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    Raises glass for all the guys who just dont "get it".
    We will go down in historey and not down in flames!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMPitts View Post
    I no longer work with Sam, but when I do go home for a visit, he seems even more withdrawn. He seems even deader inside: a man whose “life” was claimed because he did not have the proper tools to meet women, nor the social intelligence on how to proceed.
    During the daylight, he would say such things as, “I’m glad it’s over; fucking cunt!” but during the night, I could sometimes hear him crying. He played the dangerous game of trying to remain friends after the breakup; however this eventually ran him ragged, as she would recount tale after tale of men she had hooked up with. It eventually took his spirit. He became very hollow; after being convinced that she was his soul mate.
    Since then, he has become more withdrawn, has little desire to go out, and most of his friends have left him behind, because he was too depressing. I found out that six months after they had broken up, he offered to help her move her stuff to her new place, just to be near her. To me, he is no longer my brother, but also “dead” inside.
    And what is scary from a womens perspective is that you know you have caused men to feel that ^^ .
    You know you have broken people like that. You know how much control you had over their happiness. Nobody is at fault but -This is what women can do to men.

    * So this is to the three guys that have ended up in therapy because of me. Although the real reason was because they lacked social skills. They werent unhappy becasue I left them. They were unhappy with themselves.

    I wish they would have believed me when I said:
    1) I am not that special..there are millions of other girls.
    2) Your happiness should not be dependent on me.
    3) It was not working out between us. There is someone better out there for you.

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    You know how much control you had over their happiness. Nobody is at fault but -This is what women can do to men.
    Terrible, that our culture spreads the "soulmate" and "only one person will love you in the end" and it makes for some very fucked up people, who believe it.

    They werent unhappy becasue I left them. They were unhappy with themselves.
    Very key point. + 1000000. All these guys feel so deeply flawed, that it only took one woman, to bring everything down.

    Thanks for posting, Kelly.

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    *takes my already half drank bottle of SoCo, pours a shot, even though I have to work very soon*...

    Adam: My friend friends since grade 6, although..he's terrible with women. He stands there, with his hands in his pocket, face goes red, and keeps his mouth shut. Whenever a woman speaks a word to him, he nervously blurts out a response. Pathetic. TBH, we've drifted. Why?

    Well, he loves playing WoW (shitty), and he gets extremely jealous because I've picked up Alpha traits, while his are dwindling (he's usually the 'alpha' of the house, because he works out, and doesn't give a shit what people think). I've also had many, many women over to my house, while he struggles to get laid. He actually, freaked out on me.

    "You think you're so fucking cool!!!! with all your women, and your 'i'm the pimp' thing you have going on"

    however, he's simply observed this through body language. That's it. That's why Body Language is powerful stuff.

    Travis: Funny story, this one. He plays WoW, as well (lol, fuck eh?). I live in ontario, near toronto. He met this girl online, from kentucky, who is very butch. He was so desperate to get his dick wet, that he took 4 buses to kentucky to meet this women, and lost his virginity. Apparently he had so much sexual frustration built up, when he finished, he hit the wall 5 feet infront of him. We now call him long-bow.

    He's had sex with one girl. He's not the most attractive person, but he also has zero game. Infact, I was seeing a girl this year; didn't work out, so she went for him to make me jealous. And, him being the awesome friend he is, he didn't give a shit. Disrespected me, and tried going for her behind my back. Haha, shit hit the fan, hard.

    Matt: Matt plays WoW (LOL, KILLLLLLL ME). He's actually a very laid back, chill guy. Super cool. He dated this girl that he met at our party, and she's pretty smokin', too. He's an attractive guy. It's hilarious. He just sits there, plays WoW, but since he's so laid back and isn't outcome dependent, he gets laid whenever I bring girls over.

    *Raises shot glass*

    Who's next?

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    best of clean up

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    My friend russel,

    Has lived in his house with his mother all his life he is now 25 - women scare the shit out of him, has a massive collection of Porn - I tried to get him to come out with me for 6 months - tried getting him to read pick up books - Mild interest - Plays guitar - thinks the only way he will get laid is if he is in the a band - has dellusions everything will work out fine once he can roar on stage and have everything perfect for him - I've seen girls Open him and he just knocks it back, negative responses such as "why bother" or "no point" so difficult to motivate due to his father having zero lack of confidence too.

    Tried and tried with him to the point he just gets angry goes back to his bedroom watches porn and maybe plays guitar - my buddy the ginger bearded one! (GULP! AH!)

  7. To my buddy Randy, (holding a jager bomb in hand)

    My buddy randy is a hopeless case. Love the guy to death but damned if he can get a girl. He's only had 2 gfs and nearly married the 1st 1. That would have been a horrendous the chick was ugly, a bonified whore, and fought for control of randy with his parents. Like an idiot my buddy randy allowed this to happen due to his lack of self respect (which by the way is another great post by cmpitts). He can make dates with women but hasn't been on a date since he broke up with his ex months ago. He boasts he only likes beautiful women yet his actual gfs have been 4's and thats being very generous. With every rejection he seems a little more dead inside and even with me winging him giving him everything he needs, he still fails. For example me and randy went out 1 night, we meet up at a club he brought his date and two of her friends. During the course of the night some dude began hitting on her. Even with me entertaining her friends and keeping the other at bay he still failed. Its the proves the old axiom, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." I hope (though i know it be in vain) he realizes his mistakes and gets a girl of substance.

    Salud (take my shot)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarryd09 View Post
    Apparently he had so much sexual frustration built up, when he finished, he hit the wall 5 feet infront of him. We now call him long-bow.
    I almost cried laughing. I'm defly quoting

    Here's to all the AFC's out there. Me too I guess, because I'm still borderline AFC.

    I'll get there. As historians say "learn from the past to prevent it from happening again."


  9. i <3 this thread.

    everyone I've ever shown pickup material to has disbelieved or quit very quickly... I wish they would have brushed off seeing Mystery on VH1 as a fluke. Not gonna drink to them though, they do alright I guess. Here's to the other guys. Names have been changed to protect the lame.


    Paul was always better with women than I was. In fact he still has a higher count than I do. But until I discovered game I never realized he was skating by on his looks. His body language around a girl he's slept with casually is more awkward than you can imagine. His last girlfriend was semi-attractive ghetto trash. Paul laments his recent dry spell, claiming he needs to get laid again for the confidence boost. Salvageable, but in a bad place right now.


    Mac is hilarious, often at the expense of dignity. While we all think it's great comedy, he knows it's over the top so he pulls back around girls, and overcompensates. Mac's last relationship was long, 3 years if memory serves, and the girl cheated on him at school. Twice. They are broken up but he still hangs out with her once in awhile, and it is unclear if sex is involved. He has a steady fuck buddy now, but has verbalized dissatisfaction.


    Don is hands down the worst. Last to lose virginity yet older than all of us, he has also attempted an actual relationship with the resident bicycle. Were he introduced to pickup material, he would become an instant skeptic. In the impossible event that he were to believe it, he would become an instant keyboard jockey. Don thinks women base their picks solely on looks, which is strange because he is, in fact, good looking... yet terrible with women. He's got this excellent bit of "logic" that circles around in his head, preventing him from even thinking about approaching women. Upon probing him enough for this thought process to come out, I immediately exploded in anger, saying, "Don't you see what you're doing!? You're killing yourself in your own head before you start!" Needless to say I'm done trying to help him out.

    Steve is really good at smoking weed and doing math. 'nuff said. I would say I gave up on him a long time ago, had I ever tried to help him in the first place.

    Jim was the biggest loser out of everyone. He was the guy who was always getting pushed into awkward situations with girls by people who were marginally more experienced than he was. Jim lost his virginity thousands of miles away from these people, unsurprisingly. Nobody believed him until said girl came from said miles away to visit him one summer. Jim glommed on to the first girl he kissed at college and stalked her on facebook and AIM until she had to leave cryptic little messages in her profiles that essentially said "leave me the fuck alone you weird idiot."

    Then he found a bunch of pickup stuff and registered at TAF under some lame name like "DancinPirate," and he's not like great at PU or anything but he's better off than all these clowns.

    and now he's drunk at what, 1:30 PM? christ.

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    Very nice post OP. I'll drink to that.
    I seriously gotta grow some balls again cause i feel like i moving in the wrong direction and i dont wanna end up like one of the guys described in these posts above me.

    here's to John, my best friend who is in a 4 year relationship with a girl that's totally not his type but he stays with her out of pity. He has broken it of several times but everytime he hits even a minor setback with a new girl or just in live in general he immediately turns back to her and takes her back. It's become so bad that he is hoping she finds out he's cheated on her or did some stuff she hates that she breaks it off cause he doesnt have the balls.

    still some hope here though, down, but not completely fallen :-)


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    Here's to David.

    David and I were friends in elementary school. David was never a popular kid, I wasn't exactly a popular kid either but at least had more friends, and I pulled him into my friends circle. We filled our days with computergaming, playing board games and drawing comics. As years progressed, contact faded but we reconnected at a reunion party, were he saw me together with my at the time gf and claimed i was "a lucky bastard for having such a cute girl". He came across as still the same, shy guy but even less happy than he was in elementary school. He googled me afterwards and we re-initiated contact.

    David claimed to have kissed one girl, something which is still doubted because no one has ever seen or heard from her. He's structurally unemployed, loathing and self loathing, hates the world and is jealous of everyone that has it better than him. He is shy, has low social skills and non-persistent. The best example of that is that we started working out together: he quit after 3 months whereas, 6 years later, I'm still going to the gym regularly.

    The day he became jealous of me as well and started bad mouthing me, having build up a (social) life and not being stuck in the dead end life he probably imagined us having together, is the day that I dropped him. The last fact in his life that involved a woman that I know off, is a 38-year old he met through online roleplaying, who lives on the other side of the world and who claims she will visit him within the year.


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