some good responses to "what ya doin?"
  56. Clever response needed - Facebook Commenting
  57. Saturday - "I'll let you know"
  58. HB9 Texted me !
  59. She's gone cold - Advice needed
  60. How much did I AFC myself?
  61. How to ask her out? (Think I screwed up)
  62. Mission: Getting into a fling with the ex
  63. Can't get HB9 to actually meet up with me...
  64. Busy working girl - Initiating contact how?
  65. Met HB10 @ Club... has a bf but still wants to hang out. Communication method
  66. I need a little help (text game)!
  67. How to respond to a wrong text message
  68. Girl not role playing with me
  69. Weird text situation, is she playing hard to get??
  70. Do u think these texts are genuine?
  71. Good callback humor
  72. Three different girls....not show how to go about this.
  73. how am i doing with this girl? advice needed!
  74. Last Minute Cancellation - Losing Control
  75. please critique my text game, we never met up
  76. Keep texting or just keep in contact with
  77. Got her number, but she's too young
  78. Text or Call?
  79. Thinking about texting an old FB....any ideas?
  80. Give Me Your Cheesy Texts
  81. Re-Initating Contact - Advice?
  82. I met a girl at a bar...
  83. Flaky HB 8 Holland, come and answer with me
  84. Flaky HB 8 Brazil, come and answer with me
  85. Just straighting bombing with texts
  86. Flaky, ASD or something else?
  87. is this a flake on me...again?
  88. Nice Japanese girl
  89. Away for a while, text to keep warm, or silence until return?
  90. iPhone app for managing texts on a PC.
  91. Feeling iffy about 'don't text her back' (for a few hours) game.
  92. Send a raven
  93. Keeps telling me she is busy.
  94. How to deal with ignored texts?
  95. HB 9 MILF Zodiac Sign Work ???
  96. Feel like the tables have turned..what's my best move?
  97. I'm not sure what to think about this. Convo inside.
  98. The waiting game!
  99. Chatting up a Work Colleague - Turns out she has a BF?
  100. Difference between creepy and flirty
  101. Sexting - Sexualizing a text message
  102. First number close. Text conversation and my critique. Help me improve my text game!
  103. I have no idea what just happened
  104. Texting-some tactics/suggestions to have better respond rate
  105. Hopefully not the usuall text game question...
  106. Text/Online game - what do you do if you screw up? (Send a boring text etc).
  107. Texting guide for women from a man's perspective
  108. I think she likes me!
  109. Guru's and Fellow PUA ~ need urgent advise
  110. How to respond to this long fuse?
  111. Text games?
  112. May have used the wrong text opener to create attraction?
  113. Girl timing and classement
  114. She places herself on a pedestal
  115. If you randomly start texting a girl, wont she know your interested?
  116. How to sexually escalate right away on text?
  117. Bbm game
  118. Do you ever say just kidding?
  119. Sexting ....into more?
  120. New to forum..Good at attraction and #close need help with txt!
  121. Thinking of new topics during texting?! help!
  122. Critique and direction please...detials inside
  123. Tested out stuff from the book
  124. Critique of texts and how to escalate this???
  125. Tip: How to get rid of calling fobia
  126. Curveball: says she met somebody that looks exactly like me.
  127. should i text her again
  128. A friend is showing interest
  129. Snow is like a cock
  130. Texting
  131. This line works
  132. Change in Momentum
  133. Text Messaging Question
  134. Ok to get her number from someone?
  135. to x or not to x
  136. I want 50/50 investment
  137. Mass holiday texts
  138. I think I was too flirty - help!!
  139. Should I cuit it off for now?
  140. Facebook Message Game
  141. Consistency of texting
  142. Fucked up text game, and text game general.
  143. pushing sex talk further
  144. 2 questions: Ending of a text and she doesn't get your joke.
  145. Awkward text exchange, help please?
  146. Phone/Date ideas
  147. HB9 Text game. A bit stuck. Plz help
  148. Telematch and lavalife
  149. PERSEVERING during text game...gaming the hotel front desk lady
  150. She hasn't returned my text
  151. Girl making day 2 hard
  152. Suggest a method after you number close
  153. The no contact/waiting room thread
  154. I give up on you..
  155. What if she gave her # to my friend for me?
  156. where to go after 1st "date" with HB10 and help with phone game
  157. How to recover from over texting
  158. Critiques for my text game
  159. Do you guys txt/call after k close date?
  160. Is the Ex-GF Shit testing me?
  161. Did I indicate interest?
  162. Critique my conversations
  163. Did i go too far?
  164. I was practically burned
  165. Open ended statement txt message
  166. after day 2 text exchange lacking
  167. this SHOULD be easy to come up with a response to, but i just cant o.O
  168. Should I Text her?
  169. Callback humor advice. 1st text critique
  170. First ever daygame (well, 10pm streetgame) number close. How much contact til Day 2?
  171. Was she playing with me?
  172. Taking Action
  173. # close, good FPC but screwed up the end
  174. How to proceed from here?
  175. Out of Proximity for a While. Need Text Pinging Frequency
  176. Handling objections
  177. The fake personnal assistant
  178. Painted my self in to a corner, need a clever comeback/line
  179. is 'hey bitch' too rude??
  180. she told me she was going to flake..but there is hope
  181. rate this text
  182. i can't get good in text gamei
  183. Is this a shit test or an ultimatum and how to play it.
  184. she sent pointless txt and post pictures.What she up to?
  185. Question: Hasn't responded to text but likes my shit on fb...
  186. Chick made my nose bleed, ruined my shirt, Need text Response ASAP!! Lol.
  187. Keeping her interest even though it's long distance?
  188. How to respond to "I just split up with my bf" text
  189. Negged this girl to hard through text?
  190. keeping momentum for the next 9 days
  191. Text Help Of Course..........
  192. am I an idiot?
  193. Texts from 12-2am!
  194. Need some help responding to some "Merry Christmas!" texts...
  195. Confusing medium/ long fuse
  196. did a a mass christmas text on flakes,got some good responses
  197. Annoying problem I have with over-thinking in text game
  198. What signal is she trying to send?
  199. Need advice with this one
  200. overly way too nice! im confused :/
  201. First text to number close of HB9 waitress.
  202. Flake, success then flake AGAIN?!
  203. What to do, what to do.
  204. Takes 2/3 to respond - HELP!
  205. Help with text game!
  206. Can I go anywhere with this?
  207. I met some nice woman.
  208. Good text for reopening cute hb7.5?
  209. Delayed response txt question
  210. Girl met parents and messages me.... response?
  211. Check this out! It looks good just need some advice on next step
  212. Met a cute girl on NYE, won't be able to go out again for two weeks... what to say?
  213. girls texts me what's your star sign?!
  214. new year hb
  215. Phone/Online game report + question
  216. Sextrology?!
  217. Fuckbuddy Stops Responding
  218. Chick I kno
  219. number and k-closed a girl on nye who now has a bf
  220. Little delima
  221. Text opening a girl I've never met???
  222. Help needed with girl involving text
  223. Frequent texting - Is she interested?
  224. What to say when initiating a txt?
  225. What to do and not to do with your blackberry/funny statuses for bbm
  226. How to reframe this one?
  227. Not sure how to continue...
  228. [urgent] continue convo
  229. A dilemma here
  230. Opening text
  231. Urgent help with reply
  232. Did i step into the friends zone? Input/advice please
  233. potentially great reply
  234. Community phone game question
  235. Text approach? Help needed
  236. A good trick you can try
  237. She texts you back and fourth then she doesn't respond
  238. Advice Needed: How to flirt with a girl who just broke-up
  239. Sexual tension
  240. This didnt seem to go well... (Text transcript)
  241. Running out of ideas,Please help
  242. Where do I go from here?
  243. In friend zone - should I txt back?
  244. Phone Text Suspense?!
  245. Anti flaker detector 2012+Bonus kit
  246. When a girl goes cold?
  247. "oops nevermind" text from a flake
  248. She says she can't meet because of birthday and finals, where should I go from here
  249. What does this mean? can anyone her decipher her text??
  250. Can't tell with this girl.