Fader's bootcamp - San Francisco, July 2009

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    Fader's bootcamp - San Francisco, July 2009

    I attended the bootcamp in SF this past weekend and I wasn't sure what to expect, I just learned about "The Game" about 2 months ago when my friend told about Style's book and I have been studying everything about the game such as Magic Bullets, Mystery Methods, etc everyday since. I decided to take a bootcamp with Fader to accelerate my learning and I picked his BC after reading about his reviews and the fact that he only takes 4 students and it was GREAT.
    We started Friday a little late since Fader's laptop and phone was stolen on the east cost(I hope you recovered some of those numbers) and his flight was delayed. He made it up to us by extending his class both on Friday and Saturday. He started by telling about his story, which helped me to understand his struggles and his life experiences and he moved to the inner game part which I think is a very important concept not only for the pick up but for everything in life. Improving inner game not only helps you with the game but it improves your life. He recommended many great materials on the concept that I can't wait to read. We also study openers and practiced them for the first night. Since he wanted to know each of our skill sets before going into deeper concepts.
    Infield Night 1:
    Before going out, Fader wanted to go to a mall to get a jacket since he hates the cold and he didn't have anything warm with him. So me and another student went with him to a mall. As soon as we entered the mall he started talking to a woman in the elevator and you could see his game. He had her in LESS THAN 30 SEC. After he bought a jacket he started talking to 2 other woman who were working in the mall and again you could see his skill. Its one thing to read about all these info from a book its another to see a MPUA demonstrating them right in front of you. It was AWESOME.
    First night out we went out to different venues and he told us which sets to open as he watch. I always get paralyzing approach anxiety when I went to approach. My body locks down and no matter how much my brain tries to break it down that nothing bad is going to happen my body just didn't respond, but with Fader it was different, I didn't get the same feelings as before as I just went and opened the moment he told me too without hesitation or any anxiety. I opened a 2 set and was able to hold my own for about good 10-15 mins. Afterward Fader told me my mistakes which is great about the bootcamp you get an instant feedback and what you did right and wrong and you can improve on the next sets. We went out to different venues and every time I opened sets I would get more confident even when on the sets where I didn't open right.
    Day 2:
    Day 2 started with Fader giving more feedback on the night before before starting on the new materials.
    This day was very exhausting mentally, you learn about attractions, qualification, comfort, etc and Fader talks about all these in very detail form, so you need to take a lot of notes to study and digest them later on.
    The infield started with me drinking 1 Faderate and again I didn't suffer from approaching anxiety and I was able to improve by locking down sets and try attraction materials. Also Fader able to demonstrate more of the concepts right there infield from bouncing 2 girls to different venues to teaching hoop theory. He literally turns to us and tells us what he is going to do and he does it. (He was gaming this girl in a venue and after taking her to the qualification zone he turns around and tells us "Here comes a big hoop qualification" and turns around make her qualify herself to him. It was awesome) Afterward we went to a stripper club to see Fader's legendary stripper game. Again the experience is very different with him, the way he interacts with strippers is very different than other AFCs there, he knows exactly what they are doing and how not to play their game and makes them play his game. Unfortunately for us the place was crowded with rich targets for strippers and it was very hard for him to get them however he was still teaching us different social dynamics of interacting with them which is awesome. We ended the night around 4:30am instead of 2am.
    Day 3:
    We went through more comfort stuff and more of his concepts, we learned about phone, txt, amog, social circle, day game, hired guns, etc and we were allowed to ask different questions and choose topics that we wanted to talk about.

    Overall, not only Fader is a great instructor with awesome skills he is a great guy and a great friend. He treats you the same way as a great friend does and he has an awesome energy and passion for teaching and he genuinely wants you to succeed. Not only I learned so much this weekend I gained a great friend. Hope to see you in Seattle soon man, and I hope you recovered some of your numbers by now. .
    I learned a lot in this boot camp and I can't wait to get out there and try them out, my only regret was that I wish I knew SF a little better so I knew where more quite popular bars where so I could have opened more sets(I don't have a very strong voice that I need to work on) but overall the experience was FANTASTIC and it has definitely changed my life for the better. I can't recommend Fader as an instructor enough. Fader is awesome

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    I took the SF boot camp and what can I say other than it was awesome. It was a weekend that was amazing, intense, fun, and exciting. I stumbled across Love Systems after reading the 48 Laws of Power and stumbling then onto The Game. I wish that I had taken this boot camp years ago.

    After I decided to take a boot camp I began to search for an instructor who I thought would match my needs. I have always been an outgoing person. I however need to overcome my severe approach anxiety and work on my inner game as well as provide a solid set of tactics. A carefully read reviews on the forums and decided that Fader would be my instructor of choice.

    We began on Friday with Fader talking about inner game and explaining some of his life story. As an aside here Fader is completely passionate about teaching. He invests a lot into his students. His teaching style is very informal and he engages with the students to make sure that they are understanding the material. I think one of the major takeaways for me was to actively spend more time making myself a better person. After talking about inner game we went over some openers. I have to admit that I was skeptical that these would work but I told Fader that I would put away my doubts and trust him. Definitely a good move.

    We adjourned to seek nourishment and to procure Fader a jacket. At the mall Fader immediately opened a chic in the elevator. After two minutes of talking she was ready to come shopping for jackets. It was very instructional to see Fader just open her. I was amazed at how readily she responded. This was repeated with several more girls at the mall.

    Infield night one was both stressful and fulfilling. I was very anxious going in but Fader did a good job of putting me at ease. As soon as we rolled in Fader picked a set and sent me in. I went in, opened and things went better than I thought. After a few minutes the set fizzled and Fader began his first round of feedback. This scenario kept repeating through the night. The infield feedback is where the real value is. Fader at this point was already getting after me about my body language which was really useful.

    There is only one way to describe day 2…INTENSE. We met up with Fader for breakfast and chatted both about the previous night as well as a plethora of other topics. We began the classroom section early and Fader unleashed a ||||||| of information. Day 2 is the tactics and techniques to be in set. Fader does an amazing job of breaking them down and explaining how and why. We ended up running late but no one minded. How often do you get to pick a guy like Fader’s brain?

    For the second infield Fader gives you specific things to work on based on his observations from the previous night. Fader definitely picked me some challenging sets. After each one he would explain why he picked it for me, what the sets reaction showed and what I can improve on in the future. At this point I was really starting to become aware of my bad habits. I can cannot say enough that this is where the real value is. Another great thing that Fader did to help ground things; since until you do something like qualification it can be hard to understand what it should look like, was open a sets and call out what he was doing. He would turn and say “small hoop qualification” and then he would do it. He also had one of his sets explain to us what he did. Very useful and informative. I also started drinking faderaid…kettle on the rocks with two limes. Good drink.

    After the bars closed Fader took us to a strip club. After that experience frame control is now grounded for me. Fader is able to break the strippers frame and make them live in his. The amount of dominance over their world he showed was tremendous.

    Day 3 began with meeting up for breakfast and just talking before the final day of class. We discussed the highs and lows of the previous night and then launched into another plethora of topics. After Fader got through all the main parts of the lecture he let us pick what we wanted to hear about. That was great and he shared a lot of great information with us.

    Taking my bootcamp with Fader was a great choice. Fader will invest in you as a student and do everything in his power to help you to succeed. I defiantly made a friend in Fader and will stay in touch with him. After the intensity of day 2 I will never let myself say that I am too tired to open. If I could do it then I can do it any time.

    If you are THINKING about taking a boot camp with Fader do yourself a favor…JUST DO IT.

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    What started off bad turned so amazingly good. What's funny is even 3 months later I am still great friends with both of you guys. Based on how well this went (minus my friend's car getting jacked and everything being stolen), I have decided to put another program on the schedule. Watch it for around Feb or March.
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