Poison Ivy on my dick. Turning a negative into a positive.

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  1. Poison Ivy on my dick. Turning a negative into a positive.

    Excuse my language I was going for shock value. But I took a piss in the woods and I'm so allergic that all I have to be is near the plant to catch this shit. So even If I have a chance to bang the hottest chick tonight it couldn't happen, I tried with an ex it is not pleasurable. So I'm thinking how can I turn this into a good thing? Well how about a line such as talking to a girl bringing this up and saying to her " well this is actually a good thing, because now you can open yourself up to me without worrying if I'm just trying to get into your pants or not" What do you guys think?

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    See a doctor. The irritant in poison ivy is an oil, and does not get airborne. Unless you're rubbing poison ivy on your dick (you sick fuck! ) it's not poison ivy.

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    Anything that involves your dick and bumps on it... pass.

  4. You know, it's worth just sticking around this forum for the shit some people come up with. This is hilarious.

    And no... DEFINITELY do not bring that up in conversation. In fact, if you have an allergic reaction on your little man, I would strongly recommend staying at home until it clears up.

  5. Vapor as weird as it Sounds this has happened two other times in the past. I have actually been to the doctor already and it is poison Ivy, it is not fun I'll tell you that much. There might have been contact but I do not believe so. But I def. did not rub it on my dick lol. But I'm just thinking that maybe this information will let her guard down as to wether or not I'm actually interested in her or her fun parts, and maybe heightening her desire to have sex with me because I just will not be able to have sex with her.

  6. Sling love the quote I forgot About that one.

  7. Don't ever bring this up with a girl.

    If a girl came up to you and said "I have a raging yeast infection now" you probably wouldnt respond well. Same thing for girls, they don't want to know that you have poison ivy, much less on you dick.

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    if a girl told me she had poison ivy on her clit. i would be so grossed out and would run in the opposite direction an possibly throw up.

    so i wouldnt tell anyone.

    make sure if it bubbles you dry it out with some yeast or baby powder it dries it up. also get a cortizone shot. i used to get poison ivy all the time then ate a jewel weed plant

  9. First, you had to have come into contact with it. You can't get poison ivy by being near the plant. Urushiol is an oil excreted by the plant. The oil can stick to clothing and other surfaces and sit dormant for years. You can catch or spread it indirectly if you have a shirt that rubs against it and you put that shirt back on without washing it months later. If you have pets that go outside, they can get it on their coats and when they come inside you can get it on your hands when you pet them. I have also heard that if someone is burning wood and leaves, that it can even contaminate the smoke, infecting people who might stand too close to it.

    You can also spread it early in the infection. If you get it on your hands, and then you go to the bathroom you can spread it to your junk. If you wipe your ass you can spread it to the toilet paper and then to your ass.

    Also, early in the infection, the oil can be inside your sweat pores, so sweating can spread it. Take showers, DO NOT TAKE A BATH DURING EARLY EXPOSURE. The oil will just float to the top of the water and to can spread it everywhere.

    The best thing you can do is wash the area throughly with alcohol as soon as you think you were exposed. Also is also a modified lipid, so oils will dissolve in alcohol. You can then more easily rinse it away in a shower with soap and hot water. Alcohol is good at any stage of infection because it helps dry your skin. Bleach is good too, but it is a little more harsh on the skin. I've used both and had success but it took longer for my skin to heal up from using bleach.

    NOW, how to turn a negative into a positive. If you get in the shower and turn the water on as hot as you can stand it and let it run over the poison ivy area with as much pressure as possible. It feels almost as good as an orgasm. Do that with a real orgasm and you'll nearly pass out. lol damn I've had poison ivy a lot.

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