18 year old virgin afraid to have sex!
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    18 year old virgin afraid to have sex!

    Ok so this is my story. I am a senior in high school this year. Ill be honest, im not the most popular kid. but i know a lot of "kool" kids. but I never had a girlfriend until this point. I jus got a girlfriend its been 2 months. Thing is she goes to college so I don't get to see her much. but when we do we make out and we almost fucked last time. Problem is not me "fucking" its that i'm scared to have sex. I could of lost my virginity last year. I had the offer but me being scared i passed. Now With my girlfriend, I think we will have sex in coming weeks or so.

    Why am I scared? I'm not even scared to do it. Its just that I have a problem. You might not wanna read this? might be graphiclol ? i don know...but This is really hard for me to say, even here. See when I was a kid I had a lil bump on my penis.(not std or anything) Nothing major or serious. But thtat bump later went away but ever since the front part of the head of the penis is covered with a brown stain. so its really dark brownish while the other other end is regular pinkesh. around the tip its darkish and the dark brown color covers almost half of the head/tip. and than its pink like regular around the bottom. its very noticeable. not sure if thats good description lol now I'm not sure if this is a big deal? Should i be scared cuze of this? do other ppl have stuff like this too? cuze i'm afraid she will ask me why is it like that? especially if shes giving me a blowjob. I wouldnt know what to say.

    how do you guys think i shud go with this? please need advice!

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    See if you can go to a urologist or if you already have, find out what the diagnosis was at the time. It would've been something I would've told my parents about, and dealt with the embarrassment. I'm sure they'll take your word for it.

    But if you have the explanation on what it is, then it's going to be a non-issue. She can go on WebMD and look it up and go "ok, cool".

    Most of the time when you're having sex, the lights are low. She's not taking a flashlight to it and inspecting it.

    And if it's just a skin color issue, I'd only worry if I became a flasher and that's how I'd be identified in a lineup.

    But I'd use my parents insurance and say something's up with it and let the urologist give you piece of mind with his or her professional advice.

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