Need advice, strippers outside of strip clubs.
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    Need advice, strippers outside of strip clubs.

    So my buddy is dating a chick that we have known since high school and recently she was in money troubles and she became a stripper for a while. Now she has a shitload of stripper friends and she knows about me being into PU (her boyfriend was my wing 4 years ago). She hasn't told her friends (she better not have) that I do this. But she's gung ho about showing me to all her friends so I can get practice, and she thinks the guys they date suck major balls in comparison to me. haha she's a pretty cool chick.

    The important thing about these strippers is that a bunch of them live together and they hold parties all the time. Now, I'm invited and expected to go out and party with them, but I don't have a damn clue how to treat a stripper out of a strip club. I know that I'm going to have some killer social proof because of this chick, she talks everyone up and has definitely been good social proof in the past when she was just at a random party with me let alone a party with all her friends.

    There is some obvious stuff I don't have to worry about, I know they aren't going to try to sell themselves to me for instance. But do I play the chicks like 10's like I would in a strip joint or do I treat 'em like what I would rate them?

    Regardless of this it's pretty bitchin to get to go to parties where the girls are all strippers or x-strippers. I'll write a FR on this after the first party I go to there, should be soon.

    Anyway anyone who knows how to treat x-strippers and strippers outside of their venue, I would love your advice.

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    Just remember guys pay for them to take their clothes off. That is work for them. Dont treat her like a stripper. Strippers are freaks you just have to tread lightly. Or it turns into work.......My advice is to treat them like their not strippers.


  3. they are strippers only in ur head! got it?
    treat them as normal girls, if u don't u gonna do a big mistake, they are not at work soldier!

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    in PUA world you should treat them like HB10's... neg them to oblivion and be alpha... strippers love alpha guys because they deal with AFC's all day long

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