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    I would like to raise the glass for myself, good sir. I am a black AFC who was trained by women who were steamrolled by life and gave me belief systems that just don't work for me. Over time my social skills have improved but every tiny step I take forward, more weights from my past seem to try and drag me down.

    But I also have gone from a fat out of shape turn to easily one of the physically hottest men in my shop and have a long way to go to my ultimate goal of total health and wellness. To think that THAT event could happen, however slowly, is enough to get me to down this shot and dedicate myself to the business of being the best SUPERIOR MALE I can be. PUA is too small for me; I want more. world domination...

    *raises his glass and salutes the original poster*

    ...carpe diem!

    *downs the shot and whiskey faces immediately*

    Ahh. The grimace of pleasure.

  2. 09-10-2010, 01:13 PM

    best of clean up

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    To Rod, the friend who will talk about you behind yourY back to anyone and everyone because he is jealous of your hard fought success and his lack of will to seek out the same success.
    To the friend who blatantly tries to AMOG and cock block not only you, but also your friends because he feels he needs to show real alphas that he is not the same chump he was growing up. Examples include picking arguments while in set, hitting ladies beers so that explode on their sun dresses, asking for FBs phone numbers, telling sets that you are sleeping with other women, and just flat out lying to mutual friends about you.
    To the friend that tells you you are no good at your talent, whatever it may be, and not being supportive.
    To the friend that is constantly qualifying to you with pointless stories while always expecting you to share an equally absurd experience to the point where you dont even want to tell them about your successes since it will just be a slap in their face.
    To the friend that, even though they are slowly falling into a pit of their own despair, you have made a promise to be best man you can be and will continue to lead by example, not allow yourself to sink to their levels and not allow them to dim your light.

    I take this shot od Jack Dan for you.

  4. To Drew: You were always kind and always sweet to women. I will never forget your words at 16 when you said, "I just want everyone in the world to love each other." Although I can never follow that philosophy down to a tee, it is inspirational to hear others think like that. I remember as you were describing your girlfriend to all your friends who were like brothers to you, me being the closest at the time, how passionate you were and how beautiful she was in your mind. True to your words, when she came to visit she had the rosy cheeks and dimples, and pretty as a butterfly. It was not the meeting you expected when you ran to embrace her. After you realized she did not return the embrace and had a cold look on her, you knew something was wrong. You asked, "What's wrong baby?" She tossed the letter down and said, "Keep yourself and your pathetic friends away from me," and I'm assuming the letter was a break up letter. We were all excited to meet her too, and shocked that she would say that when she didn't know us. You broke down in tears for days. You finally settled down with another girl, but she was way to young and made you look like a pedophile even at 16. I'm happy she made you happy during the short time, but it wasn't going to last. You were still in love with your ex. After hearing that you ran away from home and moved up north with your grandma, I was really happy that you were starting a new life. Then the phone calls of desperation and depression came back. Then finally no more calls came... as a result you had left this world. Each time I grow desperate and depressed over something and call up a friend, I think of you and how much it hurt me at the time to try and help you - it must equally hurt my friends as well. Rest in peace drew. May your dream be realized in the afterlife. You were a great friend.

    *Downs a Heineken*

    Sorry if this ruined anyone's day. I kind of took the fallen brother's part literally with this post.

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    Bit of an odd story. I actually met this guy because he was my sister's BF...but turned out to be an amazingly cool, chill guy. Long story short, he dated my sister for 1 1/2 years and they recently broke up. He's pretty depressed right now. I told him the PUA advice for such things: go meet 10 new girls. He can do it, I KNOW you can man, just get yourself back out there!

    *take shot*

    Oh lord. What can I say about this kid...he's a year or two younger than me which puts him at 16-17, met him in high school: great-looking guy, ridiculously kind and nice - your typical AFC...well, he recently proposed to THREE SEPERATE GIRLS. AT 16. WHO HE MET ON MISSION TRIPS. Two umm...turned him down, the third reads as "engaged" as relationship status on FB.'re a great guy and I hate to see the fallout from this hurt you...please man, get out while you can!

    *take shot*

    Here's to you guys! May you also discover the PUA community someday!

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    Here's to Kyle (names are fake).
    When I first met this guy in college he was a fun loving guy, one of the first to suggest to get a drink and one of the last to leave the bar. Always up for a laugh and with just a positive outlook on life. Wasn't particularly good with women but not really bad either, better than me in any case back then.

    Then he met a girl. She's a lovely girl and everybody was happy for him. But Kyle started to change. He wouldn't go out very often with us anymore. Understandable cause he now had a gf and that requires time too. But not very often became an understatement. While I used to see him on average twice or at least once a week. I saw him twice a year if that much. When I did see him he was just a shadow of his former self. He dropped his life completely for his girl. He was also failing college. I knew the relationship wouldn't last like this and surely it didn't. About a week ago she broke up with him. He's still in college and still has some years to do while he should be graduated already. I don't know if he's gonna crash completely or will be able to pull himself together, i hope for him the latter.

    Here's to Nathan
    Kind of same story as Kyle's, only much more extreme. Nathan had been to highschool with me and studied in the same college city and while we weren't that close in highschool we became friends during college. Nathan was a little bit on the chubby side and didn't have much success with women. He always had this gothic style going on a bit and digged gothic chicks. We used to see each other weekly, we had a tradition of having dinner together at least once a week (with other friends) and went for drinks numerous times. Then one day he met a gothic girl. He started to show up less often to all kinds of activities. At first finding bullshit excuses not to come. In the end he started to ignore our messages, wouldn't sign onto msn anymore, was totally unavailable to us. While we still sent something sometimes we gave up eventually and let him be. When I sometimes run across him on errands or something he looks pale and depressed. He gave up all his friends for this girl. I honestly think he has no friends right now cause we were his best friends. He just clings to that girl because he thinks that's the only one he'll ever get. And the girl stays with him cause she's even more fucked up than him. A totally anti-social person. She shaped him like that because he was a bit more social than her and she was afraid to lose him I think. If she does break up with him he has nothing, no friends at all, no companionship.

    And finally here's to Dan
    I met Dan in college and we became pretty close friends. For a while he was my best friend in fact. Dan was like me not very socially calibrated, a bit shy and quiet. Even more so than me, but not much. This is the guy that actually introduced me to all this. He also played an online game I also played. He was friends with some other player and talked in "code" to eachother on the irc channel of the online game. This "code" were terms like AA and AFC, you get the picture. I was also on that irc channel and googled these terms and found out what they meant and then stumbled upon this forum. I didn't mention anything about it to him cause it looked like he wanted to keep it a secret. Then we went on holiday together, it was a two week holiday and people begin to bond even more. That's when he told me all about it. He showed me some routine with a digital camera.. I even ended up making out with a girl there using the so called routine and with the knowledge that pick up is a skill and not something that just happens. While I followed the forums and started reading up on it I wasn't ready to put it into practise yet and I was still sceptical. He once said we would get a drink somewhere and just talk to people.. But I didn't agree with that I would like to have more of a game plan. Eventually we didn't do anything. I was still young and didn't believe I needed this to get girls in my life. I was 21 at the time. I didn't go sarging but I did read up on PU stuff regulary and when I was out with friend i'd try some things here and there. My friend Dan used to go out with us alot, but again the frequency went down and now he doesn't go out at all with us anymore. He found a bar with old dudes in it, with classical music and almost no girls come there. He started frequenting that bar to play games. I wasn't interested in spending all my time at that bar, once in a while I went there but I also wanted bars with girls in it and more high energy environments to have fun in! So we kind of drifted apart. And while i'm still not getting very good results my pick up skills are improving and i'm going out there sarging every week. And God forbid me I will not stop! And Dan goes to the same bar, wasting his time with stupid games and talking to old bitter men. Thank you for introducing me to all this Dan. Too bad you didn't go through with it.
    For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.
    Matthew 25:29

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    best of clean up

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    Here's to a group I used to be part of, and a guy I used to know Peter, who I have since severed most contact with.

    Knew him all my life. Incredibly shy. Only speak when spoken to kind of guy. He never got into the high school he wanted, and so was forced to pretty much make new friends at his second choice school. For a kid with a shy nature as you would expect, that would be rather intimidating. Ended up becoming friends with a guy he knew from primary school, who then made the foundation for the weird kids and 'goth-labelled' kids to all flock together and became the group made fun of by the rest of the school.
    They weren't bad kids, or even that weird or goth-like, to be honest. Growing up in a place over run by kids who would rather go out in large numbers and start fights with other kids, we banded together. Computer games and video games were how we connected. Everyone became increasingly close, due to the only way we felt safe in school free from the verbal abuse we got, was when we were together. Everyone including Peter all got it. Walking down the corridor you would be treated to the 'cooler' kids laughing and shouting names, even the kids in the younger years would join in. Everyone was used to it. Peter thought the whole school got it, but he never realised just how strange he and his friends looked to everyone else.
    Halfway through high school, Peter got his first girlfriend. She was a pretty one, he definately had high standards. I can't remember how it happened, but I do remember it involved them dancing around each other for months, you know the type of story. He changed when he was with her. Not in the good way though. He seemed to hang on to her mood swings. When she was avoiding him, he was depressed. He wouldn't confront her in case it led to an argument. He was happier than ever when she was with him.
    A year later, anything they had, or thought they did fizzled out and she dumped him. Mainly due to the fact it wasn't exactly what one would call a relationship. The furthest they ever got sexually was kissing with tounge. Wow right? I wonder how she got bored?
    Something changed in him after that relationship. He wasn't depressed, in fact, he didn't even seem fazed by it. But something definately changed. He began to realise just how different he was to the rest of the school, and even how different he was to the rest of his friends.
    Peter knew how weird his friends were, and he knew he wasn't like that. He began to realise that he had to take control. I'm glad that he did, but he didn't make the u-turn he had hoped.
    He cut his hair, got new clothes, and began talking to more people. He began to get noticed. Every party he got invited to, he would end up pulling a girl. Nobody could understand how.
    More and more, a distance grew between him and the group. The more he came out of his shell, the more he saw just how weird the group was. Two would frequently get into fights because people would make fun of them, two would only ever talk about video games, and Peter more and more could not handle it.
    He eventually had a new circle of friends, and enjoyed every minute of it.
    Then, the moment he waited for, the moment that solidified his transformation, finally came. He pulled the hottest girl in school. The best looking girl, even according to the yearbook. Peter didn't even know how he was doing it himself, he was still incredibly shy.
    After a while, he realised something. He managed to pull all these hot girls, yet, it was one time things. He still hadn't had sex.
    He found out one of the pretty girls in school had a crush on him, and began hanging out with her. It the first time he'd really done something like this since his first girlfriend. And that fact shone through. He was too scared to make a move, or even make a joke, in case he did something wrong. She ended up becoming bored of waiting around for him to take her, and moved on.
    This was when Peter realised he had to change. He could attract girls, but his shy nature still controlled him.
    He knew that, if he didn't realise he had to change, then he would become a story of a fallen brother, to someone who put in a little bit of hard work to get better.

    I hope I don't have to tell you who Peter really is.
    Fast forward to today, and I'm proud of Peter. He has got past his insecurities, his fears, and is finally out of his shell.

    Life is fun.

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    To all of us
    To all of us working our asses off day in and day out to improve every aspect of our lives. To us who have been to the lowest of lows, had our hearts broken, cried ourselves to sleep, and have risen to be born again. We have found the way out. We have found the way to change our lives and become the masters of our own fate. To us who ignore society and it's rules; they only hold us back. The world has become our playground, and we can do whatever we want with it. We worked hard and now success follows us wherever we go.
    So here is to us, we deserve it

  10. To my older brother:

    He has always been incredibly smart and hard working -- extremely passionate for the girls he's with. Went through several bad relationships in high school--girlfriends cheating on him, heartbreaking rejections, and everything else in-between. When a less ambitious person would give up in his first year of collage, Mike tried for love again. Being socially inept, he only made one good friend; a cute girl called Kate. He fell for her within a matter of weeks. Before the end of first term he had revealed his love for her and became a clingy orbiter. Kate started dating another guy soon after and slowly fell away from Mike. Before long, they hardly spoke a word to each other. Mike once again got kicked in the teeth by his emotions, and this time, lost his best friend. He described his feelings in the months following as, "a numb reality which I woke to every morning and fell asleep away from every night". He thought about killing himself regularly.
    A complete AFC. A total loser.

    Luckily, like many others, he found a way out. I introduced him to sarging and cold approach. With nothing left to lose, no pride left to leak out, embarrassing approaches became a part of his life relatively easily. He worked tirelessly and, the results speak for his hardworking habits.

    One year later..

    Now he dates high caliber women. Girls will drive hours across the province just to spend a night with him. His phone lights up on a Friday night because people want to get in on his fun adventures. Our fallen comrade was born again; a master of his own destiny.

    Heres to my brother, for being a soldier, fighting for control of his love life, and for becoming a living testament to what is possible in this world

    *R mattitude takes a massive swig of something strong*

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    This is for my best friend (name changed) Jack. He is a young guy just like me. The only one who knows about my secret, becoming a pick-up artist. Jack knows the terminology of the game though he has a really big AA. He never approaches girls and the only times I've seen him kissing a girl was when I fixed the girl to him that he lost his virginity to and once when I had a kissing threesome in a night club I got him one of the girls. He isn't outgoing and he is always saying that he is not listening to my advice and he's going to go his own way. His way has lead him to be hollow inside and he gets mad when I talk about his anxiety and tell him that he should learn to be more social because I can't be around too much all the time. He is moving to Sweden for studies. I guess I'll drink a shot for him. The fallen recent best friend who I might have to quit hanging with too much.

  12. Here's to Keith

    Keith is a good guy, someone who is (or was) good fun to be around. Funny, very friendly and good at talking to people. His only problem was that this didn't translate to chatting to attractive girls. He would become a different person around them, false and too polite. It killed his chances. Keith knew his game was weak and i initiated him into pick up. He was sceptical but was up for the challenge. He began to see how it could work for him but because it wasn't easy, it suddenly became 'too American' and wouldn't work in England. Keith became bitter and desperate and went online. He got carried away with the first decent girl who would have him. Keith is now heading down a one way street with a boring girl who has the same lack of ambition.

    So here's to you Keith. It was supposed to be me and you out there pal. I'll be sure to send your regards.

    *Drains his glass and opens barmaid*

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