How to get them to invest?
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    How to get them to invest?

    I didn't know where to put this. If there's a better place for this, mods do your thang.

    I've been coming across this same sticking point for a while now and I need some freakin help BIG TIME.
    Every time I open any women either cold, through social circles, whatever, everything goes great until I try to set up a follow up. IF we can get our schedules to coordinate it always seems like I'm doing all the damn work. I'm always the one calling/texting because I know if I don't nothing will happen. It seems really one sided and IMO makes me seem really beta and not alpha.

    My game's pretty tight up until this spot but it always seems like an uphill struggle. Is there something I'm majorly missing here to get them to invest back?

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    Usually I set up a meeting with predicted percentage growth and return over the space of three years and a deep analysis of the mar-


    Interesting sticking point Panzer. Be aware that investment comes with comfort. You say that its always you having to arrange the stuff? Well that could be down to two reasons. The first being that she is not simply totally comfortable with you yet and believes it would be awkward if, y'know, she actually took initiative and started planning dates instead. If she's not flaking on you and still willing to let you have a two-minute trolley dash up her petticoat, then be aware, especially if you've been displaying some beta behaviour until now! She may feel that the moment she plans something, it goes from you pursuing her to her pursuing you. No woman really wants that.

    The second reason may be that she doesn't have to plan anything herself. If you're seeing her every week and you're doing all the legwork, then she has no reason to lift a finger. Simple?

    Getting women to invest time and effort is a bit different from dealing with them emotionally. It really is like running a business. If you give your potential investors money for free without them having to invest anything to begin with then of course they'll be willing to sit back and do nothing. However, demonstrate that if they put in a little money and get a little more back, and you get a working business relationship. If you don't give your investors any free money to begin with, then they're likely to invest straight away, instead of sitting back and doing nothing.

    I hope that comparison worked. My recommendation to you is to sit back and do nothing, and wait to see if she's willing to invest. While you may think seeing each other once a week is a good standard, her usual standard may be seeing you once every five weeks or whatever. Sometimes, letting yourself exercise a little patience is the best course of action.

    Continue to build attraction and comfort in the meantime - just don't make plans with her. After all, if you let her go out of your life completely, then she's not going to invest at all. Just keep up call and text game, without ringing her up to make plans every week or so.

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    1. Women like being pursued.
    2. If she seemed to eager to meet up with you, she runs the risk of being seen as a slut.
    3. Plus, she's been socially programmed that the "man of her dreams" will go to the ends of the earth for her.

    All three of these combined, and that's why you have to do most of the work, until a legitimate connection is built.

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    try building more attraction. push and pull. the more she attracted the more she'll want to be with you.

    either that or she's just really busy

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