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  1. When to ask for 2nd date
  2. how do I reply
  3. Girl who never initiates...keep pinging or erase the number???
  4. Older Girl-Need Reply Quick
  5. She purposely leaves a missed call
  6. 1 Night Stand Girl - What Next?
  7. Best Response to Flake Message?
  8. Thoughts on Follow Up!
  9. how to reply to "how do i make it up to you"
  10. Text game fail?
  11. Need (advanced) help with this chick: Lost cause??
  12. Interpreting womens emails
  13. Am I over gaming?
  14. Curious text behavior
  15. Your a bit weird, arent you? ;p
  16. My first trial and error of techniques from "The Ultimate Guide"
  17. Including your name in the text
  18. did i screw up? and is it salvageable? help!
  19. Girl texted me first
  20. How to handle first call/text when not much comfort is built?
  21. Suggestions?
  22. Response to emotional text
  23. Help
  24. Reframe required
  25. Flake keeps on texting me, need advice
  26. Phone convo length with Medium/Short Fuse
  27. Do you usually initiate the sms convo after she closes the thread?
  28. Text Game Examples
  29. Text Convo: Tips/ Advice/ Insight/ Knowledge/ Whatever
  30. Need advice on txt/phone game for legitimately busy HB.
  31. Quick text game advice please!
  32. Is She Flaking??
  33. did I f**k this up?
  34. What do you guys think of this one?
  35. Text Game
  36. Txt contact before date
  37. what should i do?
  38. HB8 Text advise
  39. I just dont feel my text game right. Critique appreciated
  40. Met on train, instantly connect ,she asks for my no, replies to text but then ignore
  41. need help with hb
  42. She initiates...
  43. flake text...respond?
  44. Observation: Flakey Girls and What I've Learned
  45. help please asap.
  46. Constant Texting, No Flaking. Confused.
  47. Girl keeps testing me via text, and is flakey. Help?
  48. Anyone got a good reply to this?
  49. This girl want me to send pics...wut?
  50. Late Responder?
  51. Do i need to call
  52. Texting game at its Finest
  53. She often initiates, but ends quickly
  54. Ideas for seduction phone game?
  55. Overseas girl
  56. Need Great Minds for HB 10 Advice!
  57. Failed on phone game with hb 9 need help!
  58. The First Text. No bond yet.
  59. How would you guys do this?
  60. A lot of Times When I Make a Joke....
  61. what do you do when they say they will call back but dont
  62. first few texts...
  63. QUICK: Ex that I'm trying to re-initiate F Buddy status w/Initiates... Comeback?
  64. is this french girl flakin' on me?
  65. She Asked Me Out
  66. Best way to pick up hot girl on facebook?
  67. Doing alright?
  68. Med students
  69. Latest time you should text a girl
  70. Need help responding to her awkward text. WTF??
  71. is she playing with me?
  72. Trying To game
  73. Girl in my class
  74. Did i f*ck this up - and how to salvage
  75. Call her
  76. Flake calling me out - Getting her to mirror my efforts
  77. How to React to booty call Drunk Text
  78. Texting problems with this girl 8.5
  79. Think im about to mess this up
  80. Complimented girl she got offended
  81. Text game.. I do not have it.
  82. Getting back on the horse with a girl via text
  83. What would you say next? Lets see some responses.
  84. More Text Game Examples
  85. Texting girl you met drunk at frat party...
  86. Hb accepts offer for "dirty drunk txts" and starts off with sexy pics
  87. Help needed!!sex talk
  88. Critique my text game plz!
  89. Phone/Text Damage Control List
  90. What are some good "pings" for text?
  91. apology from girl- how to respond
  92. Need help responding to this txt msg
  93. Tomorrow I need to deliver a solid first text after getting a #. Its been a while....
  94. "Bank Heist" text question
  95. Critique this text
  96. Sexting - could it hurt your chances of actual sex?
  97. Qualifying Over The Phone
  98. Need Some Advice
  99. Where to go from here.
  100. WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME? text
  101. How to respond to 'i'm sick'?
  102. Flakey girl... Need advice...
  103. HB9 need help
  104. Blackberry routines
  105. Direct Game and Phone Game
  106. Next step from this situation?
  107. need help getback with this girl
  108. First no response
  109. Critique this Text
  110. Is this text game going well so far? Advice needed and appreciated
  111. HB 8.5 with bf help?
  112. First time poster, need text game help with HB10
  113. need to reframe girl
  114. No Responser ( possibly) need advice on text
  115. Very frustrating situation
  116. Asking Friends for Phone Numbers
  117. Have a blind date with a girl I met online
  118. How to open a girl who puts her cell phone number on her fb?
  119. Citique + next steps
  120. How to 1 up?
  121. How to proceed from here, after first date.. which was at my place
  122. New to game, need a hand with text game
  123. Hot/cold texter help asap
  124. My way of handling "who is this?"
  125. To call or text? When & what?
  126. About to send this
  127. Need help with text quick!!!
  128. Sexting
  129. x's in texts (quick q)
  130. Girl missed my call then text instead of callback - what does this mean?
  131. texting girl who said no HELP
  132. Text Game = Day 2
  133. How long should I wait between texts?
  134. too many questions
  135. important thing to notice in a girls text.... her level of INVESTMENT
  136. Xbox Live Game, transition to Text Game
  137. Ending a text conversation
  138. Good Morning Text?
  139. number closed on PoF.. need text advice *
  140. Alpha phone game
  141. Shit! I think she's getting buyers remorse or I'm creeping her out
  142. Advice Quick!!!
  143. need text response
  144. How should I play it next??
  145. Texts into dates??
  146. Good Line Needed
  147. Texting a big part of game?
  148. My Freeze out worked and she contacts first. How did it go?
  149. Critique my Text Game! (with prizes)
  150. was i too forward?
  151. Overall opinion. I blew it, i think
  152. Should I call her or wait for her first??
  153. When a girl says possibly
  154. She Gave me Her Number
  155. Questions with normally boring responses
  156. HELP! noob here, intense text w/ girl i like..
  157. How to respond to...
  158. no interest??
  159. Take a look at this
  160. Question on a text game...
  161. Need help!! am i in friend zone?
  162. when is to much teasing....too much?
  163. need a little advice
  164. Interest question
  165. Where to go with this text game?
  166. how should i advance?
  167. Did i do something wrong?
  168. How did I do?
  169. I miss you..
  170. Was This OK?
  171. How to get longer responses from GF
  172. Opener
  173. Did she open the door here?
  174. First text message after number close
  175. Hired Gun Text Game
  176. No Response... Was this completely out of line?
  177. Need advice on out of state HBs
  178. Advice required, intelligent doctor chick
  179. Defguy Text game Thread
  180. How'd I do? Text Convo
  181. What to do next...
  182. There is no balance here, only I constantly initiate convos.
  183. Thoughts on This Situation?
  184. long distance flaky set suggestions?
  185. 10 Steps to Getting a Hot Girl's REAL Phone Number (and she'll answer when you call)
  186. Textin a flake about bars. Advice quick please! Thx!
  187. what to do now?
  188. how long to wait
  189. Dealing with a short fuse who has flaked in the last couple of days...
  190. need text advice, should be an ez one, but brain not workin
  191. Need help
  192. Girl with boyfriend
  193. Advice Needed
  194. URGENT: how to react to a flake/busy girl
  195. reengaging a HB8 Russian chick
  196. need helped im retarded and awkard
  197. Need quick advice on this HB - FREE COOKIES INSIDE =]
  198. getting the 2nd date via text
  199. Text Shit Test Response Required
  200. One Night Stand, now looking for LTR...dealing with texts...
  201. Very smart HB9 text... help me not screw this up! 1st post!
  202. Text Game (Transitioning frame from Pickup to Relationship)
  203. How am I doing? Not sure what to make of this txt interaction
  204. A cashier SNATCHED up my phone and put her number in, how to move forward now???
  205. Long time between text replies
  206. critique needed
  207. Signs she's high/low compliance
  208. chicken shit
  209. The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game
  210. how to text for sex? im all in at this point...
  211. URGENT!! What to do when HB not reply to first message of the whole multiple liners?!
  212. Telling hb to stop texting me
  213. Flakey, late replier that is keen but not so keen.
  214. Where do I take this conversation? [Text]
  215. Critque/Advice
  216. Building sexual tension (attraction) with an ex
  217. chick I met online.
  218. The Reply (after asking a girl out) How should it be?
  219. Simple move when a girl doesn't answer your call
  220. salvage an AFC moment
  221. Setting up date one
  222. Text / phone setting up day 2, not sure where we are
  223. What days of the week to text...
  224. A simple little texting resource
  225. Texts with an older HBaustrian
  226. When to stop playing hard to get
  227. textbook text game
  228. girl keeps initiating text
  229. Should I Just Cut This Girl Off?
  230. There's a girl staring at me! but i know she has a bf!
  231. Good response to this? called a player
  232. quick response, u'll have my undying love!
  233. HB that is in to me sucks at texting. What should I say?
  234. lost cause?
  235. How to get what I want...
  236. HELP! need to reply soon...
  237. Keen or just a flirt !?!?
  238. text game advice needed.
  239. Advice
  240. Text messaging after kiss close
  241. Text game with HB8 who is involved with OM...
  242. Phone Game Issues
  243. gottttt emmmmmmm
  244. bad joke
  245. HB8 in comfort
  246. Need a good response
  247. girl takes forever to text back
  248. Met girl last night, got number, where to go from here?
  249. Great Thanksgiving texts!!!
  250. Too much hot not enough cold?