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  1. Compliment via text
  2. How long to wait?
  3. HB8 Text Game Advice? Thanks Guys
  4. Sexualition via Text Game
  5. Comfort - Phone v Text
  6. A texting/fb method
  7. IoIs in texts
  8. finally out of my 2+ year slump..
  9. typical run around
  10. Long Fuse with a BF
  11. Time games
  12. Texting/Calling strategy between dates and after losing momentum!!!
  13. Reconnecting with HB
  14. What Should I do?
  15. Best response to a "New phone number" text
  16. Girlfriends 21st B day today. Want something clever to txt her
  17. Transition from text to phone game
  18. Quick shit test
  19. Usual case : Girl not answering anymore. Advice needed !
  20. Very Urgent...5 more hours to go
  21. girl calls you babe or boo
  22. Email/Text followup for very hot club girl?
  23. Hot and Cold. Help!
  24. Text game is it needed?
  25. Need help quickly with strange situation
  26. Medium Fuse, Help with Response to No Call/ Text Back
  27. For the love of f-u-n; help me respond to this text a-s-a-p!!
  28. Sarge Apps for your Smartphone?
  29. Important to always let her text last after F close?
  30. newbie needs help with short text convos
  31. HB's stop responding to texts when I try to turn up the heat
  32. Need some new thread ideas
  33. Not respondong to her text
  34. Shit test or done?!
  35. Not stepping through hoops
  36. HB not responding anymore?!
  37. Another Flake. Apologizes and doesnt
  38. does her message have sexual connotations!
  39. what to write a girl i met in a club a few weeks ago??
  40. is this a good "date" 1?
  41. I thought She liked me but still flaked
  42. Followup: Hot and Cold
  43. Need a positive spin
  44. Short Fuse: INSTANTLY Went Cold
  45. Turning Sexual Texts into Sex
  46. BBM any different?
  47. Building Jealousy in Text
  48. So I need some help
  49. little trick
  50. Reviving an HB9....any tips welcome!
  51. "Loss aversion text' for flaking chicks
  52. She's showing too much interest on txt? Player?
  53. What to do next? No reply to 2nd text after she replied to 1st
  54. This has failed me twice
  55. met a girl, went out on a date, now i think i messed up the whole text game.
  56. Need a reply to this text
  57. Potential date now gone blank..
  58. How big of shit test is this?
  59. spilled the beans, lost my cool, any hope?
  60. got a few question need some help
  61. what should i text this girl??? dunno best ways
  62. "do you ever send normal texts" response?
  63. Urgent help for tmw!
  64. Regain control in the txt first game
  65. urgent help - bar girl HB 9
  66. A good xmas text
  67. Do I ignore her questions?!
  68. frustrated with this girl, need some help..
  69. Punish Whilst Keeping Control
  70. Is this an IOI
  71. Text messages for girls who have gone cold.
  72. Need some help ASAP
  73. Way to ask a girl when she's free without sounding AFC?
  74. Need HELP URGENT! Said something the wrong way, need help to revive
  75. Ok girl got pissed because i called her sexy?
  76. Can't continue with this girl
  77. Is it better to sexualize texts before or after getting a date?
  78. Professor and potential student---gameplan critique?
  79. what should I text back?
  80. Blown Out With HB9???
  81. NEED HELP!! Cant read HB9!
  82. Text msg analysis needed..
  83. Average first date, cant tell if still she's interested
  84. Judge my performance?
  85. Complicated situation, seeking advice. Not for the faint of heart.
  86. When should the women initiate text?
  87. New Year's Eve Texts
  88. Random Stranger New Years Txt advice
  89. I feel lost..don't know if it's good or bad..thoughts?
  90. text 'game' advice - apply within
  91. is this a bad response?
  92. Fast Shift from Hot to Cold
  93. confused.. advice plz.
  94. opening text after hookup
  95. sick or flu good message
  96. Txt Convo Critique
  97. She broke up via text - what should I do with her?
  98. Re-initiating after a year of no contact
  99. Ultimatum text or act as if nothing happened?
  100. Text Message Report: HB7 (HB Frap)
  101. "Who is this?" text
  102. Starting texts with the word "so"
  103. Help! need analysis on these text situations
  104. shit-test about me staying at her place? quick analysis please
  105. Call or text? Need quick reply!
  106. Is She Interested?
  107. Need help responding to shit test!
  108. Sexting the GF
  109. Day after text with HB10
  110. How to text the day after, Quick response needed!
  111. help with shit test
  112. Txting/facebook message
  113. She texts me out of the blue
  114. So I am getting played and need help flipping the game
  115. Messed up great text game, used Facebook to recover
  116. A "maybe" to plans
  117. Texting a girl I've never met...
  118. interesting idea to text random girls
  119. No driver's License
  120. Young girl doesn't understand sarcasm!!!
  121. HB9 met at the bar text convo - need advice
  122. Txt response suggestions.
  123. HELP PLZ, Is this a Test? What next from me?
  124. Nearly there, just need little advice........
  125. Possible Text Fail;? Pls Advis
  126. This girl wants it, how should I proceed? Text convos inside.
  127. Getting girls to contact you without being solicited
  128. Salvaging an HB10, mistake in the call? Help please!
  129. Flaking galore. How to avoid?
  130. Possible flake. Pre-emptive strike?
  131. If a girl takes hours to respond but sends you a quality text back...
  132. First time poster. Need help with texting a hired gun hb 8.5
  133. Classic I Did Call Lie Response?
  134. Re-Engaging Text / Convo after Freeze Out - Suggestion needed
  135. Email thread - where to go next
  136. Bridging 5 month without meeting in person
  137. HB7 from work - How to respond?
  138. Boring texter... or just isn't interested?!
  139. When a girl tries to correct your grammar, and fails - best response?
  140. HB 9/10 model
  141. Where to take it from here
  142. Jan 17th 2010: saddest day of the year text
  143. When Do I Schedule A Day 2?
  144. Odd situation..
  145. Eh, think I messed up.
  146. What to do about missed call?
  147. Left her high and dry
  148. What should be my next move?
  149. Just used "Surprise!" text. Her response.
  150. How to get her to meetup?
  151. Stop texting for a while?
  152. girl texts me a lot but rarely meet up face to face
  153. Are things slipping?
  154. Can I use a phonebook to get her #
  155. Damage control - bringing a flake back to life
  156. Being able to walk away over text/IM
  157. Need help!
  158. she said "you must not miss me to much"
  159. URGENT RESPONSE- for this text
  160. FR: weekend in vegas, phone game follow up
  161. Need help meeting the girl in person
  162. Low investment texts like "I just saw your twin."
  163. Ultimate Text guide
  164. Live Text game report HB7.5 Brazil
  165. URGENT; need c/f response"What are you stalking menow?
  166. sexual texts
  167. Shit test.....[HB8]....did I handle it well?
  168. Should I flake first or try again..
  169. What's a good text in response to girl cancelling date
  170. Need help with HB9!
  171. Late night texts
  172. How do I re-initiate a cold number?
  173. Looking for some perspective/suggestions
  174. Need help asking her out on a date!
  175. little challange for experts(from total afc)
  176. "This is going to be Fun"
  177. How NOT to play the Text game
  178. Serious Help, all experts welcomed
  179. Long Phone Calls
  180. what to answer basic question "how are you today :)"
  181. Met this incredible girl that I cant get outta my mind. Wont return texts
  182. need help with flaky number
  183. When a girl texts she wants to have sex.
  184. Texting Tip: It's ok to end with ~YourName
  185. help with asking her if she's still coming?
  186. BBM BlackBerry Messenger
  187. This exact text response has happened to me before... help
  188. She only reponds to questions. IOD?
  189. Urgent: Bartender/Lingerie Model Day 2
  190. how to tell her I dont want to bbm or whatsapp?
  191. Alpha with Hb9
  192. Quick Reply Question
  193. Lets get together and make some babies...
  194. More examples for: Solidifying the Connection
  195. How to entice conversation
  196. Not replying to shit - tests is the best option
  197. Girl turns off her phone on first date
  198. Critque My Valentines Day Text Game with HB9
  199. got more than 5 phone numbers in 1 nite, how to text 'em?
  200. Text Exchange for you guys...
  201. reply to a flake!
  202. having trouble with on and off relationship.
  203. Is not calling back considered flaking?
  204. Help a Newbie out....should i cold text her
  205. Did I screw this up??
  206. Valentine's day texting
  207. What's a good text opener if she doesn't know my number?
  208. Where to go from here? Text messaging asian girl for a meet up.
  209. Whats my next move?
  210. Just got a text "Why are you single?"
  211. Whoops!
  212. Just a quickie
  213. late night text
  214. She no longer interested or still interested but hiding it?(insecure HB8) need advice
  215. has a boyfriend?
  216. started off good with a HB (text game), now she's freezing me out. WTF?
  217. Texting a FPUA
  218. So, did I screw up?
  219. Goodnight
  220. possible relationship. please help
  221. Text Critique
  222. Text convo - What went wrong, need help
  223. Flaky Girl - three strikes you're out
  224. Unsure of HB9s behavior right now
  225. Rate This
  226. Voicemail: message or no?
  227. need help quick!
  228. What should i text her?
  229. Annoying girls on BBM
  230. Setting up a date with the Doctor---I blew it!!!
  231. Need quick reply!
  232. Had a line in my head all week, field testing it today...
  233. Best thing I can do with a flake text?
  234. What should my next text message say?
  235. Slow burn
  236. How to make her add you on facebook?
  237. Need some help, where do i go from here?
  238. Phone game help!
  239. Need a GOOD reply for this hb9's text!!
  240. She's "maybe" too much of a good girl!
  241. Strange moment to go cold
  242. Text Critiques and advice on taking it to the next level?
  243. Text game help!!
  244. Backfired Freeze Out?
  245. Need Text Help, would this work?
  246. Holy fawk! I need a recovery line like right now!!!!
  247. Flaky, maybe lost cause? Please help
  248. Recontating/Pinging when your number has changed since last communication.
  249. Need some Advise with hb9
  250. She wants my FB name