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  1. Text Help
  2. push/pull
  3. Critique my phone game please (text)
  4. What are some funny text messages...
  5. who are you?
  6. missed calling her when you get her number
  7. Phoned first... follow up text?
  8. How do you get her to initiate texting?
  9. How'd you resond to this rare txt msg?
  10. How do you do it ?
  11. Text critique - how to progress from here?
  12. What ever happened to calling?
  13. Thought I've seen it all with text game....
  14. Texting: punishment
  15. Light teasing isn't working as well as I thought it would
  16. Do you think there is something wrong with this txt message?
  17. First text
  18. HELP Analyze My Text Game HELP
  19. any idea how to role play?
  20. hb9 flake after dirty txt messages
  21. How often?
  22. Text line that has been working well for me
  23. A good response to..
  24. Is this a good first text?
  25. Is this a good text opener?
  26. Need help assessing this convo
  27. Quick question
  28. Whats this text mean
  29. Nervous calling HB9!
  30. What to say - text message
  31. My favorite opener
  32. "I'm a good girl"
  33. General question
  34. I feel like my phone game's awful. Please help me
  35. Text back humor fail
  36. Quick Question
  37. What gives?
  38. sexual escalation / shit test
  39. Some help with the next step. HB 8 CONVO Included
  40. Calls me everyday but makes excuses to meet?
  41. The Laws of Flaking
  42. text game or just plain AFC?
  43. Quick Question
  44. Need feedback on my text game please
  45. Complicated texting/first date/co-worker problem
  46. Need advice on opener quick
  47. WouLd this text work?
  48. Facebook help.
  49. Help me out?
  50. How to escalate with an HB 9? Convo Inlcuded!
  51. Need your Critiscism. Field Report Included
  52. Have I overtexted? need analysis for text game with Italian student.
  53. WTF?is she serious or is a BS test
  54. "I'm so h**ny. I wanna f**k"
  55. How do i reply to this?
  56. How do you counter freezeouts?
  57. When to end a text conversation
  58. difficulty "breaking through" with inexperienced girl
  59. Interesting article on phone vs text
  60. Serious flaking!!
  61. Suspicious
  62. texting an ex who's currently involved
  63. I feel like this is going downhill my text game sucks help me!
  64. Small text exchange - Opinions
  65. Flaking or freeze out
  66. Help me out
  67. Question
  68. help me not screw up please!
  69. Should I msg the girl after the date?
  70. "Happy Bday" text when GF just pissed me off hugely?
  71. Need advice on response
  72. How often to ping someone to keep attraction alive?
  73. Phone Game Revisited
  75. Text Response Question
  76. Day 3 Good then No Response
  77. Need some advice on what to do.
  78. Please please please help!
  79. need help with this one
  80. Odd situation + shit test?
  81. Response to a ping from Oriental girl. What should I text next?
  82. help fast ...
  83. help with freeze out...
  84. She froze me out and now I'm unsure/lost interest
  85. too desperate?
  86. Facebook guy friends.....should i worry
  87. What to do when a Girl You've NEVER SPOKEN TO gives you Her number..
  88. girl doesn't have text messaging
  89. My phone/text game SUCKS...ugh feel like I'm losing so many girls because of this
  90. Ideal response to end of the night text?
  91. POF -> HB8 asks me out, I decline -> Did I **** it Up? [Texts enclosed]
  92. Situation: Got her number but she won't be back in the area for a month...
  93. How do I turn this around FAST??
  94. Hospital shit test
  95. Help quick!
  96. bad txt day yesterday (but a turning point)
  97. bday picture taking and texts gone cold...
  98. Closing over the phone
  99. A Snippet of a Text Convo
  100. Txt Convo with HB 10 who has bf, what did I do write/wrong?
  101. Critique please
  102. Shit Test?
  103. How do freeze outs work?
  104. Pretty sure this started a pretty random attraction on fb What do you think?
  105. How to climb out of the cling zone.
  106. Who should give in on this one...me or her.....
  107. Txting advice!
  108. Are drunk texts IOIs?
  109. Girl says "Maybe" to everything and you know its a game
  110. Getting a response from this lady
  111. Possibly the greatest neg/playful humor in existence...must see
  112. Analysis Please? Text Transcript Included
  113. GF broke up via newspaper - just texted - response?
  114. Txt Convo help?
  115. should i act disinterested?
  116. What to do when there is a language barrier?
  117. What do you do if a girl responds this emotionally? Did I destroy the attraction?
  118. need to rebuild momentum
  119. Failing at sexual innuendo
  120. Photo
  121. doing this right? rip this txt chat apart.
  122. How should i deal with a HB playing hard to get?
  123. Closed a HB9 but no reply
  124. Ignore or reply?
  125. do i have to keep the upper hand?
  126. First time poster,Whats my next move?
  127. What do I say next
  128. Unsure how to approach this HB9
  129. How to switch from talking about class to just regular socializing
  130. Girl you already know likes you...how often do you text her during the week?
  131. Texting a girl at work
  132. Shes giving short responses
  133. Thought she was falling for me, then this happened....
  134. Getting #s - Reminder?
  135. Did my attempt to DHV backfire?
  136. Photo Messaging
  137. Friend Zone Text
  138. Pretending I txt'd the wrong number
  139. REALLY Odd situation with this girl from my past....
  140. She wont "hook"
  141. What the hell does "Bob" mean?!!!
  142. So what does this txt mean?
  143. When she doesn't respond...
  144. Intreeg's Approach
  145. help with post-SNL with HB9 texts/calls + how to play it from now
  146. HB9.5 mixed signals, is it game over? post-SNL message transcript included
  147. Advice please ! 2dates,f-closed,might be too nice-guyish though
  148. What do you think about this text.
  149. She went cold, I went wrong.
  150. What exactly does it mean a girl says "u can't handle me"?
  151. Continued follow up on cold Leads----thoughts
  152. Phone Phobia or Phone AA?
  153. grey areas
  154. No replies!!
  155. friend tells girls about me. how do i act?
  156. AFC wants advice. Whats my next move?
  157. She's managing to irritate me!!
  158. Call or text this girl from OKCupid?
  159. Text report with HB10 Brazil, Comments from wing, analysis and next step to take.
  160. HB9 - Rejected invite for hanging out that evening, reply?
  161. Still haven't had a break through
  162. What should I say back?
  163. hot chick complying
  164. Pulled a SNL on Saturday. How long should I wait?
  165. Can't get her alone
  166. critique please..first text game..and i dont text much
  167. She never sends the first txt
  168. It's not me, it's you...
  169. Random late nite txt, then freeze. just to see...
  170. need some advise or atleast opinion
  171. (Semi?)flaky girl, need help fast *time-sensitive*
  172. Text/Phone Game. From start to text/calling
  173. Going from Text to Call - For an Old Friend with the fizz gone off
  174. Stand up gig girl.
  175. girls wait to send something back
  176. Sent a stupid text - should i pretend it was meant for someone else?
  177. She had another date today
  178. X girlfriend emailed me
  179. Bad phone call with a shit test, time to give up?
  180. Best text response for a FLAKE?
  181. Learning the game!
  182. Bit of advice about strategy for laying MILF of the highest order
  183. Texting convo analysis ... Help ? what's the vibe?
  184. Text inbetween asking her our and the date.
  185. texting with xGF
  186. number close without saying a word-now what?
  187. AWESOME.... Until This!
  188. Responding to last minute flake
  189. facebook game how did i do
  190. What's the best chapter to read when starting out phone/text game?
  191. Much needed help and advice on weather to try the text / phone game?!
  192. Best Text game by me EVER, with the best and worst results EVER. Advice needed
  193. Help w text game on old flame
  194. Texting the day of the date
  195. My phone is cool. can i use it to my advantage?
  196. Day 2 Text Game: 100% Colombian
  197. Txt IOIs?
  198. shes gone cold
  199. So here's where I'm at...
  200. so,here's the deal...
  201. Would this work ?
  202. Hot then cold then kinda luke warm
  203. Evaluating my text game...
  204. this girl keeps texting back, but not really engaging - is she just nice or stringin?
  205. is this a flake in the making?
  206. is this a flake in the making?
  207. Bubbly in person - nonreceptive over text / FB
  208. Where do I go from here?
  209. girl took my power
  210. K-Closed at bar a week ago, been gamin her all week
  211. My Text/Phone game is really crappy....
  212. Texted girl from college years. Responds but seems down. Advice on approach.
  213. Turning numbers/ kiss closes into dates.
  214. Would this work after being rejected?
  215. Met her at a grocery store
  216. Critique Text Game Please
  217. How would You handle this?
  218. Tips for a text
  219. When to switch from texting to calling?
  220. Quick question
  221. Not sure if she's flaking, or its a logistical issue, could use some advice
  222. what if she calls out of the blue ?
  223. HELPP ASAP please!!
  224. How Should I Approach This?
  225. Flake detection and prevention
  226. Am I doing to much to soon? Been out of the game for over 3 years
  227. Improving my game, and an introduction
  228. Girl I had a thing with almost 2 mos ago...
  229. Unique situation o.0 .
  230. How to transition (Urgent)
  231. How often to text
  232. Girl never initiates communication, but still seems interested
  233. analyze this bit.. feedback and advice needed.
  234. Use of smiley faces and stuff like that
  235. Evalute my texts
  236. Calling a Barmaid (Advice)
  237. How To Get The Date Without Being Needy!?
  238. Would this make me look too needy?
  239. When girls don't invest into conversation and reply with lol,haha n etc
  240. on how to get pics from girls on the phone
  241. Gaming a slutty girl
  242. How to respond to this, not sure if she took the bait
  243. She forgot my name
  244. Evaluate my Text older chick don't know how she feels
  245. mexican girl
  246. Critique my text game. What's next?
  247. Just lookin for some feedback!
  248. Phone vs Text
  249. New Technology in Texting Game!
  250. 3 stories for why you should never txt the day after