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  1. why to not text the day after-my expieriences
  2. bbm conversation just for fun
  3. None texting Girl - Takes days to reply to simple text
  4. Respond to this - "Way to puss out"
  5. simple advice wanted
  6. What would you say?
  7. 'Lmfao' vs 'lol' or 'ha ha'
  8. HB9 beer tub girl - number close, need advice!
  9. Blind date through my mom haha.... Desperate country girl? Texting/Calling Her?
  10. Another one - good ideas?!
  11. Don't want to sound needy!
  12. girls ping me with "meow" lol
  13. Need Help / Panicking / Recovery
  14. Emergency help needed from the text game pros!
  15. How Did I Do When Going For The Date?
  16. How to minimize texting/calls without losing comfort etc.
  17. While She's Away
  18. HB College game +phone game + social circle game needed
  19. Heres our short convo, when can i add in humor or break that ice?!
  20. Help please!
  21. Need help taking advantage of my texting situation!
  22. Do you think she is a flake?
  23. Trying to maintain attraction thru phone/text until I see her again in a dif state
  24. Texting a girl the day after the night before (HB9!!)
  25. So she texts me I respond then nothing... whats wrong with this.
  26. What do you guys reply to this?
  27. # Closed and date set up. How to stop her from flaking?
  28. Post that answers most common questions
  29. E-mail game
  30. Shit test on first text after #Close!!!!?
  31. New to the forum and need a little help.
  32. You guys think I should I follow up with a call or text?
  33. She rang and hung up when I picked up?
  34. BBM conversation, building comfort,qualification and disqualification
  35. First text game attempt
  36. Advice please cause it takes my soul away
  37. Needing some phone game advice-first post
  38. No Answer?
  39. short replies! ><
  40. Where did i go wrong?
  41. I need some insane text responses like I know you guys know xD ASAP !
  42. BBM conversation just for fun continued
  43. one liners that i tested and that work
  44. Good start.....where to go next?
  45. Another night...interesting situation...
  46. Cab Pickup
  47. "How are things?"
  48. How to learn how to flirt/n facebook text game
  49. What do you think is better, disqualify your target with a online message or a text?
  50. How I destroyed her silence shit test / feedback plz
  51. funny txts
  52. hard to get vs. not interested/flake
  53. what stage of texting is she in?
  54. when to setup another date?
  55. What do I do now?
  56. I have to initiate the exhange
  57. HB9 Chatted online got her number I thought I had okay text game LOOK
  58. Man did I mess up (?)
  59. Re-initiate contact
  60. How long do I wait to text and set up a call for an online girl HB9
  61. Overly Needy?
  62. Do you text or call at least once a day?
  63. Help with my Text game.
  64. # Close Critique but no reply to texts
  65. Mystified by text situation
  66. hard to get or not interested?
  67. The "I love you" text
  68. Can't think of the write message for this situation
  69. Girl calls me boo/doll/bebe for like 2 weeks then resorts to 1 word texts
  70. Foreign girl - how to text, logistics and flaking
  71. Post makeout flakes...
  72. Golf course drink girl pickup
  73. Haven't talked to this girl In over a week
  74. what's next?
  75. Advice.. Newbie Status
  76. She says "Who is this?" "Who are you?"
  77. I dont know what to make of it?
  78. Going sexual in text
  79. Strange text exchange, not sure what to make out of it. Need advice.
  80. After talking dirty via text... how to ask out ?
  81. I don't get it? She's gone cold after makeout
  82. First text after getting the number - girl i failed with 5 years ago.
  83. Getting cold bitch on the date
  84. Is this text a shit test?
  85. Confusing Situation, Need Advice.
  86. 'why do you think you are single at the moment?'
  87. Salvaging this # Close / Learning from Mistakes
  88. How should i proceed?
  89. Evaluate my text game [A bit long]
  90. Direct or Indirect?
  91. She suddenly stop texting back! *help*
  92. Need a little help with texting two girls
  93. Long distance text game and possible boy friend
  94. Guys always ask me what i talk about with girls , here we go
  95. Short fuse gone long after a few mistakes.
  96. In the comfort zone, should I still play the mystery game?
  97. Ok. Here's the situation and I need some advises.
  98. # Close, no text back. Do I send another?
  99. This text works but inverse way LOL
  100. Girl Flakes Date She thinks i didn't go either....
  101. If she doesn't reply to the initial text?
  102. Deleting numbers
  103. Essentials for successful text game/how to improve
  104. Push n pull example(qualification,comfort, set up of second day)
  105. Help on frames and lenght in phone calls.
  106. She always texts me back later...
  107. kinda messed up thoughts can I save this ?
  108. Responding to a flake
  109. Needy? #closed HB9 while working (WAITER)
  110. What did I do wrong?
  111. Should I try to keep contacting or let it go?
  112. Attraction techniques/building comfort techniques
  113. I promised role playing and i deliver
  114. Flake - but she's very keen
  115. Did I blow it?
  116. Experiment: Intentionally sending a text to the wrong number
  117. Good first date..now shes on vacation...how do I keep her intersted?
  118. Didnt get her joke, how to recover?
  119. Long distance Texting.. Need witty response
  120. This simple text has saved me...i think!
  121. No patience when it comes to texting
  122. To drop it or practice?
  123. Texting - Day vs Night
  124. What are examples of shit testing?
  125. Building attraction over e-mails
  126. I might of went over bored... Sexual last text
  127. Killer of sexual tension.
  128. NEWBIE!!!! I screwed up the first phone call...How do I recover
  129. what to do hear??
  130. new to text game, how to continue from here?
  131. What to say to women who are considered a 5-6 or below?
  132. Making girls to initiate text conversations
  133. Help!!!!!
  134. Invitations via Text
  135. Attraction and teasing
  136. Role playing propa this time
  137. should i have sent this text?
  138. Did I screw this up? (text mesage)
  139. If she says "I can't talk right now" over the phone.
  140. Need a response
  141. Is this just a write off? Could use little advice(short post)
  142. Call/text? English/Italian?
  143. Learning by example. Learning from mistakes
  144. Girl keeps asking question..seeking validation
  145. How should I can continue now?
  146. What do you guys do about THIS repeating scenario....
  147. Girl that i have a lot of respect for, she plays me with my own style
  148. Phone Sex/text!!!
  149. Whats a good response? She gave me her number, but said i didnt need a excuse! ha
  150. Girl is in "serious" relationship, but wants to meet up
  151. Recovery from a string of drunken mistakes...
  152. Text game - Need help with response
  153. How should I continue now?
  154. 2nd date BS
  155. First Call? What next? Need Advice!
  156. What to do with people who are interested too little? Trolling ideas?
  157. Girl constantly playing games
  158. Should have escalated this sexually!!!
  159. TXT game with a female friend that your trying to turn into something more
  160. Need help with txt game
  161. Girl asks for my number but doesn't respond to any texts
  162. [Help] Weak Text Game here!! Cant read her at all!
  163. Re-opening HB from high school that I randomly ran into
  164. Lost cause and should i move on?? help needed
  165. What now?
  166. I'm confused. Period.
  167. Point me in the right direction?
  168. Excited for potential POF lay - detailed.
  169. Followed LS "phone/text game" rules by the book. almost. but It doesn't feel right.
  170. Success in reframe, how to keep interest until meet?
  171. Got the same blow-off...twice
  172. Major Dilemma!
  173. What is happening!!! need advice
  174. Met HB8 on a plane. Now on to texting/facebook...help!
  175. Girls with no personality through texting
  176. Direct Day Close - Failed Day2 Setup
  177. Keeps curve balling
  178. Moby dick loves whale watching ?
  179. HB9 went cold for no apparent reason, your advice is needed
  180. Amateur Plays Dangerous Game
  181. Response to playful sarcasm?
  182. The 'Respond to my text' Thread
  183. met girl at the gymmmm read and tell me wat u think
  184. May Have Taken Too Much Time With HB8/9
  185. When to reinitiate contact
  186. How to handle this one
  187. Need some feedback on a response to these kind of messages...
  188. Advice needed HB flake after good first date!
  189. Avoids plans, but always texts when out.
  190. Number off POF, started strong - not sure now?
  191. Texts going cold
  192. Advice about sex and dreams
  193. Getting her fired up sexually to see you
  194. Phone calls in England...
  195. Met a girl from the gym, but not at the gym..
  196. To text or not to text?
  197. Solid Set..Losing on Texts....Criticize and how to recover??
  198. Has a bf but texts me...
  199. We've been dating for a month. She never initiates texts
  200. Responding to "Love You"?
  201. Call, Answer to text or delete?
  202. Rules of Emoticons in text?
  203. Made a mistake
  204. How to respond to date cancellation
  205. smiley faces
  206. Girl telling me about other guy
  207. What is happening here!? with this girl.
  208. texting in general
  209. We talk every day BUT...
  210. sexting guide
  211. Talking on the Phone versus texting in College game. A caveat.
  212. solid text game day after date...now what?
  213. Need a good ice breaker for......
  214. Poll: To Leave a Voicemail, or Not?
  215. Mutual friend of Ex wants to talk to me
  216. You Meet a Girl, Get Her #, Call or Text in a Few Days...or What?
  217. Anti-flaker detector 2011
  218. HB8 keeps initiating
  219. Different Forms of Text Game
  220. have i ruined it or can i reignite it? newbie
  221. Text morning after?
  222. Indicator of Confusion
  223. Number closed model (hb9.5)....the follow up
  224. Text game, so far so good. How to proceed?
  225. Shit test via phone/text
  226. should i ask her out straight away or start a convo first?
  227. Girl asking details about date 5 days in advance
  228. Need Smart Response Please!
  229. Would It Be Acceptable to Re-Text or Re-Initiate Contact w/ a Girl, Weeks Later?
  230. Interesting texts that don't involve partying
  231. To call her later like i said? or to not?
  232. She initiates, but never continues the conversation!
  233. Make her come see you - through only phone and text interaction
  234. txt game advice for blonde HB9!
  235. How to recover!!!!!!!!!
  236. Weird conincidence
  237. girl said she's go out with me but her texts couldnt be less negative about it???
  238. I'm curious...
  239. how to deal with girls who reply with blunt one word texts??
  240. wrong girl recieves text
  241. Made a (hopefully not fatal) mistake. How do I redeem myself?
  242. Girl ignores some texts.
  243. Was i too harsh? (tired of being nice guy to her)
  244. Contacting more than one girl in a group?
  245. Text Game HELP!
  246. Text Game, breaking Rapport, possible?
  247. What should I do
  248. Girl said "I probably won't" after cool-points txt, need advice
  249. When to text next
  250. Need help with a reply