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  1. how would mystery do a street sarge
  2. help on day pickups
  3. Street Game
  4. Day time Pick Up's
  5. Running game at a mall or on the streets...
  6. Street PU Knowledge
  7. My First Day Time Approch
  8. Sarging at the mall
  9. Day Game
  10. How do you run street game?
  11. Day Game Pointers
  12. Sarging the Mall
  13. What I've learnt about Day Game
  14. Approaching in a supermarket
  15. Number obtained in the street
  16. Day and Street Sarging... An Idea to reduce Anxiety
  17. Today i will sarge on my lunch break...
  18. direct game street
  19. street number close
  20. Getting rapport in the street *no KJ's please*
  21. Day Game Opener
  22. Starting day game.
  23. Day Game/Day Sarging..
  24. day game openers
  25. SP: Projecting interest during day game...
  26. Street Sargers... Topics of conversation?
  27. Day Game / Street Sarging
  28. Mastering A2 on STREET: Some questions.
  29. day game pointers
  30. what are some good openers for street pickup or day game?
  31. Street Openers
  32. What is your routine stack for day game?
  33. day game / get approached question
  34. Street Sarging?
  35. Good opener on the train, or other public transportation
  36. Day Game: Ass Fondle, Eye Fuck, No Closes
  37. Places to day game?
  38. How do I approach on the bus?
  39. Suggestions for these scenarios, anyone??
  40. Hired guns as social proof
  41. Waiting in line for the bus...
  42. Sarging At The Mall
  43. how do you dhv during a street sarge?
  44. Day game help
  45. Good bookstore openers?
  46. Bus/Subway Sarge
  47. Street sarges: no eye contact?!
  48. Small day game question: She's sitting alone, do you sit with her?
  49. I'm in car. Girl walking down the street. How do i go about it?
  50. Day Gaming aka Gay Daming
  51. where can i find some info on day game?
  52. Number closing on mall sarges
  53. Day Game (Mall) Structure
  54. Day Game advice
  55. day game help
  56. Opener for Day Game
  57. Hitting on a girl on a bus...
  58. Day Game Section
  59. Day Game: Opening Subway Sets
  60. Why Are These Day Game Openers Weak?
  61. 45-60 sec sarge possible? supermarket chick
  62. Art Gallery Game
  63. Game at Work
  64. How to pick up girls on the street, malls????
  65. Need Some Day Game Help
  66. daygame - sets keep walking away after my opener
  67. Mall sarging
  68. I'm absolutely exhausted from Day Game
  69. Day Game Sticking Points: Need Help!
  70. Opening girls on the tense streets of Germany
  71. Sarging Hired Guns At Car Shows
  72. I'm a newbie to Day game: how do most girls respond?
  73. Day Direct Opening According to SINN !!!!
  74. Opening in bookstores
  75. Supermarket Seduction
  76. Can u do this exclusively at day in street?
  77. Day Game openers
  78. Direct Day Game Thought - breaking the "strangers" boundary
  79. I get eye contact - need DAY game! (PUTSF)
  80. Day game on campus
  81. Daytime pick-up: Place to do it on the train?
  82. street sargin, wats ur approach? review of sinn approach
  83. What if they show interest when walking? (eyeball you)
  84. HB Jogger falls down on sidewalk in front of you
  85. finally got over the aa
  86. how to open professional cheerleaders... will meet them next week
  87. Direct day game at the mall fast moving sets
  88. The Hollister/Abercrombie opener
  89. flake problem on daygame
  90. Direct day game, USA Mall sarging, need info
  91. Girls sitting/standing really close to you = IOI/AI?
  92. Am I the only one who feels like...
  93. First field report/Need tips on day game!!!
  94. know of any good resources for doing DAY APPROACHES?
  95. HB10 in the parking lot
  96. Experimental ipod opener
  97. Peacocking in Day game suggestions please.
  98. 26 Lessons Learned From Daytime Pick-up
  99. question about qualification questions during daygame
  100. Need a very inventive opener-ON A BIKE
  101. some help with daygame please
  102. Meeting Women In Coffee Shops And Malls Vs. Bars And Clubs
  103. My questions about the Day game (DYD stuff!)
  104. Day Game Dilemma
  105. awful PUA
  106. Day game are carnivals, festivals, etc
  107. A Unique Sarging Situation - Thoughts?
  108. response to day game routine stack
  109. Girl that works in my building
  110. Walking Set Gameplan (Fill in the blanks)
  111. When is it okay to C-Block?
  112. Local lunch place opener help needed.
  113. Is there such a thing as customer game?
  114. Impossible day game situation?
  115. i am having problems being social
  116. Sinn's Day Game Method
  117. Campus lawn / benches
  118. What are some good day game Routines?
  119. INSTA-date
  120. #-closed hired gun, but confused!Help
  121. Is seduction more likely with daygame than bar game?
  122. When She Returns To The Opener
  123. When She Replies Direct Opener because of BF
  124. Just curious: How many/much do U hook/close /lay from street?
  125. Juggler Vs Mystery Method in Day Game
  126. I have a boyfriend
  127. Too scared to approach?
  128. Time Limit To Getting Her Number?
  129. Gym game !?!
  130. day game rules.
  131. Eye Contact
  132. what about seminars?
  133. Day gaming in a SUIT. pros/cons
  134. A Subway Opener
  135. Stopping Moving Sets
  136. Different ways of appraoch in Day Games
  137. day game book
  138. Groups - Day Game
  139. approach anxiety just cannot open to save my life
  140. Girls my age are too fucking shy.
  141. Droppin notes: Could this work?
  142. Day game help please
  143. How to say goodbye
  144. Vegas Pool Cabana Game
  145. Helping Girls With Homework
  146. Missing something in my game
  147. getting seated
  148. Can i have your number ?
  149. Closed Community Game
  150. Number closed....not sure what phase I am in...
  151. How Much Peacocking During Day Game?
  152. At the mall...
  153. AMOG'ed by God?
  154. Day Game!
  155. Approaching Single During Day
  156. Big Obstacles
  157. DHV and Preselection Rule
  158. what to do when girls are attracted to you by looks alone
  159. When Will This Be A Good Time?
  160. Supermarket checkout hottie
  161. I love this thread !!!
  162. Could y'all help me with my day game routine?
  163. problem building attraction. wats going on?
  164. DayGame: College classroom
  165. bookstore scenerio canned opener
  166. park opener scenerio
  167. Two good days in college...
  168. Indirect or Direct? [Do not post useless discussion threads like this again]
  169. Theme Park Game
  170. sexy office girl, but...
  171. Day Game peacocking
  172. Opinion needed: starting openers with "excuse me.." -- during the DAY.
  173. Need help with older chick
  174. peackocking my little bro
  175. Problem at the mall
  176. interesting story, but is there any thing i could do better?
  177. Something you may or may not have noticed...
  178. gonna figure this fellow out
  179. Interested or not?
  180. Some help needed
  181. Religion or spirituality can help in the day game.
  182. in metro do i stand up and approach even if i am standing?
  183. Daygaming
  184. Opened a set, got the email, now what?
  185. Dj's indirect daygame method
  186. help with closing in the day game
  187. day game help
  188. Day game with customers where i work?
  189. Day game openers
  190. Moving target
  191. What's happening to my day game?
  192. My time at the mall
  193. Universal Day Game Stacks
  194. starting conversation with a girl with a dog
  195. Tis' the season
  196. daygame, openers and transitioning (videos)
  197. banter for daygame
  198. Wingman for day game on long island
  199. Why are girls DLVing to me?
  200. Daygamed today, wtf?
  201. Day game / Girl coming over
  202. Day Game...(where to go next)
  203. Return to College, Going to comfort need help...
  204. A couple tips on day game
  205. my little day game routine
  206. Pivots and DayGame
  207. How do you motivate yourself to get out for day game?
  208. creepiness of daygame
  209. DR. MJ'S day game method
  210. The best place to pickup women during the day
  211. Sticking Point.
  212. Two/three sets and Direct
  213. Questions about day game
  214. 2 things I noticed during day game that helps me keep the convo going
  215. Wow, I'm shaking like a leaf!
  216. How is day game different?
  217. on the bus and at the gym
  218. day game opener thread
  219. College Sarging Problems
  220. tell me about your day game attraction and qualification
  221. Direct Approach In A Crowd
  222. In line at the grocery store - Was she interested?
  223. Gaming the cute receptionist at my work...?
  224. Librarian shows interest in me..need advice
  225. Sarging at a quiet (shhhh!) Library
  226. Number close in elevator
  227. Is this a good daygame opener?
  228. Opener for hired guns
  229. closing?
  230. Day Game Gold [skateboarding]
  231. The Day Game Thread
  232. So Many Hotties, All on Their Cell Phones
  233. An odd situation... (Day Game/Text Game/Work Game x.x)
  234. Confusing girl... day game in class
  235. Mystery Method and the English
  236. day game-game day, shit you already knew, but i had the balls to do.
  237. Interesting Day Game situation
  238. daygame manual -sinn
  239. Macys Day Game???
  240. Need help to DAYGAME number close in 5 mins!
  241. Good opener that lead to a # close + notes
  242. Kino to use in day game?
  243. GEtting no#s easily in day game, then not getting day 2's. Where is the disconnect?
  244. Out door summerjob..gold?
  245. Direct or indirect for day game?
  246. My funny ass day game story. At the Playground!
  247. Artistic day game.
  248. question about library
  249. Ipods & busses
  250. Day Walking: The Differences between Day and Night Game