While I find the analysis of social interactions by KnightToF3 interesting, I'm not sure it is the way to go. I've seen people execute "formulae" like that, and it only works for a short time. People can sense the "plans". It's not genuine. Follow that blueprint closely, and you'll be jumping from group to group without being that highly regarded by any of them. Sure, you'll dupe a few dupes, but I don't think that ego boost is what you're after. You wanna genuinely grow to become popular.

My advice? Sounds cliche, but be yourself. Obviously, that includes trying to improve yourself, but just be straight with people. Be friendly, and don't let yourself be too shy for too long. On the other hand, don't do things unnaturally just because it's "alpha." again, be yourself. "Alphaness" is only earned by strong self-esteem (not arrogance) and humility to follow through with correcting mistakes. That's the only formula you need.

Tried and "tested" in my own life.