My Style... Thoughts?
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    My Style... Thoughts?

    I got about 10 pictures... I have a pretty diverse style I think, here's a decent selection of what I'll wear...

    Temporary pictures by DiabloDj1 - Photobucket

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    your going out look is good buddy. im not one for graphic tees though.

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    Alright thanks man...
    I'm gonna look into more graphic tee's only for fighter gear... It's what I characterize myself as, a fighter, it's my persona, whatever we call it here, I forget... But of course, I'll have to avoid the TapOut and Affliction crap, and go for the less mainstream brands. Those two are worn by everyone, and I'm not a big fan of them anyhow

  4. What do you think of that One More Round brand? One More Round Clothing

    One thing I've warned you, I've heard about this brand from a media news about SF Giants closer. It may gets popular like Affliction sooner than you think. At long last: Brian Wilson reveals the meaning behind his crossed arms gesture after he saves a game | Extra Baggs

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    They're pretty damn nice... but a little expensive, I cant spend $50+ on tshirts... Closest store with them is 150 miles away so I guess I'll buy online if I ever decide to though, lol.. Thanks

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    Not bad... You've got nice toned arms bro... get a tan so they'll look more defined!

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    Thanks bro
    Fake tans included? I might consider them soon, we've had week after week of dark gloomy/rainy weather here unfortunately, so my tan plans failed..

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    Wow, going completely against the grain here: you lack style.

    You look like every other 'fighter/meat head' that you see in a bar... no offense. It's not original. And finding less known brands of the same regurgitated crap won't make a difference. It's all bred from the same incestuous pool. Whether it says 'Affliction', or 'Tap Out', or 'Piss on my face', girls don't really notice. They look at things on a whole.

    So, I'm suggesting this: you're a fit guy, yet you wear baggy clothes. And then you try to show it off in WHAT you wear, not HOW you wear it. Slim down what you wear, buy clothes that fit. You don't have to publicize/whore yourself as a 'fighter' to give off that vibe. Solid colours, good pair of jeans... something that accents your muscles.

    Quick glimpse of how the 'fit' concept works:

    I'll try and post some more tomorrow.

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    Oh ya. Necklaces go around your neck, not under your collar.

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    My shirts all are very fit as is.. I buy mediums, I cant really squeeze into a small. And I won't be getting any tight pants, that doesn't work... This isn't really going for attracting girls specifically, but just generally looking good, and having an image that fits my identity. I identify myself as a fighter, so having some shirts that are related to the sport seems to be the right idea to me.. I'm not going and buying these Affliction shirts with the cool designs, I was going for more the ones with branded sponsors around them, sporting some team/gym logo's and whatnot...

    p.s. I have no defense for the necklace thing, lol

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