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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWizard View Post
    As the purpose of sex is procreation there may be some switch in her primitive brain that will sabotage the relationship if its not fulfilling its biological purpose.
    That makes sense. How else in a primitive society do you know that a guy is infertile? It you don't get pregnant, you move on (or cheat).

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    Yeah, I think there is a lot more biology going on beneath the surface than is generally realized.

    When you spend time with a hot stripper you can see how the world looks to them. Much different than to you or me. Guys are everywhere just like a natural resource. Like air or water. They are always hitting on her all the time. She simply uses those guys to her own ends. Plays them like a piano. She uses emotional akido in which their emotions get deflected to her own ends. Not just the guys at the club but every male in her life. If you can blunt her games and run game on her then you become an attractive male and she may use you for sexual gratification. Which is what we call picking up a stripper.

    One reason they like older guys is that they tend to be lonely because they can't pull like when they were younger. And they generally have gotten over a lot of youth's immature behavior. And a lot of them have money to spend.

    And you'll hear about all the weirdos from them if you are dating them. Like the guy that sent the ten page text message or the guy that tried to follow her home and cut her off and demanded his money for the lap dance back. Then there was the guy that saw aliens at the club. Once I was there and this guy gets up in front of the stage and starts making these weird hand motions like an ayatollah or something and I asked my stripper where the bouncer was. Guess he was late. She said the guy just lost his girlfriend. Or the time she got in a fight with the manager and her and her co-stripper almost lost their jobs. I even think mine was a drug dealer because once at the club this other stripper came over and asked her if she had the stuff and my stripper said "later". Something to think about if you are dating them. If you got pulled over and she had something in her purse I know she would say its yours while flashing those baby blues and showing cleavage to the officer. I told her you can't drive with an expired tag but she was so smart she didn't think she'd get caught. Sure as hell I get a text a short time later that she's stopped and they are going to take her to jail. But she's so damned cute she got out of going to jail. But who had to go and get her car out of hock. Some dumb ass I am afraid to admit. So its like that all the time with them. Real emergencies. Fake emergencies. You just don't realize how stupid a 20 year old can be until you spend some time with one. But like I said. I wouldn't trade the experience.

    But I've seen young guys being played as well. They are equal opportunity scammers. And a lot of them view what they do as a public service. You'll hear that. They kind of view themselves as psychological counselors for old geezers to vent their problems and stuff. I heard about that one guy that every time his wife had a fight with him he would come to the club and spend the evening with his regular and give her a grand for listening to hs problems.

    I once got curious as to what happens when you get a lap dance and don't pay. So I asked my regular. She said one guy did that to her and she demanded his drivers license and said not to come back to the club until he had the money and if he didn't she would make sure through the sisterhood he never got another dance from anyone at the club again. He brought back the money and got his license back. I also heard that my regular had a guy die on her while giving a lap dance of a heart attack I assume.

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