Should I leave my mLTR's for more field exp.
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    Should I leave my mLTR's for more field exp.

    I am in a dilema here. I have 2 mLTR's that are great. But I have been trying to improve my skillset lately and notice I never have time to go out with my wing anymore. Everytime I go out one of them is there. I enjoy there affection very much but I know I could replace it with another LTR at anytime I want. So my question is this........Should I get rid of them and advance my skillset?
    I am not in this for a serious relationship I just enjoy the comfort of having LTR's. If I magically found the perfect girl for me I would give it all up, I just don't think she eixists.
    In particular I want to start mastering the dreaded DAY GAME! I think this would be greatly helpful rounding out my game.
    Also I must take into consideration there feelings. Plus one of them is a stripper so she provides great social proof and gets me into contact with alot of other stripper that I could game. The other one is the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet. And a great body on both. I can't make this decision alone because I am not emotionally distant enough to not treat them as another girl.

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    I'd keep them. Girls who are truly happy with the idea of mLTRs (I'm assuming they know about each other here) are rare
    There are a lot of hours in each day, and you don't necessarily need to be with your wing to get field experience. Sarge solo sometimes.

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    I can say that one is truley happy (stripper). And the other sort of tolerates it without question but once she did a jealous girl move and I put that shit to rest immeadiately. So as of now she is ok with things but she is the more emotional one of the two. She has the potential to get mad. She just hasn't yet.
    Thanks for responding, I want more opoins here guys let me hear all your ideas and points of view

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    Take this opportunity to work on your day game. You can improve your skillset without sacrificing your evenings with your MLTRs. When your little utopia breaks down(and you know it will sooner or later), you can go back to sarging in the evenings with your wing.

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    Yes I know it will not last forever and for most guys here that think it would please realize it WON'T. I think I will have to try working it all in and see how it goes if it is too much then at least I've learned something.


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