Gaming someone much, much more busy than you.

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    Gaming someone much, much more busy than you.

    I just met someone online that I really like just through conversation, very cute, smart and has a good job. although I am still talking to other women they are mostly just to pass the time until I can actually set up something with this girl. This is going to be a long post, so if you want to continue reading get comfortable.

    A little background,

    Traded emails a few times and have been texting or talking every day since (about 2 weeks). Calls and texts (who initiated convo) are pretty much equal, so it is a two way street. We have talked about pretty much everything, and it is starting to feel a bit too comfortable for me anyway. Worried that I am on the way to LJBF, because of 3 reasons

    1. She is so busy between school, work and studying (grad school), and family comitments that an opening in the schedule is rare. At this point I pretty much know her schedule b/c she tells me her schedule without me asking. I really feel that I have to book a few weeks in advance (dating/meeting shouldnt necessarily require a planner)

    2. We may be doing a bit too much talking and texting without actually meeting each other. So I/we may be staying in comfort building for waaaayyy too long to have an attraction when we meet.

    3. Lives about an hour away from me. I live in an area (shit town suburb of a major city 1 hr away.) where most of the women that are available here are either divorced, have children, drama, little education, shitty/or no job or any combo of the above. So to find a woman that fits what I want (good looking, good job, educated), I generally have to date women that live in nearby cities.

    She has brought up us meeting, and followed it up saying that she would be nervous (good nervous).

    It really feels like way too much planning will have to go into this and ruin any spontineity (misspelled I know).

    I have gotten pretty adept at dating online out of necessity, but this one is stumping me.


    How long is too long before meeting in person?

    Although I am still living my life, am I starting to put too much emphasis on this one girl (I think I already know the answer to that one.)

    Am I just being a bitch and need to stop worrying?

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    Stop trying so damn hard. If she wants to hang out with you, she'll find a way on her own time. Give it a few days. Get busy. See other women. Have fun.... Be as busy as her!

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